Equally Talented in Music and Acting Duo Ji Hyun Woo and IU in Talks for Trot Lovers

This is supremely good news and a boon for drama lovers everywhere if the casting is indeed confirmed. Ji Hyun Woo is coming out of the army in mere days and KBS clearly knows a good thing (man) when they see one because they’ve extended an offer for him to star in its upcoming Mon-Tues drama Trot Lovers. This isn’t news as it was reported two days ago, and its even older news that the role was first offered to Eric who did mull over returning to television after the spectacular crash and burn of Spy Myung Wol three years ago but ended up passing on it. What makes casting for this drama extra juicy now is hearing that IU is being courted to be the leading lady. This potential pairing extra special in that both Ji Hyun Woo and IU are musicians in addition to being actors so at least the audience can expect real singing to along with acting the parts.

Both are known to equally balance both parts of their talented careers and it’s going to come in handy in a drama like Trot Lovers about developing musical talent in the music industry. Ji Hyun Woo’s leading man is described as a genius songwriter and top musician in his field of modern music who can’t even be bothered with niche and old-school tunes like Korean trot. In comes the leading lady who is strangely obsessed with trot and aspires to become a famous trot singer. He becomes her mentor after her passion rekindles his own love of music and he ends up guiding her career and changing his view of trot music. Of course they fall in love along the way, how can they not fall in love when there is bound to be late night recording and brainstorming sessions. Trot Lovers is slated to follow Big Man so expect casting to firm up next week as the drama moves right into filming.

 It’s no question KBS loves IU having cast her in all her dramas from Dream High to You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin to Pretty Boy. Her acting has also improved leaps and bounds and I was pretty impressed with how well she transformed into her sweetly obsessed character in Pretty Boy. The media is all over IU’s potential casting also because she’s good friends in real life with Yoo In Na (they even played sisters in The Best Lee Soon Shin), and we all know Yoo In Na is dating Ji Hyun Woo. This is like Go Ara acting as Lee Seung Gi‘s love interest in You’re All Surrounded when she’s friends with Yoona in real life and Yoona is also Seung Gi’s girlfriend.


Equally Talented in Music and Acting Duo Ji Hyun Woo and IU in Talks for Trot Lovers — 18 Comments

  1. The only thing that can beat Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo’s adorableness is hers and IU’s friendship. They were friends way before YTBLSS!

    They’re just so lovely, so close and such awesome relate-able friends! Thought it might be a bit awkward but being the cool person all the 3 of them are, I’m sure it’d be all fine :3
    And the two of them are so talentwd. Act and play around with your gf’s bff on day and go home to cuddle with your actual gf doesn’t sound too bad for a comeback 😉 i can see YIN visiting the set for them aw.

    Hope he and Yoo In Na have their deserved time together, cos boy Ji Hyun Woo surely goes back to work fast!

  2. I really like this pairing, and its going to be extra funny because he is so tall and IU is so short:) I hope they play with that a bit.

  3. IU and Yoo In Na Are best friends since Heroes (SBS) before You’re the Best Lee Soo Shin.

    I think I woul prefer to see IU in Nodame Cantabile. Because I don’t see another actress for this role. (I’m not fan of a korean version…)

  4. haha..its kinda awkward for yoo in na n Iu. Iu must be already asked permission from Yoo In Na..but another talented actress that can also can sing is Jung Eun Ji! She got acting chop and can be totally adorable too. Suzy good in singing(watch dream high) but her acting is not that great. But i don’t mind either for this pairing as long as they can act and sing great.. 🙂

  5. awww, IU. She’s so lovable onscreen and among the popular idols of her age group, one of the most natural actors – she’s definitely got potential to be even better, and I appreciate that she improves with each project even if YTBLSS was a snowball of crazy.

  6. I don’t know. I’m in dilemma. I really want IU to be female lead. I know she is perfect for this role but he is her bff’s boyfriend. So it’ll be awkward. If IU accepts this role hope there won’t be loveline between them

    • … did you miss the part about the trot singer falling in love with the composer?

      And seriously, actors who don’t know how to separate dramatic fiction from real life don’t really deserve the title.

  7. I like this pairing, I think they would look cute, IU is pretty short compared to Ji Hyun Woo. And I recently watched Queen In-Hyun’s Man, I want him back on screen!

  8. Ah finally some dramas to look forward too. Been waiting for a few good ones. And I love Ji Hyun Woo. He was so cool and adorable in QIHM. Can’t wait to see some more ^_^

  9. i love IU and Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na (in any order) but i kinda feel that’s awkward. hehe what if he needs to kiss IU? tho both are great actors.. dunno. just my opinion. hehe but i am looking forward seeing Ji Hyun Woo again!

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