Da Mo Yao Drama Gets June Airdate and Releases Gorgeous Sad Official Theme Song MV

There is a very pithy saying that the readers of Tong Hua novels have coined and it kills me each time to hear it repeated. “There was Xiang Liu in ancient times of gods and demons, he was reincarnated into Meng Jiu in historical times, only to end up as Lu Li Cheng in modern day.” I’ve read all three novels from whence these males leads came, and I can tell you the tears they be a-flowing from Lost You Forever to Da Mo Yao to Secrets Hidden in Time. I translated Da Mo Yao and the first time around I was majorly on the Huo Qu Bing ship but the second full read made me appreciate Meng Jiu more. The long-in-the-works drama adaptation languished because of the way SARFT viewed the story as tinkering with real life historical figure General Huo Qu Bing, an issue that many C-readers seemed to get their panties in a wad over but I could never figure out why.

DMY is a frothy romance novel, it was never meant to be historically accurate and of all the famous historical figures in China’s four thousand years of written history Huo Qu Bing doesn’t even crack the top-whatever. The drama title was changed from Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert) to Xing Yue Chuan Qi (Legend of the Sun and the Moon), though thankfully the English title has been retained as Song of the Desert. There is now talk of the drama finally getting an air date for this June and this talk is bolstered by the production company releasing a gorgeous glossy official MV for the drama theme song. It’s called “White Hair Lament” by Della Ding, a mournful song that I like the opening verse way better than the draggy chorus. Overall it’s a decent tune but all signs in the MV point to Hu Ge’s Meng Jiu owning the drama heart and soul. All the character names have been changed so Liu Shi Shi‘s Jin Yu will be called Xing Yue, Eddie Peng‘s Huo Qu Bing is now Wei Wu Ji, and Hu Ge’s Meng Jiu (aka Meng Xi Mo) is called Mo Xun.

I think Shi Shi looks cuter in character than I thought she would even sporting the very dowdy Han dynasty hairstyle. Her wolf girl looks like a tattered hobo that somehow matches. Hu Ge looks older as Jiu Ye but it amplifies his quiet aura and gives such sad depth to his character’s understated sorrow. I’ve made no secret of my utter horror over Eddie being cast as Huo Qu Bing, he’s a good actor but looks-wise he’s all wrong for the role. Plus Eddie’s massive chin just does not look good in historical garb with his hair pulled back and tied up. I’ve pretty much decided to switch ships for my drama viewing experience.

Official Theme Song MV for Song of the Desert – Della Ding’s “White Hair Lament”:


Da Mo Yao Drama Gets June Airdate and Releases Gorgeous Sad Official Theme Song MV — 32 Comments

  1. OMG! we finally get to see big foot in the wild.

    I thought that drama was a fairy tale. let see what happens in June.

  2. I don’t really like the opening song, there’s something about Della’s voice it sounds, meh I have no idea how to explain it but it doesn’t suit the drama. Either way I really hope this picks up because my exams finish then too

    • I was so shocked myself I love the song and actually think Della’s voice is seeping a melancholy after all the tears have dried. I love the words, I love the arrangement. But knowing TR, this could be the best thing out of this.

      • It’s so poetic, the song. I love the first eight verses the most.

        皑如山上雪 皎若云间月
        闻君有两意 故来相决绝
        今日斗酒会 明日沟水头
        躞蹀御沟上 沟水东西流

    • I get you. I used to like Della because of the theme song in Autumn Concerto but I just feel that her voice is too ‘modern’ for ancient dramas.

  3. I am against it myself because TongHua the author making impudent claims her fiction is truer than every historian that has written historical records of that period and the figures involved, she is delusion as in not seeing what her work is really…a frothy romance and seeing herself and her creation much bigger than what it is. She rubbed me wrong in everything she said about DMY, I am more than happy this won’t see the daylight of it.

    But now that they have did what they can to change names and not be so blatantly using historical figures, do whatever they want with it.

    • Wow, if Tong Hua had actually said that, then my esteem for her has lessened =S

      I wonder why China was so adamant against the airing of this production?Did it concern how HQB was written? I can see how the Chinese would be offended– that a prominent military hero would forsake his duties to his country for the love of a mere woman.

      • Because Chinese government don’t like it when film-makers reimagine history in their works even though it’s just fiction. They are so determined to protect the sanctity of historical accuracy that they decided to interfere with artists’ creative process numerous times. If I remember correctly, time travel dramas are no longer allowed to be broadcast because they fear that the young generation believe the fictional interpretation of history over the real history. That’s why Bu bu Jingqing was cut mercilessly and was banned from mentioning anything related to Bu Bu Jing Xin because of this time travel factor. It’s a similar case for DMY. It involves the reimagination of a real historical character and the authority don’t like it. It’s so stupid but that’s Chinese censorship for you.

      • yup, you got the point exactly. Under the hashtag of #禁播大漠谣 everything is there to be read what TH has said herself in interviews and even her epilogue in the novel. It is as though we all know what DMY is exactly but her stance is this as some brilliant reinterpretation of history. In that regard I respect her as much as YuZheng, who would make all darnest claims just to sell their commodities.

  4. I love the song and have been listening to it repeatedly. I having been waiting for this drama for so long and SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

  5. Thank you for sharing this news and for the link to the MV. I think it was from the very first time you shared the trailer on this upcoming drama, that I decided to root for the Jin Yu-Meng Jiu ship. Don’t know why and I did not even notice Eddie’s chin then, but Hu Ge’s acting in that trailer just grabbed me. This new MV further solidify my support of that ship. 🙂 By chance, will you be recapping this drama?

  6. Can’t wait for this drama to be released. Have been waiting for days and years T__T Anyway ms koalas I have always found Eddie to be handsome but ya right, his face is not suitable for modern outfit. D: I have read another novel of Tong Hua and I feel that it is underrated. It’s called 那些回不去的年少时光. Have anyone read it before?

    • Me! I like that book v much! It was too bad the ending is like most of her other books although I must say it works in this context. Afterall, how many childhood romances last till adulthood? But the last epilogue feels a little strange – the tone was a little like fan-service to give the readers a little hope that something could come out of her childhood friend.

      • I guess it’s the best she can do when the ending is not a happy one. I find it even more sad that they actually met up in the end. Because it shows how they have changed and all. If you have read Cong Cong Na Nian (That Year, Time Flew), the ending is somewhat like that too. 🙁

  7. Always here for Hu Ge to steal the world…

    My Ariel and Hu Ge love has survived multiple fantasy dramas to include Ariel’s terrible dubber and Hu Ge’s idiot hero

  8. Xiang Liu reminds me of Meng Yue more than Meng Jiu. Xiang Liu was never as passive as Meng Jiu. Xiang Liu has Meng Yue’s intensity.

    • Yeah, I definitely agree. XL is more like the adoptive son (Meng Jue?).

      There are a lot of complaints about Eddie Peng as HQB, but I’m sure he’ll do a fine job. He looks quite handsome in my opinion; he has that young, arrogant look that is also mischievous and charming. I think the complaints mostly come from butthurt shippers who want LiuShiShi & HuGe to get together >.>

  9. There is a very pithy saying that the readers of Tong Hua novels have coined and it kills me each time to hear it repeated. “There was Xiang Liu in ancient times of gods and demons, he was reincarnated into Meng Jiu in historical times, only to end up as Lu Li Cheng in modern day.”

    I m shy to say after I read lost you forever ( my first Chinese novel experience, thank you for translating let me experience Chinese writers, it was undoubtly very very good ) and while waiting next release I moved on trying Da Mo Yao ( thank you again) and Yun Zhong Ge, yes it just hit me now i watching The Best Time drama i m sorry to say, I can say its eerie similarity Xiang Liu, Lu Li Cheng, Meng Jue sacrificing without asking back. But what can I say it’s this characters that bring out the emotion turmoils like roller coasters and pulling you in completely in the story. For a book craze like me I can say not much write actually can bring you completely into their story telling world totally engulf u in it. Indeed Tong Hua has successfully done it and exceeding it. Thanks again for introducing to me to such amazing writer. With language barrier I always unable to get to explore others language book but with you, u had actually broke the barrier for me. Thank you again.

  10. one things for sure watching this its gonna hurt like hell
    hu ge’s meng jiu(mo xun) wow
    hou qu bing should be cool but it does not feel like it

  11. I’ve got to say, since I knew Hu Ge was going to be Meng Jiu, I have pretty much changed the ship as well, and I actually started to apreciate Meng Jiu more and more. Not thaat I don’t like Eddie, I think he will be a good HQB, it’s just that I love Hu Ge in ancient dramas, so my vote goes for Hu Ge and his Meng Jiu here. Anyway, I am happy they finally got their airdate, been waiting for this already over a year, right?

    I’ve been going crazy about this novel/drama since I read your translated Da Mo Yao (I can never thank you enough for that but THANK YOU) so I desperately hope this comes true.

    I’ve seen a lot of people complain about Hu Ge being cast as Meng Jiu rather than HBQ but I thought (from the trailer at least) that Eddie Peng really fit the character – he’s cute and arrogant while somehow managing to look slightly dangerous. Hu Ge, despite his past general badass roles, actually FIT into Meng Jiu’s quiet disposition and as much as I’m a HBQ fangirl, Hu Ge makes me appreciate Meng Jiu a lot more now.

    Oh, I really want to see this. I’m hoping someone picks it up to sub on YouTube like BBJQ (which, while not as exciting and attention-grabbing as BBJX, has me hooked because of LSS and NW’s chemistry).

  13. Thank you Ms K! Would you kindly (pleeease..) also post the news for broadcast dates for Cruel Romance, Lady & the Liar, Feng Yun Tian Di / FYTD (I don’t know the official English name. The Turbulent Heaven and Earth sounds so goofy) later? Unsure how the order of broadcast dates for those vs Yun Zhong Ge. Why doesn’t FYTD get much news? Bc it’s a joint production with HK-TVB? It seems to have a good number of well-known actors.

    Does anyone know why Hu Ge never seemed to have made it to the Forbes’ Top 100 Chn Celeb list? Loads of “TV actors” (my apologies for using this term) : LSS, Tang Yan, Yang Mi, Hawick Lau, “2 Wallaces”, Jimmy Lin, Tong Liya, Ma Su, Zhao Liying, (Michelle Chen), Chen Xiao, Myolie Wu/Hu Xing Er, Li Chen, Keving Cheng, etc. already made the list at least once. Next year Jiang Jinfu & Lin Gengxin will make it too and still no Hu Ge? 😛 Does anyone else think this is weird? Or find this intriguing?

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