Fall In Love with Me: Impressions of the Aarons

Imagine a delicious sundae with fragrant vanilla ice cream, warm and rich hot fudge, home made whipped cream, and salty Mexican peanuts. All the flavors and textures blend for a lovely sensual experience. Like most treats that please, your familiarity with the tastes doesn’t make it any less wonderful, right? Now pretend it has no calories and that the dish actually makes you healthier. That is the Taiwan drama, Fall In Love with Me. The fact that isn’t real doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable.

There are several reasons why this show is wonderful, and all of them are Aaron Yan. (Or is it all of them is Aaron Yan?) I will hereby refer to these reasons as A2. Not only is he adorable to look at, but he sings some fabulous OST songs as well. “This is not Me” has been on repeat on my Ipod since it was released earlier this week. I haven’t watched the video yet, as Koala warned me that “the crazy bad MV … is a watch once and avoid forever thingie.”

[So I’ll readily admit to finding FILWM personally unpalatable for the Tia Li factor. The repeated requests for me to write about it is duly noted but hard to do when I cringe to even think of writing something when I want to pummel one-half of the OTP off-screen every single second. It’s a testament to how cute Aaron is that I continue to stick around and try to FF though Tia scenes but finding it hard to do when she’s in so many scenes with Aaron! It helps that the story is dumb and boring so I don’t even need to wonder what’s happening when I do pause to ogle his cuteness. As the maknae in Fahrenheit, he was my least favorite when the group launched and is my most favorite now. Go figure. Jiro would still be tops had he not massively rearranged his face. Enjoy jomo‘s take on this frothy confection and don’t forget to check out the two MVs of Aaron’s latest single that serves as the ending theme for this drama. The song is awesome, the official MV is…..just watch it. xoxoxo Koala]

Aaron Yan as Xiao Lu – sooooooo cute – and Aaron Yan as Lu Tian Xing – sooooooo hot – make this drama something above average despite the unoriginal supporting characters and the “There is NO WAY that could happen” premise. Notice I will not be discussing the plot, because it just doesn’t matter. The writers rely very heavily on their viewers’ ability to suspend disbelief in just about every scene. Trust me, though, it’s OK. Why? A2.

Tia Li plays Tao Le Si, the female lead in our couple or triple, rather. Before this show, she has played only second leads. Now given her chance to shine as the indy advertising agency’s floundering executive, she does…fine. Her job requires her to be believably attracted to handsome men, and she does that well. Why? A2.

Except for quirky, truth-telling, strangely attractive Butler Fu, perfectly acted by Chen Bo Zheng, everyone else adequately fills the shoes of

bestfriendrivalunrequitedcrushsillyofficeworkerfiercemomlovingdad.  Their unremarkableness is fine. Why? Yes, you know by now. A2.

Aaron Yan is brand new to me, so it wasn’t his looks drew me to watch. I liked the picture of Aaron sitting on the bus stop in front of Aaron.

After one episode though, I fell in love with him, as the title directed me to. The fact that he plays two of the most terrific lead males this season blows me away, and each episode keeps doing so. Arrogant, sexy and rich LTX wears suits and shiny shoes. Upswept hair that won’t sway in the breeze.

Sweet, warm and cuddly XL wears colorful and relaxed clothing, oversized glasses and bangs (or a fringe depending on whether you wear sweaters or jumpers).

Yan isn’t known as a great thespian, but as these vastly different men, he does have an ability to piss me off when he wears bow ties, and make me wish I was single again when he wears shorts. So far, I don’t really know which of the two I like better. Yes, you can question my sanity, as I should be saying which one of the one.  Still, after eight episodes, I am not unconvinced he is two people. Even though I see him change into and out of the clothes with regularity. (This is also fine with me.) How does he do this? I don’t know. A2? Maybe.

The simplest explanation is he plays LTX inflexible and large – wide smile, hand movements, rigid posture, and loud voice, while XL is soft and small: eyes cast down, rounded shoulders, amiable smile, and even smaller steps.

Aside: In this world of the A2, hair and wardrobe might fool those who stay feet away from him. How Le Si could not know he is the same person by his scent is rather unbelievable. Even without cologne or aftershave, his shampoo, soap and deodorant would give him away, and even if somehow he uses scent free toiletries, his own (cause you know it’s sexy) smell would be so obviously similar.  BUT this is NOT supposed to be real, remember, jomo?)

Wardrobe helps, but I have to give the actor credit for selling it. You believe that XL is willing to sweep up after everyone, but you can’t imagine LTX even knows where the brooms are. Somewhere in the middle is the M&A of A2. He looks like this:

Their/his interaction with Le Si differs as well. Since LTX is the big boss man, his closeness makes her slightly more nervous. She catches her breath near him. When he provokes her, she responds by rising to his expectations. With XL, she can relax, hold hands and sit side by side in a very friendly manner. Nothing about him threatens her, but nothing challenges her either. This is why LTX, in the long run, makes for a better partner. He needs to merge his good halves into one great and genuine person that Le Si will fall and stay in love with.

The heart of LTX’s problem – the woman he loves loves him but not him – fascinates me.  I think they are handling this aspect very well and how it will unravel keeps me watching. Soon, the Angst will happen along with Tears, his Lack of Honesty with her will cause the Rift, but I don’t worry.

Knowing how hot fudge sundaes work, I expect plenty of delightful heat to melt ice into a lovely sweet soupy finish with lots and lots of A2 to top it off. I will scrape the bowl for every last drop. At least we don’t have to try to guess who she will end up with, right? A2.

[Thank you for the wonderful impressions of the drama, jomo dearest. Now have some more Aaron crooning to lull you into a state of bliss. Don’t I always come bearing goodies?]

“This is Not Me” Official Song MV featuring Aaron Yan with cameo by Tia Li:

“This is Not Me” Official Drama MV by SETTV:


Fall In Love with Me: Impressions of the Aarons — 74 Comments

  1. In love with the drama! Aaron oppa you’re seriously HOT. (Hides from favo oppa may he know this haha)

  2. I’m watching FILWM; he’s cute, but his characters are a little too fey for me. She is definitely annoying. After 8 episodes, I’m wondering how they will continue this plot line for another 12 or more. No sure I can go the distance. Picky, picky, picky.

  3. I actually in this drama for the last 8 eps because its cute OTP, the struggle he has being the real self she dislikes. Its fluffy but enjoyable. I just hope she finds out who that he is both guys soon. I want to see what happens then.

    That OST song is so very good.

    • Powerful and famous ad exec LTX takes a sabbatical from his high profile ad exec job, becoming nobody intern XL who just happens to work at Le Si’s tiny independent advertising agency.
      He jumps into and out of LTX and XL as needed – playing formidable opponent and best friend to the woman he eventually falls in love with.

      There are ads filmed. LTX helps win her clients, god knows how it isn’t illegal that he basically takes his own customers over to her agency.
      None of it gets in the way of the two of him falling often into her arms, sleeping on each other, eating lots of meals.

      She likes the cute one better. LTX has to figure out how to confess he is actually both of them.

      • AH! Because the clients haven’t signed contracts yet, poaching is still semi-legit, although what really pisses LTX off is when Lance (seriously – LANCE?) swipes OZ’s first big ad for no real reason other than he can. Also, technically LTX owns part of OZ, so basically he’s competing with himself. Also, taking her to the amusement park was mega-cute. Apparently the summer shows have turned my brain to mush.

      • hi. i also like watching fall in love with me because of aaron yan. i’m surprised with all the negative feedback of the drama, considering that it’s like most taiwanese dramas anyway. although i enjoyed watching just you, i like watching fall in love with me more, probably because there’s more aaron yan for the taking. i have never considered him as a great actor, but he’s quite good with the two characters he plays here (one character and another he plays while in character) that i’m suitably impressed.

    • Right???? Why didn’t I listen to both of you????????? I mean he takes her out of a suitcase?? And then it just gets worse! It’s like watching a train wreck! But pretty song I guess… WHY DID IT HAVE TO GO TO SUCH A WEIRD PLACE?????????

  4. LMAO, do you guys want to kill me that MV was hilarious and cringeworthy at the same time. How am I supposed to get that out of my head, you should’nt have warned me it only made me more curious and now I can’t unsee that.

  5. Other than the plot, is Tia’s acting bearable? I’m holding back even with A2, and the catchy theme song (has hit my airwaves here), because my impression of her is – piece of plastic-looking wooden vase.

    • I think Tia has majorly regressed here. She was bearable in Miss Rose. This is a whole new level of bad IMO. She’s just not leading lady material, period. Puff, on the other hand, keeps getting better and better and better.

      • Koala:

        Have you seen Love Myself or You? First time i have seen a drama with Puff who i have only heard about thanks to this site but she is really good by TW dramas acting standards, natural leading lady material in that drama.

        Tia Li looks even worse to me in Fall in Love with Me in comparison.

      • I have! I LOVE IT. Deciding whether to recap or just write an first impression. Puff is fantastic. Not a whiff of her Just You character in sight.

      • Really? I think she has improved a lot.
        I actually just checked this drama out today (and went through several episodes in one sitting) and find myself liking Tia Li in this. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like her in ANYTHING, not even the sweet girl in Miss Rose. I think she is cute in this. The thing is, her face is so stiff from all the work she’s done to it, she can’t move her face enough to convey any emotion. But aside from the face, her acting in her body language and her voice is likeable (hope I make sense here).

        But, OMG, AARON YAN!!! He is so hot here!! Did he mature a lot or what?!? I didn’t think this of him in 就是要你愛上我 at all so I don’t know what turned the switch on for me, but he is just smoking (though what happened to his jawline?! He needs to eat!!!!). Also, I like that when he is Xiao Lu he gets to be silly and funny (and mischievous) and not those battered souls he always plays in dramas.

        On episode 4 now, liking this MORE than I intended to.

        On a different note, I LOVE 喜歡。一個人 because I friggin adore Guo Xue Fu’s character so so much! Strong, competent female characters are hard to come by in Taiwanese dramas! Yes yes, please do a recap or an impression or whatever so we can all gush about this drama!!!

      • I love it too and i havent enjoyed many TW from the start like this only My Queen which is my only TW crack,love i can compare to the best korean dramas.

        It would be cool to read what you think about the series since this site is the only big drama site that writes alot about TW dramas. Dramabeans which is my only other drama site doesnt follow TW dramas.

  6. I actually am enjoy watching Tia with Aaron over Puff. No matter how hard I tried, I gave up watching Just You because of Puff. Tia on the other hand, has won me over to her side, even with her so called limited acting and all. Since we all start out as amateurs and only improve with experience, I am willing to watch Tia and see how much she will improve with time. I am even willing to give Puff another chance with her new drama, if I still find her annoying, then no more anything Puff for me.

    • I agree. I found Puff way over-the-top in her acting. She was so loud and her facial expressions so over exaggerated. I realize that people have a thing against Tia but I have to say I like her with Aaron better than Puff. She is not the strongest actress but she is by no means irritating and for the role I think she is doing a fine job. It really is Aaron’s show. He is doing a wonderful job of playing two distinct characters and I like them both. I had not planned on liking this show at all and it is one of the few shows that I am currently watching that I am always looking forward to. Funny that. Agreed the Butler is brilliant and his relationship with A2 is charming. Thank you Jomo for the very funny post.

      • You have to watch her other drama before you start judging…. Her acting is way different from Just you. Don’t judge only from one drama, you need to see the others as well…Puff really improved.

    • Totally TOTALLY agree. I found Koala’s diagnosis of Tia’s abilities to be too harsh after watching Tia for myself. Puff was such a turn off with her dramatics. Tia is more subdued. I like.

    • If you’ve only seen Just You, I can understand why Puff would be a turnoff; you’d have to watch her other dramas before you can really appreciate her role in JY. It was the milestone that completely broke her out of the elegant roles in which she’s normally typecast—which wasn’t at all a bad thing since she also portrayed those roles believably, imo.

    • I just want to say that I agree with you and think that Tia Li’s acting isn’t that bad (but also gotta add that I also like Puff Guo, especially in the new drama. I couldn’t get through Just You either cause I find Liang Liang too irritating). After reading a lot of comments, I was weary to check this drama out, which is why I hold out until this weekend. Then I started, I couldn’t stop and sat through a few episodes. I was expecting to fully hate Tia Li’s acting and it caught be by surprise that I actually like her! While her crying scenes are often time cringe-worthy, she is actually quite adorable in the comedic scenes and reactions to Tian Xing’s weirdness in always getting close to her. I feel like it is her real personality shining through the boring dream girl image that she has to maintain. Really, the crux or her issue is that her face is too friggin stiff and plastic. If she can lay off on the work, her charm will definitely shine through more.

  7. Nice to see I’m not the only one inexplicably watching this for A2. If you think too much about this show, your brain hurts. In fact, if you watch LTX’s wardrobe too long your brain hurts. But for NOT thinking much, the show is oddly charming because – yes, A2. Oddly, I’m also watching Love Myself or You. Weird.

    • I read some article about how expensive his LTX clothes and watches were and I wondered if they were going for The Heirs crazy rich kids wardrobe look.

  8. I’m so in love with this show it’s not funny. It’s the only show from the other hundred I’m watching, that I’m actually dying to watch from week to week.

    This is my first Taiwanese drama, and the first time I’ve heard of Aaron Yan. He made me so in love with his acting that I tried to go back and watch his old shows. And just like my2girl mentioned, I couldn’t get past the first couple is episodes because of puff’s annoying character.

    I know Tia isn’t the greatest actress but i actually love her more with Aaron Yan. Their chemistry is so wonderful. I hope so much that jomo will recap this amazing amazing show for us 🙂 please

  9. And lol on a side note, so many people are mentioning that he and Tia are dating in real life, because in his YouTube videos “Aaron Time” he mentions that he is seeing someone who is conservative and who is acting in her first lead role, who is a Taurus, who when he is acting with her, he says there is real emotions being displayed on screen = Tia li? 🙂 it would be nice considering I always love to watch series where the main otp fall in love while the audience are watching 🙂

    • You may think that but in the video, it seems like they twisted his words around to make it sound like that. I think they wanted to us to think in a biased way so they could make us believe that Tia is his typical kind of ideal girl. Somehow it feels like they asked Aaron to describe him, and edited what he said to make it sound like they were dating.

  10. Thanks jomo for posting this. Now I must check out this drama. I read the sypnosis and I was thinking no way the gal couldn’t recognize her business rival who is rich and famous! Now that I look at these photos and the way you described the way Aaron Yan portrayed different personalities, it is believable to me that they are two different man> Heck! I couldn’t tell they are the same person from the pics..

  11. Ok, I admit that I am a little hesitant to watch this one, and maybe when this is done airing, I might. I admit that I am more open to it than prior to reading this post. I actually am currently watching many tw dramas after a few months of a dry spell – 5 total. I haven’t watched a sanlih Sunday drama all the through in a long time. I thought Tia was ok in miss rose – tolerable – I have seen worse in tw female actress spectrum so to me, Tia was pretty harmless in the mix. I can’t quite get over Aaron’s vastly different look (for the better of course) but with jomo’s good praises here – I will definitely give it a try. I guess I am not watching any kdramas this season so what’s a 6th tw idol drama 🙂

  12. i’m neve wach much taiwanese drama excep the popular one.I guess tia li act is bearable since she supposed to act like a boring and naive girl. I guess. Aaron play two different roles who suppose to be the same person, yet I can’t find the similarlity. Like they are twin. besides the plot, Just like other iwatch it purel because aaron yan and his character. even I dint watch just you because i think aaron yan is mch hotter in FILWM..hehe
    I also like so much the ost. this come frome someone who dont listen and bother about chinese song

  13. I came to know him just by accident. I just ran out of kdrama to watch , so out of the blue, i got this “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” thing to watch in the taiwanese drama list . Then , BOOM! Aaron Yan’s Fall in Love with Me, got the winning pick. I just can’ t believe he made me a fan all of a sudden. Watch on marathon of all his craft since then. Charming , funny and cute at behind the scenes, with a talent, esp in singing OST . Even his ‘Half’ constantly plays in my head ! I got hooked !

  14. Thanks for the sweet review, jomo! Looks like I’ll have to give this a shot. I peeked a bit at the beginning but I was never very interested in Arron’s acting or Tia Li. As for favorite Fahrenheit actors, Calvin was my pick back when I used to follow their dramas.

    • Actually, they were probably the reason why my younger self started watching Taiwanese dramas that weren’t conveniently broadcasting on TV.

  15. Oh so great to see Koala actually post somethg abt this drama. I start watching this for only one reason…Aaron..8 episodes on and the only story is to show us how he datesTao Le si as XL or as LTX…I find Tia prettier than Puff so I rather see this Aaron-Tia pairing than LM…this is despite Tia being the weaker link…I have to throw my brain away and just appreciate the prettiness. I don’t think we can blame Tia cos her character in the drama is not well written..and there is hardly any plot. I blame the script writer!!!! I love both Aarons…He is so so so Hawt as LTX and so so sweet as xiao Lu….I hope the drama come up with some plot some, otherwise I can’t imagine how they will last beyond 12 episode.

  16. A2 it is for me too. I caught the one with Aaron and puff – rather enjoyed it esp toward to end. Both of them, in their separate dramas currently airing one after another, have significantly improved – consider me hooked.
    There was a comment abt Aaron seeing someone conservative mentioned in ‘Aaron time’. Which ep? I am at no.3….I can’t imagine it’s Tia Li. Isn’t she attached?

    • Afan, I believe it was “Aaron Time episode 4?” Maybe, it’s the last one that aired. It’s in here.. 🙂

      Watch “Aaron Yan 「The Aaron Time」 Reality Show, Episode …” on YouTube
      Aaron Yan 「The Aaron Time」 Reality Show, Episode …: http://youtu.be/Li1oAbSdylM

      • The video sounds kind of biased. Sounds like they asked him to describe her, and they edited the video to make it sound like their dating. Idk, I may be wrong,

  17. First of all can I say thank you Jomo and Koala, for actually having this review. To be honest, I have never watched Aaron Yan in anything, and I wasn’t even planning to watch FILWM. I actually noticed because of the theme song – which actually has melodies from two very famous old songs incorporated into it. It made me really mad, but for some strange reason watching the opening sequence I got curious to what the story is about. And really, it’s been a revelation for me! I think Aaron Yan is brilliant – his facial expressions are so funny, and he is actually pretty convincing as two different characters. His whole demeanor, posture, quirk of his lip everything, just changes when he is LTX or XL. Also, the show is so funny and a no-brainer, that it’s so refreshing for me since I’ve been watching weepfest Kdramas lately. I’m enjoying this drama so much, and look forward to it at the beginning of the week, because I just need something I can laugh out loud at. I would go with the A2 reason, but honestly even Tia Li is ok by my book. Not spectacular, but not irritating either. But I still fastforward that opening theme. 🙂

    • I’m curious… may i know what are those 2 famous old songs?? ^_^

      Off-topic, i guess you are italy football supporter (based on your nick).. huh?

      • It’s Hotel California by the Eagles and Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder. But… it’s just around one bar from each song, so by definition, it isn’t plagiarism. But because I know both songs, so I know where that line comes from, it bothers me each time I hear the song.

      • Forgot to answer your OT question: I love football and I love the color blue, and Italy is just one of my favorite teams. Not THE favorite. 🙂 I’m actually supporting England because they have 6 players from my favorite club, Liverpool Football Club. 🙂

      • Now i get why it sounds familiar. It was Hotel California. I would be bothered too.

        Wow! You like Italy and Liverpool… what a coincidence! I love Italy still for their defensive play. I love it when the italians frustrated the strikers and midfielders of another team. I’ve been a Liverpool fan since I was born.. and nobody in my family/friends support Liverpool. I disliked MU fan who belittle Liverpool.. Anyways.. can’t wait for the World Cup.

      • You’ll Never Walk Alone! By the way I’m happily married to a MU Fan. 🙂

  18. Aaron is way too pretty… seriously. and somehow I’m loving this drama too… i’ve caught up to it now and have to wait every week for the new episode and the wait is killer…. >_<

  19. Absolutely in love with this drama.
    Yes, the whole concept of mistaking him for another person is really unrealistic (because they look too alike), but that can’t be said about being mistaken of two different personalities of LTX and XL, excellent job here, Aaron!

    A few words about Tia.
    I read a lot of comments from Aaron -Puff fans stating that Tia is huge dissappointment. Well, I don’t understand that. She may be not brilliant actress, but I like her here and even her character (yes! a bit stiff, but calm and kind on the other hand). And I quess that people just tend yo hold some prejudices against Tia which is not fair.

    Give her a chance and watch this great drama.

    Its plot is really unique. There’s much more in it that catches the eye – major personality issues, problems od discovering one’s true self etc.
    And Tia and Aaron have amazing chemistry!

  20. I was never a fan of Aaron’s, so usually I would skip any dramas he takes lead in. BUT I put faith in you Koala and MAN am I surprised. Aaron’s acting has improved leaps and bounds since the first time I saw him. He still has room for improvement but he is pulling this two-character arch quite well. As for Tia, I have no idea why they cast her. I cringe when I see her act, but Aaron balances it out quite well.

    Can’t wait until Tia realizes that the two is indeed one.

  21. Ep 8 was kinda draggy. I would have turned it off were it not for A2. I can’t bear to. Keke!
    Sigh, another week of waiting.
    Looks like the big reveal is coming up though, but how many eps is this that they can spend an entire ep on ‘LS missing XL’?

  22. I’d never heard of Aaron before this show, but I am incredibly (and delightfully) surprised at how well he’s pulling off the two characters thing, especially after I later found out he’s more an idol-actor than an actor-actor. He’s got LTX and XL’s different mannerisms and tone of voice developed so well that when he switches to the LTX persona while dressed as XL or vice versa, I can tell the instant he adopts his other persona by the change in how he talks and his posture. Also his grimaces and funny faces when he’s disguised as XL and overhears people trash-talking LTX never fails to crack me up.

  23. I had been turned off Aaron’s dramas due to his rock-like acting for years. I used to be a huge fan of him from his Fahrenheit days.
    However, I read this recap and thought, maybe I should stop judging all TW dramas and give it a try. Next minute, I marathon all eight episodes and I am absolutely hooked. Why?
    A2 😉
    He has matured so much since the last drama I watched him in (I must admit that was Gloomy Salad Days) and this drama’s plot line has drawn me in.
    So I must thank you, Jomo and ms. koala for posting this recap or otherwise, I would have been led through a false pretence that Aaron still can’t act and tw dramas have terrible storylines…

  24. Aaron is amazing in this. I was expecting a ken doll but his acting prowess has really wowed me as both characters has me mesmerised. Tia on the other hand thinks nodding is going to squeeze the appropriate emotion out of her head, whilst everyone else is acting circles around her. As an aside, who is in wardrobe in this show? Their outfits are atrocious!

  25. Thanks for the review. I’m a huge fan of Aaron for years. His acting leaps dramatically since alice in wondercity.
    The efforts he takes to improve his acting, singing and to keep himself fit goes way beyond your imagination.

    As for puff and Tia, I find both bearable in terms of acting. Both beats reen yu from “love buffet” and Lara in “Alice in wonder city”. Tia was unable to shine in this drama as it focus more on Aaron. Puff on another hand got a more equal playing field in just you.

  26. I’ve not watched Taiwan drama for sometime as most are not interesting compare to K-drama. However, shots of FILWM attract my attention when I see Tia Li looks pretty and her expression is real & natural. Moreover, Aaron double characters is another attraction.After watching 17 episodes on TV so far, I find both Tia & Aaron are matching & comfortable.Their chemistry is so good that I could feel their happiness & agony. From FILWM, I can see Aaron’s acting is good thus I retrieve his previous drama ‘Just you’. But to great disappointment, the lead actress is too dramatic & exaggerating. Watching Just you make me feel irritating at her unreal and over-acting expression. So I give up after watching 5 episodes. This is my sincere opinion as before FILWM, I do not know who is Tia or Puff.

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