Final Batch of Spoiler Stills for Last Two Episodes of Bride of the Century

It was a rather mellow week for me despite eagerly awaiting the final two episodes of Bride of the Century waiting for me at the end of the week. This is one drama where all the previews and spoilers and stills for the final two episodes merely confirm that this story has one more trick up its sleeve but it’s not a critical deal breaking. I thought Kang Joo overcoming President Ma in episode 14 was merely by doing what was right, he took the power out of her hands by revealing his own grandmother’s crime. He got to be with Doo Rim and President Ma was vanquished, but it felt too easy and pat. I’m glad the ghost showed up at the end of the episode to drop kick this story back to the very beginning where there was a curse, a scared runaway bride, a haunting that may or may not be benevolent. We’ve been dealing with so much living people tricks that it’s easy to forget there is still a ghost lady out there and no one knows who or where she came from.

Now that we know she died at the hands of past live President Ma, and past life Doo Rim witnessed it, it’s even more important that what happene in the past be revealed now so that Kang Joo and Doo Rim can actually have a life together that has a greater purpose for themselves and everyone around them. They are the key to breaking the curse and she is the titular bride of the century. The PD posted the picture above of a sad Kang Joo supposedly from episode 15 but I’m worried since sad Kang Joo is always delicious to watch plus I know it’s just a prelude happier times ahead. Below are the final batch of spoiler filming stills I’ve gathered up that likely form a reassuring road map that the final two episodes may have some bumps and bruises but everyone will end up stronger because of it. I still think Yi Kyung and Doo Rim are twins so that is one major question I’m excited for the drama to finally answer.


Final Batch of Spoiler Stills for Last Two Episodes of Bride of the Century — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting all the spoiler pics! I’m so depressed to see this series end! I love watching the ups and downs that happen in here. Now, I have to find another series to watch.

  2. So sad that BotC is ending this weekend. I’ll miss Kang Ju & Doo Rim. I love his raspy voice and her quirky interpretation of DR. She’s an actress to look forward to and he’s and idol which will always have a devoted following. What an interesting turn of events with the sageuk style revelations.

  3. I’d like to think the previous President Ma killed the ghost so her daughter could be the bride thereby kickstarting the curse.

  4. Hmmm…. I find it very interesting that the Joseon DR lookalike that saved the baby is wearing an upper class hanbok whereas the ghost lookalike that actually had the baby is wearing a lower class hanbok.

    • I noticed that as well! I was wondering if this is in the palace, because crazy things happen there, if any sageuks are any indication. if so it could be that the lookalikes are palace maids of different stations, and the ghost lookalike could have a story similar to Dong Yi… idk cause i’m always missing important pieces in dramas so my predictions are usually pretty off lol. but it’s interesting you spotted that clue too! can’t wait ~

  5. Thank you very much, Ms Ockoala for recommending this drama. I’ve enjoyed watching it so much! Cheers to the final 2 episodes of super goodness!

  6. Another question is what the role of Doo Rim’s grandma in the story is…..which i hope it will be answered as well in the final two episodes.

  7. Thanks for the spoiler goodies!

    I’m sad that the series is ending but super confident that we’ll get the satisfaction of all the secrets being wrapped up and the goodness of a happily ever after.

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