Lee Seung Gi Attends Prayer Ceremony as Filming Kicks Off for Today’s Love with Moon Chae Won

It’s nonstop working for Lee Seung Gi and I can’t complain if it means I get to see more of him in various settings. He wrapped the SBS drama You’re All Surrounded last month in mid-July, a project that shoulda coulda been better if it had a competent screenwriter at the helm. It was such a waste of the entire cast but especially Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won. That’s two disappointing dramas in a row that Lee Seung Gi has picked but I don’t think he chose wrong since both YAAS and Gu Family Book sounded promising on paper. He was in Los Angeles last weekend to attend KCON 2014 and pop up here and there around the venue including making a short introductory speech on stage before Saturday night’s concert. The organizers so went out of their way not to pair up Seung Gi with his real life girlfriend Yoona‘s appearance on Sunday night with SNSD.

He must be exhausted from all the working and traveling because he looked wan at the prayer ceremony a few days ago for his upcoming rom-com movie Today’s Love with Moon Chae Won. Hopefully the filming schedule for the movie is less arduous than the live drama shoots because I want the two leads to look their best and get the happy ending their characters didn’t get in Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy. In addition to Lee Seung Gi playing a beta-male teacher and Moon Chae Won as a go-getter TV weather forecaster, the rest of the cast will include Jung Joon Young (who also performed at KCON and seems chummy with Seung Gi in the picks below), Yoo Hwayoung formerly of T-ara, and Lizzy of After School. There are also still unconfirmed reports that Lee Seo Jin will be making a cameo appearance in the movie as the sunbae that Moon Chae Won’s character has a crush on. Awwww, I love the meta and for now I’ll always welcome more Lee Seo Jin/Lee Seung Gi opportunities to work together even in a cameo capacity.


Lee Seung Gi Attends Prayer Ceremony as Filming Kicks Off for Today’s Love with Moon Chae Won — 9 Comments

  1. Just wondering I reckon they do this prayer ceremony for all dramas and movies. What about those actors and actresses who are not Buddhists (this looks like a Buddhist rite)?

    • Seung Gi isn’t one, hence the awkward I-dunno-what-to-do-next look in many of the dispatch pictures I think. But it’s done for the welfare of the cast/crew as well as the success of the movie so I think everyone joins in with good spirits.

  2. what is the significance of the pig’s head? theravada Buddhists don’t have that in the ceremonies. Is it a Korean custom only?

  3. Do Korean actors also have eye make up on onscreen akin to actresses wearing fake long eyelashes? I’ve noticed actors off screen , their eyes look plain but am unable to place what sort of make up they get done to enhance their look. But something is going on.

  4. Hi Ms. Koala, did you manage to see Seunggi at KCON?

    Thanks for this post. Sorry, no offend intended. Just a minor correction. This prayer ceremony was on 23 July, before he went for KCON.

    Weird English translation in this post, but this sentence implied as 23 July: “This is at Seoul Arts College in Samsung-dong, Seoul on last 23rd”. Some of Seunggi’s fan blogs also mentioned that this ceremony was held on 23 July. First filming started on 26 July.

    Can’t wait to see Seunggi back on screen, though it’s gonna be the big screen this time!

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