Yoo In Na Joins Jin Yi Han and Namgong Min in My Secret Hotel Mid-drama Press Conference

I am solidly interested in all three leads of My Secret Hotel. Their characters may sometimes act impetuously or seemingly in a calculating way, but infused throughout is the feeling of watching adults do a messy complicated dance of attraction. All the kudos goes to leads Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, and Namgong Min, both in acting talent and bringing to the table extra experience to sweeten the portrayal. The three leads attended a mid-drama press conference this week and revealed a lot about their experiences so far filming MSH. Jin Yi Han was declared the class clown of the gang, always a bright and goofy presence when the cameras stop rolling. He has also been ad libbing a lot of his character’s lines and interactions with Yoo In Na, apparently the comedic side to his character wasn’t written in but he decided to make what was written as the cold successful chaebol architect into someone who can show his off kilter side around his ex-wife.

Yoo In Na teased that the true OTP in this drama may end up being Sung Gyum and Hae Young since the two male leads have become fast friends what with being the same age and having very compatible dispositions. Jin Yi Han confessed he sees Namgong Min like a same age hyung that he can complain to and aegyo with when filming gets tough. LOL, I totally would dig that alterna-ship. When asked which of the two male lead characters she would choose in real life, Yoo In Na would pick Sung Gyum because he’s so emotionally invested and straightforward in his pursuit of the girl. True dat. I think it’s abundantly clear that Sang Hyo and Hae Young are the end game but it’s nice to keep Sung Gyum a vested rival in the competition since Hae Young clearly has the energy to win back the wife despite increasingly stacked odds.


Yoo In Na Joins Jin Yi Han and Namgong Min in My Secret Hotel Mid-drama Press Conference — 13 Comments

  1. You ladies all got me so curious about this drama. I went back and reread almost all the recaps. I should have waited until it’s almost done airing. I still have to watch all the episodes but I have definitely been sucked in on recaps at least.

    I am still in shock that they have a lead actress in an office job that is hot and beautiful in her description wearing normal office/professional wear. They only do that when they are dressing a character down to be frumpy and ordinary. Awesome!!! YIN is a hit or miss for me but she is definitely rocking the look here. Can’t wait to watch it

  2. Love MSH drama cast, especially the main leads, to pieces! Just can’t get enough of them…*trying to patient for Monday night to come* Hurry, Monday night!!!!! Lol..

  3. Watched this drama for Yoo in Na but now loving it with Jin Yi Han.a pity i only knew him only now for i didnt watch empress ki.but boy, he’s good! he seems serious in these pics cant beliee he’s the class clown.

  4. Thanks for the news!
    It really is an awesome cast of smart actors. They aren’t superstars but have been working steadily for years and years. I am so happy they get the chance to shine.

    Although I am sad that NGM will still probably not get the girl.

    And Taltal – so much to love with this guy between the voice and the gorgeous eyes. I love him in all the tuxes. Now that I have some free hours, I need to kick the header factory back into action.

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