Aaron Yan Has a Very Bad Fashion Week and Drops MV for “1/2” Featuring K-popstar G.NA

Aaron Yan may be multi-talented but he honestly only works in a few settings. I love his singing and his latest mini-album Drama just dropped last month and is fantastic especially with the two songs from the album that are theme songs for his currently airing drama Fall in Love with Me. The opening song “1/2” with Aaron and Korean popstar G.NA is one of those collaborations that brings out the best of both voices when they harmonize even in Chinese and English mixing together. The ending song “That’s Not Me” has that wacky kidnapping MV starring Tia Li and featuring lots of wacky kidnapper’s lair decor. Aaron also works for me in acting, he did well in his last two finished dramas Alice in Wonder City and Just You, and I’ve heard he’s very charismatic to watch playing two identities in FILWM. Not bad for a boy who made me cringe through KO One. The problem is Aaron’s acting and singing career is buttressed by his needing to do promotions and attend events for it and then it’s like a scorching mess has been unleashed on the eyes. It’s been a horrible fashion week for Aaron culminating in this weekend’s album signing and fan meeting event in Taipei where he showed up wearing that (above), and then it was compounded by his agency bringing in one of those busty dime-a-dozen so-called “Geek Goddesses” and this one has the very awful stage name of Guai Guai (Chinese word 拐 means to snatch or to limp). I’m not sure Aaron’s fans need to be seeing some talentless pretty face rocking a baby doll dress where her boobs are on full display and the dress hem ends somewhere right below her crotch. Aaron’s bad sartorial outings can also be seen in his official music video for “1/2” with G.NA with the most ridiculous get-up this black-and-white geometric print jacket with giant cropped sleeves. It must be seen to be believed. He also showed up at last week’s HITO Music Awards in a white suit that had faces of guys subtly printed on it, which has the distinction of being the least fugly of all his recent outfits.

While Aaron has managed to get his fans to ship him with drama costars in the past like Puff Guo or Gui Gui, when I see him standing next to this chick I worry she’ll fall on him and snap his super thin waist.


Aaron’s song with G.NA is pure awesome and does wash away the “my eyes are burning from the ugly” left by seeing Aaron in all his events this week.

Aaron Yan featuring G.NA “1/2” Official MV:


Aaron Yan Has a Very Bad Fashion Week and Drops MV for “1/2” Featuring K-popstar G.NA — 22 Comments

  1. OMG !! My eyes my eyes….Especially the one where he took with G.NA. What the hell is he wearing? Which guy in his right mind will ALLOW his stylist to let him wear that monstrosity? That puffed sleeves. Come on, it’s threatening to “eat” G.NA.

  2. haha I totally burst out laughing when I saw what he wore when he was with G.NA. The first pic… haha if you photoshopped a girl’s face in, it would probably look ok. I can see his navel for crying out aloud

      • Haha, I get what you mean. When I first saw it, I thought the picture was spliced. It took me a full 30 seconds to realize those sleeves were really designed that way.

        Major fail.

  3. Lol…the guai guai comments – I agree wholeheartedly. It can also mean odd or weird though written differently. The way she is dressed is just bad taste.

  4. His character in KO One was funny once he was contrasted with how cute and talkative his alternate self was in The X Family though

    I thought that horrid white shirt, everyone is wearing, was bad until I was reminded of the GNa video lol

  5. Ok, this is totally stereotyping, but there’s no way that Aaron can be gay, right?

    I mean I can’t see anyone having such a horrible fashion sense being gay. (Though my gaydar is usually pretty bad, he does trigger some sense of being gay to me.)

    Whatever, I think I need to gouge out my eyes from what I’ve just been exposed to.

  6. Yikes, Puff/BuFu fans probably wouldn’t have liked that Guaiguai (what the heck is with that name, seriously) made an appearance with Aaron since she was one of Puff’s main contesters for first place in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women polls this year.

    I saw some of the press conference with Aaron and G.NA; they’re pretty cute haha and I like how she calls him Aaron gege…

  7. I have no idea who GuaiGuai is.. but I dig her dress… I would love to have it as my pajama.. hehe ^_~

    Anyways, Aaron Yan still rocks in those horrible weird outfits!!

  8. It is almost as if the specifically asked his stylist to dress him in the most inimitable outfits they could come up with.

    “OK. I want to wear something that NOBODY would EVER copy or wear EVER.”

    Then we are left with the scars those sleeves leave on our lenses.
    All publicity is good publicity, right?

  9. Aaron is gorgeous but even he can’t pull off that..that.. THING with the sleeves haha. G.NA looks as beautiful as that jacket is ugly. Fire his stylist!

  10. ya. agreed with u. the clothes is too complicated. should change his stylist 🙂 his clothes makes gna very outstanding bec u don’t want to take a 2nd look at Aaron’s special clothes 🙂

  11. btw, how’s this show without Puff? I dropped this show bec I find that the female lead acting is rather stiff n somehow doesn’t have the chemistry with Aaron. I m now watching Puff pleasantly surprised. 3 episodes are all very nice 🙂

  12. Hi Koala, just want to make a note that Aaron’s latest mini album is titled “Drama” instead of “Dream”. Thanks for updating news on Aaron!

  13. Jeezuz. I’m so torn because I find myself getting updates on aaron’s recent event outfits and saying “Dammit Aaron, I will not forgive you for that outfit.”…then I watch an episode of FILWM and the shirtless fanservice and the cuteness of both LTX and XL’s style makes me forgive him immediately….::sigh:: the struggle of fantasy and reality. -_- He needs a new stylist pronto…LESS IS MORE AARON! Your face is all we need!

  14. Honestly I think people shouldn’t be afraid of dressing like this. I like to think of it as a new trend!! People should learn that they can look good in anything even if the outfit looks weird to other people, and that’s the key to loving yourself!
    I’m not saying that’s it’s fine but I think it’s very cool! Ya’ll need to chill and love Aaron for everything he has to offer, not just his face or his body.

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