The Charming Leads of Pleasantly Surprised Land the July Cover of S-Pop Magazine

SETTV doesn’t always have narratively good dramas but it more often than not manages to cobble together great OTP leads to make mediocre dramas a hit and turn crap dramas into a decent outing. It’s landed on the formula of using star appeal and onscreen chemistry to sustain the viewer interest, and no other drama in its recent crop personifies that than the storyless but cute Just You. The network is wisely clinging onto rising star Puff Guo because the girl radiates chemistry with ALL her male leads, even when she was just a supporting actress a few years back. Now she sparks with chatty boy toys like Aaron Yan and sunshine goofy boys like Liu Yi Hao. She’s even learned how to act as seen in her performance so far in Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You).

There is zero manufactured emotion and not a whiff of overacting to be seen. There is just something so comfortable about watching Puff and Liu Yi Hao, and the upcoming July issues of S-Pop Magazine lovingly captures that exact flavor combination just right. With the right centered about food and cooking, Puff and Liu Yi Hao blended together is an unassuming comfort food dish that makes one miss the warmth of home. I love the blue themed pictorial which gives off the feel of a cool breeze, perfect for warding off the humid hot weather descending upon us. The photo shoot generated tons of laughter as well as Puff got to work on the perfect excuse to feel her leading man up, she cupped his rear end triumphantly and then unbuttoned his shirt to feel up his perfect abs. She was clearly the aggressor in the shoot and poor Liu Yi Hao admitted he was blushing with how Puff totally took charge around him. LOL, such a table turning interaction from their onscreen personas.


The Charming Leads of Pleasantly Surprised Land the July Cover of S-Pop Magazine — 17 Comments

  1. This issue of S-POP is wonderful! I managed to get my hands on both covers and it was definitely worth it. <3 The photoshoot BTS is hilarious—I love how Puff took charge while Jasper remained ever so adorably clueless. (; He also touched her in an inappropriate place during the photoshoot, ahaha…

  2. I’m watching Love Myself or You and find myself wanting Chopper and Luffy aka Kai Qi and Hao Wei (Le Xuan’s Ge) to at least work out their issues and regain their friendship even if they aren’t the OTP

    • I genuinely wonder if Shonen Jump is sponsoring a One Piece PPL in this drama. I want those two to become friends again, too, but dang my heart is really torn with how dorky in love college Hao Wei was. I don’t think it’s good for him to be friends with Kai Qi if he can’t win her heart now.

      • Yeah its so much One Piece PPL maybe thats why i think the second lead Hao Wei flashback story is just annoying and that he is wasting airtime specially with the awesome cute chemistry between the OTP.

        I would like them getting going instead sad Hao Wei losing One Piece friends years ago……

    • My wife has finally been able to watch My Queen recently, after my raving about it, and I couldn’t help thinking that Ah Jie will “do a Lucas” and be responsible for clearing up the misunderstanding between Kai Qi and Hao Wei. I don’t know whether that will set the stage for a romantic contest, but Ah Jie’s a decent guy, and patching it up between those two should give him enough good karma to all ow him to lightly boil his gege in oil for about a day and a half, as he sorely deserves.

    • Thanks for posting the behind the scenes. Sooooo cute! I could swear towards the end of the shoot Puff says Ha ji ja to her male partner. Doesn’t that mean stop it in Korean?

    • While Puff is trying to make him relax more for the photos, he seems to be reacting to her flirting and can’t hide it. He’s like a lamb to the slaughter with all these ladies – Puff and the ones we can’t see yelling at him.

      When he does the “I”m a MAN” poses, it is so cute how much he wants to prove it, when, LOOK AT HIM, he’s a MAN.

    • Thank you! I loved watching so much and I usually hate BTS stuff. I just love these two so much. I think Puff is so pretty and unique looking in this world of sameness and plastic surgery.

  3. I love this show and this OTP.
    I know this show isn’t about Puff needing or getting a make-over. I love how she doesn’t ever fret about what she is wearing, but, I wish she gets at least one moment of glam.

    Meanwhile…the open shirt picture…very very hot.

    • Jomo, I am thinking that we need to see what Chris Wu can do with Puff. She will free soon, right? And he is done with Rock ‘n’ Road. Actually, I think I am looking for some behind the scenes banter with these too. Open shirt picture with Chris Wu?!?!

      • I don’t think she will be free after this show. I’ve heard that there was already a confirmed rumor that puff & jasper liu will be starring in a new drama after this.

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