Baek Jin Hee and Oh Yeon Soo Join Lee Bum Soo and Jaejoong in MBC’s Triangle

While MBC has owned Mon-Tues for the last five months since the epic sageuk drama Empress Ki premiered, it’s finally decided to end it’s nearly two years long sageuk airing in that time slot after EK wraps in a month and try something modern on for size. I’m still following EK and the drama has been mired in repetitively dull political scheming in different character combinations for the last fifteen episodes and suddenly and abruptly taken a turn into full-blown crazyville. One main character may or may not actually be crazy, but the plot has definitely gone cray cray. It’s time to out that baby out of its misery and free Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo, but I’m also intrigued enough by its followup Triangle to want that one to arrive sooner rather than later. Triangle has finally locked down a main cast this week as Baek Jin Hee joins the already signed on Lee Bum Soo, Kim Jaejoong, Im Si Wan, and Oh Yeon Soo.

MBC lurves Baek Jin Hee and she’s finally getting her first leading lady turn after playing in multiple MBC dramas such as the well-received antagonist in Empress Ki, the doormat in I Summon You, Gold, and whatever she played in Jeonwoochi which no one watched. Lee Bum Soo plays the mat-hyung of a trio of brothers who are separated in childhood, with Jaejoong as the middle brother, and Im Si Wan as the youngest sibling. Eldest hyung grew up to be a cop and will have his own romance with Oh Yeon Soo (childhood counterpart played by Kim So Hyun), while middle brother is now a rough-and-tumble gang boss while the youngest lucked out by getting adopted into a rich family. Baek Jin Hee’s character will be involved in a love triangle between Jaejoong and Im Si Wan. At least that leaves Lee Bum Soo and Oh Yeon Soo free to act like they are in their own separate drama if Triangle goes to pot on bad acting from a subset of its cast.

This will be yet another major MBC production and the screenwriter is none other than heavyweight Choi Wan Kyu who wrote IRIS, Jumong, Light and Shadows, MIDAS, Kingdom of the Wind, All In, Swallow the Sun, Gourmet, and the list goes on and on. Reuniting with Choi Wan Kyu is his collaborating PD from All In and Swallow the Sun, which means both are heading back into familiar revenge, gangster, and cops territory. I’m excited but oy are there so many reservations


Baek Jin Hee and Oh Yeon Soo Join Lee Bum Soo and Jaejoong in MBC’s Triangle — 8 Comments

  1. I like Baek Jin Hee but I have yet to be majorly impressed by either Jaejoong or Im Si Wan… Jaejoong has improved but Im Si Wan still comes across pretty green to me…i’m just more worried about the disconnect in the acting department between the two of them and Lee Bum Soo

  2. If you watch Dr. Jin till last eps, you will know that Jaejoong can act as a fierce gangster. In Triangle, he will act as a Professional Gambler while Baek Jin Hee will become a Casino Leader…Can’t wait for this series! 🙂

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