PD-Screenwriter of Good Doctor Reunites for KBS Vampire Medical Drama Blood

Well this is interesting. Maybe the better way to say it is “buh?” rather than “hhhhmmm…..” level interesting. Last year’s Baeksang Best Drama award went to KBS for Good Doctor, and while I didn’t watch it the feedback on both the writing and acting was all-over-the-place. Those who loved it praised it like the best thing since K-dramas discovered the drunken oppa piggyback ride, others though it was a ridiculous depiction of autism with by-the-book medical cases to string it all together. It did deliver solid ratings for KBS on top of winning awards so it’s no surprise that news of the reunion of the Good Doctor PD and screenwriter for a new K-drama will get the media’s attention despite no synopsis being provided or casting having commenced. This is like counting your ducks before the momma even laid her eggs.

If it follows Good Doctor then it’ll get the Mon-Tues time as well and KBS has been mostly riding a slew of rom-coms in that slot with Prime Minister and I, Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers), and later comes Discovery of Love with Eric and Jung Yumi. Right now KBS has Mon-Tues lined up until the end of the year with Cantabile Romance with Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung following Discovery of Love so this new drama might come after CB. The only snippet provided is that the drama is tentatively called Blood and will be a vampire medical drama. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. Vampire + Medical = guaranteed to drive me insane with the mashing together of disparate genres much like Dr. Stranger stitched together spy thriller with medicine into an unholy love child of circular and inconsistent plot writing. This drama is slated to air in early 2015 so hopefully as more information leaks out it’ll seem less bizarre and primed to fail.

I figure the GD team doing Blood might need to fend off allegations of concept appropriation from the Vampire Prosecutor, the cult hit two season cable drama starring Yeon Jung Hoon as the titular vampire prosecutor who fights crime. Maybe that’s why the drama title is the lame sounding Blood rather than the K-drama penchant to be totally obvious in title naming, since calling it Vampire Doctor is just way too cribbing from VP but substituting a doctor for a prosecutor. VP’s vampire prosecutor stylishly drank blood via blood banks, but the vampire doctor in Blood will have a convenient source for his blood needs since he works in a hospital. Maybe he’ll be doing Surgery Jesus stunts like Park Hoon did in Dr. Stranger but with the added angst of wanting to suck his patient dry on the operation table and needing to control that urge. K-dramas also did a funny vampire sitcom called Vampire Idol that was as budget as being produced by a community college theater club. It was cute though!

Joo Won will be busy with CB so most likely won’t reunite with his GD team on Blood so the race is on to ponder who will become the vampire doctor leading man. My suggestion would be Kim Woo Bin for the scary sexy, Kim Jae Won for the so pale brooding, or……my baby boy Yoo Seung Ho is coming out of the army in December so if the GD team wants to go young and smoldering they know where to look. Somewhere Lee Jong Seok is running away so fast from the GD team it’s not even funny.


PD-Screenwriter of Good Doctor Reunites for KBS Vampire Medical Drama Blood — 19 Comments

    • He’s not a big enough name to be tapped as the lead (sadly) but if this drama has more than one vampire doctor he can totally play one of the members of the coven.

  1. My poor LJS. Let him out of that probable mess please. Lol. I will watch this no matter what & make fun of it if needed but let him in peace.
    Kim Jae Won would be perfect (face and age and acting abilities).

  2. Lee Min Ho ’93!! we don’t need someone who really does resemblance a vampire (i mean with the face bone structure and pale skin or something)

    • Thank you! Seriously, OCN needs to get it together and bring back Vampire Prosecutor for a third season, as well as Ten. But if Koala’s cast comes true, this could be a smokin’ hot mess 😉

      Also, what the heck, I can’t believe Yoo Seung Ho is coming out in December! Time really does fly these days

    • LJS is the golden boy of SBS. No way he will go on KBS where the ratings are basically lower & the scripts generally crappier (Doctor Stranger is a sad exception of a failure for both SBS & LJS). Not the same paycheck either on the 2 channels. The days of HighSchool2014 are gone…

  3. mmmm, Kim Jae Wok…
    I wish Vampire idol would be subbed, that show was hilarious. I thought it would be awful but it was so awesomely tongue in cheek.
    Will there be a 3rd season to VP I wonder? There are still a lot of mysteries unanswered.
    But this sounds hilarious, I bet he bites the patients and then they heal.

  4. can we have Yoo Seung Ho?!?
    Baby boy face with hunger for blood and with usual kdrama plot a super genius brain is just one combination that is lethal.
    I am sure, that with him already done with the service, he would be more dreamy and deadly than ever!

  5. Vampire as a doctor? I’m doing the awkward seal face right now. Well, i bet the hero vampire doc can’t drink human blood coz he is a doctor coz that will breach his oath to save patient’s life. However, the writer can also choose to go into the dark and write a story where nobody knows the doctor is a vampire and the patient keeps dying with the blood has dried from the system. For the role, vampire is well know to be mysterious and smexy without even trying so i’m voting for no one coz i think kdramaland has not produce any male actor that can gives me the same feeling as i watch brad pitt in Interview with the vampire. 😉

  6. Yes, yes to Kim JaeWook. He can look so good as a brooding pale vampire. But but can I have Shin SungRok as a wandering dracula/vampire? I mean a wandering, quirky, forgetful dracula who wants to be a bad one but cant cause he forgets things, probably even sucking blood..LOL.. and then he meets a little cutie girl who manipulate him to do things that she wants 😀 They can make a team with KJW.

  7. 🙂 It’s just funny to think that few months ago when Kim Jae Won appointed as the endorser of JUVIS , they released a poster of him who looks exactly like an elegant vampire. We even talk about it for few days and someone suggested that if there is a Korean version for Twilight Saga , Edward Collin character will best fit on KJW , he don’t even need to put a make up to look pale , he is naturally very white with red lips. If this drama goes with koala’s prediction , it’s gonna be fun. Though i had a second thought if KJW will switch to KBS , he is quite stable on MBC, not to mention he had a daily current affairs program right now.

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