First Look at My Sassy Girl 2 with Cha Tae Hyun, Victoria of f(x), and Fuji Mina

Leave it to running-out-of-ideas combined with greedy production companies to piss on a beloved original in order to milk money from the masses through a sequel. Filming has started in Busan for the upcoming My Sassy Girl 2 with the return of Cha Tae Hyun (does he desperately need money?) paired with Victoria of f(x) to represent China and Fuji Mina for the Japanese contingent. It is a direct sequel to the 2001 original with Cha Tae Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun with him playing the same hapless boyfriend character, but now he’s broken up with his first sassy girlfriend and found new love with a second sassy girl that is from China played by Victoria. After their marriage (or perhaps during the preparations for the wedding) is when she unleashes her full sassiness on him when she suspects another girl played by Fuji Mina is making a play for her man. This movie is a joint Korea-China production and aims for a simultaneous theater release in both countries sometime next year.

This whole film isn’t just necessary, it looks awful already as Victoria glaring and pouting is a mere pale facsimile of Jeon Ji Hyun’s blazing charisma. Not to mention Fuji Mina is basically a Japanese chinless wonder with zero screen presence. I would feel bad for Cha Tae Hyun except he agreed to star in this, unless somewhere a dark gangster twisted his arm until he agreed.

Somewhere in a swanky penthouse unit in Seoul, Jeon Ji Hyun is tossing her hair back and swishing her hips as she continues being the fabulous and rich screen goddess that she is while avoiding this hot mess.


First Look at My Sassy Girl 2 with Cha Tae Hyun, Victoria of f(x), and Fuji Mina — 28 Comments

  1. “Somewhere in a swanky penthouse unit in Seoul, Jeon Ji Hyun is tossing her hair back and swishing her hips as she continues being the fabulous and rich screen goddess that she is while avoiding this hot mess.”

    Lol. I do believe that is THE BEST closing comment you’ve ever given, Mrs. K. Funny AND very likely prophetic (if it hasn’t happened already). I can easily imagine Jeon doing just that. =D

  2. JJH is too big a star for a lame sequel happening > 10 years after the fantastic original. CTH on the other hand may not be as big a star as her, so I’m not surprised if some big guys managed to wring his arm to sign up for it (or I’d much prefer, hang a carrot so big and juicy that he can’t say no). They do need one (if not both) of the leads to make a sequel more convincing and milkable no? Sigh, too bad JJH is one of a kind… big shoes to fill!

  3. What is your weird obsession with chins? I see it in a lot of your posts. Eddie Peng’s chin is too long. SSK doesn’t have a chin. And now Fuji Mina is a chinless wonder…

    • you said fujii mina zero screen presence? How much you know about her? I admitt she is superstar she still hae demand in korea n jap

      • she have none. a brick wall is much an actor as her.
        superstar?! gurlll…you’re one delulu fan.

  4. I can’t stand the original, but even to me the idea trying to replace JJH in that film is just daft.

    And to replace her with someone who has essentially zero acting experience… mind- boggling.

  5. If this movie is an actual sequel, featuring the same male character getting together with a new female character, doesn’t that totally negate everything that happened in the first movie and make it pointless? I didn’t even like My Sassy Girl, but this kind of blatant attempt to extract more cash without the slightest respect for the story irritates me anyway.

    • WTF. this is suppose to be a direct sequel?, and now they say now he’s broken up with the first sassy girl? The what was the point with the first film then. All that is pointless. Doesn’t feel so direct.

  6. God, this is absolutely awful.

    I loved the first movie mainly because of Cha Tae Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. The story itself was alright, but the refreshing part was a non-Candy girl as the main female protagonist, and Jeon Ji Hyun doing a bang-up job of making her likable despite being a completely crazy weirdo (at least from Cha Tae Hyun’s perspective).

    But now that it’s been done, there’s no real point to do it again AND with the same character as part of the duo….

    Cha Tae Hyun, what are you thinking?

  7. Nooooo, this sequal just ruin the prequel with windstruck making CTH and JJH look like they were destined OTP…:( ughhh is it going to be same director?

  8. no!
    Victoria sucks!
    If there will be any sequel they should leave it to the only goddess Jun Ji Hyun! I wish the film will not be successful
    Cha tae hyun should have refused to be gyun woo if Ji hyun is not his leading lady!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cha Tae hyun made a mistake!

  9. LMAO You sound too immature and like pressed fan girl in denial instead of being professionally critical. Watch first then make your verdict. That’s what smart people do lol
    Oh and Victoria looks gorgeous in those pics muhahaha

  10. Actually I really like the story and for thoose ignorant people everywhere get your suck tin heads sucked tin hearts and no respect attitude away from here even though a lot of you denied or don’t want to finish this movie or this movie will end ahhh loser sucks this will continue and it will be successful forthoose jjh fans out there ahhh sorry but lozers sucks winners owns victory and iI hope you know that Victoria was called Victoria because of her successful victory of being a top artist and great leader huhuhuh

  11. LMAO I actually forgot I was here before lol And I was using another name “Kakadu”XD
    And yeah the OP be like “this is bad because I don’t like it” lmao

  12. I guess, they ruined my childhood my simply making this movie. This is too much. I expect that everything is done and dope for this movie. For real, cth made a big mistake. 🙁

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