Discovery of Love Releases Funny and Engaging Long Preview at Drama Press Conference

You would think with a string of disappointing Mon-Tues K-dramas from KBS I would be supremely reluctant to get excited about the upcoming Discovery of Love. It follows the disaster that was Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers), memorable only for Jung Eun Ji and some snappy trot covers, but it also comes from the production team with a track history in doing pretty well with modern adult rom-coms. The I Need Romance team wraps up three cable dramas and moves over to prime time with a solid cast consisting of Eric, Jung Yumi, Sung Joon, Yoon Jin Yi, Yoon Hyun Min, and Kim Seul Gi. I loved the creative and lovely dramas posters, the cheeky character stills, and lots and lots of bright color everywhere in the teasers and snippets released so far. I want happy and funny and this drama appears to promise that. Whether it actually delivers, and then delivers all the way until the end, remains to be seen.

The cast gathered for the press conference this week and the two male leads appear to be wearing pretty much the same dark suit. All the harder for leading lady Jung Yumi to pick between smoldering Eric or sensitive Sung Joon. The story centers around Jung Yumi’s Han Yeo Reum who is in her second year of dating her plastic surgeon hottie boyfriend Na Ha Jin played by Sung Joon. Ha Jin is close to proposing but has to satisfy an obligatory parental matseon date so Yeo Reum tracks him to the hotel lobby where she encounters ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha who she dated for 5 years and it’s also been 5 years since she broke up with him. Both exes are clearly affected by running into each other and what follows is a complicated discovery of love. The long preview below is too good not to sure but luckily the drama premieres in a short three days next Monday. Yay! *gimme gimme gimme*

Long preview for Discovery of Love:


Discovery of Love Releases Funny and Engaging Long Preview at Drama Press Conference — 16 Comments

  1. Wow, this actually looks really good so far. The trailer makes me remember how great the chemistry between Eric and Jung Yumi was in Que Sera Sera. Also, I have no idea who was responsible for the casting, but that person has my deepest respect. I have to be one of the pickiest watchers in K-drama history (I believe that 90% of popular actors have no acting skills whatsoever) and yet I am exited to seeevery single person in the pictures above.

  2. Three in a row was enough for me. PMAI started like the best K Drama romcom I’d ever seen before imploding with zombie wives and open endings, so I’,m not trusting KBS again. I understand why the creative team moved from cable, but since hand holding apparently counts as porn in KBS’s defintion of a romcom, I’ll bail. Except maybe to watch the What Happens in Bali/Damo style “happy ending” KBS probably already has planned.

  3. How can I say…From teasers, posters, press con to preview, all describe Eric and Yoo Mi chemistry is INSANE…Totally insane.. I can feel love is in the air just by looking at this couple. Only two possibilities, they both are really really great actors or unspoken feeling a.k.a real romance is going on. Can’t wait…yipppiiieeee….

  4. I love that Sung joon and Jung yumi are holding hands in the 2nd picture looking very genuine.
    So excited to see Eric and sung joon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  5. I sense second lead syndrome in my case. Sung Joon has always been a soft spot of mine since shut up flower boy band. Just LOOK AT HIS SWOONY STARES AND DEEP VOICE *swoon*

  6. Eric’s age is likely become Sung Joon’s uncle. But I must admit his handsomeness is no joke. Maybe he has mixed-blood since his looks doesn’t look like korean. Waiting for the Eric-Yoo Mi, Sung Joon-Yoon Jin Yi and Kim Seul Gi-Yoon Hyun Min moments.

  7. Omg i just love this drama.
    Jung yumi’s styling is so cute and beautiful! Sang joon’s hairstyle is just so-so. The editor girl from flower boy next door is a good choice for the third girl! I just love her acting :))))

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