My Spring Days Episode 6 Recap

I love this face. She can’t and doesn’t want to hide anything from the world. Her desire to make others happy stems from the motivation to enjoy her own second chance at life. Her family has protected her up to this point from anything bad happening to her, but they can’t protect her forever. They have been making decisions about her health, where she works, who she dates, when she sleeps. It has to be stifling for a grown woman to live under those watchful eyes. Who knew that a solo pilgrimage of thanks for the gift of life she received would shake everything and everyone up as much as this one did? The growing discontent she feels now didn’t appear out of nowhere at Udo, but she may have discovered then that there may be more to life than what her family has shown her so far.

Episode 6 recap:

Outside the hospital, Bom-yi tries to hand Dong-ha a recipe for a healing porridge. Not only will he not take it, he tells her to stop giving him things. He leaves her stranded and confused. Dong-wook witnesses the interaction. When she tries to follow his brother, Dong-wook grabs her arm to stop her. All Bom-yi wants is to make sure Dong-ha is OK, and Dong-wook assures her he is. She tells him to let go of her arm – it hurts. The Doctor tells her that Dong-ha has just a little cut; he’s really all right.

What did Dong-ha want anyway? Dong-wook hands over the boomerang bracelet, which starts another wave of worry from the young woman. She wants to know, “Why is he giving it back? Why did he tell me not to give him anything?”

Her fiancé repeats to her protests, his brother is fine and doesn’t need her to worry about him even if he were injured because of her. Dong-wook’s patience is wearing thin. He understands, he does. It’s just not that big a deal. Bom-yi hears something in his voice and backs off. Dong-ha drives home, recalling his brother’s accusation of him liking his fiancée. Distracted, he almost runs people over at a cross walk. He replays his plea to Bom-yi to stop giving him things, and recalls the hurt expression on her face before he walked away. We hear Dong-wook say, “I’m scared that you’ll take her from me again.”

The cars behind him beep, which brings him back to the present.

The doctor gets a call from his mom. She lets him know the wedding is canceled since Bom-yi had heart surgery.

A war council is called with Bom-yi’s parents and Dong-wook.

How could Bom-yi be so careless to let it be known about her heart surgery? Dong-wook asks them to understand why his mother is so sensitive since his sister in law died so suddenly. They want the opportunity to explain that Bom-yi is actually fine. He apologizes to them for his mother. Bom-yi’s mother will not give up and expects to resolve it.  Dad asks about the fracas in the kitchen. Nobody replies, and mom says she is working on it. Miss Bae told her a little about it – that his brother helped. He is fine no big deal.

Afterward, Bom-yi protests. How could it be no big deal if his Hyung got hurt helping her and her colleagues? He assures it was because he didn’t want them to worry. Bom-yi is not letting this go, which upsets Dong-wook. Why is she not as concerned that his mother is blocking their marriage?

Dong-ha tests the range of motion for his wounded arm. Sec Lee asks about it and scolds him for not bringing him along for protection.

He strikes an intimidating pose claiming he learned:  “Muay Thai.” Dong-ha ignores him and stares ahead blankly.

The kitchen is on clean up from the earlier disturbance.

Se-na gets the scoop on Dong-ha’s injury and thanks god everything ended well. Bom-yi still feels bad enough to disregard Dong-ha’s direct order.

She goes to his office with a thermos. They sit and talk.  She asks about his injury and hands over the sesame porridge. He declines it. Bom-yi wants clarification. “I can’t even do this? You got hurt because of me…and I can’t even do this for you?” After several attempts to parry her kindness attacks, and questions, he finally gets to the crux of the issue. Doesn’t she get it?

Firmly, he declares. “I like you, Miss Lee Bom-yi. I like you, Bom-yi. So don’t give me anything…and don’t come near me.” The confession makes him frown and shake his head. I don’t know what Bom-yi was expecting, but it wasn’t this. She talks through the recent events reframed by what she just learned.

“So that is why you returned the bracelet?” Can they not see each other anymore? Why does he like her? His confusion equals hers, “I don’t know why I am like this either. We meet often and I enjoy my time with you very much.” THIS touches her and she frowns as if she is about to cry, finally silenced. He continues, “We even met a long time ago…so I’m started to think we share some sort of fate. I think that’s why I like you…but I shouldn’t.”

 She walks along hearing the rest of the conversation. He is sorry that he likes her, though she doesn’t agree you should be apologetic for something like that. He requests time to get over her. She arrives at Dong-wook’s house; the pair sit and talk.

Did Dong-wook know that Dong-ha liked her? He is shocked that his brother confessed. She knows Dong-wook did it to protect himself from her. He claims he was afraid Bom-yi would think his Hyung strange. He’s much older, and she is his fiancée.

This doesn’t make sense to Bom-yi, since they first met before Dong-ha knew who she was. He counters by asking why she hid meeting Dong-ha and his family from him? Well, yes, she admits it was her fault but not Dong-ha’s. Dong-wook’s need to poke at his own sore spot comes out. He wants to know does she feel?

“Your brother is a good person. Then what do you want me to say? He likes me, but I don’t like him. You’re the only one for me. Is that what you want to hear?”

Why can’t she say that? (I would like to know this, too.) For some reason, she cannot. “Things are already too complicated for me.” My take is Bom-yi doesn’t see any reason for him to worry about her feelings. Aren’t they obvious to him? “What do you want to know?” Maybe he perceives her dislike of his suspicion because he backs down. “I don’t know.”

In her own little corner, she recalls Dong-ha’s confession and holds the bracelet. Dong-wook throws away the porridge. Dong-ha examines his ceiling remembering his words to Bom-yi.

News of the cafeteria’s closing appears on the bulletin board at the hospital the next day.

Dong-wook and Bom-yi’s father continue their bonding – this time over a game of Go. They discuss Bom-yi’s immaturity. Her early life was spent in hospital rooms. After her new heart, she worked constantly in the hospital. She never dated. Her idea of right and wrong isn’t the same as everyone else’s. They agree that is part of her charm as well as the challenge of loving her.

Dong-wook learns of the outsourcing plan and Bom-yi’s job loss.

Bom-yi complains to her mom about her closing the hospital’s cafeteria, but mom is actually relieved since her daughter can now prepare for her marriage. There may be a chance after all to persuade Dr. Kang’s mother to accept her.  Not working after the wedding? This surprises Bom-yi. “I’ll work even if I get married.” Her mother tells her not to be absurd. It’ll be enough work to support her husband. As of now, she needs to get out of the hospital. Even though Bom-yi wants to visit patients and apologize. The international contract date is coming up, which means VIP guests will be there scrutinizing. Mom admonishes Bom-yi to “think about what’s good for all of us.”

Sec Lee informs Dong-ha about Bom-yi’s layoff from the hospital.

There isn’t anything they could do…unless he convinces them to take on their employees, which Dong-ha promptly does. He knows how important Bom-yi’s work is to her and how earnest she was with it. He meets with Miss Bae asking her to keep his involvement a secret. Sec Lee destroys this circle of trust by letting Bom-yi know almost immediately of his boss’s good will. Dong-wook overhears and is pissed. Bom-yi realizes this interference from Dong-ha is just another reason for Dong-wook to be suspicious.

Dong-wook accompanies Bom-yi to the police station so she can give her account of the attack.

They run in to Dong-ha there, and hear his testimony. The cop is looking for trouble, wanting to find out why he was at the hospital kitchen in the first place. The story sounds worse than it is. Bom-yi is his brother’s girlfriend that he was going to talk with. The cop scolds him, “You’re interfering with their relationship. That’s why you got hurt in such an unfortunate accident.” He downplays his involvement.

Bom-yi overreacts, protesting that he got hurt because of her. He did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be implicated in anything negative. Dong-wook warns, “The situation could be misinterpreted by others.” Bom-yi is not worried by what others think, but “the way you treat him disappoints me…” She leaves.

Dong-wook reveals how hurt he is by all this in a conversation with Dong-ha. ” Why did you confess to her? You should’ve hidden it…Also… why did you help Bom-yi again (getting her job back)? I clearly told you that I hate it.”

Dong-ha wanted Bom-yi to keep working because it was so important to her. He is sorry but his biggest guilt was not giving Soo-jung the opportunity to study after they married. The kids came too fast.  Everything seems to be linked to their experience with Soo-jung, which disturbs Dong-wook . It’s all because of Soo-jung. “When I’m with you…I become so pathetic. I don’t want to be like this in front of Bom-yi. So, please…I’m sorry, but…let’s not see each other for a while…like things used to be.” Dong-ha seems hurt but not surprised. At home, Dong-ha sits with an unopened bottle of soju making an effort to break his bad habit.

Bom-yi unapologetically calls Dong-ha out to talk. She even gave him 8 or so sugar packets for his coffee, which he doesn’t use because of her earlier advice. After considering taking his assistance in getting her job back, she tells him she is turning it down.

He won’t let her give him anything, so she can’t accept anything either. His reckoning, however, is that he still owes her after all she did for him and his family. He explains how afraid he was after his wife died, especially with a girl on the verge of teen years. “So I didn’t know what to do when that day came, but there you were.

You took care of her and even gave her a gift. You became her friend…and I was really grateful for it.” She counters that they already had a drink to settle that. He smiles and repeats her words “A woman who’s too attractive,” and she finishes it, “I can’t control it.” They go back and forth with what they have done for each other. She thinks he gives her more in return. She likes him, too, and enjoys the time with him. She did contemplate closing her eyes and taking the job, but how would she pay him back? There isn’t anything she can do for him. He wants to know why she can’t just take it. It’s the last thing he will do for her. But she worries that taking the job means she manipulated his feelings for her. He doesn’t want her to feel so burdened that she cannot accept it. She is sorry, she won’t.

Dong-wook takes her box of belongings at the hospital and offers to drive her home. She can tell he is feeling low, and he admits feeling pathetic. Bom-yi doesn’t want him to hate his brother because. He agrees, but looks worried.

Miss Bae texts Dong-ha that Bom-yi didn’t accept the position.

We see Bom-yi take down her personal things, and read her name on her gown. Her memories of work flash by – she puts the bracelet in the box.

Bom-yi oma waits for Dong-wook’s mother, who doesn’t show at a restaurant. She lies to the reluctant woman that she wasn’t able to make it either.

Se-na wants to know if Bom-yi has plans for SDM “Studio.Dress.Make-up.” for the wedding.  Everyone is rushing her to get married. It isn’t what Bom-yi wants. Instead her thoughts dwell on Dong-ha who she imagines is there in the restaurant.

Dong-ha has his own international visitors from China to lead on tours. During a walk down the cornfield, he relives his walk with Bom-yi and their lively talk.

Outside the hospital because Bom-yi has been warned to stay out, Bom-yi briefly talks with Dong-wook, when Poo-reun calls him. It seems the picnic never happened, so Dong-wook agrees to it with Bom-yi. She is thrilled and touched. They shop, and we witness one of those moments (I don’t like) when Soo-jung’s mom and she accidentally touch.

This sends the mom to take some calming medicine because her heart is beating so fast. (I guess the fact that she has heart medicine in the first place could simply mean her heart is racing because of her health.)(Not cellular memory.)

At the park, the kids and Bom-yi run amuck while Samchoon works building the tent. They torture him with squirt guns and force him to fly a kite without wind.

(He is so cute being that awkward, I love him.)

In a quieter moment, Bom-yi reads the same book as before to them, while Dong-wook adores her and takes photos.

In a moment of honesty, Ba-da wishes Bom-yi could be their mother. This ruins Dong-wook’s happy mood. He goes to take her photo,  she can’t even force a smile for him, but moments later lights up at the kids.  Paging Doctor Dong-wook gets the inevitable call from the hospital and has to leave. So, of course, their father will take them home. Dong-wook makes him promise to let Bom-yi take a taxi home. With very little foreboding, Dong-wook gets into his car and leaves.

At home, excited to go see Bom-yi, Dong-ha stops himself before shaving for her.

He takes a long look in the mirror, reminding himself where he stands with his future sister-in-law. Ba-da cries saying good-bye, making Bom-yi promise to see them again. The kids bow so politely as they say leave sadly. Dong-ha comes over to thank her and a full ten seconds of silence passes before they speak. Their body language shows an understanding of the situation. She smiles, he smiles, but they try not to reveal any real feelings. He breaks through the wall first when he gets personal.

“Why did you quit? The Bom-yi I know does her best at her job and passionately loves her working more than anything else. I liked seeing you that way. After you quit your job. I’m actually a little disappointed.”  She listens, touched, and thanks him for understanding. She has been waiting for someone to tell her that. Everyone else thought it was a good idea, and she did what others wanted. His advice is completely opposite, “You should do what you want, Bom-yi, no matter what other people tell you.”

Dong-ha finds the camera, glancing through the photos of his kids with Bom-yi.

The serious stone face of Bom-yi stops him cold.

Bom-yi looks through her own photos, reminiscing over the highlights of her job at the hospital.

She is encouraged by Dong-ha’s words; she pulls the bracelet back out of the box, recalling his suggestion to do what she wants.

Another meeting with Dong-wook at a restaurant. She lets him know she is going to go back to work, and Dong-wook has no problem with that, as long as they get married first.

She objects, “Why does he get to decide all of this?” This takes him off guard. “I’m the owner of myself and I’m the owner of my heart.” She gives back the proposal necklace. He notices immediately she is wearing the Hyung’s handmade bracelet.

“Is this because of Hyung? because of something he said?

Why is she acting like this all of a sudden? He tries to connect her change to when she met his brother, but Bom-yi says it is because of him. He has been acting strange lately, not to mention his mother opposes her and her mother has turned into a beggar and she isn’t allowed to see Dong-ha and his kids?  “Now you are pushing me to get married” She isn’t sure she wants to marry him or not. Because it was her decision to agree, she will explain it all to her mother that she has changed her mind. Right now ”I want to live for myself and I want to live how I want to.” She says she is sorry as she leaves.

Dong-wook calls out Hyung to a bar and demands to know what he said to change Bom-yi’s mind.

His inferiority complex comes out strong. Maybe Soo-jung didn’t love him, but that doesn’t mean Bom-yi won’t. Is he that bad in comparison? He’s younger and has a successful career; he can make her happy.  Dong-ha doesn’t understand because there is something else at play here – a different reason Dong-wook can’t win. Slowly, he reveals how Bom-yi’s miracle was because a woman of similar height and build who died on Udo Island. We learn the story behind his wife’s death. Once a year Soo-jung went back to gather conch on Dong-ha’s birthday and this time there was an accident. He was aware she donated her organs, right? Dong-ha now understands his recurring dream of Bom-yi comforting him.

“Soo-jung’s heart is Bom-yi’s now.”


Under normal drama conditions, Dong-ha’s reluctant confession would have been awww inducing. But he isn’t a curmudgeonly fellow begrudgingly admitting he has a soft spot for her. He isn’t afraid to take a chance at love; he would LOVE to be able to bring this girl into his life and cherish her. His acknowledgement is supposed to push her way further, not induce her to try harder. The cute interactions between them seem so distant now that Dong-ha has accepted his situation. I feel torn between rooting for him to keep Bom-yi for himself, and wanting him to be a good brother and a decent human being. When he started to pretty himself up, I was pulling for him. He’s a better man than I, though, and he pulled us both back to reality.

Dong-wook – what is it about this whole Soo-jung thingamabob that you can’t handle? Has he always been this insecure? It seems a classic case of learned helplessness. Conditioned by his failure with Soo-jung, he imagines that he can NEVER win against his brother. He is the only one who can change this perception. Too bad introspection doesn’t seem to be part of his plan.

I am not sure what revealing the owner of the heart will do for him, but I am glad it is out in the open now so everyone can address it.

Three cheers to Bom-yi for putting her foot down, too. The times they are a changing for her. She owes it to herself to make choices for her future happiness. I hope her parents are prepared to give her the space to do so, even if it means failing in their eyes.


My Spring Days Episode 6 Recap — 6 Comments

  1. Yaay for another recap 🙂 Thanks a lot for your time and work !
    Frankly, I really loved that episode. It was for most parts, sad and silents but I just love the characters so much.
    For Dong Ha, I didn’t take his confession as being immoral but really fitting with his personality because he is such a honest guy. He wanted to keep her away from him but he couldn’t keep with lies so he prefered to be truthful with her.
    I really liked Bom Yi stepping up for her life too. In previous episodes, I really didn’t realize how planned her life was by her parents. I can understand though but yeah’, she is the owner of her life so it’s up to her to do what she wants from now on.

    Tomorrow is episode 7 😀 I am hoping for a great episode as usual and better ratings too. Double digits will be amazing 🙂

  2. Thank you for the recap, i haven’t been able to watch my spring days yet. I owe you one. I’m firmly on the DH and BY team, but an happy ending for Dong wook won’t hurt, hopeful he can heal himself from all his issues

  3. Thanks jomo for the recap. I adored this episode and im on pins and needles waiting for this weeks episodes. I like that everything is out in the open now and also especially love that Bom Yi is finally standing up for herself. She’s a grown woman after all and not a baby and therefore is entitled to make her own decisions.
    I feel for the men. DW cos he has this massive inferiority complex and chip on his shoulder and I want him to be comforted. DH and BY are my OTP and I wat them together more than anything but I’m really curious as to how he will pursue her without feeling like a bad brother….. So many fun times ahead.

    I also didn’t like that part in the supermarket with the dead wife’s mum. I hope they get out of that cellular storyline ish completely

  4. Thanks for the recap Jomo!

    Sec Lee is getting on my nerve. Can’t help but feel that he’s trying to copy Sec Tak of FTLY but failing miserably. The feels just isn’t there. And running his mouth off with what’s meant to be his boss’ secret move…just annoys.

    As for DW, he’s the one that’s caught up in the cellular memory thingmajig, accusing his brother of stealing his woman AGAIN, when there’s been no indication that he and Soo Jeong were a couple and not merely childhood friends. Even DW’s involvement with BY is questionable; when and why? I suspect it’s mainly because BY now has SJ’s heart, giving a second chance for DW to be with his first lost love. If this is true, then he is truly, in his own words, pathetic.

    As for BY’s mom, I think she was grovelling to DW’s mom who stood her up and had no intention of meeting the former, when she texted her being sorry for not meeting the latter. Keeping DW tied to the hospital seems to be her main intent, even if it means manipulating her daughter to quickly marry and to stop working. One scary lady……

  5. thanks for the recap jomo. you captured perfectly the characters’ every emotion.

    i seem to be alone in feeling like bom yi’s love for dong wook should have been more steady than that. at the start of the drama, she looked happily in love and committed. all of a sudden, she cant cut him any slack and chooses to think that all she wanted before was what others wanted for her.

    i feel for both men. their angst is much more real and relatable to me. so, i can only gather that it is because the writer wants us to think in the direction of how that heart moves this woman to the older brother. if so, i hope dong wook realises that their relationship wasnt very much to begin with if it could just be given up so easily by one party.

  6. Hi Jomo!

    My love for this drama keeps growing and growing! I feel like I’m reliving a memory of younger days when you realized you had a major crush on someone. Can’t wait to read your comments on episodes 7 and 8. Thanks!

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