Chinese-speaking Entertainment Hit with Multiple High Profile Cheating Scandals in the Span of Weeks

It’s been a hot mess two weeks in greater-Chinese entertainment news when it comes to epic cheating scandals. I don’t even know which one to tackle first, but since famous Taiwanese illustrator-turned-writer Wan Wan‘s abject “I’m sorry” apology doodle is the post topper then let’s start with her. Wan Wan is Taiwan’s Queen of Doodles, a graphic illustrator who rocketed to fame with her adorable humorous doodles about her life via her alter-ego as this round hairless little cute person thing. Her doodles are used everywhere and she’s even published quite a few book anthology collections. Wan Wan got married in early May to her boyfriend of ten years and this week the tabloids caught her cheating on her new husband when her first month of marriage wasn’t even over yet. She was captured canoodling late at night with another famous graphic illustrator with the pen-name Master Huang, including a very long time spent inside a darkened vehicle parked in a quiet alley. When the news broke, she claimed to just be friends with the guy until she was told there was picture evidence and all, and shortly after that her publisher held a solemn press conference where she bowed low to apologize. Sigh.

Even bigger than the Wan Wan cheating scandal is the just as public cheating of famous movie director Oxide Pang (one of the Pang Brother twins who directed The Eye and Bangkok Dangerous) on his famous movie actress wife Angelica Lee. Oxide Pang was caught watching a movie with aspiring starlet Liddy Li that involved holding hands, kissing, and feeding food. When the scandal broke, he first asserted she was just a friend and they were discussing an upcoming movie collaboration together, and when confronted with the pictures he immediately booked it back to Malaysia to grovel to his furious wife Angelica. Lastly to round out the cheating triplicate, this one doesn’t involve a marriage couple but might be worse since the couple in question just had a new baby together. HK casino billionaire playboy Ji Xiaobo was caught allegedly cheating on TW-supermodel-actress baby momma girlfriend Pace Wu with sultry C-actress Ying Er. Pace shrugged off the cheating allegations and posted a happy family portrait with her new baby with Ji Xiaobo at the same time Ying Er posted a smirking picture of her with Grey Wolf with the caption “tomorrow will I also become your mistress?” Ji Xiaobo has remained mum on whether he’ll actually marry Pace since she had his baby and still doesn’t have a ring on it.

Wan Wan’s poor cuckolded husband in a picture from their May 2014 wedding. There is no buts or ifs about this situation, that poor man probably feels t-boned by a mack truck.

On the other cheating scandal, apparently Angelica has taken her sleazy husband back before as this is the second time he’s publicly cheated on her. I think she’s surrounded by horrible family advice as well since her dad went on record as saying it was the no-name hussy wannabe starlet who seduced his son-in-law. Right, his penis just fell out of his pants by accident when she’s around.

I sorta feel sorry for Pace but the fact that she’s dating a guy who won’t marry her despite carrying his baby already makes me think she knows what she’s getting into. Plus the idea of Pace needing to keep her man away from Ying Er’s clutches, as the media is spinning this story, is ridiculous. Her man has free will and makes his own decisions, and then has to deal with the consequences. If Pace wants to stick her head in the sand and stand by her man, so be it.


Chinese-speaking Entertainment Hit with Multiple High Profile Cheating Scandals in the Span of Weeks — 28 Comments

  1. I just don’t understand why a talented and beautiful lady like Angelica Lee would put up with her husband’s infidelities. They don’t even have a child together… make no sense to be pressured by families..

  2. Considering Wan Wan can look way better then she does in her cheating photos, maybe the side-dish dude really likes her? As for the actress maybe she thinks her husband will scupper her career if she leaves him? Poor her though, cos that bloke is so going to do it again. Miss Pace really likes her status as a rich man’s baby mamma.

  3. You also forgot the other scandalous angle of the Angelica-Oxide-Liddy story. That is Liddy Li is the daughter of the gunman in HK last week who killed a neighbor in his building and proceeded to hang out of his window with a gun pointed to his head and then shot himself..All the while, it unfolded like an action movie.

  4. Gosh when you don’t recognize anyone you don’t know who’s who. But the girls are a beautiful the guys ordinary. And 2 of them are rich or famous right?

  5. The male dominant society in China is still so disgustingly prominent. Why the hell is it that when the guy cheats, it’s the woman’s fault for “seducing” him? But then they say nothing about the guy seducing Wan Wan? I’m not even an active feminist but this is ridiculous.

  6. Cheating is really serious especially if the people who are cheating are MARRIED. Why make a legal bond with someone, to take care of them for life when they can’t keep their hands of other people. The people involved with the cheating scandal should have known better as well. I don’t know their personal life to full understand the situation but cheating is cheating, and its wrong.
    Wan Wan really needs to seek couple counselling to repair her relationship of 10 years. It wasn’t even a month after they got married and already she’s off with another man. If she didn’t want to get married to her boyfriend of 10 years then she shouldn’t have. Just because your together for so long, does not mean you need to get married. Marriage is a serious thing.
    Then there’s that sleazy director. This is SECOND time he cheated on her. WTF? If I was part of the actress’s family, I would be telling her, “Honey you need to LET HIM GO. He doesn’t deserve you.” I mean if he did it once, and got caught. And if he did it twice and got caught. Who says he wouldn’t do it a third time. God forbid there may be more females he cheated on with that the public have no knowledge of.
    Then there’s this billionaire playboy, who honestly is not attractive. He attracts these beautiful girls with his MONEY. However, Pace probably knows what she got into and would probably stand by her boyfriend because she had a baby with him and well…. he is a good catch in terms of money.
    If you can’t commit then break up.

  7. Koala do you know any deets on wen zhang’s infamous cheating scandal with Yao di on ma yin li? That one was huge too

  8. Read somewhere that angelica forgave her husband because she was once a third party too when she came between her now husband’s previous marriage. Well you stole someone’s else husband, now you got to pay back for it, but still this proves that this guy is not worth to fight for. I think it’s about time for angelica to let him go.
    As for Pace Wu, like you said, she seems to know what she get into. I got the feeling that Pace and Ying er are kinda ‘golddigger’, so they know the game that they’re playing. Let’s be honest, the guy is not even handsome, but money make him attractive. Pace is not getting the ring yet, but she has his child, and this mean that she for sure will get the child support expense.

    • If I am not mistaken, Angelica’s cheating husband already divorced when she dated him then. In fact, she took care of his motherless daughter since the child is very young. Angelica is in Malaysia most of the time to take care of her businesses there and Pang’s daughter is receiving education in Malaysia with her stepmother, Angelica. The daughter and Angelica are closer than blood related mother daughter.

      • Yes Bibianna, you are right. Angelica raised her step daughter like her own. When Angelica got married after the 10 years dating to Oxide Pang, he swear that he is very grateful to his wife and will take care of her for next 50 years.

  9. I used to be a big fan of Wanwan and got all her books. Now I am just disappointed. Never thought she would turn out to be like this. Ignorance is bliss.

  10. So many guys cheat when they have beautiful wife/woman at home. I think those ladies should go w/ someone good looking next time, at least it’d be good while it lasted. It’s gross to see pretty women kissing ugly dudes. Just not right.

  11. Woa Ying Er so thick face! Is she still sign to TR? I haven;t seen her film anything for them. I wonder if they will drop her because of the scandal now? If this is true and Pace decide to break up with him, at least she has his child now , she is set for life 😀

  12. I have no respect for those women and men who ARE married and yet fooled around with others behind their spouses. Plus I also have no respect for Ying Er and Liddy Li who have no moral values.
    They have legs and have eyes and have 5 intact senses and they should find jobs to work their ass off yet sponging off loaded spineless men and ruin their families.

    In my voluntary service, I have seen broken families suffering because of homewreckers or men with no sense of responsibilities.

  13. I’m disgusted by Oxide and I don’t even know him nor his works. That’s his second time cheating and getting caught publicly. Imagine the girls he’s been fooling w/o getting caught publicly. I still can’t believe she forgave him. I will avoid any works Oxide from now on. Disgusting human being and I hope bad things will come to his way.

  14. WOW, Ying Er? Damn, I know her from her drama with Hawick Lau and she seem like a nice girl. I actually like seeing her together with Hawick before he got with Yang Mi but I can’t believe this is the same Ying Er. Disappointing… and the fact that she posted a picture with the caption leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  15. That last picture of Ying Er with the grey wolf and the caption was just in poor taste. It’s like she’s revelling in negative publicity, fanning the flames for what it’s worth. And now the press is having a field day with Liddy Li’s tragic background. While it’s good that the other woman is not painted with a broad brushstroke denouncing them for their seductiveness and wickedness, let’s just get to the heart of the matter, which is why do men and women cheat, even after securing beautiful and loyal partners. Did they just think they can get away with it, despite the increased amount of public attention and paparazzi on them?

    Unlike things with Wan Wan, I don’t suppose we’ll get any verbal apologies coupled with body bows (I don’t count Weibo/online posts as a sign of earnest remorse) from the cheating men. -.-

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