Fall Editions of S.Pop Magazine Highlight Current TW-drama Eye Candy

I think S.Pop magazine might be the equivalent of Tiger Beat but for the Taiwan idol fan crowd. Nothing wrong with that, the only time I ignore a new issue is if it features leads from one of the SETTV dramas I’ve avoiding like the plague. The latest two issues have been solid eye candy for me, the September one featuring more Aaron Yan (I’m still not sick of seeing him yet) while the October edition showcases the new pairing of George Hu and Yuan Ai Fei in the currently airing daily drama Love Cheque Charge. I finally have a reason to share my thoughts on LCC, the only daily drama I’ve followed all year with an allure all it’s own. It’s not as wholesome cute as Two Fathers but focuses more on the family in the same way so the OTP romance is a slow slow burn.

What’s great is the noticeable acting improvement of Yuan Ai Fei as the drama progresses (It’s fascinating visibly seeing her getting better) while George is pitch perfect in his role in both looks, chemistry, and acting. One of my faves from him in a good long while. I’m not even jonesing for the leads to fall for each other in earnest as I find their sweet uncomplicated interactions wonderfully entertaining. LCC is such a welcome breath of fresh air it even washes away the lingering stench of crazy left behind from Aaron’s Fall in Love with Me. Though the decision to pair his September pictorial with the batshit insane second female lead Beatrice Fang is an interesting choice. Not sure anyone out there was shipping those two, like, for even a millisecond.


Fall Editions of S.Pop Magazine Highlight Current TW-drama Eye Candy — 6 Comments

  1. Since you like Love Cheque Charge, I think you would love Fabulous 30, coming from the same screenwriter (you should probably give it a second chance).

    It’s rare to see a daily drama that have consistently good writing from the first ep to the last episode (76 episode for Fabulous 30), this team of screenwriters know how to write likable characters.

    Often, daily dramas tend to falter mid-way through but F30 is consistently pleasant from the beginning till the end, which is rare for a daily drama and this is coming from SETTV (which is notorious for having dramas with great potential that falters mid-way through), LCC have been so far so good. I think Fabulous 30 is still the best Tw-daily drama of this year but LCC comes as a close second.

    What I like about LCC and F30 is how witty the dialogues are and how lovable the characters are, it doesn’t really go makjang (though I think LCC’s Mao Guai and Qian Qian is slightly heading that way) or overly-cliche so it’s very easy to watch.

  2. I’m totally enjoying LCC. George Hu is perfect in his role. Think he looks way cool acting serious. Yuan Ai Fei is indeed getting better with time. OTP interactions are so sweet, alas progress is very
    slow. Poor Bu Fan and his confession attempts.

    I like all of the songs too, especially those in George Hu’s just released EP.

  3. Yes smexy George! Yuan Ai Fei acting is definitely improving. Wish they give her better clothing wardrobe though on the the show and the hair.

  4. There have a a number of very enjoyable weekday long TWdrama series recent years I really enjoy. George Hu stars in two of them. LCC is a slow pace drama but very enjoyable and relaxing to watch.

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