Written and Video Preview for Episode 12 of Bride of the Century

I’m wondering to myself now if there could have been enough plot to fill 20-episodes of Bride of the Century. I never am in favor of extensions, but the conflicting episode counts for this drama between 16 or 20 does leave me a little bit sad that the drama is ending at 16 instead of 20. Narratively it’s probably for the best because the story line has been so tight I hate to see filler inserted to pad the running length. But I’ll be truly sad to see this drama go and wish if the writer did consider 20 episodes at one point it could have been done while keeping everything the same and just giving us more of it. I have a big appetite and can on recapping this baby as long as it remains this good. The written preview for episode 12 is out, and coupled with the video preview at the end of episode 11, I’m expecting a doozy of an episode where the truth comes out and everyone hurts more because of it. I’ll confess to loving the Yi Hyun almost dies for Doo Rim subplot, because it feels organically built into this story.

Initially I wondered how he would even be a remotely viable second male lead, what with Doo Rim seeing him like part of the scenery albeit a nice friendly view, but now she feels massively guilty for his brush with death and I don’t think she’s being a noble idiot about it. He warned her not to get involved in the Kang Joo mess, she dared to reach for what was not intended to be hers, and even if we all know she and Kang Joo are meant to be, Yi Hyun feels like collateral damage in their quest for love. I like that Doo Rim has this debt she needs to repay, because that’s a new stake in this drama full of stakes of present, past, and even supernatural variety. Kang Joo sometimes feels like a boy pretending to be a man, which is due in part to Lee Hong Ki being so damn adorable and boyish, but at the end of episode 11 when he cornered Yi Kyung with eyes blazing and demanded to know who she was, that was a real angry man speaking and I loved it. Go fight for your love, Kang Joo, and then punish all the evildoers who dared to manipulate your life. You have a century old family ghost on your side, you can do it!

Written preview for episode 12:

Yi kyung clings to her position and tells Kang Joo that Yi Hyun cares more for Doo Rim than he does for his own sister Yi Kyung, and Doo Rim has decided not to leave Yi Hyun’s side. Kang Joo wonders if Doo Rim’s professed love for him was genuine during their time together, he can’t tell anymore. But to have anger means to have love, and Kang Joo’s love for Doo Rim keeps getting stronger. Kang Joo’s heart is still Doo Rim’s even with Yi Kyung interfering, and in the end he can’t give up Doo Rim so he cancels the press conference that was to announce Yi Kyung as the Taeyong Group daughter-in-law and makes an announcement about his secret marriage. He takes Doo Rim in hand to go see his dad to expose the truth. If his dad knows, then the moms deal as well as the all the behind-the-scenes scheming can all be exposed. But when Doo Rim hears that Yi Hyun has regained consciousness, she shakes off Kang Joo’s hand and rushes to the hospital to see Yi Hyun. She hugs Yi Hyun and cries and Kang Joo sees this and misunderstands and is hurt.

Video preview for episode 12:

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Written and Video Preview for Episode 12 of Bride of the Century — 19 Comments

  1. I am sure Kang Joo will feel hurt as he might thought Doo Rim feeling to him is not real. He might change back to cold guy. Uuurrrrggggg this episode is killing me

  2. By the way I am sure grandma is the grandfather first wife. But we got to know what happen to grandma. Kkkk sorry for spamming here.

  3. NOOOOOOOO im sure DR wil not be oppa’s gf !!! I mean it’s just the same as hurting oppa’s feeling ㅠㅠ and please DR goes back to KJ huhu

  4. MAN I just finished episode 11 and the preview is a doozy every way you look at it.

    I don’t know what to even feel anymore. KJ has a right to be angry and also to be hurt. But DR won’t be DR if she doesn’t care and she does care for Oppa. My thoughts are going ‘ round and ‘ round. I know the cliffhanger will be bad and I will be suffering till next weekend darn it.

  5. …I guess i’d better watch this ep after ep 13 or 14 comes out to prevent any frustration (or whatever ep it is where the angst about KJ doubting DR’s love for him ends!). Come on KJ, you can tell the girl wasn’t lying when she said she loves you, that oppanotoppa is just an oppa to her!

  6. Well I guess KJ will survive being hurt or more accurately jealous of DR & YH a bit, after DR witness him being sweet & lovey-dovey towards YK…I know, I know, even DR knows KJ didnt realized the girl beside him isnt the girl he marries, it still hurt DR just the same, thinking KJ didnt even notice the difference, now same goes with DR, she hug YH becos she’s relieves & thankful YH wakes up from coma, if not how cud she ever be happy with KJ…just hope the misunderstanding wont drag for long…however i’m sure YH will help put things rite between KJ
    & DR

  7. I’m thinking Yi Hyun oppa will have amnesia….this drama keeps rolling out the tropes, why not this one as well 🙂

    • She is just being caring to Yi Hyun oppa, because she feels guilty that he ended up this way, as he tried to protect and save her from those thugs of his stepmum, she still very much in love with Kang Ju, but because of the threat of serious harm to both her Halmoni and Jin Joo, she has opted to deny her love for Kang Ju, because it’s the only way she knows how to protect those she loves and care for including Kang Ju.

    • Doo Rim loves Yi Hyun Oppa as an Oppa, not boyfriend or husband material just someone that she can care and count on to be there for her (every girl needs a big brother like that). Kang Ju is the only one for her.

  8. This show keeps one guessing what the writers had planned. If Kang Ju thinks it through, Doo Rim must love him very much more than Yi Hyun as she courageously married him, despite knowing about the family curse.

  9. Just finished watching this Raw past Midnight here in the UK. OMG it is truly heart breaking episode. Silly Doo Rim trying deny their love, poor Kang Ju stuck with bitchy fake wife, manipulative mum and evil fake motherinlaw!
    It looks like that all misunderstanding will disappear in the next episode (well I hope so). Roo Mi is the only one that understands that DR is the right person for KJ and that two faced ice bitch YK is definitely not meant to be his bride. Hopefully Yi Hyun will explain all the plotting and tell Kang Ju how much Doo Rim really loves him. Kang Ju Dad needs to start taking an active role in this whole shitbag of a mess, get his wife and president Ma sorted (threaten them both, one with divorce and the other with financial ruin ((where it hurts them most)). Ghost needs to make an appearance, scare the two mums and tell Kang Ju and Doo Rim to follow their hearts.
    Very frustrating episode, surly Kang Ju mum cannot want YK for a daughter in law, she is sooo way offfff being the perfect daughter in law. Yi Kung need to end this show with a terminal illness, then she may have a little humility, and realise that marrying a super rich guy without love is a no-no in this life, trying to steal someone else’s man is a no-no too, being manipukative gets you nowhere. Doo Rim needs to get some backbone, fight for her rightful place beside Kang Ju, because Daddy Choi soooo likes her, he doesn’t care that she doesn’t have the right backgroud , he is all about love from the heart (true love, like his first wife). I like that Kang Ju felt jealous at the hospital and offered to wipe down YH instead of allowing DR to touch him, like it even more that he was proud of DR for being able to stand up to that idiot customer. (WoW I’m sorry, going off on a writing rant). Desperately waiting for next weeks episode

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