Birth of a Beauty Reveals Post-Makeover Posters and Third Funny Teaser

So far I like what I see from the new SBS weekend drama Birth of a Beauty, but the very premise of this drama has me going in with a giant dose of wary. The official posters are out along with a third most substantive preview showing how Joo Sang Wook‘s heartbroken mad-man chaebol transforms conventionally unattractive ahjumma played by comedic gag woman Ha Jae Seok into the slyph-like modern beauty that is Han Ye Seul.

I really really wish the drama put Han Ye Seul in a fat costume, as visually silly as it usually looks, I hate even more having another actress in the “ugly pre” section before morphing into the “pretty after” phase, implying that a woman with Ha Jae Seok’s physical features is never ever going to get a good looking man to like her unless she looks like Han Ye Seul. I know this is dramatic license and this drama plays it so broadly, which helps it go down, but the very implication is one I dislike immensely. On the upside everything looks funny…once one stops over-thinking it. Continue reading

Hotel King with Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook Release Script Reading Stills

The cast of the sprawling weekend K-drama Hotel King held its first script reading recently and MBC released the stills to the masses dying for the reunion drama between Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook. Let’s not kid ourselves, … Continue reading

The Suspicious Housekeeper Looks Intriguing as the Remake of Monster Hit Kaisefu no Mita

There aren’t that many Korean drama remakes of J-doramas, and vice-versa. Sometimes both crib from the same source material, but direct remakes don’t happen often. I chalk that up to the drama storytelling style being very different in the two … Continue reading

A First Impressions Review of A President and A Princess

When I do something late at night that seemed like such a brilliant idea, in the stark daylight I have to wonder – what was I smoking? I’ll probably give certain esteemed drama watchers an apoplexy, but nevertheless I went … Continue reading