My Lovely Girl Episode 4 Recap

Just as things appear to be going along swimmingly for the two leads in My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) with some token obstacles thrown their way but nothing they can’t handle, suddenly the shit hits the fans so fast I was definitely blindsided. This development is good and creates much bigger room for the conflict to play out but it upped the intensity a bit too abruptly when most of the episode had been all about Se Na writing a song. Yes, writing ONE song, that was all that was asked of maybe musical genius Se Na while Hyun Wook strapped too much personal investment in her success. Hyun Wook’s management style can be hands off so he doesn’t step on any toes while he’s temporarily running AnA, but he has to understand that his inexplicable and unwavering public support for Se Na will only incur more questions and ire from everyone at the company. He would be better off announcing that she’s the younger sister of his dead love and he’s doing all of this to assuage his guilt and be a good oppa. That actually flies better than the whole cockamamie that she is a songwriter genius whereas Jae Young is a plagiarizing hack.

I actually felt for Jae Young because Hyun Wook has been thwarting him since the moment he returned, not to say Jae Young isn’t an asshole of the first order and deserves to be taken down ten pegs. We like Hyun Wook because his character is conditioned to be the righteous one doing good things, but honestly his interest in Se Na can be interpreted no differently then the shocking revelation he learned at the end of the episode concerning his dad. Shi Woo continues to be my favorite character for actually acting consistent and sympathetic. His interactions with Se Na have already morphed into reluctant consideration which is fast but good for drama watching satisfaction. I loved the scene where she tried to goad into into recording her demo when it was clear he was actually annoyed that she hadn’t come to ask him first to record it. These two, too bad this isn’t a drama about them. For now MLG has tossed the first big twisty wrench into the proceedings and next week I’m looking forward to what Hyun Wook decides to do about this latest conundrum. At least it’s not all about a song battle.

Episode 4 recap:

Hyun Wook encourages Se Na by revealing that her music touches him and it’s been a long time since that has happened with someone else’s songs. The balloon starts to fly away and Hyun Wook grabs it before putting it back in Se Na’s hand. He tells her not to let things go once she has it, including music.

Hae Yoon sits down with Se Na at the company and hears that the song duel is weighing on Se Na. Hae Yoon’s advises Se Na to drop out because Hae Yoon doesn’t want to see either side lose. If Se Na quits not then it won’t hurt either side’s pride. Hae Yoon encourages Se Na to talk with Jae Young and get on his good side so that this will all be behind them and he’ll accept her into his songwriting team.

Jae Young interjects and refuses to back down. He wants Se Na to use her skill to win and not to ask for help from others. He won’t go easy on her just because she has the company president backing her. He wants to teach her a lesson that it’s not that easy to succeed in the music industry. Jae Young storms off and Hae Yoon chides Se Na for letting things get out of hand.

Se Na finds her locker ice-cream cone trashed but tries to keep it from Hyun Wook. He lectures her for not making much progress on her song but she sasses back that she didn’t accept the song challenge and it’s all his doing. Another trainee walks by and gives Se Na the side eye when she sees Hyun Wook talking to Se Na. Hyun Wook reminds Se Na that their contract clearly states that he dictates what she does at the agency.

Se Na watches the trainee walk off before asking Hyun Wook to not talk to her at work. She’s grateful Hyun Wook brought her into AnA but now everyone thinks she’s parachuted in with his backing and it makes her work here difficult. Se Na walks off and Hyun Wook peers into her locker to see the ice-cream cone melting on top of her things.

Hyun Wook walks into his office to find Shi Woo waiting for him while watching TV. He turns it off and chides Shi Woo for being rude when the owner of the office isn’t in. Shi Woo fake apologizes with a deep bow while Hyun Wook warns him that it’s up to him whether Shi Woo stays at AnA or not. Shi Woo isn’t cowed and challenges Hyun Wook on using the title track for the upcoming Infinite Power album for the song duel.

Hyun Wook points out that there might not be the next album what with relations so frayed among the members. He asks if Shi Woo plans to apologize and hears Shi Woo has no intention to. Hyun Wook points out that Shi Woo is showing only his polite side to his fans and it’ll backfire soon. He tells Shi Woo to post something on his SNS to avoid a lawsuit.

Hyun Wook gets a call from his dad to come pick him up at the hospital and pay his bills. Hyun Wook won’t go so his dad orders Hyun Wook to come home tonight since his stepmom made a lot of food. Hyun Wook goes to his dad’s place later that night and sees his dad taking his medication. Dad is worried about the conflict Hyun Wook has created at the agency. He doesn’t care if Hyun Wook wants to take care of a girl but Hyun Wook can’t go bothering Seo Jae Young. Dad knows Jae Young is not to be trifled with, if he’s pissed then he can easily stab someone in the back.

Se Na sits before a bowl of ramyun trying to get inspiration but nothing comes to her. Before she can dig in, three angry school girls confront her and the altercation moves into the alley. The girls accuse Se Na of being a spurned fan and ruining their Shi Woo oppa’s reputation and causing him to lose fans. Se Na defends herself but gets pushed into the trash anyways. She doesn’t back down and grabs one of the school girl’s ponytail.

Shi Woo passes by and takes it all in, stepping forward to stop Se Na from escalating it. The school girls grow all docile in front of Shi Woo who sweetly puts them in a taxi home.

Se Na goes to wash up and Shi Woo follows her and gets yelled at for his unruly fans starting things with her. Se Na thinks he’s being nice to the fans to keep them but Shi Woo says he did it so that they would stop harassing Se Na. If he took Se Na’s side back there, the fans would never let Se Na off the hook. He did it to calm things down. Se Na wonders why Shi Woo is out so late and he admits that the only place he feels comfortable is at work. All other places like clubs and restaurants he can’t feel at ease. Se Na commiserates on the tough life of an entertainer and gets Shi Woo to remind her that she still has to worry about her song duel with Jae Young and hardly has time to feel bad for someone else.

That reminds Se Na and she runs off to keep working on her song. Shi Woo steps in front of her and puts his cap on her before asking that she not show up in front of his fans again, i.e. don’t be recognized. If she gets hurt then things will get complicated. As Shi Woo walks off, Se Na asks “what kind of song do you want to sing?” Shi Woo replies “the kind of song that can win.”

Se Na sits at home strumming her guitar but can’t come up with anything. She goes out to the living room and Joo Hong and her boyfriend try to give her suggestions. The boyfriend says it doesn’t need to be too complicated, it just has to be easy listening since it’s an Infinite Power song.

Hyun Wook is also distracted at home and ask Dalbong for his prediction on who will win. Dalbong barks to indicate that Se Na will win and Hyun Wook leans down to ask if Dalbong is worried about Se Na as well? If so then he’ll take Dalbong to see her.

Hyun Wook walks Dalbong to the nearby market and runs into Se Na outside. She warmly greets Dalbong and ignores Hyun Wook. He follows her to grab an ice-cream from the freezer and they fight over the same one. Hyun Wook says he’s her boss but she goes back to calling him ahjusshi since it’s not at work. He doesn’t like her calling him ahjusshi since he’s not that much older than her. Se Na gives up the ice-cream but after Hyun Wook bites into it he realizes he doesn’t have money on him so asks Se Na to pay.

Hyun Wook and Se Na walk Dalbong and munch on their ice-cream. Talk turns to Se Na living with Joo Hong and Hyun Wook asks if two women living alone is safe? Se Na assures him it’s fine since Joo Hong’s boyfriend lives with them. That worries Hyun Wook now to have a man living there but Se Na says Joo Hong and her boyfriend are very close and she feels bad intruding on them. But Joo Hong is the only friend she has in Seoul and the place may be small but she’s thankful to be able to stay there. Hyun Wook worries she is working too hard and having to song write at night. Se Na sasses back that it’s none of his business but she points out that she calls him her neighborhood ahjusshi. Se Na points out that he just admitted he’s and ahjusshi and says goodnight to Dalbong and heads back to keep songwriting.

Hyun Wook’s stepmom drives her daughter Mina to AnA and keeps trying to lecture her on posture and deportment. She’s distracted and has a small fender bender with Director Kang. In their altercation she gets lightheaded and Director Kang goes to grab her from falling and there’s a random frisson between them. This is so dumb.

Ra Eum meets with Hae Yoon on what she will wear for the upcoming opening ceremony. Ra Eum is told another idol has picked the outfit she wants so she purposes wants it and have the other idol Jenny wear something that won’t flatter her figure. Ugh, she’s so a dumb and petty bitch. Hae Yoon calls out Ra Eum for being too mean but Ra Eum thinks Hae Yoon has no right to talk to her like this.

Hyun Wook arrives and Ra Eum immediately shows her anger at not being treated well here after she broke her contract to switch agencies and is getting flack for it. Hyun Wook asks Hae Yoon to give Ra Eum the new shoes he got for her. Hae Yoon hands over the shows and Ra Eum asks why she didn’t give them to her earlier? She tries it on for Hyun Wook and wants his opinion but he asks Hae Yoon to step outside to talk.

Ra Eum sees Hae Yoon fixing herself up to go talk to Hyun Wook. After Hyun Wook walks off, Ra Eum asks Hae Yoon for the pump she’s wearing before cracking the heel. She can tell Hae Yoon likes Hyun Wook and urges her to take her chance with him. Hae Yoon tries to deny it so Ra Eum decides she wants to make a move for Hyun Wook so Hae Yoon tells her not to dare.

Hae Yoon goes outside to talk with Hyun Wook and he encourages her to be more patient with their idols. They have to put on their best behavior in front of the fans and the rest of the time they spent at the agency with a chance to be themselves. Hae Yoon grouses a bit but promises to be more patient. Her heel buckles so Hyun Wook catches her in his arms. Jae Young happens to see it and is immediately pissy.

Jae Yoon is called in to see Hyun Wook who wants to conduct a blind trial next week with all their artists, including Infinite Power. He wants to use someone on Jae Young’s team but Jae Young refuses since he’s used the last 12 years to build up his brand by experience and connections. Jae Young snarks for Hyun Wook to go back and write songs himself since he used to be so good at it.

Sung Jin has the unenviable task of giving Mina voice training, made all the worse because Mina’s mom is micromanaging the lesson and interjecting her own suggestions. Sung Jin tries to suggest how Mina can sing with more emotion but her mom tells Sung Jin to just teach her technique only and insults why he couldn’t make it as an artist despite his great singing technique.

Jae Young accuses Hyun Wook of doing all of this to get rid of Jae Young, taking the president position and putting him up to the song duel with Se Na. He thinks Hyun Wook has forgotten So Eun already now that he has a new face around. Hyun Wook demands Jae Young never speak So Eun’s name and then pushes him against the wall while raging that So Eun wouldn’t have died if it wasn’t for Jae Young. If it wasn’t for what Jae Young did, none of it would have happened.

Sung Jin comes in and breaks up the fight. After Jae Young storms out, Sung Jin demands that Hyun Wook get ride of Se Na. If she’s around then he’ll never be able to forget So Eun. Hyun Wook refuses because he found Se Na to make her dreams come true. Sung Jin doesn’t think Hyun Wook can simply be her daddy long legs but he insists that is exactly what he’s going to do.

A huffy Jae Young runs into Se Na in the hallway and gets in her face. Hyun Wook is smart so how could he have found such a low trash like Se Na. If she was Berklee trained then he wouldn’t be as pissed. He warns Se Na to be prepared to be thoroughly embarrassed, and Hyun Wook along with her.

Hyun Wook can’t sleep and gets up to take the very much appreciated gratuitous shower of brooding. Rain – still a hot piece of man flesh from the front or the back. Se Na sits in the agency also moping. So Eun’s magical broken cell phone suddenly rings and Hyun Wook gets out of the shower to answer it. Too bad he put on a bathrobe, boo.

Hyun Wook listens to Se Na pouring out her worries to unni So Eun. She really wants to do well and not let Hyun Wook down, it’s the first time someone has expectations of her. She’s trying so hard but losing confidence more and more.

The next day Se Na finds herself outside of Hyun Wook’s house and pacing back and forth unsure of whether to go in. She finally walks up to his house and he comes out to hear that she happened to walk by on her walk. Se Na then admits she came to ask him when he gets inspiration to write songs? Instead of answering, Hyun Wook asks to borrow her for half a day.

Hyun Wook takes Se Na and art gallery and she natters on and one about how busy she is until he holds her head in place to just look at the paintings. Afterwards he asks what she thinks and she teases that her neck hurts but then thanks him for taking her on her first art gallery visit. On the way out Hyun Wook bumps into a locked glass door which makes Se Na tease him and lightens the mood.

Hyun Wook then takes Se Na to an abandoned amusement park and explains that this place used to bring happiness to families when it was still filled with life. Se Na thinks even this place will be gone soon but Hyun Wook points out that the memories will remain forever.

Suddenly the dark and still carousel lights up and Se Na sees families happily riding on it. Hyun Wook sees a smiling So Eun riding past and smiling at him. Hyun Wook says “A person’s memory becomes a song, and that song becomes another person’s memory, round and round it goes.” Se Na admits it’s still hard so Hyun Wook asks her to dig up her personal memories and in those moments write her song. Se Na asks if this place has memories for Hyun Wook and takes in his silence by teasing if he had his first kiss here.

Se Na then shares that she understands what Hyun Wook is saying, when she is writing songs sometimes she remembers memories of being with her unni. Se Na sees a railing and goes to slide down on it and explains that she used to do it with her sister. Hyun Wook sees So Eun sliding down and closes his eyes to the image. Se Na asks again what his answer to her question earlier is about when he gets inspiration to write songs? Hyun Wook says “When I’m in love.”

Se Na sits down in her room and grabs her guitar to start writing. Hyun Wook takes out the box containing So Eun’s cell phone and a necklace. He talks with So Eun about spending a very happy day with her little sister Se Na, but then he thought about her again. Hyun Wook cries as he takes out the necklace and wishes that they three of them could spend the time together. He wishes he didn’t try to keep her by his side back then.

Hae Yoon sits at home trying to figure out how to move her friendship with Hyun Wook to the next level per Ra Eum’s suggestion. She calls Ra Rum to have late night sacks and uses the chance to ask Ra Eum for advice. Ra Eum suggests coffee and then hangs up on Hae Yoon. She then gets called out by Jae Young.

Jae Young happily has champagne on the table when Hae Yoon arrives. She asks if the song is ready and he answers that he always has a song written. Jae Young pushes a ring box over but Hae Yoon refuses to open it since it would be uncomfortable to turn him down if she saw it. Jae Young brings up how she’s bound to end up like him since Hyun Wook clearly likes that girl. Hae Yoon tells Jae Young he’s wrong and leaves him sitting there.

Hyun Wook gets an update from another agency director and urges him to fix the discord within Infinite Power before their next public appearance. He hears that Jae Young’s new song is really good as the demo is done already. Hyun Wook sees Se Na inside the practice room and goes in to ask for an update. Se Na tells him as the company president that she’s done and the song is good.

Hyun Wook grabs the song to look at it and Se Na immediately tries to grab it back and they are tightly pressed against each other. Hyun Wook notices and hands her the song back so she gets off him. He asks her about making the demo and her confusion makes him upset that she didn’t even know she had to do that. Se Na runs off to do it and assures Hyun Wook that she has two more days left.

Se Na stops Rae Heon outside the recording studio and asks him to record the demo. Rae Heon declines since he just recorded and snarks that Se Na should ask Shi Woo for help since they are so close she can slap him. He then insults Shi Woo as being unable to sing so he can’t help her. Ugh, you deserve slaps yourself, Rae Heon. Se Na brings up that having the same person sing both demos makes the test fair but Rae Heon is uninterested and walks off.

Se Na goes into the studio to start arranging and mixing her song. The mixer won’t help her so Se Na tells him to move aside and let her do it. He explains that she can’t do it in two days without experience but Se Na refuses to give up. Se Na starts touching all the buttons and the mixer worries she’ll break the machine so agrees to show her some basics. Hyun Wook peers in from outside and smiles.

Hae Yoon grabs coffee with Sung Jin and reveals she wants Jae Young to win. She’s jealous that Hyun Wook pays special attention to Se Na but Sung Jin assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Hae Yoon takes her coffee and goes to lay in wait for Hyun Wook to walk by so she can dart out and spill the coffee on herself. Too bad the assistant startles Hae Yoon and she spills the coffee on herself. Hyun Wook walks by and clucks at her.

Se Na finishes mixing her song and goes to ask two more idols to record her demo. Neither want to get on Jae Young’s bad side and refuse. Se Na points out that the company president is on her side but the two idols know President Lee is back soon so they need to stay on Jae Young’s good side.

Shi Woo sees Se Na get turned down again and walks over to laugh at her and tell her not to beg him to do it. Se Na wasn’t planning to since Rae Heon said Shi Woo can’t sing. Shi Woo insists he can sing even better than Rae Heon now after he’s put in so much practice. Se Na doesn’t believe him unless he shows her by making the demo.

Shi Woo gets ready to record the demo but reminds Se Na to autotune him afterwards much like models get photoshopped. Se Na hands him the lyrics and tell him to just record it first. Shi Woo goes inside and stares at the lyrics and his demeanor turns solemn and serious. He asks Se Na if this is really her first time writing a legit song before getting ready to sing.

The AnA management meeting is underway and Director Kang wonders why Jae Young missed the meeting. Jae Young arrives after the meeting and Hyun Wook asks him to announce when he’s going to miss meetings. Jae Young doesn’t see the need anymore and hands in his resignation letter. Hyun Wook thinks Jae Young is giving up but Jae Young is simply fed up with this and doesn’t want to stay where there is no faith in him. Since Hyun Wook is a great songwriter, he can stay and run the show along with his protege Se Na.

Infinite Power’s manager runs inside with the shocking news that rumors have spread that Infinite Power is disbanding. Phones start to ring from reporters and Hyun Wook accuses Jae Young of orchestrating this. Jae Young is unapologetic and intends to thoroughly embarrass Hyun Wook. He also plans to take Infinite Power with him but Hyun Wook reminds him that the boys have signed contracts with AnA. Jae Young texts his trump card to Hyun Wook and doesn’t want it to come to a lawsuit to dissolve the contracts.

Hyun Wook takes out his phone and opens the text to see a picture of his dad posing with a woman and a little boy looking like a family.

Hae Yoon chases after Jae Young and demands to know who he can do this. Jae Young can’t compete with Hyun Wook if he works under him so from now on he plans to take everything away from Hyun Wook little by little. He also points out that this is the first time Hae Yoon has made the proactive effort to reach out to him.

After recording the demo, Shi Woo stops Se Na to grab her phone to call his phone to exchange numbers. He wants her to call him first when the results come out. Se Na runs off and Shi Woo gets a call about the Infinite Power break up.

Se Na sees all the trainees discussing the uproar at the agency from Jae Young quitting and taking Infinite Power with him. Another trainee pipes up that he’s taking all the IP members except for Shi Woo. Another trainee glares at Se Na and suggests that she caused all of this. Se Na runs off as the trainees remain furious that President Wook always takes her side.

Se Na finds Hyun Wook and asks if this all happened because of her. He smiles and assures her that not everything revolves around her so she can stop being so self-absorbed. Hae Yoon calls Hyun Wook to tell him that three members of Infinite Power excluding Shi Woo have held a press conference announcing the group has disbanded.

Hyun Wook goes to his father’s place to confront him about the woman in the picture and asking if that girl was one of the company trainees? He calls his dad sleazy and pathetic for touching one of the company trainees. Dad is surprised Jae Young used that as the trump card but assures Hyun Wook that there is nothing to worry about since the girl wasn’t underaged. Ewwwww. Dad has his own trump card against Jae Young, three years ago when he went to India he was caught smoking pot. He wants Hyun Wook to use this now against Jae Young.

Hyun Wook cries about how his father keeps disappointing him. A year after his mom died, his dad married a woman twenty years younger and still Hyun Wook tried to forgive him. After he severed ties with his dad over So Eun, he still worried about his dad. But he can’t believe that his dad really is a man of such low morals. Hyun Wook’s dad sits there saying nothing. Hyun Wook declares that he doesn’t want to see his dad anymore, whether it’s the company or Infinite Power he wants nothing to do with it. He storms off and we see Hyun Wook’s stepmother in the corner having heard this conversation.

Se Na reads on her phone all the latest news about Infinite Power being disbanded. She’s sitting in the dark which startles Joo Hong’s boyfriend when he comes her. He hears she wants to be alone and suggests she go be alone outside. He puts down a big dog suit head on the ground and Se Na stares at it. Se Na takes the dog head and waits outside Hyun Wook’s house and sees him pulling up looking totally torn up. Se Na puts on the dog head and walks into the courtyard where Hyun Wook is sitting there brooding.

Se Na introduces herself as Se Na’s friend Dalbok and is here to pass along what Se Na wants to say. She feels bad about everything that has happened, she worked hard to write a song that she was certain would have beaten Jae Young like a right hand hook. But she’s not sad that she gets to stay at the company now.

Doggie Se Na sits down to keep Hyun Wook company. Hyun Wook asks if Dalbok’s friend Se Na is okay and Doggie Se Na nods her head. Hyun Wook reaches out and takes off her dog head and sees Se Na crying as the two of them quietly stare at each other.

Thoughts of Mine:

MLG is perplexing and random if I stop to think about it, but watching it with a quaint acceptance allows the whole thing to go down smoothly without any recrimination. The entirety of Hyun Wook and his dad’s issues come across as a smorgasbord of whatever the writer wants to cook up in each episode. There is daddy’s disapproval of So Eun, then we learn he remarried a much younger wife and had a talentless half-sister for Hyun Wook to cart around, and now there is the added grossness of Hyun Wook’s dad maybe being the worst kind of music agency president in seducing and knocking up a trainee. If the next episode we learned he covered up a murder it wouldn’t surprise me, but already he’s basically irredeemable unless he didn’t knock up the trainee and Hyun Wook jumped too early to the wrong conclusion. I really don’t care either way because Hyun Wook’s daddy issues hardly hold a candle to his dead ex-girlfriend guilt.

Other than him being handsome, rich, and a talented songwriter, there isn’t much about Hyun Wook that makes him a fully formed character. Rain makes him easy to watch and I like how patient and paternal he is towards guiding Se Na, other than that he remains dull as beans. I’m also hoping the costume designer stops dressing him like a fuddy college professor on his way to a book club. The dull classic suits and cravat are just too much and even Rain can’t hope to make it look anything other than boring. Jae Young at least dressed better but unfortunately his leaving AnA will likely mean less screen time to glare at everyone other than Hae Yoon. Anyone else go “BUH?” when he called out Hae Yoon to slide a ring to her? That’s like me randomly proposing to a coworker at work who I grab lunch with once a week. Forgot Hae Yoon not liking Jae Young because she already likes Hyun Wook, no woman should date Jae Young if he’s prone to proposing to the woman he likes without any regard for whether she actually likes him back!

Even his fights with Jae Young are soooooo brutally inane. It’s like two alpha dogs pawing each other when no one came for that show. I’m thrilled Jae Young left AnA as his place there is fractured beyond repair with Hyun Wook’s retain. Having Infinite Power disband also makes sense and ads the typical contract breach fight coming up to fill in story time. I do feel sorry for Shi Woo who has been tossed aside as collateral damage in a fight that he’s not even involved with. At least Shi Woo and Se Na have called a truce, but one that keeps their bickering nagging of each other. Their interactions are the only fun and young elements in this show, when Se Na is with Hyun Wook the whole thing grinds to a much too serious halt. Art gallery viewings and abandoned amusement park visits does not make for fun outings, especially when Hyun Wook is superimposing So Eun on Se Na half the time.

Hyun Wook continues to function great as a benign daddy long legs but the whole subtext with him falling for Se Na down the road still doesn’t have any traction yet. How can it when he keeps seeing dead So Eun everywhere! Those memories and visuals really need to stop and allow Hyun Wook to have an independent story line outside of the two Yoon sisters. Ra Eum and Rae Heon continue to be complete wastes of airtime and the only consolation is that once Rae Heon leaves AnA then there will be fewer scenes of him interacting with Ra Eum and being a double eye sore. Hae Yoon is also a one-trick pony but clearly she’s just being primed to rise up as the female version of Jae Young once Hyun Wook falls for Se Na and Hae Yoon once again loses out on winning his heart. For four episodes the drama didn’t have any stakes so I welcome the arrive of a genuine problem for Hyun Wook to resolve. Hopefully nothing to come veers too far to the makjang and the whole tone of MLG retains its light touch of ordinary.

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My Lovely Girl Episode 4 Recap — 34 Comments

  1. Thanks for the recap! 🙂 I’m experiencing the same thing you are with this drama. It’s so bad on many levels, but I genuinely enjoy watching it (maybe it’s just that I enjoy watching Rain).

    I don’t know about Krystal besides that she’s in f(x), but if that’s actually how she sings, I don’t understand how she’s an idol. I’m really not trying to be mean, but her voice seems very weak and shaky. Last episode, as well, when she was singing with her sister, I actually thought the sister sounded way better. Though maybe I need to hear her sing in other things to be fair.

    The Jae Young thing seemed out of nowhere. Like, the drama made it seem like it was in the same day that he had Rae Heon sing then randomly turn against the company. I just don’t understand the trigger here.

    I don’t know. I don’t get it. But I like it. It’s like a guilty pleasure.

    • It’s so bad yet delivers enough entertainment I’m kept a happy camper. Krystal’s voice has always been one her weak spots, same with L as well. Both have high shaky voices though strangely L’s voice is working for me here whereas I wanted to go deaf when listening to him in TMS. Krystal’s idol life isn’t based on her vocal prowess, let’s put it that way.

      I swear Jae Young is a walking billboard for how to be a douchebag 101. Him and Rae Heon are better off out of AnA since all they bring to the table is sneers.

      Anyone else think Hyun Wook’s tears and snot screamfest at lech daddy was over-the-top hilarious. There was just no buildup at all, heh. This drama, it fails on so many levels. I just love the Shi Woo-Se Na stuff to keep on going. That and Dalbong! Se Na definitely needs to adopt a dog and name him Dalbok!

      • me thinks the same koala sis! and i even thought omg why am i laughing at his crying scene. sorry. lols. anyways i still like the light touch of this drama like what you said. but why is it that i feel the makjang element on the horizon looking at the preview?

      • I genuinely liked the scene where he was crying over Eun Soo though, but yeah, I was super confused with the scene where he was yelling/crying to his dad. I think I was just cringing. Sigh. I’m sooo sure if this drama didn’t have Rain as the lead, I would’ve probably dropped it. The Rain Effect! 🙂

    • I for one, like Krystal’s voice.. it’s so easy to my ears that i have been keeping her song on replay.. its actually doing quite well on the digital charts.. (her OST song is currently no9 on the instiz chart)..

      i know there are so many things in the drama that does not make sense ( like for example why Sena doesn’t know her sister’s bf, when they seem to have a close relationship.. but i told myself not to overanalyze and just enjoy this for the time being.. ThAnk you Ms Koala for recapping the show.. can’t wait for ep 5.. I am excited for more Sena-Shiwoo interactions.. they are so damn cute together

  2. I’m pretty much along for the ride on this one too. Not over analyzing, just watching for the pretty.
    This drama definitely needs more Shi Woo/Se Na and more Golden Retrivers though.

  3. I’ve only been watching drama for the last 3-4 years, so have I’ve never watch Rain in anything. You are right though, that man is HOT!! Phew……. that body. He also has this really subtle smile on his face all the time, with the way his lip move. There’s just something about his facial expression, and I love it!!

    • Wait? Someone who has never seen Rain in anything? O___O Welcome better late than never to the world that Rain showers with his personal brand of charisma. 😀

      • This is the first time I’ve seen Rain in a drama too and goodness me that shower scene was definitely an OMONA moment for me. And it’s not just Rain that’s making me enjoy the drama. It has the same weird magic that made me enjoy ‘To the beautiful you’.

  4. I’m here for them to release Shi Woo’s song with Sena as an IN YOUR FACE moment to Infinite Power and for it to sell amazingly well thus validating Sena and Shi Woo…and then I want Sena’s version of her song to be leaked when the IP version releases so Jae Young gets the thief slap he deserves

    Also…Jae Young is really creepy and the Dad is disgusting

  5. I guess I too must be watching this for the pretty. The OTP has zero chemistry, zero personality, zero wit… I don’t hate it but it’s just so bland. I would love to see Rain with some stubble and rumpled hair. Brooding in the shower works as well.

    The crying scene. I just watched in disbelief. WTH?

  6. I like your side comment, “This is so dumb.” When everything is so openly random and dumb, it becomes pure shallow guilty entertainment. Nothing else. And Rain.

  7. am i the only one shipping Shi Woo with Sena? i know, i know… but i just want them together. i want her song to be a hit with SW as the singer. oh i am just gonna laugh out loud to Infinite’s.

  8. Considering what L has shown with Infinite, I’m guessing he’ll have to lower his singing skills a tad due for the surreal aspect that Shi Woo can’t sing/doesn’t have talent and needs autotune.

    It’s hilarious. Just in the first episode, they have Infinite Power perform 1/3 (an actual INFINITE b-side song, though they remixed it)…singing the Main vocals’ parts. In fact, the entirety of that performance the other two members didn’t sing for shit but Shi Woo gets the untalented label out of the group. It was Rae Hoon and him handling it. LIVE. So if this kid doesn’t have any talent and can’t sing, how the hell can they explain the fact that he had so many lines, sang them well, etc? o.O

    If they were going for this, they shouldn’t have shown that performance at all or at least orchestrated it enough to make Shi Woo needing so much help believable.

  9. Yeah I kind of found that odd as well. If he’s so untalented then why have him sing? I guess we’ll have to see as the story progresses. How did you like it so far? I really like it so far. It’s enjoyable to watch.

    In the next episode Sena and Shiwoo will have lots of moments and build their friendship so I’m really looking forward that.

    • Or even have him sing what he did. Anyway, considering it’s this drama, I’m not going to concern myself about the inconsistencies.

      The only thing I can imagine that they might pull is that he had talent all along and it’s discovered through him and Sena’s growing relationship, yada, yada.

      I can’t see them as friends even though that’s the end they’ll have. L and Krystal don’t have that kind of platonic chemistry and they come off flirty in the drama instead despite that it’s SUPPOSED to be one-sided.

      I guess it can’t be helped though. And they’re obviously pushing for Hyun Wook/Se Na.

      • I wish the writer of the drama has a change of heart and actually reads some of the comments online because mostly everyone is hoping for Shi Woo and Sena. Because who in their right mind would date their dead sister’s boyfriend. Its just weird and I can’t imagine Sena doing something like this unless she falls for him.

        The chemistry between Shi Woo and Sena is really good, and really looking forward to the next episode where there is going to be an influx of Sena-Shi Woo moments.

        I love L’s character in this drama. I feel like its really similar to his character in real life. He comes off as rude and cold to people who don’t know him, but when you actually get to know him you see that he’s sweet and just dorky.

    • The reply option here is weird.

      Anyway, it depends on WHAT online comments. People internationally might want it, but I have no idea (other than what NB has shown) what Korean netizens think about who should be with who in this drama if they’re not bashing it or the actors to hell. Any idea on that half? Because that’s what the writers/producers read.

      This happens all the time in dramas I find, second lead syndrome. Majority of directors stick to the main couple, they can’t think outside the box much or even dare to have the main girl actually choose the second male lead. This is why I prefer Western shows, you’re aware it’s anyone’s game, you know? Not even a predictable result hidden by some rival thrown in for extra juice…it’s REALLY anyone’s game. It makes the stakes so much more higher and intense. It’s such a rarity for that to happen in k-dramas and I think people shouldn’t get too attached or get their hopes up. What I think they should do is sort of have Se Na be attracted to Shi Woo, and by that I mean, say it verbally. Because it already feels like that whenever they have scenes together. It also makes the drama at least PRETEND that the main couple are not THAT obviously safe. Se Na flirtily plays along with Shi Woo just as he’s doing with her to be honest. But I don’t know if that was meant to happen or if it’s just L and Krystal (especially her, because it’s Shi Woo who’s supposed to fall for her) themselves incidentally portraying their characters that way. I’m confused as to what exactly their relationship is going to be, it’s simply not just friendly to me.

      I really loved the scene in the recording booth in particular. Even when he’s stuck in there and she’s outside, you just feel this connection and it made me fuzzy inside, in the way they stare/glance at each other. I’m keeping my distance though, it’s too dangerous, lol. I just hope Shi Woo ends up alone if without Se Na. The thought of him and that Ra Eum bitch. No.

      Shi Woo…I don’t think he and the actor are alike. Being mistaken as cold and being an actual jerk behind the scenes while showing a nice image to the public is different. L’s a genuine, sweet, warm person who loves his real life band mates and whose real life band mates love him just as much. Shi Woo, on the other hand, is pitiful and I feel has insecurities hidden behind the cocky persona he puts out so he can fool others and especially himself that he’s worth what he claims he is (some characters are marking him as the untalented pretty face, and you see him work hard alone practicing, so he feels he lacks). It’s his defense mechanism. He’s seen so many times alone while dealing with being bullied and ostracized. He was even just abandoned and uninformed while Infinite Power went with Jae Young, he’s just a non-concern to them and not necessary. He’s probably nicer and a much better person without the front, if he cares about someone, but I believe he does have genuine jerkiness in him. It’s not the unbearable, unforgivable one that Rae Hoon and Ra Eum have however. I don’t know if you get what I mean. Shi Woo’s different.

      • I get what you are saying but I feel like there are some similarities. For instance, Shi Woo is always seen as the untalented one who got famous because he was good looking and its the same thing with L. L’s said multiple times that he doesn’t want people to just focus on his looks but also look at his skills and talents. I also feel like the comments from netizens really get to him because they always accuse him of getting everything just because he is good looking. I mean to some extent that is true but he doesn’t take anything for granted and works at it. The criticisms have also really made him insecure that’s why he works really hard and always promises to improve. I feel that its kind of unfair for him because while the rest of his members aren’t critisized people are constantly on his

      • I get what you are saying but I feel like there are some similarities. For instance, Shi Woo is always seen as the untalented one who got famous because he was good looking and it’s the same thing with L. L’s said multiple times that he doesn’t want people to just focus on his looks but also look at his skills and talents. I also feel like the comments from netizens really get to him because they always accuse him of getting everything just because he is good looking. I mean to some extent that is true but he doesn’t take anything for granted and works at it. The criticisms have also really made him insecure that’s why he works really hard and always promises to improve. I feel that it’s kind of unfair for him because while the rest of his members aren’t criticized people are constantly on his case. That’s why I felt that he had this similarity between him and Shi Woo. I also really that scene in the recording booth. Shi Woo genuinely seemed that he was impressed by Sena’s song. And I think it was definitely the turning point where he begins to like Sena and their friendship forms.

        I’m not sure about the comments in Korea, but I’m pretty sure that internationally all the viewers want Shi Woo and Sena. I feel like the moments between Krystal and L are although short they seem to be the sweetest and definitely something that all the viewers wait for in the drama. And I also feel that if they want Hyun Wook and Sena together then maybe they shouldn’t have that many Shi Woo and Sena moments because it might throw the viewers a bit off of the main couple. But judging by next week’s preview it seems that there will be lots of Sena and Shi Woo moments. Its nice that we will get to see them together but at the same time I want to see a romantic relationship with them rather than just a friendship.

        Also did you hear that there is this speculation going around that the trainee Hyun Wook’s dad impregnated might be Shi Woo’s mother? That’s why Shi Woo replaced Hoya’s friend in the group at the last minute. It’s kind of like his way for making it up to his mother. IDK about this, and I’m just basing it off rumours but how would you feel about that? Shi Woo and Hyun Wook’s half brother. I actually don’t want this because I feel like it will be going into too many clichés.

    • The set up that L and Shi Woo find themselves in are similar. Shi Woo’s even the Visual of the group. I was mostly referring to their personalities. But yes, the situations are relatable. L does get a lot of criticism and hate, as I’ve personally seen, and he hasn’t done anything to actually deserve it. His acting here is really okay, he’s a lot more natural now. There’s still some flecks of awkwardness once in a while, mostly when it comes to line delivery and a few expressions, but so far, he’s not only improving, but he’s selling the character. I think this is the best he has acted in all that I’ve seen him in. I was honestly confused about the vitriol, and the utter negativity is what finally got me to check out what the fuzz was about with this drama…only to have a huge question mark on top of my head. Extreme exaggeration. And now I’m here mostly watching it for Shi Woo and Shi Woo/Se Na.

      L really does have charisma and command, as he is also in the stage. I feel that as he keeps getting better in acting enough to get a lead role, he’ll ace it. Despite the criticism of his acting, what I’ve seen is that people have somehow found all his characters likable and charming.

      He gets lots of attention and popularity, he’s also praised for his looks. I don’t know if this somehow gets under people’s skins enough to want to hate on him so badly, but it’s typical that the amount of hate a celebrity gets is tantamount to how popular they are. L, unfortunately, is no different. Anything small that he does wrong, be it an eye roll, or a crack when singing, will be judged harshly. It’s just something that fans have to accept. The best they can do is stick up for him.

      What happened in the booth is not even just being impressed by “Se Na’s” writing, it’s just the connection. I always felt as though Se Na was fond of him and it just blew up in there with those stares. That’s why I can’t see it as one-sided. It’s either lower the scenes between Shi Woo/Se Na (which would bring the drama down in my opinion) or tell L and Krystal to control themselves, lol. But really, the PDs tend not to care. There’s been times when the second lead and main lead have more chemistry but they insist on sticking with the main pair. I haven’t been keeping up with the comments and people’s opinions on other sites, but I guess the second lead syndrome was bigger than I expected judging from your words. Next episode looks cute with them. I feel happy that, despite that he may end up in heart break, Shi Woo has someone there for him.

      I’ve heard the half-brother speculation. Even in Shi Woo’s profile, it says “has a family secret he doesn’t want to see”. You have to admit that Hyun Wook and Shi Woo have some basis compared to Hyun Wook’s relationship to the rest of Infinite Power. As in, the script is putting them together to interact. Then that family picture comes up. I don’t know what to think…it is rather cliche, but for this drama, the way it’s set up, it’s…fitting? And will just bring everything together. Both Se Na and Shi Woo have older siblings who happened to have been dating each other, it makes one wonder that if the accident didn’t happen, what would it have been like? Would Shi Woo and Se Na still cross paths eventually? I don’t know, I need time to see how they’ll proceed with it if true.

      • I feel like it’s the same case with idols who are all good looking and popular. People feel that it’s unfair that they are just an idol just because they are good looking. Look at SHINee Minho, who gets so much hate. People also call him talentless and useless but he’s actually the one who promoted SHINee the most. I remember him going on lots of variety shows like Dream Team and promoting his group. It’s the same case with L. They over worked him when Infinite was just starting out. On his first year he had to go to Japan to film “Jiu.” I remember Dongwoo saying how L went to Japan by himself and learned everything and promoted Infinite, so things would be easier for them. And I also remember when he was doing SUFBB he was also preparing for Infinite’s concert and album at the same time, and he looked completely exhausted. The visuals from the groups really work hard at promoting the group and then they are given a ton of hate for “just being good looking.” They work hard and I feel like they are the ones who carry the most burden in the group because if they mess up then it reflects on the group as a whole. I remember L got into a dating scandal last year and there had been so many harsh criticisms not only against him but also Infinite.
        I also think L is really doing a good job of playing Shi Woo. I think he did a really good job in showing the negativity and loneliness of an idol’s life. I genuinely felt sad when he sad that he doesn’t feel comfortable at bars and restaurants. He really sold that line for me. I also think this is his most likeable character so far. I liked him in SUFBB and I also thought he was cute in SCL, because he brought humor to a pretty dull story. But this is by far the best he has acted. I also think that with time and with a few acting lessons where he can fix his flaws he can be a good actor and maybe someday a lead character. I like that he’s constantly improving as the series continues.
        Yeah L and Krystal really do need to control themselves, otherwise I’m going to be upset if Sena ends up with Hyun Wook. They both are flirting with each other and it doesn’t seem friendly at all. Even from just the preview you could clearly see Sena’s fondness towards Shi Woo when he was singing. I’m actually really interested on how the drama is going to explore Shi Woo and Sena’s friendship and Shi Woo’s one sided love.
        I’m okay with the half-brother thing as long as they do it right and don’t just throw it at the viewer. I like how they are dropping hints already so it already has people speculating and isn’t just a random WTF moment. I’m actually curious how Shi Woo and Hyun Wook would interact once they find out that they are brothers. Maybe some bromance?

        Also do you want to exchange emails? I feel like we are spamming the comment section here.Let me know.

    • I think it’s a little bit different than that. There are idols like Minho, yes, but I sometimes feel the hatred with L isn’t because he’s useless, or can’t sing. He’s very useful and can sing and it’s realized. It’s that sometimes the harshness he gets seem so…personal. It’s like his existence itself is a thorn on their side. And the poor thing seriously has done nothing wrong unlike the crap other idols have said and done. I don’t know if you’ve seen or got what I mean. They just cannot or refuse to like him.

      L genuinely has potential. As I’ve stated, he just needs to work a bit on some flaws. He needs to work on his portrayal of anger most of all, and his portrayal of a cocky person. His line delivery has gotten better, so he’s underway with that. His expressions have also gotten better, he just has certain habits he keeps using. He’s improving, and it’s a shame people don’t really take the time to point THAT out.

      I’m fine with whatever they’re going to make Shi Woo/Se Na as long as they don’t purposely ruin Shi Woo’s character to make the main couple more appealing. Since the chance of Shi Woo and Se Na ending up together is extremely low, it’s better to be enjoy it for what it will be even though it actually gives off more than friendship vibes. The point is we’re supposed to believe it’s one sided, so the PDs are going to go with that. It’s no use getting upset and it’s best to keep hopes down so Hyun Wook/ Se Na ending up together isn’t such a blow. Second male lead syndrome isn’t a happy ending for those who have it.

      I’m kinda liking the whole half brother thing for this drama in particular. It will do well with the characters’ relations and it’s an actual mystery in the drama that they’re building up. I think we’ll get more depth on Shi Woo in episode 5.

      And as for taking it elsewhere…I think it’s okay. I don’t believe we’re spamming. The comment section is to discuss things, it’s just a little long. Plus! We’re giving them site hits! ^^

      • Okay it was just a suggestion because I felt like we kept commenting. But I really like discussing this drama with you. You give some good insight about the drama. I’ll be making sure to watch for your comments next week when the episode is released.

        Also judging by your comments are you a fan of Infinite? You seem to know a lot about Myungsoo so I was wondering if you were a fan.

        I hope people will gradually learn how to accept Myungsoo. I feel like they judge him based off of his looks to much. He comes across as cold looking, maybe that’s why its throws people a bit off. And when you gradually get to know him you find out that he’s very bright and hard working. I’m hoping with this drama, if it ends well and he continues to improve, people will like and accept him a bit more.

        I think I have a bad case of second lead syndrome. I just feel like the relationship between Sena and Hyun Wook is not just working because of so many factors. First there is a lack of chemistry. Then she’s also his dead girlfriend’s sister. And the age gap seems to much. Its not that Rain seems old but the things they do together seem a bit fitting for an older couple, like going to the museum. IDK we’ll see next week.

        I really want to see how the whole half-brother thing plays out and what the reactions are going to be like.

        Okay until next time!

      • I think discussions like this are great. I feel I only give good insight on the drama because my only interest for this insight is Shi Woo (and in extension, Se Na I suppose), lol. There’s lot to say about him and his relationships. I want to see where they take him next week. I’m not invested as much in say, Hyun Wook, even though Rain is trying his best with the character and material he’s stuck with.

        I’ve followed things here and there, but I wouldn’t claim myself a fan. Just some aspects I’ve picked up on. It’s mostly NB and KPKF stuff. I don’t buy that the hatred for him has anything to do with him being cold looking, because he hasn’t been such for a long while now. I don’t think their detest needs an explanation, because there isn’t any. They’re simply bothered by whatever he has or is and they want to bring it down. I think instead of acceptance it will be more of resignation since if he does improve more in acting (as he keeps doing so), the haters have less excuses to hate on him. They feed and stir the negativity, no matter how true it is or isn’t. Without it, they can’t say crap and make it appear anywhere near legit.

        I try to give Hyun Wook/Se Na the benefit of the doubt in chemistry. And trying to be fair to those that like/support them. They just don’t have that ease, the spark, that Shi Woo and Se Na seem to have.

        Honestly, if it wasn’t for that sentence in Shi Woo’s site bio, I would think Jae Young was the half brother. He still could be, you can never know. Red herrings happen. I think either choice makes sense.

  10. I can buy Hyun Wook-Se Na, it’s not without any redeeming qualities. Some of their scenes have their wonderful warmth. But a warm fuzzy blanket does not hold a candle to the churning inferno lurking underneath chemistry of Shi Woo-Se Na.

    • Oh, of course. Hyun Wook/Se Na just have this comfort like that of an oppa and younger junior. I can’t see much with the romantic connection, and they’re living through whatever “moments” or positions the drama puts them into despite the lack of attraction by way of chemistry. I’m curious on how they’ll pull off the more “intimate” moments, though I’m not looking forward to them. The fact that her dead sister did whatever’s coming with them and THEN some with Hyun Wook, is also rather disturbing.

  11. Hyun Wook scolding his father, while crying, might have been the strangest thing I have seen in a while. The father is just all sorts of wrong and Rain continues to be an easy watch. I like Se Na and I like Krystal. L’s Shi Woo is my favorite character so far, just because he is entertaining to watch. Jae Young is very irritating, especially when he gets all intense and dramatically angry. Hae Yoon is literally just there and doesn’t do much. Rae Hoon and Ra Eum are like thumbtacks on a wall. Wook-Na interactions get less and less appealing by the episode, especially since he keeps seeing So Eun in Se Na’s place. They have warm family like moments, but I am not sure which ass the writer expects to pull romance out of for Wook-Na. Shi Woo-Se Na on the other hand earns by stamp of approval. They have great interactions and make a much more fitting pair. The chemistry between L and Krystal is great. I think the writers should change the ending so that Hyun Wook realizes that he doesn’t love Se Na, but sees her only as a younger sister, protecting and caring for her in So Eun’s place. That way Shi Woo and Se Na can be together. LOL not happening, but one can hold hope. MLG is definitely guilty’s pleasure. Don’t overanalyze, and just enjoy the simplicity with a side of random.

  12. Hey! I’m an Inspirit, a true fan of INFINITE in real life. I’m defending L against any claim that he cannot sing. INFINITE is well known for their live performance quality without lip sync and is among the best Kpop groups that can deliver stage charisma. They may be the only one group in which every member, not just main or lead vocalists, can sing. You guys should watch more INFINITE live performances on music shows and concerts, specifically the recent comeback #BACK before making any judgment.

    I’m watching this drama mainly for INFINITE members L and Hoya. I was disappointed Hoya wasn’t cast as a lead actor because he’s praised for his acting in Reply 1997 and considered the best actor among INFINITE members so far (although I think the other member Sungyeol may be better than he because I never watched Reply 1997). I’d never been impressed by L’s acting in other dramas except for Shut Up Flower Boy Band. He’s fine in this drama so far.

    As to Krystal, I’m surprised she needed to lip sync in the drama. That looked so fake. But I love her acting that feels natural not overacting.

    Overall, MLG hasn’t been exciting enough for me to crave for next eps and new plot development. I’m just taking it easily and slowly and watch whenever it comes to my mind I should check it out again for what’s happened so far.

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