Song Seung Heon in Shanghai to Promote Obsessed and Preparing for Romance C-movie with Crystal Liu

This post contains Song Seung Heon, various beautiful actresses from the Chinese-speaking entertainment world, and some explicit and steamy stills. If any or all of that is not your cup of tea, then I suggest you skip it rather and click more and then walk away with eyes wide open and tsk tsking about how inappropriate it is. I guess this is my way of saying this post has zero nutritional value and lots of guilty pleasure. Song Seung Heon was in China last week attending the Shanghai Film Festival to promote his racy K-movie Obsessed (Korean title Human Addiction). The title could be apropos for a stalker movie or one of those torture porn films but this one goes straight for the jugular in focusing on an extra marital affair that is extra steamy. I purposely used extra twice, for extra emphasis. Song Seung Heon made the most of his China trip and was seen happily snapping pictures with a bevy of actresses that the Chinese-speaking media love to call screen goddesses.

Above is Song Seung Heon pictured with Crystal Liu, who might have picked up a few Korean phrases recently since she just wrapped up filming of an upcoming C-movie with Rain. I tease that Rain made a movie with the C-version of his real life girlfriend Kim Tae Hee since both ladies have the reputation of being the prettiest flower vases in their respective industries. Song Seung Heon’s most popular onscreen pairing was also with Kim Tae Hee, so whaddya know about all those coincidences getting more coincidental as rumors have leaked that Heon oppa’s next project will be a romance movie costarring Crystal Liu. What. A. Small. World. Song Seung Heon also took pictures with Gong Li and Ady An, vastly disparate on the talent spectrum but both lovely as ever. The C-media is tittering about Obsessed as the bootleg copies have leaked over the Chinese interwebs and holy bejesus is it as steamy as expected. The K-media have taken plenty of screenshots of the movie from the official uncut (i.e. uncensored) trailer so if you have a hankering for what Song Seung Heon’s steamy side might be like onscreen, check it out below but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Song Seung Heon in Shanghai to Promote Obsessed and Preparing for Romance C-movie with Crystal Liu — 27 Comments

  1. Thanks for the pics.
    Whew! I downloaded the raw, no pun, and was planning on waiting for subs, but I just may not NEED them for some scenes…if you know what I mean.

    How does this man get more handsome? Not just handsome – surreally handsome. If he could act at all, Hollywood would be calling for him relentlessly. I know Asians get typecast as villains, but I can see THT opposite a Charlize Theron in a grown up murder mystery, no?

  2. I am actually pretty surprised that these scenes were even allowed to be shot in China, given their pretty severe censorship. It will be interesting to see if any of it actually makes it through the final cut.

    • The racy screenshots are actually from Obsessed, SSH’s newest KOREAN movie so it was shot and released in Korea, not China. I think Koala was also referencing a film he is going to star in with Crystal Liu.

  3. OMG. I remember SSH was going to do an R/NC-17 whatever rating movie lol…my jaw is on the ground and I can only pick it up by watching this LOL.

  4. @jomo:

    >>> IF he could act at all …

    While I am partial to SSH (my encounter K eye-candy since some 15 yrs ago), honestly the dude fares comfortably best in comedy so far, than any other genre. (eg: My Princess, He’s So Cool).

    Gorgeous bod and the pretty aside, SSH one of the few ‘actors’ that can make Human Obsession LOOK and feel sexier in its stills and trailers, than actually watching the movie itself! 🙂

    It doesn’t help the storyline any that I felt zilch chemistry between them … how convincing is it that he was so tormented and “obsessed” about her to do what he did? Well, my take anyway.

    So much for ‘denuding’ leading to a revolutionary new feel about him being an actor and viewing ‘acting’.

    • I FF through this to see THOSE scenes and you are right. The camera focussed on the woman more than him since he had no feelings on his face. He is just not good at moving pictures. LOL.

  5. OH MY F__King GOD …. My four seasons lover boy changed into this sexy, nude man…. LOL … I just cannot imagine him doing this but what there to miss … God his body is god made … All I am screaming is whoever that girl is … She is freaking lucky … Holy moly HOT HOT HOT

  6. Song Seung Hun is hot and racy in ANY form but after seeing the stills and the teaser, is best form is NAKED. I know I am not the only one who was tapping the screen on the still showing his gorgeous toned butt.{tap that a$$} I need some cold water now:)

  7. Well I always thought Korean actors and actresses tend to be conservative in those 17 rated movies.
    But one day I came across Frozen Flowers and that change my view on them.
    Imagining Song Ji hyo in Frozen Flowers, she is a good actress not forgetting both of her co actors which are as good.
    Bae Yong Joon also acted in sageuk with 17 rated and there are numerous of them whom you can’t imagining acted in these movies. I found them professional and daring.
    So Song Seung Heon here does not shock me anymore. Well looking forward for this movie.

    • Frozen Flowers was also my introduction. I watched it for the the 3 leads actors and somewhere in the middle, I had to recheck to see if I was watching a Korean but I still get shocked when I find an actress or actor that I think wouldn’t do a daring type movie, doing a daring movie

  8. Korean movies are actually gritty realistic, hardly PG-13 chaste. Famed director Kim Ki-duk’s movies are hardly pretty either.

    A-lister award-winners actor Lee Jung-jae and actress Jeon Do-yeon are no strangers to baring it all. Sexy confident Kim Hye-soo is another. Actors Joo Jin-mo and Jo Dong-hyuk ….

    SSH’s ‘ajjuma’ wife ironically has done 2 of the above-18 movies which shot her to fame: voluptous Jo Yeo-jeong (The Servant, and The Concubine)

    Even ‘gentlemanly’ BYJ, Oh Ji-ho and Kim Sung-soo done their share of baring their all.

    For starters, from memory:
    Frozen Flower (Song Ji-ho, Jo In-sung, Joo Jin-mo)
    The Naked Kitchen (Goong’s Joo Ji-hoon, Gumiho’s Shim Min-ah)
    Happy Together (Joo Jin-mo, Jeon Do-yeon)
    The Housemaid (Lee Jung-jae, Jeon Do-yeon)
    An Affair (Lee Jung-jae, Jeon Do-yeon)
    The Servant (I Need Romance;s Jo Yeo-jeong
    The Concubine (I Need Romance’s Jo Yeo-jeong)
    Addicted (Lee Byung-heon)
    Old Boy (Yoo Ji Tae)
    Secret Love (Yoo Ji-tae)
    The Intimate (Jo Dong-hyuk)
    Searching For the Elephant (Jo Dong-hyuk, Jang-hyuk, Lee Sang-woo)
    Five Senses of Eros
    Marriage Is a Crazy Thing (Witch’s Romance Uhm Jung Hwa)
    Untold Scandal (Bae Yong-joon)
    April Snow (BYJ, Sohn Yeh-jin)

    and more…

    • wow I am not alone in the interest of these Korean movies. But your list are longer kekeke. When I watched “Untold Scandal” my jaw drop to the floor but it is a very interesting movie.
      I have never watched Happy Together but Jo In Sung and Joo Ji Moo are awesome actors in Frozen Flowers, so professional.

    • You have an excellent memory. I’ve watched most of these movies and loved them all.
      Those photos and that trailer are made me say, Holy S**T!
      Can’t wait to watch this.

  9. Wow, that’s one fine looking butt there. I can’t stop looking at it…
    Ahem – for artistic purposes…yes that’s it 😛

    • @ T@mmy:

      It’s already out on the internet. I didn’t see it in Korea.

      When I go to Korea, there’s hardly time to watch anything except some current dramas sometimes in the hotel room 🙂

      • you are so right but I think next time i am there but watch some movie. oh darn do they have english sub?

  10. Guys, i have purchased the dvd and have been obsessed with the OST…
    Can anyone tell me what is the title and the name of the singer?
    If you happen to know where to download them, you could be my real life savior…

    Btw, this movie is so intense and great!!
    Highly recommended!!!

  11. Thank you for the warning Ms Koala 🙂 He is fully clothed already gorgeous enough imagine without them…is not just only gorgeous, but he is damn HOT!!! High level of SSH fans!!!

  12. SSH is a Man to look upto as an Actor as well as a person as we read about him . His graciousness , and charm exudes wherever he is and whoever he is with . His style both in acting and dressing is another point to reckon with . Be it dramas or Movies , he has given his ALL , proving his skill as an actor at all times .
    In Obsessed , he wrapped up the love scene so gracefully that one wondered if it could be called erotic at all. May be from him it wouldn’t and couldn’t be 🙂 .I am no actor or Director , just a movie watcher ,but i felt that despite the fact that he made it seem beautiful was it really needed in length ? All said and done , he is a must meet person .

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