Updated: SM Confirms Jessica Weibo Posting that She Was Forced Out of SNSD

All the Korean agencies embroiled in recent scandals may want to send thank you cards and gifts to the offices of SM Entertainment. KeyEast with Kim Hyun Joong‘s domestic violence case, YG with Seungri of Big Bang‘s sketchy car accident details, BH Entertainment with both the Lee Byung Hun blackmailed by Dahee and a model mess and Han Hyo Joo‘s little brother’s alleged army bullying, all of those lingering matters are going to take a backseat to the shocker that was just dropped by Jessica of SNSD (Girl’s Generation). I don’t follow Jessica Jung’s career but I know she’s one of the 9-member SNSD as well as Krystal‘s older sister and the two even had their own cute sisterly variety show this summer. Jessica posted this morning on her Chinese weibo page (rather than on any Korean SNS) that she had been unfairly pushed out of SNSD without a by-your-leave.

Fans immediately freaked out but most assumed her weibo was hacked and this was one of those lame jokes. As the hours went on without word from SM or Jessica refuting the post, the worry mounted and then blew wide open when the ladies of SNSD was spotted hours later at the airport boarding a plane headed to China for their first fan meeting in that country. Only 8 of the ladies were present and Jessica was notably MIA, not to mention a more depressed group of young women will be hard to find unless it’s at a wake with 8 sisters in mourning.

Jessica was then spotted shortly thereafter at NYC’s Kennedy Airport with her unofficial but totally everyone knows boyfriend Tyler Kwon. I like quite a few members of SNSD, the one who can act like Yoona and Sooyoung and the bouncy Sunny with her cute variety charm, but the group losing a member (and Jessica in particular) isn’t something I feel particularly upset about. I do worry a lot about Krystal who is super close with her older sister and this ordeal cannot be easy on her when she’s currently acting in her first leading lady role in My Lovely Girl. Oy vey, SM dropping Jessica because she wanted to get hitched might have outdone itself following DBSK splintering and Kris leaving EXO.

Apparently Jessica had been in NYC these past few days handling her personal matters and looking for fashion design schools and being pushed out of SNSD while she was abroad blindsided her. She had been planning to go back to Korea to rejoin her SNSD members for this China promotional trip until this all went down. Industry insiders explain that this is all due to a disagreement between Jessica and SM concerning her marriage plans reportedly for next year, which had been the topic of chatter last month when she was spotted with a ring and Tyler posted a bunch of wedding pics highlighting a wedding mood. There was also her starting a fashion label called Blanc backed by her boyfriend, with SM and her SNSD members reluctantly allowing but insisting that it not interfere with her SNSD activities which was to remain her first priority.

SM’s press release confirmed all the news and insisted SNSD will go forward as an 8-member group and SM will continue to manage Jessica’s solo activities.


Updated: SM Confirms Jessica Weibo Posting that She Was Forced Out of SNSD — 107 Comments

  1. Oh, no! I never liked Jessica acting, but I like her in SNSD (I’m in the middle of rewatching SNSD’s RM episode and I like Sica+Gary pairing so this really shocked me) Is it in their contracts that they couldn’t/shouldn’t get married while they’re in the group? SME really sucks if this is true. I still haven’t forgiven them for what they did/are still doing to JYJ.

  2. Don’t really understand why she can’t do her design thing while the other girls can do their own things. Wonder if it’s a money issue more than anything. SM probably won’t get a cut of her company, unlike they would with dramas. I seriously doubt the rest of the 8 pushed her out. It’s totally an SM thing.

    Honestly, she’s been pretty sick of idol life for awhile, but so are the rest of the girls too. They barely even try lately.

  3. Perhaps it’s time for her to move on…i’m sure fans will be shocked but now she can lead a non-idol life and do all the things she wants to do on her own time…there’s probably a contractual breech…but I don’t like SM regardless (like making their idols go on that crazy Dream Team show), even though they may be justified in letting her go.

  4. The hell with 2014????? Or Korean artist are tired of playing good and being controled all the time?? I’ve never been a fan of the “Ice Princess”, actually never liked her because of her actittude. But denitely SNSD won’t be the same without Jessica. It’s not like Exo that only debuted 3 or 2 years ago. We are talking about the nations girl group. MOST iconic group of Korea. No one can beat her records. As a hallyu fan as a whole, this is reaaly depressing to me.

  5. I feel like by now I shouldn’t be surprised when SM screws one of their idols over because it’s been happening forever, but considering the fact that this is the third time this year is rather staggering. I’m not a fan of GG, but this seems like a dumb move on SM’s part since GG has been the top girl group for years, I can’t see them throwing one of the members under the bus like that and thinking they’ll get away with it. Hopefully this won’t go the way of the Kris-EXO debacle and Jessica will come out unscathed.

  6. Hah! Every now and again I’m reminded of the extent to which confirmation bias keeps me coming back to your blog, koala, and this was one of those times. My VERY FIRST thought when I read about the Jessica news was “I hope this doesn’t affect Krystal too much filming My Lovely Girl”. 🙂

  7. I can’t believe SM, they are willingly destroying SNSD’s OT9 image and they have to know this will be the end of their reign as the Nation’s Girl Group especially they went so long with no changes to such a large group since debut.

    The girls do look really unhappy in those airport pics, Hyoyeon looks like she just finished crying. I do not think the other 8 had any say in this at all….

    • So then, when Jessica said “My company and 8 others…” you don’t think the 8 others was referring to the remaining members, right?

      I really hope not, because if she was referring to them, that would feel like a major slap to the face on her part. I’d like to believe the members were just as shocked and in the dark.

  8. Good for Jessica for actually trying to pursue what she wants! She’s been an idol for soo many years now… I wonder why she posted it on Weibo instead of a Korean site though!

    I wished SM had supported her decision though instead of doing this… At times like this I admire JYP for letting Sunye go despite the backlash of her leaving the group hanging…

  9. If male idols/musicians can marry and continue being active, them Jessica should be able to get marry n still be in the group.
    This makes me think of JYJ— how they got out cuz they didn’t get any money from being active, etc but with their new company, they each can do whatever on side, own real estate, start shops n fashion brand. Makes you wonder how strict lace SM is and how money is split for the group n SMe.
    Unless there are some other concerning factor about the situation that’s not being brought to light, everything so far are just rumor. Whatever rumors it is, there’s always some true to it. :-/

  10. I thought ZE-A’ leader Lee Hoo had the scandal of the month.. Guess not!! I’m personally tired of listening to damn same songs over and over and over for months on out from SNSD, But that’s just me. Although Good for her, that group can only last for so long and than they’ll be left with what? Nothing. I’m happy she has a life outside the group that soon they will look awkward trying to look and act younger than what they are. Just my opinion.

    • They haven’t been “trying to look and act younger than what they are”, though. Their image now as been that of growing into young mature women…no longer the little girlies they once were.

  11. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that SM is patterning itself after the Mafia. Getting in is grueling. When you’re in, you have to work insane, sometimes actually life-threatening work, and unless you’re a top executive, you can’t expect to get rich doing it because you have to hand over all your cash. Then if you try to leave or pursue your own interests, they’ll annihilate you.
    Who do you think will be first to wake up with a horse’s head in the bed – Kris or Jessica?

  12. I guess its time to move on fully from idol life. I imagine that SM won’t really be managing her individual activities – more like freezing her from making any money on her own as best they can. I don’t claim to know much about Kpop works but wow… It isn’t so pretty. so.. Sully was also SM and now Jessica. Get married and do what you want and will make you happy but still to be unceremoniously dropped like that, sucks.

  13. I honestly don’t think her being pushed out by SM has to do with her possible nuptial with Tyler Kwon as much as it being an issue with her budding designer career. Like a previous commenter said, there will probably be issues with her benefitting from her GG fame in her clothing line, and issues with SM having a cut of her sales or not. It’s always about money, isn’t it?
    Because if you really think about it, how would being married conflict with her GG activities? Sure, it would take a lot of sacrifice on Jessica’s part, but it would totally be possible for her to be married AND be a part of GG at the same time. Also, why couldn’t she possibly design AND do GG stuff? If she was diligent enough and got business partners helping her, that also would be possible. So really, IMO it must be a money issue with SM.

  14. This news really hit me this morning because a delicious bowl of noodle can’t make me eat them. I had a feeling that Jessica is tired of the idol life and try to move on to marriage, fashion and other but she still love OT9 and was hoping that SM could understand her.

    But in the end, they disagree and make this. It’s it really nobody could. We, are self have our own needs and that might been different to others. The rest of SNSD might think that Sica is not serious about GG for a long time thus making then feel that Jessica is the one who do not understand them. While Jessica thought that the rest of GG would understand her dream but they couldn’t.

    In the end SM thought that if Jessica really wanted to pursuit her dream then leave GG and we will support you along the way.

    What ever the thing is, we still don’t know very much about them. It’s them who know the best. For now, I will forever support the rest of SNSD and Jessica. 8 + 1 = SNSD. FIGHTING JESSICA. FIGHTING GIRLS GENERATIONS. :’)

  15. Seems like sm replied to say that she can’t get her priorities right. I doubt sm needs a cut in her blanc business. After all, the contract they sign with her should have taken care of that. I suspect it comes to her arrangement with sm as the girls. I hear from sones that rumor that her wanting to stop team activity isn’t new. Though she appears at events, it doesn’t mean that she was never difficult for SM. Sone friend tells me that she doesn’t even stay with the girls during offical activities anymore. Probably she has not prioritize SNSD with her more recent personal arrangements. The difference between her solo work and Sooyoung drama? Maybe with the exception that she comes and goes when she wants whilst Soo still has to do both under SM schedule.

    There is no right or wrong. Maybe SM is right that if she is more focus on her solo career then not being in SNSD is easier for all to manage.

    • Agree… It is clear the priority and commitment play the biggest roles in this issue.
      What to do, you like GG as a group by the way… Will keep supporting GG. And please, do not drag the other angels into this issue.

      But hope, they can review and resolve this, again…
      Sica and SM, you cant have it all.

    • Actually alot of the girls don’t live in the dorms anymore. It’s not just Jessica. And that doesn’t mean she doesn’t prioritize SNSD. As far as I know, both her and Krystal moved back home with their parents.

  16. Lol. She signed up to be a cog in one of SM’s music machines. Now, she’s shocked – shocked – to find out she has no say in how she conduct herself, and that she is just a puppet in a music factory designed to grab people’s cash. It’s outrageous! This cannot stand! I though Girls Generation were real artists and best friends 4eva!

    • I agree. As much as we would like to fool ourselves to thinking that all these groups are all BFFs and everything is all about having fun while making music, we seem to always forget that they are a product whose sole purpose is to make SM a lot of money. Any fan who does not know them personally is delusional if they think they know how the girls think or feel for one another. Everything you see (that they want you to see) is all a show. Even when you see them in variety shows, it’s all a well scripted act.

  17. The irony of what’s happening with Infinite Power within My Lovely Girl (in which Krystal is the leading lady) and the disbanding mess of SM/Jessica. What unreal timing.

    SM has always been shady to me, so suffice to say…I’m going to Jessica’s side for this. And with her sister gone, I wonder if this will indefinitely make Krystal leave f(x) and SM in general. Such a situation.

    • Oh my god, just realized it. Infinite power disband.. and snsd.. that’s coincidence 🙁
      both of them (jessica in real life and L in drama) also didn’t know they’re kicked out.

  18. This year it was such a mess to SME with their idols. Shouldn’t they think that maybe they are really wrong?? As far I know they are always having problems with their idols…I´m really worried about Shinee, up to now, the scandal didn’t´t affected them.

  19. I doubt that the other 8 were to push Jessica out of SNSD. I can’t even think they’ll do that to Jessica. They’ve been enthusiastic about BLANC and promoting BLANC whenever they can. It’s just an SM thing.

    And SM can say goodbye to SNSD promoting in China. Majority of SNSD fans in China are Sica fans.

    SM never learned anything with their past scandals. What’s new.

  20. Nice move, SM monitor Jessica’s solo activity. Just is equivalent to “you are swept under the carpet & don’t think of moving on because you still have a contract under us”

    • Because she just renewed her contract a month ago I think or so I’ve read on an article somewhere together with the 8 other members for 3 more years. And a breach of contract sums up to financial, emotional and mental readiness especially contracts with Korean entertainment companies. This is why I am quite shocked with this news. There is really something big that happened that led to this. I have always known that Jessica will be the first one to leave the group but did not expect that it would happen this way. I am really anticipating the other member’s comments. They looked emotionally drained as well.

    • But that’s probably her way of avoiding a breach of contract suit. If she goes to design school and focuses on her fashion label, for the next couple of years, there may not BE much if any solo activity for SM to leech off, sorry I mean monitor. Then, when the term of her contract is up, she can come out again as a truly independent artist.

      • I think it boils down to priority issues. SM might have thought that she cant possibly juggle all her solo plans/activities together with GG activities so they decided to “retire” her. Too bad because its as if SM is saying that since you are a GG member, you cannot venture out of the idol world and try to realize your other aspirations. They might have thought of how this might affect the whole group as well with one being less focused than the rest. We can go on and on with speculations like this but whats done is done I guess.

      • So they own her for 3 more years. That’s awkward to say the least. If they fired her from SNSD then the least they can do is void that contract and set her free. If they don’t then I’d have to think that they’re only honoring it out of spite and to make her 3 years a living nightmare.

    • Joke or not, I hope your life is more important than a group possibly disbanding. It’s only a matter of time, and I wish Jessica and the other 8 members the best. It’ll be different, but life will go on, if not better.

      • i hope they can bring jessica back if they can have a talk like not in the post that she was coming back to korea and she just received a news from SM that she was forced out . i am a fan of her i always sing and dance a lot of SNSD’s songs and jessica and krystal butterfly . pls bring back jessica for the sake of the group and us 🙁

  21. I thought she already arrived Koreat at 4am this morning and posted that message on Weibo at6am.. cause that’s why there are few pic of Sica at SMBuilding this afternoon.

  22. Can I just say that I am somewhat glad that for once we get a scandal without anyone dying, being seriously hurt or having committed a crime of some sort?!

  23. I’m not surprise about this. Sm is all about money. So, who’s next?
    Glad that Shinhwa walk away from Sm together and still together. They’re my favorite idol-ajusshi. and also JYJ <3

  24. I am actually on no one side in this issue. I do not believe that SME disagreed with her having another venture outside of SNSD. However, her priority should have remained with SNSD. No some would agree, but the truth of it is that Jessica is considered an employee of SME, and the company has to look at its best interest. If what SME is to be believed, she was planning to remain in the group for one more album, however the company decided to cut her loose before her intended exit. If i was to look at it from the company, and members viewpoint, I think she planned on using the GG name to fully start up her company before exiting the group, but the company nor members or their family would allow her to benefit any longer from GG, hence the early exit.

    From Jessica perspective, she is getting older and is looking forward to the next phase of her life, including marriage. Therefore, she needs to plan for the next step in her life. I believe she would succeed in her career as a designer, and if Tyler Kwon is the one, I wish her nothing but the best. However, I cannot help but think that she took the wrong route in expressing her wishes. She should not have isolated her sisters from her decision making, and let it get so bad that ALL 8 would be against her. I hope she make amends with her sisters.

    As for anyone comparing Jessica to her other members, I believe you should understand that while those member have other activities, they still remain GG. They never isolate themselves from their group. SNSD remains their priority. Whenever they are doing individual promotions, the members always mention SNSD. However, Jessica tried to isolate herself from the SNSD fame. I do not know if it was because she wanted to be taken seriously as a designer like Kendall Kardashian isolating herself from her family fame because she wanted to be taken seriously as a model, but she was trying to isolate herself from SNSD which might have caused conflict.

    • Finally a sane comment. Everyone just keep blaming SM. They forgot SM is the one who made her such a famous person today. How much money and time they spent on her. If SM is such a rotten company why are they still doing so well? Why don’t everyone just boycott them and let the company collapse? SM is not a charity organisation, it is a profit making company for goodness sake. You signed the contract, you follow their rules. Its the same everywhere.

      Honestly I don’t see how she can study abroad, concentrate on her business and still fulfill GG duties. She got to make a choice!

      GG is the only ger group that I like and I’m deeply sadden by the news *sigh* Nothing is forever.

      • She is spending HER money for her company and hasn’t missed any SNSD activities. Their next album wouldn’t be until the middle of next and she is doing anything in the meantime…this just shows SM’s poor management strategy in that they signed a contract with her, after her company launched, agreeing to her requests and now they are going to keep her to it for 3 years while sidelining her from SNSD.

  25. To me, SM will always be the company who treat their artist not as a family (or even human), but only as a product.
    For now, i just hope Jessica will break her contract with SM so she wouldn’t have to deal with those heartless company again.

  26. The fact they are keeping her in SM because of the contract she just renewed but removing her from SOSHI…so annoying.

    They have horrible HR skills…Jessica just had a reality show showing her relationship with Krystal and SOSHI and her dedication to her work so the negative PR should go their way.

    What’s crazy is she launched Blanc BEFORE the contract renewel so they probably planned to force her all along. The statement actually said, “We’re advancing our 8 member SNSD plan early.”

    If I was her I’d be most angry that I flew all the way from New York to attend the fanmeeting only to be told I was fired…you could have called her in New York.

    • Jessica’s situation is much similar to that of Kim Ki Bum’s “hiatus status” for the past errr many years.

      SNSD are “doomed” to disband soon, what with Tiffany’s upcoming wedding to Khun and the other girls having postponed their own plans.

      SME’s HR management seems like coming straight out of the Twilight Zone.

    • This was definitely the least ideal way of firing her. I could understand that the plans of letting her go was already on the wheels but to abruptly just let her go without forewarning seems to be detrimental more on to SM more than anything, in my opinion. They could have had a press-conference with all the girls or have even waited for TaeTiSeo or Sooyoung or Krystal to finish their respective on-air projects, but they didn’t. Everything was so abrupt. It’s not like Jessica got arrested or summoned for something, and speaking of which, other idol(s) even managed to eke out more of their respective tours before even deciding to halt activities altogether *cough*KHJ*cough*. But this, it’s just like pushing her off the bus while it’s moving.

    • i agree with u…its more EASY if they make her choose before she got a contract with her partner to BLANC…i read in some article told that if she broke her contract she must pay USD 40million!!!
      are they want to see her bangkupt??!!!
      i can’t even believe that the member can cry?? why they cry??if they want jessica to stay MANY WAYS to go…but they don’t do anything…its USEFUL…i’m sorry…just saying this, although i’m not a SONE,,so upset..

  27. I really do not like her attitudes too. So, I couldn’t care less. It’s a sad thing SNSD will only have 8 members. Wish it didn’t affect Krystal and Sooyoung with their filming. SM always look down on Jessica as they first wanted Krystal in SNSD, not her. Aside from Sooyoung and Yoona, I don’t care the rest.

  28. Maybe the members really wanted her out! I mean seriously you can see and feel that all of them have their own activities yet they are still SNSD and can’t miss an opportunity to shout that out, yet with Jessica i don’t know why but I don’t get the same impression. Which is totally fine btw. The girl is grown up and got sick of SM and idol life. She didn’t miss promotions and events yes I’m well aware of that, but do you know if is attending all the practices or whatsoever a group need to prepare for a huge concert. She is not there most of the time and obviously she doesn’t have the enthusiasm to do so. Yeah I can see the girls have sisterly affection toward each other but this is work and not an easy type of work we are talking about. If they really didn’t want her out, I’m sure the power of 8 girls can beat SM management. However, if she is a burden to the group maybe it’s better if she takes her own path.

  29. I just went to wikipedia and jessica is already listed as a past member. Oof. I know this is bound to happen to any group. I just thought they would stay longer cause they made it this far with almost all of them pursuing solo careers. Oh well best of luck to all of them.

  30. Shit SM!!! why are u being like this!!! you make at least one people from each group to leave…TVXQ,EXO,F(X).SNSD…..except Shinee & Red Velvet^^^

  31. SM you should learn from YG…YG ent cares about IDOl…SM you are money ghost…Lee Soo Man is a singer since he is not CEO of SM…You should care how idol try their dancing & singing..They are so tired…You will know how they trained …SM differs from YG..YG cares his idols as a queen & king,..but SM look only for Money..Don’t think about Heart of Fan and IDOLS…I respects JYJ…Other gps in SM should be like that…I am very Sorry for Kris,Sulli & Krystal…IDol is also a human…so they can love & marry like everyone..News about marriage may be rumor…but if it’s true,we have to accept..We have no chance to reject about other personalities…FUCK YOU SM

    • Jessica loves her fans and was looking forward to meet her China fans with the other 8 girls. So, it’s appropriate to use Weibo to address them and tell her side of the story to the world. The other 8 distraught girls did not side with lunatic StupidMen [SM] but merely confirmed to sweet Jessica of the mad StupidMen [SM]’s idiotic decision. The Korean government and human rights groups should look into sub-human conditions and inhumane stipulations Korean idols are subject to while they work their ass off to enrich mad bosses.

  32. Oompf. Okay, so I watched Jessica&Krystal and all throughout the show I’ve always felt that Jessica has been leaning on to moving on to the next step of her career though I’ve never felt that she was willfully isolating herself from SNSD. Now, I’m not aware of the contract renewal but I thought that SNSD is on its end-life anyway. What with a majority of the members being busy with their respective gigs–the only girls who have a viable singing and performing career anyway would be TaeTiSeo. Coincidentally, TaeTiSeo is in the middle of the run of their own reality show too! Wow, now I’m more curious to watch that show even though it was a let down compared to Jessica&Krystal. I personally believe that SNSD is done and with SM’s heavy promotion of TaeTiSeo that the breaking up was quite near already, anyway. Give it one more year, two at the most.

    • Jessica doesn’t wanna stop singing though.. Fashion design and singing are her two greatest passions in life. Even she said she’s not done and to expect more from her. So TTS aren’t the only ones capable of a solo singing career. Hell, Sunny can be included in that.

  33. Seeing as how Wonder Girls disbanded after their Leader got married I can see why SM doesn’t want Jessica to get married from their fans point it might not look to desirable. I get Jessica wanting to do her own thing with fashion and marriage but she is an employee of SM and she realistically can’t do it all.

    • Wondergirls =/= SNSD

      SNSD, themselves, said they’d continue even if one of them got married..even if that member wanted to take a break for the marriage, she’d be welcome back. All things are not equal…

  34. I was never a fan of SNSD nor Jessica, but I respect her if she is thinking about her future (i.e. getting married and developing a career outside of idol life). Idol life does not last forever and I’m sure SM wouldn’t waste any time dropping her when they consider her “past her prime.” Therefore, now’s the time she can be free, enjoy her youth, and take on new challenges in her career (whatever she chooses to pursue).

  35. Not surprised. SM doesnt care about their artists’ welfare. I know they are not a charity org and they exist to make business but they have to realize that their idols are human beings and not just money generating machines.

  36. Jessica,you did a very stupid way.Why do you do this on your group members?I do not like you because you know play the love only.
    I hate you Jesssica JUNG SOOYEON.

  37. I’m sad that she left. I think SM needs to learn from YG and JYP. JYP and YG care for their artists and their artists feel happy. then there’s SM who tells them to work all day long and make them feel tired as frick. Jessica shouldn’t leave. SM needs to change. Sure their successful but treating them like this is not fair. Their humans too.

  38. I don’t to support Girls’ Generation any more the thing I like about is just their relationship…they treat each other like sister…but now it all ruined…Thanks too SM TOWN THAT ONLY WANT MONEY WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT PEOPLE’S FEELING…

  39. Seriously SMEnt is messing this year , , obviously Jessica was shocked of this . . Come to think that she’s happy when she’s on this group in a very long time . . F*ck that shit SMent !! And oh ! That’s right JESSICA SHOULDN’T LEAVE , SMENT NEEDS TO CHANGE !!
    F*CK YOU SMENT !! You don’t learn on your past issues , , I’m not a fan of Jessica but I care for her and 8 other members , ,
    FUCK YOU SMENT !! STOP FUCKING THIS YEAR !! One member that you remove in a group (EXO,and others etc!) is enough to learn in your own mistake !! KOREAN IDOLS ARE HUMANS NOT A MONEY MACHINE OR OBJECTS !!! They are not ROBOT to obey all what you say , , they have their own minds and life !! FUCK YOU SMENT !!! Go to hell ,!!
    Okay enough on that , ,

  40. Just a note on a comment by Soo Yuri Tiff years ago on a tv show..
    SNSD = virgin girls does it not?
    So it would be wierd to have a married person in the team.
    IF Tiff was married before Jess prepared to leave then Tiff would have been fired. Or Soo or Tae or Hy or Yoo… Sm chose the first to move
    after the contract sign to stop them performing
    against SM.
    SM is too big now.. no respect … I joined kpop because I really liked the respect and GOOD
    fun the groups have. AUSTRALIAN
    entertainment is abusing others. 🙁
    SO if Sica meets the others she must now bow to her superiors..

  41. +1 Risa
    At least she and the 8 have had a descision made and I really hope all of them will be able to get over the shock and stoopid SM timing and hopefully settle down to doing what they need to do. Speaking from experiencing a breakup months before a wedding it was REALLY
    important to lock in where we both stood and
    we then had something solid to stand on while
    recovering and use it to go on from there so I
    really hope all.. even the SONES will be
    able to get the facts as they are and use it for
    good stuff.. hey maybe Jessica may be able to
    make a few surprise guest appearances since she will still be in the same management 🙂
    You never know.. the way this turned out may
    have opened this door as Jessica may have
    planned to have departed in a permanant way
    that did not allow cameos.
    HEH so that means that SM may have outsmarted themselves :p
    Ill choose to take a positive view

  42. Guys I think I just understand SM, statement. It was said by ‘insiders’ that Jessica has already expressed her frustrations earlier this year. “wanting to have a life of her own” and ‘getting married soon’. She didn’t expect it to all happened this year when she met ‘Tyler Kwon’ who made all of this possible. She originally wanted to leave but expressed her decision “i still want to be GG even after getting married” – which is a lot more alarming for the girls.

    She wanted to have her own ‘fashion business’ and go to school and get married. The members knows that and of course they would be alarmed. Having your own business is good but put your focus on GG.

    They were surprised too that Jessica launched her own fashion business last August I think? *correct me if I’m wrong* and although members and SM originally agreed.

    Of course they were on doubts, ‘where are your priorities?’ members and SM demand on GG of course. After a long talk and deliberation members demanded Jessica to choose her priorities. While SM is scared of course that Blanc will dragged GG name in her business.

    It’s normal for bands like this to get tired and want to have a different life. But Jessica have to learned a lesson that ‘life is a risk’ and you cant put GG as second option in case Blanc didnt actually did all so good.

  43. That statement from a nameless person claiming to be from SM Entertainment is the most unprofessional corporate communique that I have ever seen.

    Speech Communication 101: Professional Communications:

    1. Greeting and Salutations
    2. Introduction and Qualifications (what right does the person have to speak on behalf of a company or organization
    3. Purpose for the communication
    4. Statement
    5. Closing
    6. Signature if it is a non-verbal communication.

    Also, I am sure that those that are running SM Entertainment, don’t want it known that they may routinely like about the status of their artist.

    Finally, I ask just two questions:

    1. What sense does it make to remove a member from the group right before a fan meet in a country where she is the most popular member; and,

    2. Why would you have the remaining 8 girls sing ‘Complete’ the day after you removed one of the members from the group and the whole of the Kpop world knows that she is no longer a member and that the group is no longer complete.

  44. why????? why sm will do this …??? jessica jung is my best and she is have many fans i don’t know why sm do that with all the kpop 🙁 i’m going to hate sm 🙁 and why luhan leaved rxo :/ really i don’t understand any thing about SM Town !

  45. I would like to say that the secret garden drama and Girl’s Generation were the introduction for me to the korean people and culture . In less than a year I have learned as much as I can about korean but sadly I am unable to comprehend SM’S actions . Jessica leaving should have been handled with more delicacy and her “sisters” should have shown much more love and care at this time of striking out on her own . I believe Jessica leaving was a sign of her growing into an adult and unwillingly be a wake-up call for all the members of G/G that life is about changes but love last s forever just like our love for all off you. Good luck Jessica & TO ALL G&G…

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