Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi Bring Their Potent Chemistry to the Pages of Bazaar Korea

This post has been long overdue since the gorgeous pictures here were released last month in June prior to the premiere of the currently airing KBS sageuk Joseon Gunman. Leads Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi shot a moody throwback pictorial for Bazaar Korea that takes them out of drama character and plops them into an early twentieth century sartorial splendor. I love these pictures and it’s such a relief that the six aired episodes of Joseon Gunman confirm that the two former costars have even more nuanced and equally sizzling chemistry this second time around. This Bazaar spread is kept simple without any background and places the two stars in close contact and lets their body language sell the story. Now I want to see them in period drama set during the early Japanese occupation of Korea and maybe have them be freedom fighters! Yes yes, Gaksital and Capital Scandal did it but there’s always room for more compelling stories during that time period of great conflict and change. I feel like Joseon Gunman delivers such fanservice without coming across as blatant, giving us Lee Jun Ki’s Yoon Kang in Joseon period garb and then spectacled in a three piece suit followed by gunman with a swordsman’s ferocity. I’m still waiting for Nam Sang Mi’s Soo In to transform even more because so far her development has been interesting but nowhere as deep and dark as Yoon Kang. Her persona in these pictures more fascinating in hinting at what Soo In can turn into if she becomes Yoon Kang’s partner-in-crime so to speak and takes a more active role in effecting change around her.

I tossed in a cute picture of the costars at the press conference since they are so cute even in real life. Their joy in working together is precious and showers the viewers with happiness when watching them onscreen.


Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi Bring Their Potent Chemistry to the Pages of Bazaar Korea — 14 Comments

  1. I love these black and white pics of them. After watching JS, I also agree that their chemistry this time around is better, and they are just so comfortable working with each other. Such a joy to watch. Thanks for posting.

  2. Oh ho ho, our reunion pairs are starting to do photoshoots together (:

    *not so discreetly nudges Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae*

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