The Three Triangle Brothers Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Im Shi Wan Make Their Drama Appearances

I hate to say the upcoming MBC drama Triangle is male-lead centric, but it’s looking more and more like that considering all three male leads Lee Bum Soo as the eldest brother, Jaejoong as the middle brother, and Im Shi Wan as the baby brother have all had official drama stills released. Perhaps male-centric might be playing up the gender bias tilt in the entertainment industry too much, the central drama plot¬†is sibling-centric as it deals with separated siblings who have grown up to be at odds with each other in their professional paths in life. It just so happens the three siblings are all male, and it so happens that there have been no sightings of female leads Bae Jin Hee and Oh Yeon Soo yet. Never fear, I’m sure they will show up in promotional materials sometime before the drama premieres. With the release of Jaejoong as a gangster and on a bike stills, it’s time to meet eldest brother Lee Bum Soo as a cop. I swear MBC just went over to SBS and borrowed Lee Bum Soo’s early drama wardrobe from Giant, because that picture above is surely of Lee Gang Mo from Giant.

It’s wonderful seeing the chameleon Lee Bum Soo smoothly exchange his Prime Minister suits for the casual rough and tumble leather and jeans that a cop walking the beat would wear. I wonder what type of personality he will have in this drama? Gang Mo was reserved and serious due to the sibling separation in Giant, but here his character seems rather expressive what with the drunken singing into a soju bottle. With every sibling separation drama there is always the inevitable big reunion scene and I remember how Giant aced the various reunions and spaced it out over episodes. I’m hoping Jaejoong can bring his A-game and make me believe he’s all bowled over and verklempt to find his hyung again. There are cute new stills of him still being all gangster on a motorcycle, except the BTS stills show his goofy side so I can’t take him seriously. Youngest brother Im Shi Wan is the lucky one to have been adopted by a rich family so in his first drama still we see him practicing at a blackjack table.


The Three Triangle Brothers Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Im Shi Wan Make Their Drama Appearances — 10 Comments

  1. Wow SK is ripping drama ideas from India now? This has a heavy resemblance to Bollywood movie Amar Akbar Anthony… Now that was masala at its best but I wonder how they’re gonna stretch this story out for so long since its eventually gonna end up being a revenge plot.

    • The big deal with Amar Akbar Anthony was that the three brothers ended up practising three different religions…..and there wasn’t such a large age gap between the eldest brother and the two younger ones there either.

      If the three end up separated because their dad took the fall for his (mob) boss, though, then we’re talking.

  2. I think the competition for ratings in the Mon/Tue slot is gonna be interesting. Doctor Stranger has a really odd premise, but I think ahjummas may like that. This one – I’m not so sure, but I’ll be tuning in for Jaejoong who looks so hot. And Shi-wan for course.

  3. Ahhhh, Giant… the best drama ever all due to Lee Beom Soo, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Sang Min, Joo Sang Wook, Yeo Jin Goo, Park Jin Hee, Hwang Jung Eun, Jung Bo Suk, et al… This was the first 50+ episode drama we watched ‘cuz it was soooo good. LBS is the best… Will watch anything with LBS in it… adding JaeJoong is icing on the cake… ;))

  4. Was going to leave a decent and coherent comment but I’m unable to because I was legit slayed by that last pic… Jaejoong why u do me like this?! xD

  5. Ever since I saw Lee Beom Soo in the movie “My Wife Is A Gangster 3”, I noticed this big eyed funny guy. At that time I never watch Korean dramas except f Da Chang Jing broadcast on tv in Singapore. I enjoyed watching “Prime Minister & I” and I’ll be looking forward to watch this new drama aft I finished following “Empress Ki”. ^^ I’ve become a fan of Korean dramas now…. XD.

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