TW-actress Ady An Remains Gone from SNS as Her Casino CEO Husband Levo Chen Formally Charged with 9 Money Laundering and Illegal Gambling Crimes in Macau of Nearly $4 Billion USD

The Dispatch story on Park Min Young dating an uber rich crypto currency CEO made me remember to check in on TW-actress Ady An who has been MIA in social media since January of 2022 earlier this year when her husband of 5-years Levo Chen was arrested in Macau. When she got married the press was reporting on his vast net wealth as the CEO of Tak Chun Group a gambling company in Macau and Chairman of Macau Legend Development. After 7 months in custody in Coloane Prison in Macau, last month in August he was formally charged with 9 counts of crimes including illegal gambling (under the table stuff not reported), forming a criminal syndicate, and money laundering for the mafia. The amount is astonishing nearly $4 billion USD worth of illegal financial crimes.

Since his arrest Ady has deleted all her SNS accounts and has not been seen in public. Recently the papers are saying Levo Chen prior to his arrest transferred 20% of his net worth in off shore accounts to his ex-wife and first daughter and left Ady nothing since his money was thereafter seized. Levo’s arrest was also connected to an even bigger arrest and trial that of Suncity CEO HK-er Alvin Chau who is current on trail in Macua for the same list of crimes. Alvin is probably best know in the entertainment world for being the baby daddy of HK actress and model Mandy Lieu who was openly his mistress and had four kids with him in five years while his wife refused to divorce him and later sued her to retrieve any gifts he gave her. Zam, so much drama and billions in stakes.

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