Ha Ji Won and Gong Yoo Officially Designated Goodwill Tax Ambassadors for 2014

There will likely be more photo opportunities involving Ha Ji Won and Gong Yoo for the rest of 2014 as the two of them were officially appointed the goodwill tax ambassadors for the South Korean National Tax Service. For nearly two decades in the industry these two faves of mine have never worked together until now so I won’t look a random gift horse in the mouth and wonder what the heck they are going to be doing as goodwill tax ambassadors? Last March they were awarded the presidential good taxpayer medal, along with hundreds of other individuals and corporations selected to receive the honor, but now they head out solo as the glamorous spokescouple for good taxpaying habits. I would totally not pay my taxes on time if that means getting Ha Ji Won and Gong Yoo to knock on my door and lecture me about paying my taxes in person.

I draw the line at fraudulent tax returns, of course, but a little late paying penalty is worth it if these two charismatic specimens will be hounding me. Maybe they should be a tax collector rom-com movie next? The tax authorities should pony up money to pay for a movie where Gong Yoo and Ha Ji Won are a couple frazzled by taxes and then go on the lam and then hijinks ensue until they run across a buried treasure and baddies and eventually overcome all odds and get back together as well as finding money to pay their overdue taxes. In between there will be shirtless Gong Yoo, Ha Ji Won in a tank top kicking major ass, kissing and more kissing and bonus points for a bed scene, a trolling death scene fake out where one of them gets shot and falls off a bridge, I can go on and on in crafting a completely nonsensical vehicle solely to put these two on my screen for two hours of viewing pleasure.


Ha Ji Won and Gong Yoo Officially Designated Goodwill Tax Ambassadors for 2014 — 18 Comments

  1. I love her shoes here. Did anyone else notice those great shoes? And Captain Koala, I would pay money to see that movie you describe even without subs.

  2. LOL. At first I thought I read the title as “Gong Yoo and Ha Ji Won officially dating…” Hahahaha. I guess I need to get my eyes checked. 😀

    And yes, a rom-com movie/drama for them please? 🙂

    • ekekeke..same here..when i first read that title i really thought it’s about them officially dating too ..huhuhh…i guess i’m now too alert on the word officially ..LOL!

      • I swear,I thought it was an official confirmation if their dating. Lol. Love them both. Gong Yoo Oppa am waiting for you…..

  3. omg please date in real life!!! 🙂 it is also my forever wish that they do a drama or movie together..i love them both! both both are very good in acting and for sure they will have an amazing chemistry!

  4. Hehehe that bridge part made me LOL.

    Does anyone know why there’s a lot of ambassador announcements lately? Song Jae Rim was given an ambassador title too. Is June/July the start of a new session or appointment period in SK?

    • An SJR reference from someone named Mary. Why does this not surprise me? I was wondering about the ambassador thing, too, though.

  5. Miss Koala, i was imagining how all the scenes that you’ve crafted for GY and HJW are gonna played out and i love it! It sounds like a great movie 😉 I need more GY and HJW on my screen =/

  6. I’m in love with Gong Yoo but I’m also in love with Ha Ji Won and after seeing these pics, I totally ship them. I mean, I seriously do. They have similar playful, easy going personalities (they are both fiscally responsible too! lol) and I hope they got some to chat a bit and maybe exchanged contact information. Ahh…

  7. I’m definitely going to pay my tax late,too if my Yoo is going to lecture me about it. How much I will comprehend would be a different story since I would be too busy swooning. And if he smiles at me….. just arrest me!

  8. I am an accounting, so I love Gong Yoo and Ha Ji Won a lot to pay tax early. So, I can collect the money and book in financial statements. That why I said” Gong Yoo, you are the best and try to do it again on next year 2015 okay. Just kidding GY.

    • You’re not. And I was woefully disappointed the post was just about them being great taxpayers… AGAIN. Geez, people!!
      Seriously, I hope them spending time together leads to a lifetime. Lol.
      But a movie would be awesome too.

  9. the funniest moment of my life….. I was so happy because i read the title as “gong yoo and ha ji won officially d…..”, instead of designated, i read it as dating…hahahhaha..damn! I DO HOPE that they will date..hahhahahahah

  10. When I saw this article I totally thought they were coming out as a couple! please do a drama together jebal! They are soo hot together I can’t believe theyve never been in anything together such a shame. I would love to see eonnie in another drama. I kind of like this look on her it’s nice to see her wearing pointed heels for a change from her usual platforms which i hate lol

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