Video Preview for Episode 11 of My Secret Hotel

I’m so grateful tvN quickly released a preview for episode 11 of My Secret Hotel. It goes a long way in assuring folks that the fat lady hasn’t sung yet and there is still plenty of twists and turns left to determine which smexy hottie wins Sang Hyo’s heart. For all of the deserving knocks on Hae Young being too immature, Sung Gyum’s inscrutable shadiness also colors him with plenty of flaws. Sure Sang Hyo can ditch both guys and find someone else but what I’m getting at is that I like that both her guys are vastly different choices in personality and approach plus the flaws are not deal breakers. Other than Sung Gyum maybe being the murder, if that’s true then that is a deal breaker, heh. Doesn’t matter how swoony he is when he kisses and sings heartfelt dedicated love songs, being a hotel serial killer is a major no no.

I still think Sung Gyum is not the murderer but he’s definitely hiding something. I went back to episode 1 and when he asked Sang Hyo out to dinner and probed her with questions, his interest in her background might be more than simply making small talk. I don’t know but he’s got to have more skeletons in the closet, whereas Hae Young is a throbbing ball of id at this point focused only on winning Sang Hyo back. Which begs the question why he didn’t do it in the interim 7 years and needed to wait until he crossed paths with her again. I find this drama works so much better on letting the feelings splash across the screen rather than dig too deeply, especially since Sang Hyo actually remains more of a cipher than Hae Young because simply being hurt doesn’t explain why she could still love Hae Young or not love him enough to risk being hurt again. I’m looking forward to episode 11 revealing more murder mystery secrets and giving Hae Young the break to even the odds with Sung Gyum.

Preview for episode 11:


Video Preview for Episode 11 of My Secret Hotel — 6 Comments

  1. SG might have gotten close to SH due to her relationship with the old guy, I forgot his name. However, he probably does like her and might realize it too late haha, but we’ll see if the writer goes down that route.

    Regardless, I still have feels for HY with or without SH.

  2. Thank youuu…
    i’m in GHYteam. he’s immature but still, he deserves a 2nd chance. and this SG.. seems like his revenge is bigger than his love.. emm.. still dunno but yeah.. support uri GYH oppa!

  3. While I was reading this post, my shuffled play list played the song sung by SG.I first heard this song from flower boy next door. Oh what a nice song to confess.

  4. EEEK. With six episodes left, I give up. I have no idea what’s going to happen but I sure as hell can’t wait to see. Three more weeks! I hope that’s enough time to answer all my burning questions.

    From that preview, Sung Gyum seems to be digging himself a deep, deep hole. Well, at least he got to kiss the girl a couple of times.

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