Tomorrow’s Cantabile First Three Episode Ratings Each Drop Double-Digits

Hate to have to say this, but maybe K-dramas really shouldn’t attempt another Japanese manga adaptation for the foreseeable future. Or at least hold off until it figures out how to delicately flesh out the source material in a Korean aesthetic without butchering it wholesale. I haven’t written about Tomorrow’s Cantabile (Naeil’s Cantabile), the Korean adaptation of the shoujo manga Nodame Cantabile, since it premiered last week. I honestly don’t have a single good thing to say about it after watching the first two episodes so refrained from piling on or raining on the parade of those who do like it. It’s not for me doesn’t mean it’s not for somebody out there.

Sadly for production coming in with high expectations, it’s now looking more and more like a whole lot of people may not find it a palatable either despite the big name stars and big budget. TC premiered on KBS with a decent 8.5% ABG rating for episode one but since then it’s been on a fast track downward spiral, dropping to 7.4% in episode two and now to 5.8% with yesterday’s episode three. Ouch. Every previous Joo Won drama on KBS has been a massive ratings hit from Baker King Kim Tak Goo, Ojakkyo Brothers, Gaksital, and Good Doctor but it looks like his KBS hit streak has finally come to an end.

Tomorrow’s Cantabile’s double-digit ratings drop is even more noticeable considering Mon-Tues have been a dead man’s land in terms of quality dramas and ratings, the stupider than a sack of potatoes fantasy sageuk Records of a Night Watchman leads in the low teens ratings mostly by inertia of not having any competition. Discovery of Romance was too frustrating for most viewers while The Secret Door likely too dour and/or serious, TC really had a ratings chance but blew it by basically being a case study on how not to adapt a popular written source material.

I haven’t watched a second of The Secret Door so I can’t render any opinion on that sageuk drama, but Tomorrow’s Cantabile is qualitatively a better drama than Records of a Night Watchman, a drama that basically makes zero sense wrapped in bad acting from most of the cast. But TC being better than another crappier drama means nothing, especially when TC exists as a different version of a story where a nearly universally beloved earlier drama adaptation already exists. If there wasn’t the Tamaki HiroshiUeno Juri version of Nodame Cantabile, then perhaps TC would be received better since it has nothing to stack up to. But the reality is that TC was always going to be judged both on its own merits and against the J-dorama, and knowing that the production still failed in all ways to grasp the source material.

Joo Won doesn’t bring the condescending arrogance and pent-up frustration of Chiaki while Shim Eun Kyung turns Nodame from a weirdo into a straight up fool. Between the two of them, Joo Won is actually more bearable to watch, I basically cringed through every scene from Shim Eun Kyung in the first two episodes. She’s doing a shockingly terrible interpretation of Nodame, whether it’s her own take or she’s being written/directed that way. Nodame is an oddball on campus, not the school buffoon, a 4D girl with a love of music and a lack of social graces. Shim Eun Kyung’s Naeil is basically the campus idiot. So wrong, so much wrong I can’t even.

K-Stresemann is dull without any zing to him and even the pitch perfect Milch Holstein joke fell flat when it was such a brilliant aside in the original. There are too many side characters in the K-version so that none of the main leads are given the proper development, and what passes for character development is glossed over rather than organically introduced. I’m not even going to touch the music but my classical musician drama friends have declared the K-version to be butchering the musical playing while at the J-version properly paid respect to the technique of the piano playing and the conducting.

Nodame Cantabile is nowhere near my favorite J-dorama, the first time around I enjoyed it and moved right along when it was done without any lingering attachment to the story. The K-version actually makes me appreciate the J-version more for so effortlessly bringing to life such a rich weird musical world without ever making it feel like a caricature. If the ratings for TC resurrects after hitting this new low then the production can heave a sigh of relief otherwise TC continues the multi-year ratings bombs of drama adapted from Japanese mangas.


Tomorrow’s Cantabile First Three Episode Ratings Each Drop Double-Digits — 89 Comments

  1. Miss Koala secret door is a really great drama but its not easy viewing if you know what I mean. The tone of the drama is really serious.

    The nodame remake seemed liked a caricature of the original. I have higher hopes for liar game since they made it a reality show.

    • Well I’ve watched the J-version for over 5 times so probably I’m biased towards it, this is my very personal opinion.
      I can’t talk about how terrible TC is as I’m not an expert in this, but I dislike the Korean version. I liked the first two episodes, but after that it went down to the love triangle, academic politics and things rather than just enjoying music. I think the storyline is too much about the love between SN & YJ, it’s no longer about their love for music.
      And to look at SN’s piano, I can’t tell that she’s enjoying piano from her expression. YJ is slightly better, when he conducts he looks a little happier tho.

      If I watch TC as an ordinary k-drama I think I’ll love it, as it’s very typical-love triangles, academic politics, conflicts among friends, romantic scenes and whatnot. However if you’re expecting something musical, artistic and sensitive, I think you should go for the J version as the interpretation of Nodame is way more sensitive than Naeil. It’s through Nodame that I feel like I really love music, but not TC. Anyway it’s still good as a ‘typical’ Korean drama tho!

  2. Well if you look in a another way, none of the dramas these days are doing good.. Even the popular slot Wed-Thursday arent quite doing well either. My Spring days is sucks too, the drama doesnt even have a double digit rating.

      • Everyone bounds with their own opinion I guess. I really like MSD and actually it is the only drama i watched on this current time. Oh wait, I just added Misaeng on the list. lol. But I have to be true about TC.. I have problem watching it especially when I have such a high expectation on the casts and yet all of those went down because of the characters weren’t interpreted the way I thought it would be. This is the problem with all Kdrama remakes to be honest. I felt like the scriptwriter just blindly took a famous Japanese drama without actually do any depth research on the subject. That’s how it got so bad. Nodame is a very complex character that perhaps you need a very versatile actress to pull it off. Sigh.. what a mess..

    • I am watching secret door. and yup it is quite serious. But man has it taken my fancy, Park Eun Bin and Lee Je Hoon have good onscreen chemistry!!!

      but I guess I understand where you are coming from, Kdrama nowadays are missing the ZINGfactor. But one drama is really bringing it for me, OCN’s thriller criminal drama BAD GUYS. just awesome!

  3. Honestly, I enjoyed the first episodes of Naeil’s Cantabile. If this drama’s able to make me finish it from the beginning to the very end, and I end up watching it more than once, then I won’t have any complaint.
    I know nothing about music so I’m quite indifferent when it comes to the butchering done to the musical playing. The only thing that seems really ogg is the ending ost, they should have put instrumental music instead.

    • –looking forward to the romance between the main leads and, of course, it would be pretty nice to know more about the supporting cast’s background. I just hope there will be enough episodes to give at least an overview of their individual stories (since there won’t be any movie).

      • Finally I’m feeling relief for an open statement.

        despite the silliness of Nodame Cantabile, it did gave viewers good remarkable impression on classical music and for people like me who doesnt appreciate classical music, my naive-ity and s mesmerised by it. TC has a different approach and lets just enjoy to those who are following it ;-p

        I sincerely luvs following ms koala recaps – but…. with due respect…. I also noted the hints of dislike against Joo-won…

  4. I haven’t watched the drama myself but I have Korean friends who told me that the drama comes across as flat. These Korean friends haven’t read the manga nor watched previous screen adaptations of the manga.

  5. Thank you for this. I feel that everytime I bring up the k-version as butchering the original (manga or J-drama), I get lots of brickbats. My issues are the same – the music selection in the k-remake is poor and lacks understanding of the original pieces to the characters. For example, replacing Beethoven’s Pathetique with Liszt loses the initial connection between the leads – there is no “cantabile” feel in how Naeil played Liebestraume, which misses the entire point of Nodame’s playing style. Yoojin didn’t even have time to figure out why he liked Naeil’s playing before being dragged away. The motivations, if any, for the two-piano duet were not well established either. And to have a pop song as closing credits… that’s just wrong for a drama about classical music.

    This is a result of the production not having grasped the essence of the characters themselves. I don’t understand why they interpreted Naeil to be such – Nodame is not a five-year-old idiot who manhandles and obsesses over the first good-looking (drunk) guy she sees. She’s also not some smart-mouth chick trying to be “quirky”. There’s much to Nodame than her outwardly 4D-ness and often she understands more than she lets on. Yoojin is just a watered-down version of Chiaki – as a typical kdrama rom-com hero, he would have done fine. But there is much dichotomy in Chiaki’s personality that makes his character development and musical growth throughout the drama much more satisfying to follow – there’s little in Yoojin’s character that shows this. K-Stresemann was boring and had no ero-jiijii vibe, which was a defining characteristic of the original character – the guy was an oddball lecher who would have taken advantage of Nodame had Chiaki not stepped in. I found Ilrak to be a bit of a thug, which isn’t what Mine is.

    The conducting is a joke from the get go and the playing wasn’t much to shout about either. The funny scenes that were supposed to be funny fell flat. The storyline execution is poor and I feel it assumes 1) that viewers would already have some understanding of the plot and characters since there are already the existing manga, Jdrama and anime; and 2) because of this assumption, viewers thereby would “understand” if the remake didn’t “explain” certain things. That, or they were banking on viewers who had not read/seen the manga, Jdrama or anime and wouldn’t mind what was dished out.

    I think it’s all very well to not want to do a frame-by-frame copy of the original Jdrama, but at the very least the remake must understand what the story and characters are really about. I’m not seeing that here.

    • Snow, I agree with you 100%.

      The crux of the problem isn’t a difference in interpretation (it’s cool when remakes bring something new to the table). But rater, TC is mediocre and lacks a fundamental respect for the heart and soul of Nodame Cantabile.

      The remake sucks. Period. The narrative lacks coherence. The characterizations are not compelling. The acting is all over the place. And the overall editing/production feels shallow.

      The comedy and liveliness of the original are carried by this massive collision of opposites. He’s uptight. She’s warm and bizarre. He’s obsessive-compulsively clean. She lives like primordial cavewoman. He approaches music with perfectionism and precision, paying utmost respect to the composer’s intent. She plays music like a rock star.

      These opposites meet and chaos/hijinks ensues (like when he discovers goo leaking from her trashed balcony lololol). But along the way there is transformation and transfiguration. His is a world of fragmented childhood, arrogance, and one hellishly traumatic flying experience; you get the sense that he’s weighed down by his own brilliance and neuroticism. Yet as he inhabits more and more of Nodame’s strange environment (she makes things happen! friends flock to her! music is lively and wonderful from her fingertips!), he loosens up and becomes more free. And above all he becomes the first champion of her music. He believes in her genius when she is blind to it. He cleans after her and makes sure she eats.

      So how much of this narrative does the K-remake butcher? Well, a lot.

      In TC, Yoo-Jin comes across as slightly melancholy rather than frustrated and frozen with doubt/anxiety. You don’t get the sense that he’s literally *stuck* in Korea and can’t travel to Europe and is about to give up on classical music. When he plays that cadenza from Grieg’s piano concerto (op. 16), he is scolded for “playing it however he wants”. UM. NO? The point is that Nodame (not Chiaki!) is one who “plays it however she wants”, and because of it, transforms Chiaki’s attitude towards music. If he’s already such a musical maverick, what’s the point of meeting Nodame?

      And then there’s the problem of Naeil, who is genuinely unappealing. Nodame is a messy oddball, yes … but she’s charming too. The original meeting between Nodame and Chiaki is wrapped in tenderness and mystery. The remake makes the moment too long, with lots of gross oogling on Naeil’s part, and some nasty-ass chocolate stains on his shirt as she gropes him.

      So then you’re left with very little interesting story to tell. The stakes are low, and the future is unclear.

      • Spot on. It’s pathetic what the remake has done, and the mistake starts almost from the get-go. I’ll just name one scene:

        In the original, Chiaki is shown to be mired in despair, his happy times with Vieira sensei contrasting sharply with his current misery – this is beautifully depicted through a series of shots that are either close-ups of his pain or show him boxed in (by furniture, walls, pillars etc). He’s half shrouded in darkness while gazing forlornly at the bright light outside. The whole segment is intercut with scenes of the horrific emergency landing, hinting at a possible childhood trauma. Chiaki is seated on the floor, leaning back against the pillar, smoking – at the end of it, his head droops. His whole posture and demeanour show how helpless he feels.

        What does the k-remake do? Show Yoojin sitting in his posh armchair staring mopily at his conducting baton, drinking wine in his nice, bright and sunny gigantic house with a huge bookshelf. What despair was there? It didn’t even take two minutes. How is anyone to relate to whatever piecemeal “pain” or “despair” that Yoojin is supposedly feeling? He’s more like some mopey suitor who got rejected on his first date.

        When Chiaki got dumped by Saiko, there was self-loathing evident in his words about wanting to give up music and work in her family’s music shop business instead. So it was understandable she wouldn’t want a “loser” boyfriend anymore since she’s a rising opera singer and it just wouldn’t do for her to hang around a guy with no ambition. Yoojin? Nada. Zilch. He got dumped because he was “boring”.

        And you’re right, the remake just cheapens the initial meeting between Nodame and Chiaki. I can’t believe it even went the way it did.

        I see a lot of comments saying the Japanese slapstick was too much and they couldn’t relate. But beneath the slapstick was a lot of heart, warmth and depth – the characters had their own stories to tell and share, and the screenwriter, director and actors brought that across beautifully. Despite the slapstick, this became a journey that viewers were willing to believe and go along with Nodame, Chiaki and their merry friends. I think some people placed the wrong emphasis on the slapstick and missed the whole point of Nodame Cantabile.

      • I agree 🙂
        In the opening episode we hear Chiaki (Jdrama) saying that people he is listening to are crap, in contrast, Yoo Jin (Kdrama) comments on their technique before proclaiming them to be crap. The difference in the characters is that the JDrama (Chiaki) would have still thought they were crap even if their technique was good. That trait of the Japanese character was important because it showed just how impressed he was with Nodame when he heard her play the piano. But even that part was severely downplayed by the Kdrama.
        In the Kdrama Yoo Jin is filling out his withdrawal notice when he hears the piano in the background, he comments that it has subtle charm and then calmly walks up to find out whom is playing it. Yoo Jin doesn’t make a mention of her technical ability, so you could be forgiven in thinking that her sound came from her technical skill since the character (Yoo Jin) was obsessed with it in the earlier scenes.
        In contrast, Chiaki starts off commenting on the sloppy playing, saying it’s pathetic, but realises that it’s not wrong, then proceeds to run in the direction of where the music is played.
        For me, this was one of Nodame’s key moments because it summed up her character when she received praise by a character that thought everyone else at the school was crap. It also set the ground work on why Chiaki became interested in Nodame. However the Kdrama seems to miss this interaction and as a result all of Naeil’s (Nodame’s) key moments seem to be downplayed.

  6. Thank you, Ms. Koala, for this. TC was just unbearable to watch ~ I was a fan of Joo Won’s previous dramas until this. And JW’s Yoojin is bearable unlike Shim Eun Kyung’s Naeil (which is just a slapstick joke). I had tried not comparing the two version, but even on its own, there is nothing noteworthy about TC so far. Nodame Cantabile had great acting from both leads, good chemistry, strong supporting cast and excellent music choices.

    • Shim Eun Kyung is playing Nae Il like Gu Hye Sun played Jan Di, which was a major reason K-HanaDan sucked donkey balls. The character of Makino/Jan Di was butchered in the performance in the K-version, the same way Nodame is grating on every last nerve. Sure Shim Eun Kyung is a good actress, no one can deny that, but she is certainly putting in a terrible acting performance for this particular role.

      • I still think that given the outstanding performance she delivered in Miss Granny it’s more likely that her terrible performance is exactly what she’s being asked to deliver. I haven’t seen the Japanese dorama, but even I am finding her character to be incredibly annoying and stupid, after only 2 episodes seen for me. Very disappointing. Of course, it is a KompleteBloodyShite production, so I should not have expected anything better.

      • Bingo! I couldn’t have said it better, Ms. Koala. The ironic thing was when I first started watching the J-version, neither leads were on my to-watch list, unlike this K-version. I was a fan of SEK and thought JW is a serviceable actor. And I had looked forward to a different but unique interpretation ~ which has yet to be seen thus far.
        Ueno Juri’s Nodame was likable; she was childlike, not childish. SEK’s Naeil is harder to take and GHS’ Jan Di which I never thought possible from an actress of SEK’s caliber. I have excused Jan Di’s brassiness in speech and mannerism was to compensate for her poor blue collar background. I don’t know what Naeil’s deal was and neither do I care. I just can’t finish ep. 3.

      • Wow, you and I had the same thoughts. I kept thinking that Gu Hye Sun’s character in “Boys over Flowers” was similar to Naeil in “Tomorrows Cantabile.” I kept thinking how the series would be if Gu Hye Sun played this role instead of the girl currently portraying it. I wouldn’t say BOF was butchered though, as it was a hit overseas, and was one of the Kdrama that had me hooked. I can still re-watch over and over for BOF. Not sure why since I can’t stand Lee Minh Ho’s other dramas, but I can in BOF.

      • I think you’re over rating the Japanese nodame she WAS and straight up cool and weirdo she was foolest human being during that show ..and I think the reason you guys are not seeing boo won as the low key type ..while the drama is just missing the stupid effects the jap.ver had ..

  7. Yes, the piano playing, violin playing and conducting is really awkward, still better than in Beethoven Virus but only marginally.
    I think the editing is poor.

    To be fair, Ueno Juri had some piano training when she was young so she wasn’t a complete novice. Tamaki Hiroshi had no music training and even in the J-versio, in the beginning episodes, Tamaki’s piano and violin playing also looked awkward but he obviously got better, partucularly when he “played” Rachmaninov on the piano and brought his own style of conducting which came across as least charismatic though not exactly polished.

    I’m very disappointed with SEK’s piano playing… cpuld be the editing as well but mostly she does not looked like a genius immersed in her own brand of piano playing nor was she able to show the connection to the puano the way Ueno did tight from the get go. Same for Joo Won, though I’m not as critical since the real test for him is conducting. Though the scenes of Chiaki playing Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no. 2 with Stressmamnn conducting as well as his piano duet with Nodame of the same piece are pivotal in the dramas. Assuming that the k-version will keep these scenes then I really hope SEK and JW can do better.

    Will condu

    • Agree that Tamaki’s playing was awkward initially, but he did really well to improve. I loved his Rachmaninoff piano scene and he was fantastic when he played Bach in the first film.

  8. Oh that’s sad about the ratings, there’s too much expectation and pressure in this remake because it’s such a beloved manga and jdrama. Here’s hoping it becomes popular internationally at least. As a fan of Nodame Cantabile, I’m really liking the korean version so far. Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung, and Go Kyung Pyo are fun to watch. But I also find portrayal of Streseman and Masami lacking so far.

  9. comment by K in episode 2:
    I would argue that this Korean version has too LITTLE music. The whole point of Nodame Cantabile is how Chiaki and Nodame’s lives are so intertwined with music, in their world they live, breathe and grow with it, it is what drives them, it is what inspires them. That’s why the drama was so beloved, because it gave the audience insight and new appreciation for a brand of music many people think is boring, and the drama achieved this by giving the classical music room to breathe on its own.

    The Japanese drama was all heart and depth and stuck to the manga so closely. I don’t know how you saw only ‘some’ character growth because Nodame Cantabile had one of the best writing in terms of character development. If anything the Korean adaptation is the one lacking in dept and character growth.

    Just take the piano duet. In the original Chiaki was forcing Nodame to play according to how he wanted it to be played, but in the end he realised he was doing the exact thing he hated his piano professor for doing to him, and that’s why it was so significant when he told Nodame to just play however she likes. He also recognised her talent and realised that special thing that emerges when she plays freely: her cantabile style. Chiaki had hit a slump and was about to quit, but that duet with Nodame was when he became reinspired and made the move to pursue his dream to become a conductor. You see this continued character growth in the next episode, when Chiaki has to accompany Mine for his exam, he tells him, listen to my piano, but otherwise play as you like. “Play as you like” because Chiaki learned that people shine brightest when they’re allowed to express themselves as they are. And in turn, Mine responds to Chiaki and produces a great performance, which also secures his loyalty to Chiaki.

    But in the Kdrama there was none of this build up and exposition, none of this continuity and link to later unfolding events. The piano duet didn’t seem to serve a purpose beyond Yoo Jin feeling guilty about hurting Naeil.

    Plus Naeil, all I’m seeing right now is childishness and her obsession with Yoo Jin. Where is the piano prodigy? Where is the girl that chose to go on practicing the duet because she didn’t want Chiaki to give up on himself? Nodame always understood and saw more than she appeared to and right from the beginning was always more than her attachment to Chiaki, but Naeil feels very one dimensional at this point in time even though she’s supposed to be the main character.

    • Of course I’ve watched the Korean version, otherwise I wouldn’t be commenting. You’re missing my point; I’m saying that the scenes may be the same, but it’s the lead up and exposition that’s lacking, and it leaves the scenes feeling insignificant. In the Kdrama Yoo Jin tries to force Naeil to play, gets bitten, apologises, and then all of a sudden they’re happily having fun with the duet. There’s no punchline, no deeper motivation for change. It’s the same with Rak, him and Yoo Jin had no interactions beforehand and Rak supposedly thinks he’s a rude jerk, but suddenly Yoo Jin stands in for Naeil and right after that Rak turns around and declares Yoo Jin his best friend? In the Jdrama Mine and Chiaki had interacted before and there was a whole storyline that showed how and why Mine despised Chiaki. That’s why it was such a big thing for Chiaki to accompany Mine and for Mine to come out of there wanting to be Chiaki’s friend.

      Nodame is attached to Chiaki, but not obsessed like Naeil is. Naeil got sick camping out in front of Yoo Jin’s door all night; Nodame got sick because she wore thin clothes in an attempt to be sexier- do you see the difference?

    • Very very agree to this. This is exactly what I was looking for in k-version but disappointed. I kept asking “how?”. Like I am missing all those subtle yet very significant leading up- scenes. Joowon is not doing it for me- bit flat, missing many of important facial expressions. I just can’t connect with him.Nae-il was ok in the first episode but it’s getting too much I am cringing. Soo bad that into 7 mins of ep 3, I just switched it off and decided to watch the j-version and ended up watching 8 episodes instead of working. When SEK was confirmed, I kind of feel relieved because I saw her other works but at same time sad because I would really like Eunjung to play Nodame. Now I kind of wishing again it was Eunjung. But then, if it’s a flop like this, I’m glad she’s not in it.

      I hope it will get better in the next epi or it will be really a shame for such a great casts.

  10. I didn’t watch DOR but I read that it was really popular in Korea and had really high ratings in online viewings. You probably know that already though! Maybe TC has higher ratings online also?

    I have only watched the first episode but so far I’m on the fence about the show. Joo Won’s Chiaki is alright but I feel like the portrayal of Nodame is not all the way there like the female lead is holding back. Hopefully, she gets better as it goes on.

    There has to be a reason why ratings are down in general though. Is it because people are watching online (I know SK has super fast internet) or is it a combination of online viewing and a decline in drama quality in viewers’ eyes? Truly wonder…

    • Discovery of Romance was the only one of KBS series could compete with MBC and SBS series. Though the TV ratings only reach average 7%, but the online ratings was no joke. DoR IPTV reached average more than 30%, swept all the programs at the same time slot. Cantabile already gained much controversies even before it started when YoonA was indicated being casted. No indication high online ratings too. So, don’t know what will happen to this drama later on…

  11. I tried to watch it too, but it was such a straight copy from the Japanese version, I just couldn’t finish the first episode. It’s like they could have just pasted Joo Won’s face over Tamaki’s! Even though it is a remake, it should still have some originality! And I agree, I hate it when they turn the girl into an idiot! Same with Flower Boys, couldn’t get past the first episode. I think Korean dramas tend to go too cute with the girl characters, that they lose the character’s appeal. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, being an airhead is cute…and makes the guy want to protect you cause you just cant think for yourself…common theme.

  12. Remakes are hard to become a success in Korea..
    Boys over flowers was the only exception & that’s only cause it had the element of practically every rom com kdrama ever! Rich arrogant boy meets plucky poor girl who has no backbone (only adding this in cause they made Makino so weak & dumb over love in this adaptation)+ sweet second male lead thrown in a love triangle + comic relief side characters + a secondary likeable otp + bromance + annoying parents/ fiancée trying to tear them apart!
    Not to mention every Boys over flower remake always ends up a success!

  13. Yunno… gotta agree with you. Shim Eun-kyung is messing this thing UP. Naeil is supposed to be a grounded weirdo, not whatever Shim is portraying her as. UGH. I like Joo-won’s take on Chiaki though. Way different from the Japanese version, but at least it looks natural on screen, unlike his co-star. Still watching it, hoping it’ll get better. SMH, Shim Eun-kyung.

  14. I’ve only watched episode 1 but I have to agree with you.
    JW is decent but SEK made me cringe (and I really like her as an actress). It’s like watching a dog pretending to be a kitten. Nodame has a whimsical almost etheral charm which makes her wackiness a pleasure to watch. Naeil OTOH is just a weird and childish caricature. I had a feeling Korean Nodame was going to do this because I really could not imagine how a Korean actress could do Nodame. I don’t really mind TC being a different beast but Naeil is the type of character I just don’t enjoy watching.
    Chiaki is an easier character to translate and I think JW is doing a good job even if watered down. I can see how some people might prefer Yoojin to Chiaki.

  15. Koreans have effectively given up on dramas that make sense. lol

    The crazier the better. And we must have birth secrets. Birth secret is the crack that keeps Korean drama watchers living.

  16. I wanted to give it a fair chance since I love the Japanese version, but I’m sort of blah about it, I will continue watching it but only because I have already started so I might as well finish. There were a lot of things that I was willing to let go and put up with, but then there were also little things that just kind of destroyed the characters specially Nodame. Like in episode 2 Nodame thinks JooJin is cheating on her apparently and she’s all willing to forgive, Nodame would bite Chiaki in the Japanese version. The scene where Stresseman and Nodame meet is enjoyable in the Japanese version while in the Kversion was just flat and boring.

    They took away a lot of the fun parts of the Japanese version and tried to get some fun stuff in others and it ended up boring and annoying.

    What I did like was the relationship between Mine and his dad in this version they are more filial with each other.

  17. Seriously don’t understand why Joo Won took this and why he had any thoughts that it would be a hit. Everyone could see it was a bad idea. It’s following the original enough not to offend people, but it’s doing it poorly and what they do change is not for the better. They either needed to do a better job than the original while following it exactly (impossible) or do something different that was just as good (we know that’s impossible now)

    Shim Eunkyung is not a bad actress, but is a terrible Nodame. If you can’t get behind Nodame there is no point in watching the drama. She’s getting the blame, but Joo Won is a not a good Chiaki either, but he’s getting more of a pass because Shim Eunkyung is so irritating to watch. What a total failure all around.

  18. The only thing stuck on the 3rd ep of Cantabile Tomorrow is Subway. They have too many advertisements that is distracting the story line. I’m not happy they replace Puri Gorota with some stuff animals and turned Nodame into an idiot. I can’t believe Yoo Jin/Chiaki said how cute Na ll/Nodame was when she’s sleeping. The arrogant Chiaki would never said that about Nodame!! She’s a leech to him in the beginning of the story.

    • I so agree with you. I feel the character of Chiaki in the K-version is falling for Nodame way to fast. He was so annoyed with her in the beginning but then grew to love her company half way through the drama.

    • I really don’t think Chiaki at any time in the story would think to himself Nodame was cute lol. He always maintained she’s a weirdo.

      • To Chiaki, Nodame’s D-Cup was probably the most intriguing thing about her 🙂 Unfortunately Korean Nodame has A-Cup.

  19. I think one of the major differences in the Korean and Japanese versions lies in the interpretation of the characters. In Nodame Cantabile all the characters are quirky and a little bit weird but funny except for Chiaki. In Tomorrow Cantabile all the characters are normal, and it is only Naeil who is weird making her look like a fish out of water and probably be a bit harder to convince the viewer that Yoo Jin would fall in love with someone like her. I couldn’t feel the chemistry.

    I had difficulty finishing the first episode and stopped midway into the second. I can’t find the funny in the K-version. And the music in the J-version was a character in and of itself. Where the dialogue stopped, the classical music gave continuity and emphasis to the emotions of the character/s and of the scenes. The K-version isn’t giving any of that.

    It’s too bad because I love Shim Eun Kyung as an actress (and I had high hopes that she’d be able to pull off a Nodame), but the Naeil I’m getting from her is very similar to her role from Miss Granny.

    Fans of the K-version say that it should be appreciated on its own merit without making any comparisons with the original live action. I did just that when I first watched the first two episodes, and I only started making the analysis when I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t drawn to the remake because I wanted so badly to like it.

  20. I gave it a chance, tried the first episode but couldnt manage to end it…jus give me shivers how awkward it was, the emotional level in this drama is so lacking. I had to watch jdrama version of nodame cantabile after this bcs had to clean my eyes and ears with it. u_u

  21. Tamaki Hiroshi is abit over the top with his acting though… I’m one of the few who didn’t get Nodame contabile J-drama appeal … I like the manga version better, it’s explore each character more smooth …

  22. I never care about ratings, there have been many dramas with low or terrible ratings that I have loved, while some of the most “successful” ones (Heirs) I dropped at an instant.

    But, that said, I’ve tried three episodes of this drama and am finding it just a total let down. I don’t have anything to add to what Koala hasn’t already said. Crucially, I just don’t feel they grasped the source material, the essence of the story as a whole and of the characters individually – it’s certainly not about doing a carbon-copy, but you have to show you understood the source. I really don’t think they did. The narrative development lacks the nuance of the original, as others have said it’s like you are supposed to fill in with your knowledge from the original (I previously mentioned the glaring pothole in episode 1 with regards to Naeil’s food addiction). I feel like the music has been shoved somewhat to the background (all the modern music inserted does not help) too.

    Naeil is only annoying, the rest of the characters are toned down terribly. I don’t understand what they are thinking with Streseman. He’s so toned down that it’s shocking. He’s no longer a perv that eyes every female, but the only women he’s interested in is his past love (something that has been made extremely prominent very early to the point that it’s character-altering) and Naeil. He gives me the creeps every time he says “Baby” when talking to Naeil. If he behaved that way with every female, I could buy it – he’d be the forever-womaniser, but his singular attention to Naeil only makes it a whole other thing (his “fall for me” towards one other female student at the end of ep 3 did not change this). His clothes are over the top, but everything else – accent, hair, acting – certainly isn’t.

    The shiny set – and blatant product placement in ep 3 – is distracting. And too many shiny people too (Streseman’s lady love is dressed like for a concert outing with her pearls on a normal day at school?).

    I can think of one good thing though: they’ve kept Masumi as a gay character (even if it took them 2.5 episodes to say that out loud) and I did appreciate Masumi’s friend saying “It doesn’t matter what or who you love.” For conservative Korea, that’s an important line to hear in a drama.

    I watched Modern Farmer yesterday, which is silly and quite non-sensical but it did make me think that I much prefer when they go all-out whacko than do something as half-baked as this Tomorrow Cantabile adaptation. Because half-baked (if not quarter-baked) it is, compared to the original. And of course comparison were always going to happen: that’s the risk you take when adapting a beloved version. If you want the buzz that attaching yourself to a beloved original brings because you don’t want to start from zero with an original story, then you can’t expect people not to compare.

  23. For all its faults, i would have to thank TC, and this article from you Koala, for making me curious enough to actually check out the jdorama. I spent the last 6 hours marathoning, and only stopped because I still have to go to work in the next couple of hours. Wow, can’t believe how long I’ve been missing Tamaki. And Nodame is just so quirky awesome! I’m normally not into such heroines as her, but there’s a naturalness with Ueno’s portrayal that makes me buy everything she does as Nodame.

    And btw, I did try to watch the first episode of TC last week but didn’t last 5min even without having anything to compare it too. It was that bad, in my opinion.

  24. I love SEK as an actress I wished her to refuse this drama bcz what happens right now .
    The problem in k Nodame that it isn’t giving me the addiction as the Japanese ,It isn’t bcz the actors but bcz the directing which I think is controlling the whole image .
    J Nodame Drama = the growth of music to reach our final goal.
    k Nodame drama= Typical korean Romance comedy drama without dimensions.

  25. I think in paper the remake sounded like a brilliant idea, but Kdrama and Jdorama are very different. Some works are easier to adapt and change then others. But recently a lot of the dorama to kdrama have failed. (HYD-BOF, hanakimi, kimi wa petto etc)
    I wanted to give TC a chance even though I didn’t like the previews. Mainly because I like some of the supporting cast and SEK but what a let down.
    I’m surprised though that Joo Won is trying his best while SEK is horrendous and I thought it would be vice versa. I think at first SEK tried to portray Nodame as Juri did but I guess now it’s more the fact that th character is incredible poorly written. I think the writer hasn’t really understood the characters at all.
    I can’t connect with these characters and the changes they’ve made are so drastic, where’s Chiaki’s arrogance, Mine’s aloofness, Kiyora’s confidence and most importantly Nodame’s passion and love for music.I get some changes for example Stresemann.
    On a side not, anyone seen Liar game yet, how is that adaptation?

  26. I’ve seen episodes 1 and 2, and I like it. I don’t think it is as bad as people make it out to be and I really do like Joo Won in this role. Shim Eun-Kyung is kind of disappointing, especially considering that EVERYONE was raving about her. This is the first project I have seen her in, so I hope she improves in the later episodes, because otherwise I cannot see why there is so much fuss around her.

    I am completely against the argument that bad ratings= drama production companies should stop doing certan dramas though. Some of my favourite dramas were underrated and like one of the earlier posters mentioned, DoR that just ended its run had low ratings throughout, but for me, that was one of the best written dramas I have seen this whole year!

  27. I actually cringed watching Shim Eun Kyung. Man, that was so bad. And I feel bad for her because people had really big expectations.

    It says a lot that Joo Won is actually the only bearable actor to watch. He doesn’t really bring out Chiaki’s charisma, but at least he’s not butchering the character.

    But my greatest disappointment of all is Stresemann. WHYYYYYY?! My favorite character in the Jdrama is completely FLAT here. All the jokes I was anticipating were so unfunny here.

    Watching “Tomorrow’s Cantabile” only makes me want to rewatch the original Jdrama.

  28. I know it’s too late but I think if only kim ji hoon/yoon shi yoon got chiaki’s role,it would be great because both of them make the best angry/grumbling/annoyed face ever,because in nodame’s cantabile chiaki always annoyed with nodame,hehe..

    for nodame,maybe go ara/kim seul gi…these girls really got the quirky vibe like nodame..

    even if I pretend that what if knodame is the only remake,it still not an interesting drama,all the characters really fail and far from the manga’s characters,the only bearable characters are il rak and teacher do.

    the thing is,what I like the most about jdrama is,eventhough the setup/background is not fancy/flashy,the plot is very good,full of heart and even a simple dialogue line ‘arigatoo’ seems very meaningful..

  29. Gosh I was planning to watch the drama when more episodes come but all those bad reviews are such a turn off lol. I also read that the creator or director of Nodame Cantabile commented on the remake saying that the appartement of Nodame was a little too espace. Many interpreted it as a complain because its true that it makes no sense that a student as avère/poor than Nodame/Nail can afford such a great one. In the Japanese dorama, she couldnt even pay her gaz bills and had to wash her hair at Chiaki’s home lol.

    But really , is SKE’s performance that bad reviews? She was great in her movies ! Such a bummer and indeed, it seems that Joo Won’s winning streak on KBS is overdose. Damn.

    • If the creator insists for nodame to have smaller space (as for the house) then he shouldnt have let chiaki and nodame be neighbors in the first place. Tsk. Have u ever seen an apartment where the other room is spacier and luxurious (chiaki), and the next room is tiny?

      • Yes, it’s entirely possible, because… newsflash: Chiaki is the TOP student in Momogaoka. It’s entirely logical that he gets the biggest room, possibly the best piano and even the best Internet connection. Nodame’s room is not small (although obviously not as big as Chiaki’s), but it looks tiny because it is filled with trash 3/4 of the time. But even Chiaki’s room is nothing compared to the atrocity in the remake.

        Also, it’s not uncommon for rooms in the same dorm/block of flats to have different floor space.

  30. Koala – based on this article, I am assuming that you don’t like the TV-Drama version of the novel “Da Ma Yao” or the TV title “Legend of the Stars and Moon” either? Since it has been airing 2 weeks already, and I haven’t seen you write even one article about it, after all the translations and news about the making of the drama you had already written…
    As for me, I am a bit disappointed in Liu Shi Shi’s acting, and the way she is portraying the “Wolf” girl, at times, I feel like she is trying to act like a Manga Girl, and is not fierce enough to be a wolf girl.

    • I am curious too on Koala’s thoughts on this C-drama. I started watching because I was hooked on the story from Koala’s novel translation (thank you!). I had expected to like Liu Shi Shi’s and Hu Ge’s portrayals, but nope ~ surprisingly, it was Eddie Peng’s instead. LSS is just mimicking in this (came out as trying to be cute); can’t see wolf girl’s independence nor mental strengths yet.

  31. I have to comment on this because Nodame’s cantabile is my all time favorite Jdrama. This drama is just a really bad copy of the original. I can’t stand SEK’s Naeil. JooWon’s Chiaki has no charisma. Plus, they have no chemistry! And I have to say the piano-playing scenes are just bad. Mine character (sorry I don’t even remember the character name in the K-version)is just so wrong and lame (clothes, hair, and style).
    Maybe Japanese humor will never work in a Korean drama.

  32. i tried to watch Nodame Cantabile twice, but it was just too weird for me, plus i don´t really enjoy classic music.
    But i’m enjoying the kdrama version, i guess. The kdrama visual is cleaner and happier and i like that. and i like Joo won too kkk
    But i agree when you say that Nae Il looks like a dumb girl.
    i really hope things start to get better for Joo Woonie´s sake.

  33. I’m watching night watchman tho… nowadays TV ratings also depend on the plot… the crazier the drama the more kfans will stick to it LMAO

  34. Just a suggestion, maybe ockoala should consider online rating too in your next review. These days online ratings are sometimes surprisingly opposite of the tv rating.

  35. A lot of people had shared their thoughts about why this version is not working and I agree with most of them (@snow, @lulu, etc). I’d just like to add a couple of things I think is missing from this version of Nodame Cantabile.

    1) There’s no sufficient build-up to the characters meeting for the first time, Chiaki’s realizations about perfect technique vs creativity & joy in playing, the revelations about their pasts, and most importantly the musical numbers that made the jdrama perfect imo. Because of that, it loses those moments’ importance/significance.

    2) Because there was no build up to the musical numbers, I didn’t feel any emotion when they were playing unlike in the J-ver. I didn’t feel the characters moved by the music, therefore I was not moved too. When I watched the original version’s musical numbers, I’ve teared up a lot and my chest felt constricted. It made me exclaim every single time, “That’s awesome!”, “Bravo!” and made me replay it over and over again. You know how you’re moved when you hear an OST of a drama you’re watching that enhances those lovely moments in the show? That hasn’t yet happened here.

    My father loves classical music so I’m not unfamiliar with it. But before NC, the only one I could name easily was Pachelbel’s Canon (The Classic/My Sassy Girl ㅋㅋㅋ). With NC, it made me appreciate classical music the way I haven’t before and should have. Aside from Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Chopin, Bach, there’s also Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Gershwin among others. Not that I didn’t know them before. Now I can distinguish each one and name them specifically. I really hope the K-ver would not ruin S-Oke’s Rhapsody in Blue and R☆S Oke’s Symphony No.7 at least. I hated their Mozart Sonata in D for Two Pianos. I kept thinking that it was just so wrong (not the technical aspects, but because it was so empty and shallow).

    Anyway, as a stand-alone show and for first time kdrama watchers, this is watchable. It’s slick and shiny, unexpectedly funny sometimes, and has those elements that will keep you interested enough in what will happen next. I just hope for those who are enjoying it that it will have some heart in future episodes. I respect those that are happy with it and I can even understand why they like it better (than the original). After all, I was happy with BOF & PK (hated the TW & J ver). Though a lot of people didn’t and called them a “hot mess”, for me those were enjoyable, relatable (Gu Jun Pyo & Oh Hani at least), had great OSTs (Almost Paradise is debatable), but most of all it had heart and made me feel for the characters. Production Quality-wise, TC is better than those two. Too bad the heart’s just not there (Mine & his father does not count because this drama is not supposed to be about them).

  36. I tried really hard, believe me, not to compare this adaptation to its god-level predecessor. But. I. Just. Can’t.

    I’m growing up along the manga and J-drama. I first found manga NC when I was junior high school (abt 14 yo) and now I’m 22 yo. 8 years of shipping Nodame Cantabile and until now I still keep replaying it at least once a month. Please don’t blame me if I can’t help but comparing the two version of doramas.

    So I watched Naeil Cantabile first 2 eps last week and 3rd this week. And while I can say that 2 first eps was safe, I still find something – A BIG THING – is missing in this show. J-version also made some adjustment to the storyline. For example, J-version of Kiyora comes from same university as Chiaki and Nodame, whereas in the manga she doesn’t. It’s different, but strengthen Kiyora’s role in the drama.

    So I open up to the change as long as it grasps the heart of Nodame Cantabile written by Ninomiya Tomoko. However K-version made too much differences, which I suppose cause the writer forget small but fundamental detail:

    Has this K-version introduced you (at least, someone ever mentioned it) the word ‘Cantabile’? Did it give you idea why the series is entitled ‘Cantabile’? Manga version did this on the first chapter, J-version also did this on the first eps. K-version? *deepsilence*

    I’m persistent about this because, well, what’s the title again?

    Secondly, the series also has Nodame/Naeil on its title. So she should be the main star of the show, even if it’s narrated by Chiaki/Yoo Jin. So far I didn’t find Naeil as the-big-hidden-pearl as she supposed to be. Maybe because her part is way under developed. I think director-nim and story writer-nim play big part for this blame. The story and narration lack of coherence and feel unsignificant. I will continue watching, though, because of my loyalty to the original manga.

    A bit oot. In my country (somewhere in Southeast Asia), there was a classical concert entitled ‘Cantabile’ presented by a local non-Japanese orchestra. It performed music piece those appeared on the J-drama. The ticked was sold out and it was even airing on TV. That’s just how well-received the J-version is in my country. I doubt that the K-version will overshadow this reception, but I wish I’m totally wrong.

    Naeil Cantabile still has long way to go to win over my heart.
    (but again, I really hope I’m wrong)

  37. the remake was totally destroyed the original stories.Nodame played piano in every episode,but the Korean version was full of idiotic scences rather than focusing on music.I don’t know,how they allow to destroy the perfect stories of Nodame Cantabile.

  38. Oh … before this drama started, seems like it’s gathering many attention from there and there. So I’m surprised that I read many so not good opinion about TC. But whatever it would be, JW-SEK still can win the award at KBS for sure. Yaha at least Best Couple hihihi
    Thanks Miss Koala for this

    • I disagree. Well, I’ve watched Nodame Cantabile at first and now become a fan of NC. Then I watched this K-version till the end. It’s not terrible to watch, it’s enjoyable. I’m a fan of both version. Am I one of that shallow minded viewers?

  39. funnily enough I had lots of hope for tomorrow cantabile and prepared to hate liar game but after they both aired it ended up being the opposite. I think 90% of the fault here lies in the directing/writing. I was one of those people who hated the over the top cartoon humor and though stresemann was irritating and off putting in the jdrama so I was very open to change and was hoping to see a softer, more realistic and perhaps more romantic adaption on the japanese story but instead we got this disorganized mish mosh of the original with some BOF stupidity mixed in (like really we’re giving streseman a loveline??). I really liked joo wan’s more sensitive, melancholy take on chiaki but he’s being wasted because they’re doing such a terrible job with his story and character development. the whole arc with S-orchestra was so half assed it felt like the writer just wrote in the major plot points and sloppily connected them together in an event a – event b -event c way to get it over with. it just lost all it’s warmth and emotional significance. SEK is talented actress but there is no one who can save naeil bc they way they wrote that character was an atrocity. they just made her into a one dimensional buffoon with none of the quirky charm that j-drama nodame had….
    this is so frustrating because this drama could have been the best of both worlds. I love Jdramas because are the masters at telling heartwarming coming of age stories and I love kdramas because they have great complex, layered characters and the more mature and nuanced approach they have to depicting relationships. Tomorrow Cantabile sadly has neither….
    I wish a different writer/pd had taken over this project bc I feel like this would have been amazing under the answer me 1997/1994 team

    • I disagree about having a more sensitive, melancholy Chiaki. That just ruins about 3/4 of the scenes involving him. Chiaki’s insensitivity is well-known, and is a rich source of conflict between him and just about everyone else. Softening Chiaki from the get-go just means the remake does not understand this part of his character (although it’s questionable just what they actually understood of any character), the bulk of the storyline involving him is diluted and scenes are half-assed.

  40. Not a fan of drama from Japan or Korea. Recently accidentally watch Nodame cantabile from YouTube and was captivated by it. Love the drama, the extended special and the movies. Saw the remake of Korean’s version.. 1 word disappointed. Dropped the show after 1st episode.

  41. I only starting watching this because of Joo Won. I wasn’t familiar with the Japanese version or the manga, but the previews looked interesting. I barely made it through episode 2 & finally bailed in the middle of episode 3. I felt pretty sorry for Joo Won, wondering how he must be feeling *knowing* he was even starring in this turkey! There’s no-way-out for *him*! Hopefully, the network will realize its grave mistake & cut this series waaaaay short as it is just bloody awful.

  42. Joo Won was really a great actor and his leading lady,but i feel sorry that this remake was going nowhere and latest ratings was only gained slightly.not all remake was successful,but to the fans just continue watching them until the end.

  43. I do find it strange that NC is being compared with another version. Since I haven’t seen that version I will give my comments on NC’s own merits.

    I consider it a breath of fresh air as far as Korean dramas are concerned. Even with the few episodes aired so far, I’ve found it enjoyable. I do love music and I play an instrument myself to a fairly high level hence my interest on it. Saying this, Koreans, in general, are into music too, may it be classical or Kpop.

    Music aside, the acting and story has so far highly satisfactory. I do comments all the actors most especially the leads who have so far shown splendid acting.

    I am confident that this would do well once we get more into the story. I give my comments as a non Korean and as an expatriate who has watched KDramas whenever time permits.

    More power and looking forward to watching more NC episodes to come. 🙂

  44. Sadly, its not just the over exaggeration of the characters that are the problems, or how the storyline has been changed in such a way as to miss the context of meaning altogether. I did not see the j version but had read much about it so knew where the story in general would lead, expecting change due to rewrite. This however has been massive. In Kiss or Fated the storylines though different, still take you on similar journeys, important issues generally not changed much. The reasons that these two characters become involved are being muddied already. First they do show the flashbacks of the plane but leave you to figure out what significance that has.For her character you understand she wants to remain childlike due to child trauma but they make her seem like instead of being mentally scarred by the experience that she is mentally handicapped. She comes across almost as autistic at times. And I have to say that would make it better for me. I get really tired of seeing that story like used where the male character is so dismissive and verbally and even physically abusive at times to the female character. They always allow it, another male comes in and is interested (only in this case would we believe that this second male would be romantically interested in this childish mess?) Then first male realizes he likes her because of competition and female says it was ok to treat them that way as long as you like me now!? What!? Thats not a good life lesson to teach but then neither is teaching g that you are not attractive or worthy if you aren’t stick thin and your family has money, but thats another day…Some of the secondary characters are so distracting that its hard to keep up at all lime pitting such a childish main with a childish secondary that has a crush on same person, and the student conductor in A being so bad, or the music, the music, just so many things. I really like so many of these actors so I have to believe that its the direction, or lack thereof, given in this case. As an adult I looked forward to enjoying the musicality of this drama, but I believe it will be too distracting.

  45. honestly, i find CT is really fun to watch. SEKis unbearable inthe first 3 ep, but she is better than whoever than anyone in K-Ent, love NC, not chiaki because of the abusing and he always looks constipated. i thinj version is more about te music and k version is about the human relationship. u guys give yourselves a chance to watch.

  46. Have watched the NC and TC, I think NC in my opinion is better as I can relate to it. TC’s naeil, I could not understand what she is trying to portray? Music also don’t sync with the show. TC still have some episodes to go.. Not sure if I can continue watching it.

  47. I started watching the k-drama as a fan of the manga and the anime. Overall it’s a softer version of the original but I find it enjoyable nonetheless. It certainly dent have any strong plot connections and twists but so far I have enjoyed this non-troublesome journey. I believe strongly that when you adapt a series you should know the needs and the culture of the population and not simplify a story to fit in 16 episodes. In my country I have seen series that are witty and have amazing twists. They could have faired really well if they were subbed or perhaps adapted to another european country culture but so Korean tv is currently running out of ideas. They also did a korean version of tw-drama “fated to love you” which wasn’t really all that charming but at least had some spark of originality. Yet same thing could happen in Japan (i.e. Ouran High School anime to drama) which didn’t end well either. This kind of limitation in ideas can be also seen within series with the same writers (The greatest love vs Master’s sun). It was like follow the recipe and everything will be great. Interesting but it was more like a fangirl playing with fan fiction than creating something entirely new. Then perhaps the cast was not ideal. Then again perhaps not. To come back to TC, the actors have done a great job but the script is digging the dramas early grave wish is a big shame.

  48. I found the first 3 episodes unbearable. Seo Nael Il was weird and not in a good way. Von Stresseman was freakish and annoying. I almost felt embarrassed watching it.

    BUT I stuck around and now onto ep 13 I will undoubtable say that this show is quite fantastic. I really love the way the characters have evolved and I love how its character driven.

    If i were watching this purely based on music then Id probably only find it mediocre, but if I am watching this as a drama (which i am), then I think its worth getting through the first few because you’ll find yourself rooting for all the characters soon enough.

  49. every angle of this story and the kawaii portrayal of the casts,it didn’t impress me,the choice of the classical music even the sound of the piano tune bothers me a lot,very far from Juri Ueno’s portrayal as Piano Prodigy.even the international market may not going to buy the rights of this Korean Version of Nodame doesn’t make sense at all.a total flop.

  50. I really enjoy watching Naeil Cantabile. seriously! Seo Nae II character was really cute. I keep repeat this awesome drama. My opinion is Naeil Cantabile was the best drama ever! They make me interested to be a pianist.

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