Liu Shi Shi is a Vision in All-white for Femina Magazine and Survives the Craptastic Bu Bu Jing Qing Experience

The long-awaited sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin has finally finished airing and it’s safe to say the collectively consciousness is going to scrub all traces of Bu Bu Jing Qing from our memories. I left my BBJQ updates hanging once the drama started airing since it was impossible to formulate a coherent sentence when watching episode 1 alone was like experiencing a violent car accident in slow motion. I think leads Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu made it out being in this truly shiteous drama in one piece, with fans of their BBJX love story hopefully able to retain the pure beauty of the original despite all attempts made to stomp on it in BBJQ. The increasingly beautiful Liu Shi Shi graces the cover and pages of the June edition of Femina magazine in a damp hair all-white spread that highlights her clean graceful looks. She may not be the best actress among her generation of fantastic C-actresses but she has this ability to rise above crap and remain untouched by being in bad dramas.

BBJQ is so bad that if I was forced to choose being contracting syphilis and watching all of BBJQ, I would choose the former and undergo the painful treatment to cure myself of the disease. Watching BBJQ isn’t just wasting time with a bad show, it also tramples on all the beautiful memories and goodwill of BBJX and that is something so wrong and selfish of the production company to do for a quick buck. In my mind my 4th Prince and Ruo Xi loved and lost but will forever be untainted by going to a crazy alterna-universe modern versions of themselves in order to wallow through crap to reach a lame happy ending. Sometimes death is a release and preserves the beauty, I will always have BBJX and the lovely Shi Shi can now move on to better things ahead. She’s like a tall glass of ice water in this spread, perfect for chasing away the heat.


Liu Shi Shi is a Vision in All-white for Femina Magazine and Survives the Craptastic Bu Bu Jing Qing Experience — 30 Comments

  1. I love how beautiful she is.

    I checked out the sequel to BBJX and I too was horrified. I think I checked out when she tripped on the wire and got amnesia. I was like gotta go. Good luck with that!

    But Liu shi is a great actress. Too bad Koreans are not as open to foreign actors as other countries are open to Korean. I would love to see her in a K drama with Kim Hyun Bin.

    • Just want to put it out there, whatever Mainland China aired was the heavily edited and cut version of the tv show. The government broadcast station cut all the scenes related to Bu Bu Jing Xin because they are banning anything that distort history. Because that was edited out, they had to edit out more Nicky Wu and Shi Shi scenes to reconnect things and they also changed lines by re dubbing voices. The only true version of the show now out there is the one aired by tvb the hk tv station. So I hope someone can watch th real version of this show and give us some review about it. It’s said Chinese audience have to look outside of mainland to get a real version of this show. There are many angry fans all over baidu

      • I think only the first 3 eps were slightly different with Zhang Xiao’s flashbacks to the princes and emperor when she first met the ‘reincarnated’ people were cut out, and everything after the amnesia was untouched. The uncut versions are available on YT, but even with that, there were just too many plot holes.

        I watched it and fell for the ‘8th prince’ character (again) Kang Si Han, but decided to cut myself from future heartache because obviously he and the simple love story isn’t the end game. Thankfully I did that because based on what I read off weibo, they made a mess (again) of how Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao fell in love with his attitude towards her taking a 180 degrees turn suddenly.

    • Mainland China actually cut out way more than the flashbacks. Like at least a good 5 episodes if scenes were cut, even the modern day scenes. Watch the hk tvb version. That’s the most original version out there.

  2. Man.. I’m SO glad that I decided to ignore BBJQ so it will not taint the great BBJX especially since they were milking the fandom by re-using every precious BBJX memory in this shit..

  3. Trust koala, don’t waste your time and it will ruin your fond memory of bbjx. Why did both leads sign up for this shit show? Do they need the money that badly? I hope they are not making number 3!?!

    • They signed up because whatever was aired I’m China was not the real version of the drama. If you watch the hk uncut unedited version you will see that it is two really different shows between that and the Mainland version. Both leads have earned tons of money after the success of BBJX so they don’t really need the extra pay

  4. I want a LSS and NICKY magazine cover please. THEY NEED TO DO ONE. I don’t mind watching BBJQ but only the 2nd half when Nicky and LSS character fall i love with each other. They are so cute and their domestic scenes are a PLUS!!!! LOVE IT.

    LSS does get more beautiful as she get older. I wonder if that what LOVE do to a woman….hahaahaha

  5. For those who want to see the real version of is show and can read Chinese – the link is on the BBJQ baidu site

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with you that BBJQ was a total train wreck. it was a total waste of time watching it. I was super angry at how it turned out. All the hype the media built up was totally disappointing. The sequel was an utter disappointment for me.

    • Again I hate for people to blame Nicky and Shi Shi for taking on a crappy sequel. Whatever was aired was truly crappy, but the actual uncut unedited version has way more. Besides the flashbacks to the Qing dynasty, the broadcast station or company actually also cut a lot of modern day scenes and actually changed quite some lines through re-dubbing. So I hope more people know it’s not such a crappy sequel. It’s still subpar to the original, but the HK uncut unedited tvb version shows a much better written sequel that actually makes way more sense

  7. Crappiest series ever! Yes, blame the edited version, but the unedited was just as horrible. Blame the company for trying to milk the money riding on BBJX. Nicky and Liu Shi Shi can’t act.

    • Did u watch th whole unedited version? The whole thing is not even out yet as Hong Kong did not finish broadcasting the whole show yet. Also the edited cut version does truly stink, but for one thing Nicky and Shi Shi did get people to cry hard tears on one of the so called endings for this edited cut sequel so that just proves if they have the right story they will shine with their acting skills

  8. I managed to watch till episode 18 before I finally had enough and gave up! Story was truly unbelievably crap! Everytime lanlan came out, I had to hit the fast forward! By then I was totally on the second lead ship, but then xinyi came out and I just had to bail from all the crap they keep piling on! Uuurrrrghhh! So totally not what I want for ruoxi and siye! Disappointed 🙁

  9. BBJQ was utter crap, even after you take out the various censorships that made the storyline all wonky and crazy. I fled after watching ep 10. You know how BBJX was such exquisite torture, resulting in me bawling my eyes out at every teary reunion and separation. But BBJQ was torture in another sense, the one that Koala went on about stomping on all my love and obsession for BBJX, making it to be only a mere replica of all the memorable scenes of BBJX set in modern time with other extra crazy and makjang scenes thrown in for variety like the whole thing with KSH going off the deep end.

    But I’m not going to let that ruin my love for this OTP. Looking forward to the funny third drama of LSS and Nicky Wu in the Great Incisive Teacher, watched the trailer and it’s immensely cute! 🙂 Let it erase all my memories of watching BBJQ.

    • That other series of Nicky and Liu Shi Shi looks like crap as well. Nicky was trying to milk money with that as well.

  10. Agree with the rest that BBJQ is crap. I stopped after episode 5. I don’t feel like I’m drawn into the story, but instead I keep foreseeing the disaster this storyline was heading towards. I think this happens to people who have many years of experience in watching dramas? Haha. You know you’ve gotta stop when you have to.

  11. I knew it would be crap so I avoided it like the plague. BBJX didn’t need a crappy sequel, they should have left the way it was.

  12. I’m at episode 15 of BBJQ but I’m sticking around just to see how it ends. Though I am kind of scared about the “lame happy ending” you mentioned. The reason I started BBJQ was to GET a happy ending.
    Meh. Well, we all know BBJX will always be superior.

  13. I watch BBJQ tvb version, it good with the full version… I think had china not sensor cause of the time travel, it could have been good… The uncut version from TVB do connect the two series together… It out 8 episode so far…. Cause it uncut it have 2 more episode then SoHu uncut even.. It explain more indept.
    The story is good on it own…

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  15. With the exceptionally good scripts in BBJX we have actually put a very high hope on BBJQ. So we tend to be disappointed if it is not up to our expectation.
    I watched the China cut version and the DVD original cut version and also catching TVB uncut version. No doubt first 15 episode is going no where but 2nd part of the series is worth to watch.

  16. Sad to say I’ve forced myself to finish watching BBJQ and omg it’s such a stupid show!!! The show was very boring right from the start but I watched cos I like the romance btw sihan and zhang xiao. There’s definitely more love btw them than yin zhen and zhang xiao! Other than that, I also like the funny character huang di. I must say all the male characters are all better than yin zhen and zhang xiao who only know how to cry non stop throughout the series >.< really damn lame. The 3 different ending shit makes me curse and swear after watching and I nearly threw my phone on the floor. Everyone who hasn't watch it, don't waste ur time. Or u may just puke a lot like me.

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