Video Preview for Episode 19 of Dr. Stranger

I’m going into the finale week of Dr. Stranger with complete carefree abandonment. I literally do not care anymore about what might happen, so without any invested emotion then there is no way the final two episodes will upset me. Of course if the insanity manages to outdo itself then the added insult to my intelligence might raise my ire regardless. The video preview for episode 19 is out and the most brilliant plot twist (or the least twisty plot twist ever since everyone expected it) is the not-dead status of Comrade Cha. No one ever dies in this drama of a gunshot wound and a fall into a body of water ahahahahaha. I’m glad the preview also focused on the final steps leading up to the heart surgery for the President, and I sure hope that surgery is the final surgery we’ll see in this drama. I’ll all surgeried out at this point and haven’t the stomach for random patients coming into Myung Woo that need emergency heart surgery.

Despite Seung Hee pretend breaking up with Hoon in episode 18, they are seen hanging out in her apartment discussing his plan to try and alert the President to PM Jang’s nefarious plot. Apparently breaking up in this drama also doesn’t stick, or its more like nothing Seung Hee ever says has any consequence because the next minute either herself or people around her act as if she didn’t say it. Soo Hyun and Jae Joon finally have it out over her dad Chairman Oh, and I’m actually on her side in being upset with Jae Joon. He wants justice for his parents, fine, but resorting to depraved indifference manslaughter seems a huge leap and pretty pointless if Chairman Oh is going to lose everything that matters to him anyway. I’m so ready for the last batch of crazy so I can give myself a sticker that says “I survived Dr. Stranger and lived to tell about it”. 

Video preview for episode 19:

Soo Hyun asks if Jae Joon planned all along to cause her dad’s death? If so then he needs to leave the hospital! The undead Comrade Cha sneaks into Hoon’s place and is looking for something, saying that he has to find it. Hoon refuses to let a man like PM Jang become the next president, he has no right. PM Jang asks if Secretary Kim let Park Hoon live on purpose? The President visits the hospital and asks to see Park Hoon. Hoon sits with Seung Hee in her apartment and reveals his plan to see the President and reveal PM Jang’s secret conspiracy and that is how he and Seung Hee will live. PM Jang screams about how Park Hoon could have eluded them and asks where the President is right now?


Video Preview for Episode 19 of Dr. Stranger — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Capt. Koala for for this preview. I just finished Ep 17 and 18 and like you I stopped caring of what will happen. But I will be very upset if Park Hoon does not have a happy ending with Seung Hee. All the hardships, sacrifices and ridicule both these characters have endured from the hands of the bad guys, they just got to have a happy ending in this drama. As for the character of Jae Joon, I hope he does get justice for his parents somehow, without abandoning his Hippocratic oath…
    Where can I get one of those stickers? 🙂

  2. OMG! CHA IS BACK!!!! He better go insane or something. Anyways, from this preview, it’s pretty obvious that Chairman Oh lived from what was left off in episode 18. If Jae Joon won’t give up his revenge, then he better get even more crazy. There’s just this thing that attracts me to insane/crazy characters in shows. maybe it’s because they make things more fun? Let’s hope they wrap up this part of the story and actually have more focus on “main” story. Honestly, I don’t see Soo Hyun, nor Jae Joon really going to advance the bigger plot much and giving them more screen time is not going to help much. This revenge plot can pretty much be a whole new drama series of its own.

    • They actually already made the drama with this plot, i can watch prosecutor princess it directed by pd jin hyuk too.

  3. Finally more focus on the main mission rather than second leads.. I’ve been waiting for this since ep14.. Thank koala for translating 🙂

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