The Jin Se Yeon Wedding Curse Strikes Again in Penultimate Episode of Age of Feeling

I’ve been following along with Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) intermittently. It’s not a super bad drama but definitely super wonky what with the scriptwriter switch around episode 10 then second male lead Kim Jae Wook quitting as well as supporting actor Song Jae Rim getting written off for a few episodes and then brought back again. The story felt like Fight Club in Shanghai with a dash of war era machinations thrown in. Leading man Kim Hyun Joong acquitted himself admirably, but his leading lady Im Soo Hyang was all sorts of awful with her stiff face and even stiffer acting. Luckily the other female lead Jin Se Yeon added the dash of life to this mostly dull and lifeless plodding endeavor, with a character that was charming with a backbone of steel. She loved Kim Hyun Joong’s character from beginning to end, and I almost cried hallelujah to have him love her back and be with her throughout the drama instead of pining away for his first teenage crush Im Soo Hyang’s character since those two had zero chemistry whether in acting or character interactions.

But as the ending drew near I got a bit concerned. Jin Se Yeon made waves a few weeks ago in the K-news for taking on her next project Dr. Stranger for SBS which wasn’t going to air until AoF ended but had already started filming due to an overseas shoot in Eastern Europe. Jin Se Yeon had to take a few days off AoF filming to jet overseas and the usual filming snafus delayed her return a few day later than she had anticipated. The AoF production was so pissed it actually aired its grievances to the media rather than keeping the dirty laundry in the house. Jin Se Yeon’s agency countered that AoF had approved her days off to film for Dr. Stranger, and in fact she accepted Dr. Stranger before she even accepted and starred in AoF since she was a last minute replacement for Kim So Eun who dropped out. This week is the AoF finale and I was totally glued to the set this morning waiting for what I shall call “The Jin Se Yeon Wedding Curse” to arrive. Not only did it show up, it was so hilariously absurd the context and set up I was laughing until tears came out.

Ahahahaha, it totally showed up and it was glorious! Even the news media is digging up Jin Se Yeon’s epic wedding death in the end of Gaksital (Bridal Mask) to show that girlfriend is never ever going to get an onscreen wedding night. In AoF, Ok Ryeon and Jung Tae got hitched and then she promptly got poisoned to death. The big baddie played by Choi Il Hwa was trying to poison Jung Tae but Ok Ryeon switched their teas and she gulped down the poison instead. This death, just like her death in Gaksital, is totally unnecessary for the narrative of the drama. At all. Once again it comes across like it’s KBS retaliating against Jin Se Yeon for taking another drama while still filming its drama. In Gaksital, she stepped in at the last minute for Eunjung in SBS’s Five Fingers and that caused friction in the production set because she had to film both dramas at once. KBS might as well distribute a memo – if you dare double book, your character gets killed off, thnxbai!

She died of a poisonous tea, but at least she got her wish and married her man. RIP Kim Ok Ryeon, thanks for making AoF mildly entertaining to watch.


The Jin Se Yeon Wedding Curse Strikes Again in Penultimate Episode of Age of Feeling — 54 Comments

  1. But is it true that her character in Gaksital was killed off precisely because of her filming commitments to “Five Fingers”? As in: she had no time left to finish filming Gaksital, so she died early in that drama?
    And is that what really happened here in AoF too?

    • No.She was there when Gaksital last filming was done.Her death was the drama’s last shooting(well,Joo Won still needed to film for some scenes but all filming finished on that day).
      They were unhappy with her due to “5 fingers” but not related to her death.It was necessary-although we don’t want it-to show that the hero lived only for his country.

      • Yea I thought that in Gaksital her death made sense narratively. I haven’t been following AoF (was at ep 6 when I found out the writer switch and felt too disappointed to continue) so I don’t know how it felt for peopl who watched it but I just imagined early on that her character would get a happy ending whether it be with our hero or someone else :S so I don’t like this turn of even 🙁

  2. Hahah, I was laughing too as I suspected it will happen.
    It does feel as it is a revenge on KBS part and not so much that she doesn’t have time to finish AoF as her character dies only one episode before the end. I would of accepted it if at least her death was made reasonably.. but the way she dies is absolutely ridiculous in every way. Still loved her character.
    I’m curious how will they wrap up the drama.

  3. LOL I remember she was also filming the daily drama called i think “Flowers For My Daughter” at the same time she chose to film Gaskital! Its the 3rd time she accepted a drama while filming another.

    • She’s very young and trying to make her mark, so she seems to be accepting pretty much any and every (leading) role that comes her way. Bad business decision, though, since it’s gotten her in lots of trouble, image-wise, and Korean netizens are both unforgiving and have a long memory.

  4. Why are so many people blaming her? If she did step in as a late replacement in both cases, that sounds to me like she did them a favour. Yes she was double booking, but the network knew of her PRIOR commitments, and that’s the key word here, surely? Anyway, I hope she gets a happy ending in Dr. Stranger.

    • I think you are only looking at it from the perspective of the new projects she picked up but ignoring the projects she had already been committed to. Of course Dr. Stranger/Five Fingers should take no issue with her double booking since they were aware of her prior commitment to Bridal Mas/AOF when they booked her. However, Bridal Mask/AOF did NOT have prior knowledge of her intent to double book when they booked her. Is she doing a favor to the dramas in which she stepped in as a late replacement? Sure, but she is also undoubtedly doing a disservice to the dramas she was already filming. Why should Bridal Mask or AOF have to change their storyline/ending to write her character off and/or have the rest of the cast and crew make sacrifices in adjusting the filming schedule etc. because she wants to take on a new commitment that she did not have when they booked her. To do this one time is one thing (and I think understandable given the unpredictability and complexity of the entertainment industry) but to repeatedly engage in the behavior of taking on new commitments that mean you cannot fully honor your current one is not really proper or professional.

      • I understood it to be the other way round – she took BOTH AoF and Gaksital as late replacements for someone else. THEY were her second, the others were her prior commitments. Certainly it seems to be that way for AoF – she was already signed up for Dr Stranger, and there is no way that KBS didn’t know that when they signed her as a replacement for Aof. That whole Drama was such a disorganised shambles anyway that victimising her like this seems particularly unfair.

      • Stuart,

        She was a later replacement on Five Fingers WHILE she was filming Gaksital, not the other way around as Gaksital was finishing up and Five Fingers was starting.

        I have a little more sympathy for the AOF/Dr. Stranger thing since she did sign up for Dr. Stranger first and was a last-minute replacement on AOF, but given that I believe she’s done something similar 2 other times, I don’t think the industry is as forgiving. Particularly KBS since she’s now done it to them twice.

    • Timing, perception, and respect is everything in the industry. Moreso than actual acting ability. Jin Se Yeon’s agency is really leading her astray for short term gain but saddling her with a long term mark on her reputation. I’ve actually grown to like her after watching her in AoF, but her career guidance is piss poor from her agency.

      Gaksital was a 24-episode drama, it was her first leading lady role in a prime time slot. The drama was nearing the end of its run when the whole T-ara bullying scandal blew up and Eunjung was booted off Five Fingers (after Eunjung filmed all the drama promos already, natch). Jin Se Yeon did not agree to do Gaksital AFTER she was already booked on FF. It was the other way around, she was the last minute replacement in FF but was still filming Gaksital. KBS being majorly pissed is understandable. It’s like starting work on a new job before you have officially had your last day at your current job. Not cool. She’s allowed to do it, but it’s going to hit her reputation as someone who double books. Period. Reputation matters in the long run more than a quick leading lady role. If I were her agency I would have passed on FF for her.

      On AoF, it’s murkier, but I don’t buy her agency’s one-sided statement that she was already signed onto Dr. Stranger BEFORE she was the last minute replacement in AoF. It could be true, but the way K-dramas are cast doesn’t buttress that statement. She stepped into AoF in December 2013. Dr. Stranger was always scheduled as a May 2014 drama, and dramas only cast months and months in advance when it’s a huge name star they need to lock down to greenlight a project (Think Ha Ji Won in Empress Ki, Moon Geun Young in Painter of the Wind, you get the picture). The male lead in DS wasn’t confirmed until late Feb as Lee Jong Seok. I find it harder to believe that Jin Se Yeon as the second female leads was already confirmed. I was following along with the DS casting and the two leading lady roles were offered to Kang Sora and Park Min Young ijn January (publicly) and while Sora accepted PMY passed and that role is the one Jin Se Yeon has. So JSY’s agency wants us to believe that she accepted DS in December 2013 when AoF started filming. That’s way fishy to me.

      But ultimately KBS comes off like the petty snit in this, killing her off time and again to prove a point. That’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face. It ruins the entire drama narrative! KBS would do better to just not work with JSY going forward if the network doesn’t like her double booking. Just sayin’

      I don’t think what Jin Se Yeon did is wrong, per se, but it does come across as disrespectful to the drama production cast and crew of the drama that hasn’t finished yet before she’s already starting to toggle between drama sets.

      • Thanks for the explanation. After what KBS did to YEH’s last Drama AND the amazingly promising LBS/Yoona Drama that followed, I’m predisposed to blame them most. Especially since this Drama had much bigger problems than just a double-booked female actor. I couldn’t help thinking of Joey’s “Days of Our Lives” elevator mishap in Friends when I read this post. No one comes out of this looking good, but my sympathies stay with the actor over the network.

      • Thanks for clarify this complicated matter of K-Ent. Well, I feel sympathies more for the supporting cast and crews. They’re the most suffering and get low rate payment. Don’t feel much for the network and JSY.

      • yeah, I call lies on her agency’s ‘she was cast in DS before AoF’ statement too. Next time, just don’t double-book her!

        It’s not even like her acting skills are strong enough, or that her popularity is high enough to make her a must-get from a drama casting perspective (like, say, Park Shin-hye). This is all actively being pursued by her agency, and they need to dial it back because it’s her image that will suffer – double-booking once is one thing, but twice? They (and she) have to know how that comes across.

      • @koala – you forgot the part where KBS allowed her four days off in between to work on Doctor Stranger, and she then overshot and took two days extra to get back to AoF, throwing their production schedule out of wack. They’ve been very accommodating of her, all things considered.

        I lost all sympathy for her after that, if anyone is to be pitied it’s the crew and supporting actors of AoF, who can ill afford to not be paid but don’t have the luxury of double booking themselves into another drama before finishing this one.

      • Thanks for the info koala!

        I gave IG the benefit of the doubt until the very last monite but damn did they really messed it up. It was very deliberete in their part especially considering the cause of her death was linked to JT’s dad’s death – all of a sudden he was poisoned too as if it wasn’t enough that he was hemorrhaging and got stabbed. The doctor who did the autopsy even reiterated it as a matter of factly even when there were no traces of poison on the earlier eps. Talk about contrived and shoehorning it at the very end too. It defied every narrative logic.

        Her agency is definitely not doing her any favors: short term achievements at the expense of her reputation. But then again, k ent is the only industry that propagates such problems to begin with, in other countries shooting two productions concurrently is not uncommon at all – it’s just k ent makes matters that more difficult with their live shoot format. For that I will always have more sympathy to the actors than these broadcasting companies who runs their talents like slaves.

      • OK first of all, JSY isn’t 2nd female lead in Doctor Stranger, she’ll be 1st female lead. People can say what they want about PMY & JSY but their star-power is obviously above KSR. Both played more leading roles. And here one more proof:

        And second, Doctor Stranger originally slated for early 2014, not May 2014. We LJS fans knows that. So what JSY agency says might be true:

        JSY received offer for dr.S and she gave them her verbal agreement. But dr.S then encountered a delay. At that time, IG suddenly lost KSE, therefore asked for JSY’s help to replaced her. dr.S team probably couldn’t give her the reassure promise back then, so JSY then decided to bow out from dr.S and went to IG instead, b’coz she hadn’t signed any contract for dr.S yet. That’s why dr.S team then search for other actress when the drama finally given exact slot. They almost got PMY but she decided to pass it. At that time, IG already on midway point and dr.S team, knowing that IG will end for some time before dr.S’ begin, decided to try appeal to JSY again. JSY and agency, after discussed it three-way with both KBS and SBS, finally said “Yes” to dr.S.

    • @Requiem and Stuart – I wouldn’t be so quick to believe her agency’s claim that she was cast in Doctor Stranger first, since it’s known that the role she now has was being shopped to Park Min Young as recently as February….while AoF was filming.

      She joined AoF in November after Kim So Eun dropped out, and like koala says, kdramas never start casting that early unless they are courting a major A lister….so this ‘she joined Doctor Stranger first!’ business is just her agency’s attempt to deflect criticism for the double booking, and not necessarily the truth.

      • @pog on..what her agency said is right just like what @mia89 said.she was not present at the first reading of dr,stenger simply because the IG production team will not allow her to promote a drama or a movie while doing IG.just like she cant promote publicly for her movie with supernova because the IG team does not allowed her.,btw the movie is for japan release only..what happen in hungary is if u read a fan account in dr.stranger thread in soompi they said they finish shooting earlier than when jsy&co reach seoul they were shock about the news in some news online portal about her doing blablabla.thats when her agency release an official statement.and in soompi thread those fans in hungary was asked to not upload pics and videos online until the right time.and the right time is when IG drama finish its airing.and those pics of ljs&jsy that is already uploaded was taken down.IGs unhappines is due to how the dr,stranger staff manage those pictures.she just cant promote in anyway while still doing IG.

      • @jingge that is only assumption not the actual fact. no one can 100% prove that what her agency claimed was true. She might be offered early this year but verbal agreement means nothing and since she tmade her commitment with AoF and gave up on GS (since they offered the role to PMY), that means, no agreement had been made at all. So what her agency about her being offered first doesn’t even count at all.

  5. LOL, what?!
    This is a hilarious post.
    Seeing as how her death in AoF made no point narratively I do wonder if the writer(s) just added it more as a dramatic punch to the viewers or because they were petty and wanted to teach Jin Se Yeon a lesson. We’ll never know.
    I never got the amount of flak she got as an actress — there are worse actresses i’ve come across and personally i think she had more warmth to her acting than im soo hyang (yes, she is supposed to play a cold character. But so did Han Chae Ah in gaksital and we all still loved her.)
    Jin Se Yeon has certainly made a name of herself to take on multiple projects at once and having the misfortune of playing characters that die right after getting married.
    I am just relieved that this show is ending so that all that are recapping it (namely headsno2) can be released from this hell.

  6. does anyone know if her character died in the manhwa?

    in bridal mask I was 100% team rara so I loved that ending because the way I looked at it that meant years down the road they had a chance. but here I actually liked her character more than gaya so im a little bummed.

    • oh I forgot to mention that I have seen 3 dramas of hers now and she has not once ended up with the guy hoping that’s not the case for doctor strange =/

  7. I like Im Soo Hyang’s Kaya…still shipping her and Leader Mo…though Aoki could be acceptable. Alot of folks have taken the shipping wars way overboard lol

    • 2nd this. However, the actor playing Aoki is awesome. The boy can act! Leader Mo is a bit methodical and dry at some point and I actually find his story line a little dull.

  8. One of the reasons I stopped watching AoF. I got to ep 7 and from there I didn’t go any further. All I managed to grasp from the drama was fighting and kicking. Now she died too. And I liked her better than the other female. Whats he gonna do now?Mope in a corner after killing everybody? Good luck with that Jung Tae.

    When I read the article’s title, my first thought was “did she die again?”…and guess what?

  10. Now, what if Ha Ji Won, character Sunyang dies before the end of the drama just because she had other commitments(that will never happen because HJW is a professional), but if it did, I would be so po’d. The entertainment is a business, yes you must work and book projects in order to get paid but it is also an art and doesn’t she care how her projects will be received by the audience?

    • “you must work … in order to get paid” unless of course, you’re crew for this Drama in which case you can work without getting paid while the company that promised to pay pay you reneges on that promise at the same time as berating an actor for failing to honour her commitments.

      • Bridal Mask paid her ontime and she still failing to honor her commitments to them which include supporting casts and crews. Well, I should not blam her for everything. it’s actully her agency that misguide her. She has the look and still young. She has time to improve her acting so I hope her agency will be more carefull next time.

      • Sorry but her two other dramas paid her on time. So don’t try to pull the excuse of getting late payment in AoF for her double booked commitments. We don’t see other AoF’s cast do the same due to this reason no? if it is like what you said, then all of them should just jump onto other works and leave this drama hanging

  11. I haven’t watched AoF since episode 2 but glad to know what happened! That was actually mildly entertaining though. And as much as I love Kim Hyun Joong, his crying face in those screen caps are more funny than heartbreaking. Maybe I will finish this drama someday but not yet.

  12. LMAO
    If she takes on another drama while filming Dr. Strange, I bet she’ll die this time of a sudden illness/infection of sorts!
    Maybe there should be drama about her like How Many Ways Can Jin Se Yeon Die in a Drama after getting married!

  13. Ha., funny!how could her agency lied
    that she received the offer for Ds in dec 13!
    What i know is,.that role goes to Park min young first then she passed that role in feb ( after chinese ny i guess).so,why bother to lie…everybody knows…….. :O
    Jin se yeon is quite greedy huh?she just grabing all the offers without thinking!and she is merely a replacement actress or 2nd choice since ff!
    *T-ara eunjung for FF
    *kim so eun AOF
    *and now Park min young DS

    • uhm, casting offers normally go several rounds before confirming the leads. For example, in Triangle, Lee Min Yeon was first offered the leading role, then Park Jin Hee, and finally the role goes to Oh Yeon Su. Can i say OYS is a replacement for LMY? No. In JSY’s case, i can see that she was a replacement for T-ara Eunjung, since E already signed the contract. But she is not a replacement for PMY.

      However, i agree with you, i dont like what is is doing

      • I think what hana meant to say was that everyone knows that JSY’s Doctor Stranger role was being offered to Park Min Young right before she took it.
        And kdrama casting does not lock its supporting stars down that far in advance before they even cast a main lead, which means that JSY’s agency is lying when they claim that she was offered and accepted Doctor Stranger before AoF.

    • She actually helped both Inspiring Generation and Five Fingers, you know. So you fans of both drama and their actors should be thanked her instead of just bashing blindly. If not for her willingness to helped, both drama wouldn’t be so easy to air. Both lost the initial actresses in their own way. It wasn’t that JSY need both drama. She already had BM when FF staffs asked her, and she already had Dr.S when IG staffs asked her. Even KBS and SBS staffs showing her gratitude by always asking her for their big projects. KBS twice rumored to be dissatisfied with her but twice they then apologized says those were just baseless rumor. Proved that after BM they still wants JSY acts in another of their big-budget production. I think some ppl thinks too much of AoF ending, make it like some conspiracy theory out of revenge LOL. It might just be a decision purely by the writer to give AoF some dramatic sad unforgettable endings (for her).

      • *facepalm* I can’t even…
        What’s with you fans’ lame excuse (as always) about fans of the 2 dramas should thank her. There are plenty of S.K actresses out there and we don’t she them pulled such stunt like her repeately. So, if that’s the case, then should fans from her other two dramas thanked her for her double booked commitments while still filming the dramas too? :). and don’t pull the ‘she is so young and wants to use every chance given’ kind of excuse either. We could also see it the other way, being so young with still long road ahead of her, so why all the hurry and greed like there is tomorrow?

      • Oh. It’s such a rude and aggrorant commment.

        She should be the one who be thankful for get such many opputunities in her career. Problem is, I used to like her in Bridal Mask, at least I feel her death was meaningful, but in IG, it’s so boring and unnescessary. Maybe it’s the writer’s intention, but her acting still hasn’t improved ever since Bridal Mask.

      • @Suou – she ‘helped’ two dramas by double-booking?

        Why, did every other South Korean actress between the ages of 19-25 suddenly vanish off the face of the planet?

        And this fanfiction made up by her agency that she had already got DS when she confirmed AoF, needs to stop right now – if DS was scheduled for early 2014 and she agreed to do it then left it for IG to magnanimously ‘help’ KBS , then that means she wasn’t actually tied to DS officially until the double booking in the middle of IG live shoots. They will really try anything to get themselves off the hook, but how about taking responsibility for professional commitments for once?

      • @everyone replied:

        Well no matter how many actresses out there, KBS and SBS THEMSELVES DECIDED to choose her. It wasn’t like JSY begged them to give her lead roles. They were the ones who wants her. So what the points in stated that there many actresses out there?

        About she still young so walks slowly and refuse the offers. Do you guys even a K Drama fan? Don’t you know how hard Korean young actors struggle to get lead roles and how long usually they have to wait before someone finally entrust him with lead roles, or often never at all? Korean isn’t like Japan or Taiwan where many young actors given equal chances to be leads as the seniors. JSY isn’t even an idol like Suzy for example. if she doesn’t diligently pursuing chances, do you think she can be so rapidly move forwards in her career like now?

  14. I’m not interested in ok ryun story. The only thing that is keeping me interested is kaya and aoki story. Hope they’ll end together

  15. I like JSY since Gaksital. Too bad her agency is like this. Next time just put a clause in her contract that restricts her doing this…

  16. I don’t really like this actress and not because of these stories of schedule (Her agency is a little bit stupid…) but because for me she’s really not good. In Bridal Mask, her death didn’t affect me (I didn’t really like this drama), in Five Fingers she was boring and now in Age of Feeling, it’s the same. I prefer Gaya. I don’t think I will watch Doctor Stranger because I’m not a fan of any actors…

  17. Jin Se yeon is an awful actress too. I had enough with candy girls, she just had two expression in this drama….Im Soo Hyang got better at the end but both ladies have to work on their acting chops.

  18. Hum I have to disagree about her death being unnecessary in Gaksital. I don’t think it could have been any other way. Especially with Shunji being the one to pull the trigger. Him killing her, the person he thought would be the one to bring him back from the dark side was what ultimately pushed him to kill himself.
    Gaksital’s ending was great.

  19. Hmm, I’m not so sure that Ok Ryeon is killed because of the double-booking issue; I actually feel like they might’ve set it up that way since the beginning, and the hat JT wears might’ve been a hint.
    In the posters before the drama airs, we’ve been seeing Jung Tae wearing a hat, and then in the early episodes we found out that Ok Ryeon is the one who loves to see him wearing it and urged him to although he doesn’t like it.. So we can somehow guess that he’ll wear the hat at some point because of her or for her. But seeing how much he hates it (he can’t even stand wearing it for more than 3 seconds!) it doesn’t seem like he’ll ever wear it when she’s still with him. It’s only after her death that he finally wears it.. to keep him reminded of her or as a tribute for her. So it could’ve actually be a hint from early on.
    Maybe that’s also why they made JT & OR’s love relationship so easy and fixed quite early.. so that they can have more romance scenes as a couple before her death? I don’t know. Just my thought.

    And also we’ve seen this idea a lot in stories & movies that a hero is destined to be alone to be able to continue being a hero. Maybe it’s hard for a hero to continue fighting for people when he’s married or have a family to take care, so love might be seen as a hindrance for a hero to focus on protecting people. In both AoF and Gaksital, both heroes are fighters who’ll have to continue fighting for their people during the time of war so it’s probably just unfortunate that JSY’s character become the love interest for the same type of hero and in the same period too.
    AoF’s sub-title itself is ‘the birth of the god of battles’ so it’s a story about the birth of a hero/fighter, which means he’ll continue being a fighter when the drama ends. So I can kinda guess from the beginning that he won’t get married or settle down with anyone at the end.

    That being said, I only wished they made her death a bit smarter.. The way she died made her seem stupid and the death felt so unnecessary. Which was quite upsetting because I quite like her character. JSY is not a great actress, but I don’t think she’s awful.

    Moving on to Im Soo Hyang, since the beginning I always tried to like her as she’s the female lead, but I just can’t get myself to like Gaya. I don’t dislike her either, but I just can’t get myself to care for her character. I know she’s supposed to be cold most of the time but even in the emotional scenes where she’s sad & crying I just can’t really feel for her.

    As for Kim Hyun Joong, I gotta give him props. I know, I know, he’s not a great actor (yet) and not as good as the other more senior actors, but I came in with a low expectation on his acting and I came out pleasantly surprised. There are moments where I think he could’ve done better, but overall he did a good job. He’s especially good in sad and crying scenes; they’re so raw and heartbreaking, and he didn’t seem to care about looking beautiful in front of the camera when doing it (although he’s beautiful anyway). I can really feel his pain and before AoF I’d never thought that I could cry just by watching him cry.
    I think the fact that he can improve a lot with some training shows that he has the potential. He just need to keep practicing and getting more experiences and he will be better. And also picking up the right roles that fits him.

    A lot of things in this show definitely could’ve been done better, but nevertheless I’ve been thoroughly entertained until the end.

  20. I feel sorry for Ms Jin Se Yeon! From my understanding, S. Korean actors/actresses go for casting auditions to win lead roles – even if she’s not the best, she’s not the worst actress in the industry. There is no need to bash her acting skill every time she acts in a drama. In IG, I think differently. Her character died with a purpose – the evil man won’t take her as hostage against SJT in the future and Bangsamtong people needed him. She sacrificed herself so he could fight for the freedom of Bangsamtong people without burden. Think about why SJT’s dad hid SJT and his mom/sister in a small village – it’s exactly the same reason to stay away from the evil man, if not they would be held hostage – that’s what Jung Jae Hwa said too. Don’t just blame the writer or the actress’s double booking issue – it’s your understanding of the storyline too! Whilst I agree that her acting is still lacking in many ways but it’s not unbearable. If you don’t like her acting, just don’t watch her dramas – your eyes won’t be sore!

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