Fall in Love With Me with Aaron Yan and Tia Li Premieres this Sunday

Apparently the last SETTV Sunday night drama Deja Vu ended this past weekend, and I say apparently because all I heard were viewers railing at the ending nonsense but I didn’t watch it myself. Or maybe folks are pissed at the process, or like me, pissed that this entire dreck of a drama even existed in the first place so that a prime time slot got wasted for four months. Up next is Fall in Love with Me (Chinese title 愛上兩個我 Fall in Love with Two of Me), a drama that for all intents and purposes was merely a reunion vehicle for Aaron Yan and Puff Guo after their popular pairing last year in Just You (Chinese title 就是要你愛上我 Just Want to Make You Fall in Love with Me). If the similar sounding titles don’t give away the redux vibe, the drama stills and previews literally bash us over the head with it even if this time around Puff is off being happily pretend married to Heechul so Aaran needs to make do with Tia Li instead.

While neither Puff nor Tia will win any acting awards in their lifetime, Puff is actually animated and can occasionally be charming to watch. Puff was hideously screechy as befits her antagonist character in Miss Rose, but in Just You everything clicked and she was adorable even if overacting most of the time. Tia is just a complete fail thus far, I haven’t seen her actually succeed at any type of character, where antagonist (Office Girls), best friend (Miss Rose), or even cosplaying a maid (Hayate the Combat Butler). To give her a leading lady role is a huge leap of faith, and based on the previews I’m ready to call it already – FAIL. She is so stiff and most of her stiffness comes from the way she says her dialogue (like. reading. in. a. monotone. from. a. phone. book), with a bit from a face that doesn’t have a natural inclination to move. Whether this drama works or not, it’s premiering this Sunday on SETTV so check it out for real or trainwreck potential.

Poor Aaron is stuck playing a ridiculous two-fer of a character, by day he’s marketing wunderkind Lu Tian Xing, by night he’s marketing intern Xiao Lu, and everyone in the drama believes that the two men look alike but aren’t the same guy due to a pair of glasses and a different wardrobe. The official drama stills are the kicker, anyone who watched and followed along with Just You will immediately recognize iconic scenes such as naked Aaron in the shower getting accidentally spied on, the two leads playfully sitting together, and the leading lady pressed down on Aaron’s on the sofa.

Fall in Love with Me previews:

[youtube id=”495mzhgjofI” w=”625″ h=”445″]

[youtube id=”7yOOh5-inqI” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Fall in Love With Me with Aaron Yan and Tia Li Premieres this Sunday — 44 Comments

  1. Totally agree. Watched the preview and couldn’t figure out how Tia’s character was supposed to be feeling because her face was blank; can’t even say she has the same expression in every scene

    • I don’t find that she’s stiff. If you watch all the episodes available and the BTS episodes, you’ll find that it’s just part of her character and that they have great chemistry is great. I like those two because Tia is calm and non-flirty which evens out the fact that Aaron keeps flirting with her. Unlike Aaron with Puff Guo, I feel that Puff Guo was even MORE flirty than Aaron which made me feel uncomfortable though they do have chemistry, I just prefer them to be friends.

  2. Aaron has the ability to create firly good chemistry with his partner, hopefully it will show here. After so many years, with Korean and Chinese dramas improving leaps and bounds, Taiwanese ones are still falling behind. I really wonder why? Lack of good scripts, actors, producers? Almost everything? It is so sad.

    • They’re indeed pretty cute young couple….I’m following this drama and I find it so interesting funny and romantic….both lead actor and actress looks good together they both deliver their character so perfect and real….

  3. Thank you someone shared the same sentiments. Just cos he wore glasses and a change of wardrobe, everyone can’t tell it is the same person. So so ridiculous. What is the writer thinking? And that shower scene is so lame too cos its actually like Just You *sigh*

    I actually start liking Aaron from that drama so I will try to watch this. Tia is really pretty and they look good together so hopefully her acting will improve. So far I’m not liking what I see in the preview *double sigh*

    • It’s more about the personality, not the looks because Xiao Lu does look like Lu Tian Xing and he gets mistaken everywhere (in the drama). The shower scene is totally different because it is set differently and I hate to say this but Lu Tian Xing is stupid for thinking masking tape and a cloth will do the job.

  4. DV was 1000% a waste of time, energy and everything in between!! Ugh
    Here’s to another rumor in the foreseeable future for Aaron!!

  5. We are curious how some of these second rate Taiwanese actors/actresses make a living with these lame unpopular dramas, some of them are already in their 30s. Do they all come from wealthy families like Sunny Wang???? At least the Koreans are prolific.

    • Now dont be too korean drama biased… The taiwanese ones arent as bad. They do a pretty good job. And also for your information Aaron Yan, Tia Li, Puff Guo, and a few others are also singers. So, acting probably isnt their number one strength. Korean dramas however sometimes copy and borrow other drama’s plots and change it, so there isnt anything i find good lately.. Trot Lovers is a bit different from other k-dramas so imma give that one a try.^^

    • I would say it’s mostly aaron yan’s fangirls who don’t care about his mediocre acting as long as they can look at his plastic “pretty” face. He’s not the worst actor around, though. But he’s definitely overrated…

    • your brain cells have been hit by a train and all that’s left are gooey splatters. stop being a hater!

  6. What the…totally a Just You redux! They even have Kai-te/Kate! Haha I will watch for Aaron Yan but it’s so cheesy.

  7. I have to say I haven’t watched a settv Sunday drama in quite some time. I don’t plan in watching this one either. Aaron is yummy but I will probably do a lot of ffing if I ever feel brave enough to actually watch it.

    I am watching Chris’ drama just because I can’t pass him up. Sunday has been a bit of a mess. Just not enough money and not enough quality. I actually have been watching more Taiwanese dramas, ones in Taiwanese dialect. Some are not bad.

    • I think Rock N Road is a decent watch so far. Kim Hsia is way too hyper for my liking but Chris’ performance is good and the script is not too bad. It’s better than this show looks that’s for sure. I think I will just ignore this one too :/

  8. Agreed, Tia’s acting doesn’t really do anything for me just like Vivian Hsu’s efforts. Both are good for CFs and visuals in MVs, but that’s about it.

    • Oh gawd, saw ep.01 and I can’t feel OTP’s chemistry AT ALL. I love Aaron Yan but I don’t think I can endure Tia’s terrible skills. I want the OST though. LOL!

      I can’t wait till Jasper Liu’s and Puff Guo’s drama replaces IAGW’s time slot in May. Sooner, please.

      • I dont think Tia’s that terrible. I mean its a pretty good effort for a first timer as the lead role. Though i kinda prefer her acting over Puff’s, because puff is a bit dramatic in her acting.

  9. I accidentally ended up watching it’s 1st episode and I must say, it was interesting and fun to watch. I am even wondering what tricks Aaron Yan’s character has under his sleeves just not to be busted. You guys should give it a try 🙂 About the lead actress, well, I actually don’t know her but I have to agree that her acting skill isn’t that good. Her eyes doesn’t show anything.

  10. When I found out Tia was going to be the lead actress I was so disappointed. I loved Aaron and Puff in Just You and this pairing falls deathly short in many ways. I agree with you all. I hereby stamp my opinion on this one mimicking you: FAIL. I can’t even watch the trailer without cringing!

    • love the aaron -tia pairing, they’re one of the best looking couple i’ve seen in a while. puff has big teeth! sorry!

  11. Even though I’ve lived in Asia for years, I’ve never been a big fan of Asian dramas/live action movies. The biggest reason is because of the acting style, or, in some cases, the “acting” style, and because they sometimes try to combine live action with things that work better in animation (I can think of one scene from the 1st episode). Even so, I enjoyed the first episode, even though the acting was cringe-worthy (ESPECIALLY the lead actress) and I had to suspend disbelief. I did also find myself imaging what the story would have been like if made in another country. I like the premise, though, and the clothes and music, and Aaron Yan is very easy to look at.

    I’m the kind of person who will turn something off within 5 minutes if I don’t like it, but I watched the whole episode and will watch the next one. It’s not “good” but it is entertaining.

    Another note: I noticed that even though the show creators want the viewers to identify with the group of plucky upstarts, I found myself identifying with the professionals too, because the “young” (both groups are young, really) group is very rude and unprofessional and confrontational at times, even when unprovoked. I found that annoying.

  12. Oh really! How can be Aaron so freaking hot! lol..I’ll definitely watch it until the last episode!!! Fighting!♥

  13. Nice drama so far I always waiting this drama to be aploaded in drama cool…
    I enjoy watching it so romantic and funny specially the lead actor and actress.,they’re nice together

  14. You guys should give Tia a chance. Tia and Puff Guo are equally as bad because Tia is a little bit awkward but Puff Guo seems like she is purposely trying to act as cute as possible. Aaron and Tia actually have great chemistry behind the scene but Tia just can’t show herself hating him without being awkward. But I guess you all are professional actors since you guys say she sucks without even watching the first episode. To be honest, if I were act, I would find it confusing on who is who at what scene like even watching it I go wait she;s acting nice is that Xiao Lu or Lu Tian Xing. Give Tia a chance. She’s a singer not an actress.

    • lol I wouldn’t say they’re bad at acting but more like lacking in experience and skill. It’s also Tia’s first time being the female lead in a drama so i dont really blame her if her acting isnt on point. But I love both Puff and Tia. They’re still working hard in both acting and singing. Its sad how a lot of people are just saying rude things because Puff isnt in this drama with Aaron… 🙁

  15. For those who like tia, i’l go with you guys, for me,tia portrayed her character as Tao Le Si very well. I find this drama very interesting, i love the actors, actresSes and the story as well.

  16. for those who haven’t watch the drama, give it a try. I first i also dont like the idea that aaron will not be paired with puff guo for this drama but still i give it a chance bcoz its aaron’s project. And now that i’ve reach episode 8, i could say that i like more tia than puff coz puff is overacting and trying to be cute most of the time and if you watch the BTS you will see that she is flirting Aaron, she always find ways to get Aaron’s attention, and i dont like that for a girl. And as for Tia though Aaron keeps on flirting her she still remains reserved.

    • thank you bhing! just saw a post (not verified) but aaron admitted to dating a taurus (tia) who’s is her first lead role (tia). i love tia, she is beautiful.

    • omg now you said it that way, i kinda see it too… Same here, i dont like girls that try to capture attention. Tia seems a lot more reserved and neutral when aaron flirts with her, but she also sometimes plays along with him as well. I think its cute! so Aaron and Tia SHIP ALL DA WAY!!! xD

  17. I think Tia is an amazing actress. I mean come on now, i believe it’s her fist time taking a lead role and to be honest i think she did an amazing job! I’m also watching one of the mainland drama and i can tell you that this girl can act and does not have a “stiff” face.

  18. the movie was nice … i feel like im still on cloud 9,i wish they could have a new movie together .. as nice as fall inlove with me..and last hope they’re really a real couple…hope to see you guy’s..

  19. I am really annoyed because of you guys! Can’t you just stop overreacting? Why don’t you give Tia a chance to do it? All JUST YOU fans are just going crazy because of her?! You know, everyone like me hates when the leads are having a new drama with a new pair but you guys are going overboard. And I love Tia and Aaron so much as if I could go crazy if I see them but Tia’s acting is not bad, but it becomes bad if you think that way, TIA <3 AARON FOREVER!!

  20. …and if you think she is stiff, she’s not! And thinking that she has a weird face, come on people?! When you watch the drama you can tell that she’s really beautiful and she’s not really that flirty unlike Puff, she’s really flirty which I hate so much, but no offense to you all. And I think Tia and Aaron really like each other and they’re comfortable with each other. And if you think Tia’s awkward, forget it okay?! Don’t even think watching the drama if you hate coz it just gives FILWM Fans BAD VIBES. THAT’S IT!! REPLY IF YOU ARE A FAN OF TIA AND AARON

    • Shhh… calm down. It’s okay. Well. I watched both dramas, and I have to say that I liked Fall In Love With Me better. To be honest, she did seem a bit awkward, mostly when she’s crying, but who am I to judge. Overall, both Puff Guo and Tia Li acted fairly well in my eyes. But I agree with you. It was kind of annoying hearing AJY fans criticizing FILWM without even watching the drama (like my cousin did).

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