Park Shin Hye Singles Out Former Costars Jang Geun Seok and Lee Min Ho as Working Best with Her

Park Shin Hye is currently filming the upcoming SBS K-drama Pinocchio and as a fan I’m looking forward to what she delivers this time around. I’m sure plenty of viewers are waiting to see if she’s back on top after being so lackluster in her last drama Heirs, and especially checking out whether she has romantic chemistry with leading man Lee Jong Seok. She’s featured in a Star 1 spread this week that is fall floral centric and quite lovely actually with a good balance of flowers and feminine allure.

A minor quibble would be Park Shin Hye having the same look in every picture but otherwise she’s connecting with the camera nicely. During the accompanying interview, she humbly denied any kudos for helping turn her previous leading men into Hallyu stars, instead only allowing that perhaps she helped them to shine more. When asked which of her costars she worked best with, Park Shin Hye specifically mentioned Jang Geun Seok from You’re Beautiful (both child actors, they understood each other well and got along wonderfully on set) and Lee Min Ho from Heirs (she complimented his great personality and felt they had great chemistry together).

My own opinions aside on who Park Shin Hye exhibited chemistry with onscreen, it’s fascinating to hear how she actually sees her own chemistry as opposed to what the audience takes away.


Park Shin Hye Singles Out Former Costars Jang Geun Seok and Lee Min Ho as Working Best with Her — 42 Comments

  1. I don’t even know if she actually sees it that way or is just naming the two projects because YAB made her a star and Heirs was her most recent/cemented her place in the A list.

    (I totally agree about Jang Geun Seok, and they do seem like good friends, but ….with LMH? Really? I guess she’s being really polite)

    • I feel like she mentioned Lee Min Ho cause she felt the “need” to.. Since both of them became even bigger stars after starring in it. & even though you guys think they had no chemistry you can’t deny the fact that the other majority of fans of the drama believe their chemistry is sizzling.
      I’m in the middle I felt she had chemistry with Lee Min Ho but she had it way better with Kim Woo Bin! Which is why I’m a bit upset Kim Woo Bin rejected the role in Pinocchio LOL!

      • I agree. I don’t know why people believe she can’t have chemistry with both men. I loved Heirs warts and all, and I loved the pairing of Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye. I thought they looked good. She even looked good with Kim Woo-bin too, but then I think Kim Woo-bin would have chemistry with a piece of wood, I mean he managed to have chemistry with a girl wearing a rabbit’s head.
        I think Shin-hye has chemistry with almost all her co-stars, not sure about Yoon Si-yoon though, I couldn’t bring myself to finish that drama. But, in my eyes the only other person Lee Min-ho looked good with was Park Min-young.

      • That’s what I said though, she basically named LMH because of the stardom boost from Heirs.

        As for Kim Woobin and the girl with the rabbit head…’s easy to see why they’d have great chemistry, because that girl was Lee Yubi! (PSH’s second lead in the upcoming Pinocchio)

  2. Also, give the poor girl some proper lipstick please!

    Gradient lips are very fashionable in Korea but it doesn’t always look good to have half your mouth disappearing under concealer, Park Shin Hye is so pretty but this lip thing is washing her out.

  3. Those political answers are as predictable & boring as the mail man, lol. In other news, Show starts in 3 weeks & still no promo material: I’m ‘slightly’ frustrated. >.<

  4. LOL! Indeed! She did have chemistry with Jang Geun Seok but to single out Lee Min Ho too? Really? When she obviously sparked more with Kim Woo Bin in that particular drama (or maybe it was just all Kim Woo Bin!) And no mention of Yoo Shi Yoon in Flower Boy Next Door where they had such a great chemistry…

    I really hope she’ll have chemistry with Lee Jong Seok because I’m really looking forward to Pinocchio. I have no worries about Lee Jong Seok, I’ve liked him since I first saw him in Secret Garden and he’s only gotten better and better <3 <3 <3 I do worry about Park Shin Hye, though. I've always liked her, but her recent performance was just too disappointing and as most people have noted she somehow friendzones her male co-stars and has yet to deliver anything sizzling in terms of romance on screen. Maybe romance won't be the focal point in Pinocchio but there will probably be some if you look at the writer's past works. The romance in "I Hear Your Voice" was fantastic, so I'm definitely hoping to see that in Pinocchio as well!

    • Same here .. I was fond of Lee Jong Suk since SeGa ..he is perfect ..but PSH !! actually I was a little bit disappointed when i read that she is going to be the lead actress with him. I don’t mention that she is bad, but… And what about that chemistry with LMH!!?? LOL .. the chemistry with Kim Woo-bin was way better, in fact when i watched Heirs i was waiting for her scenes with KWB not LMH. Anyway .. I’m gonna watch Pinocchio bcoz of LJS, and hope for the best.

  5. These pics are as lovely and boring as her so-called chemistry with Lee Min Ho. Yes to Jang Geun Suk and Yoon Shi Yoon, which were both better dramas too IMO.

  6. Well…both JGS n LMH so popular and her dramas with these two was her most popular drama among kdrama,no wonder
    If she pick them.

    By the way..,i know she’s beautiful.,but she has this boring facial expression there..

  7. There are huge number of fans around Asia especially China,S.Korea who ship her with LMH. Maybe that’s why she said it, for fanservice.

  8. of course its only jang geun suk ! she was perfect with him ! and she her self are admitting that he is the one who knows her personnelity best and fit her the most ! she had zero chemistry with LMH to be honest she out shined better with kim woo bin!
    c’MON shin hye we know you love jang geun suk LOL ..PLZ make us see you togther soon

  9. She obviously said it for fanservice. She knows how popular these two ships are and how popular JGS is in Japan and LMH in China. She covered all the ground by choosing them, good move.

  10. I dunno about LMH, but she had some awesome chemistry with JGS. I hope they’ll together again after growing up from their YB roles. They’re one of the favorite couples in k-ent.

    Off topic but when is JGS going to pick his next project? There are some good ones looking for leads and while he is the biggest flop in ratings, apparently China and Japan selling rights are way more important these days. Puts him right on the spot light. I hope he starts acting soon – in a project I wouldn’t regret wasting 16-20 hours on.

  11. Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Wan….Watched all her dramas and in my opinion, she seems to have the least chemistry with Lee Min Ho compared to her other leading man…

  12. I am waiting for PSY to act in more mature role instead of school/college/teenage girl role….I want her to be paired with an older and experience actor….

  13. I find it interesting that most readers here do not even believe her comment about having chemistry the most with LMH. We are not stupid, and we do have eyes (even those of us who wear glasses). I can believe the chemistry with JGS, but I agree with those who said that she had more chemistry with KWB. I also thought of YSY, when she mentioned chemistry with a male co-star (because that seemed obvious). She seemed to respond well to YSY. Has she (purposefully) forgotten how she would cringe, when LMH would try to kiss her? Was that her definition of “having chemistry?” C’mon…

    It’s not that I wanted her to jump into kissing LMH, it’s just that she always seemed so uncomfortable when he would try to kiss her. I wasn’t even in the room with them, and I could see it, and I could feel it. That part of her answer for me comes across as disingenuous, sorry. She later on (after the drama) tried to explain her reactions (the kiss in the closet-like room) by saying that she was surprised, and I was like “this was a KES drama, and she DOES write (real) kissing scenes in her dramas. This is LMH, and if you write a kiss scene, he WILL kiss (the director had to remind him in BOF that it was a teenage drama, so no deep kissing, when he tried to do that with GHS, after the scene when he rescued her in the snow).
    So, I am not an actress in the K-ent. world, and even I know those two facts (about KES and LMH). Where was the surprise? Aren’t those kisses written in the script? Which they get before filming, even if it is just a few hours before the camera starts rolling?”

    I am personally fine if characters do not kiss in a drama, not every drama needs it. Prime Minister and I didn’t have “real kisses” and that was fine to me. Three Days didn’t have any kiss scenes, and I loved that drama. My thing though is that if for whatever reason(s) you struggle with kissing scenes (and we can see it), please don’t say later that you had chemistry. That’s just sad.

    I actually liked her performance in Heirs. I didn’t always like her character, however I really liked her performance. I thought she was better in it (acting wise) than LMH, to be honest. And she never dropped the ball, acting wise.

    • Chemistry is now all about kissing… The script doesn’t help to show off their chemistry but they really had good chemistry offcam. Certain kiss scenes in Kdrama you don’t need to have real kiss… And the director didn’t tell her that she’d have to kiss for real that time… That’s why LMH apologized as she should have been informed

    • @ right,

      I don’t think chemistry is all about the kisses. I just mentioned what I said as an example. LBS and his female co-star in the PM&I did not have any real kisses, and yet I thought they had really good chemistry. PYC and PHS did not have kisses in TD, and I also thought they had really good chemistry with each other in that drama (and I thought PYC also had good chemistry with the other female actress).

      I do think however that when kiss scenes are in a drama, they can help show the level of comfort of the actor and actress involved in that scene, (emphasis on “can”). It’s not a 100% the case, however I do think it can highlight another aspect of the interactions between both actors. PSH seemed to respond well to YSY in FBND, even when it came to kiss scenes. Granted, those kisses (2 I believe) were light, but they were still kisses. All the kisses with LMH were not deep kisses, or they didn’t seem to be, from what I could see, yet she cringed for most of them (except for the very last one, in ep.20). I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on, and what was making her so uncomfortable. I just wanted to understand, I was not trying to judge her. The sad thing actually, was that she was bashed in a lot of comments for her reactions to those kisses, which I thought was sad.

      I did see some of her interactions with LMH BTS, and she did seem fine in those. Many of those interactions though seem to be about them talking, and she had more personal space, which I could see was making her more comfortable. I still think she had better chemistry with KWB (whom she didn’t have to kiss by the way, and I thought that was fine).

      • chemistry is subject of opinions. What you, her and I think can totally be different. I think she has chemistry with everyone, including JGS, LMH, YSY and KWB . However I think she has more offcam chemistry with LMH than KWB and oncam with KWB than LMH.
        I do believe she just picked her 2 biggest drama or the dramas that helped her the most… But for her, she seems to define “chemistry” by get along, having fun filming… And she did have fun time with both JGS and LMH. Her definition isn’t the same with ours.

        I just hate that people are talking about kissing when they are talking about chemistry. PSH is never comfortable with kissing… And the situation in Heirs (when the director didn’t inform her made it more uncomfortable, even LMH didn’t agree and was upset to know), so you can’t say how it represent their chemistry…
        In fact, the only kiss that PSH was willing to kiss was Goong S. It was her first kiss on and offcam with Se7en. She was willing to try and probably got traumatized by it… That doesn’t mean she had the best chemistry with Se7en… Or she’d be comfortable the most with JYH, but that doesn’t help her kissing with him any better…
        I like YSY and her on-screen the most but that doesn’t mean I think they have the best chemistry or get along offcam. KWB has more chemistry onscreen with her and LMH but I like her interactions with LMH offcam than KWB’s….
        It’s just how we define chemistry.

    • Who CARES about kissing?? I’m not even a fan of PSH, but every time there’s an article about her there’s always a gazillion comments about her kissing. Who cares? She’s an actress, not an erotic film star. She should be judged on her acting, not kissing skills. You don’t have to be a good kisser to be a good actress. With Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Natalie Portman, all these famous actresses, I have no idea what their kissing skills are like. I remember them for their excellent ACTING.

  14. I don’t think she chose based on kissing chemistry but on scenes when they had to interact with each other like playful banter or dialogue, and I think she does have chemistry with both LMH and JGS, as with most of her costars.looking forward to pinocchio since her character different from her usual sweet innocent good girl roles

  15. what’s so wrong with working well with others. if she believes she works well with them than its true. Only she can decide that… Not YOU!

  16. I think she has a great chemistry with both JGS and LMH. However, i like PSH-YSY pairing the most. Looking foward for Pinocchio, hope she will nail her role in there.

  17. for what i read in naver.PSH’s character in Pinocchio,isnt exactly the cute,innocent,girl next door character.get character in Pinocchio is pretty different from all the characters she’s,am really looking forward to Pinocchio.i wonder why there’s no teaser or even bihind the scenes or even photoshoot of the drama.

  18. PSH said she wants tn change her image in her upcoming drama. I hope to see a different side of her and its going to be interesting. Alk the best to you Park Shin Hye because I am not going to miss it..

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