Korea’s Fashionable Best and Brightest Out for 2014 Style Icon Awards

The 2014 Style Icon Awards took place in Seoul yesterday and I’ll admit this whole excuse for celebs to get dressed up would have bypassed my interest but for Kim Soo Hyun winning yet another award there. I can’t believe his year of winning every single award even managed to transcend over to style and fashion categories. This recently created annual fashion award is held by Mnet and this year is in conjunction with Korean skincare brand Tony Moly.

The award celebrates influential style and fashion icons in Korean entertainment for the year and is awarded by a magical algorithm of panel selections and public voting. I say magical because at this point every since award coming out of Korea is a joke in terms of selection integrity. Check out the full list of winners below as well as the actors and actresses contingent on the red carpet. Since this was a night of style one would think all the attendees would be looking their best. Most did look eye-catching while a few were epic fails.

The ten winners are: Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Hee Ae, Jo In Sung, TaeTiSeo, 4minute, SISTAR‘s Soyu, Park Hae Jin, g.o.d, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Go Ara. New Icon winners were Sung Joon and Han Groo. And out of the ten style icon winners, the 2014 “Style Icon of the Year” award went to Jo In Sung.

Despite finding totally square-dressing Kim Soo Hyun’s win a joke, most of the choices this year were decent including Jo In Sung winning the top award as Style Icon of the Year. I also loved the Kim Hee Ae was one of the top 10 chosen, her style isn’t just beautiful and classic, she also transcends her age and is even more memorable than other blander female entertainers half her age.

Yoo Yeon Suk.

Go Ara.

Park Hae Jin.

Jo In Sung.

Han Groo.

Sung Joon.

Song Jae Rim.

Kim Hee Ae.

TaeTiSeo – Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun.

Yang Dong Gun.

Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk.

Choi Hee & Choi Woo Sik

Kim Soo Hyun accepting the award via video feed.


Korea’s Fashionable Best and Brightest Out for 2014 Style Icon Awards — 28 Comments

  1. I thought Jeon Ji Hyun was the clear style icon of the year, with all her YFAS outfits and looks getting so much attention.
    also is there a typo in the winner’s list? should be Yoo Yeon Seok instead.

  2. Love Park Hae Jin, Han Groo, Sung Joon, Kim Hee Ae, SeoHyun, and Yang Dong Gun.

    What the @ Yoo Yoon Seok & Tiffany. Meh @ Go Ara.

    Popularity & Politics rule awards and prizes all over the world nowadays. I just ignore Korea’s awards and watch what I want to watch, see who I want to see, listen to music I like not basing on whether it won an award or not. With Hollywood awards though, it’s rare that I want to catch something because it won something. More likely that I’ve already watched and liked a show, then they got an award later (see LOTR:RotK & BBC Sherlock) or in the case of the Oscars, I’ll take note of nominees/winners and remember to not watch it ever. 😉

  3. Go ara’s dress would be so pretty if it wasn’t white – it looks very bridal. Not as bad as some of those looks – what is yang dong gun doing and what is with the fur on tiffany’s dress. I’m also confused as to why jeon ji hyun wasn’t featured.

    • Go Aras dress looks very bridal cause it`s from Jenny Packhams bridal collection. She is a `go to` designer for award season, last year half of the Korean actresses wore dresses from her bridal collection and it looks like this year won`t be any different.

  4. Of all the people in the photos, Yang Dong-geun has the most interesting personal style.

    But I agree with picking Kim Hee-ae and Jo In-sung. The others, meh.

    • O__________O how d’you know I was lurking in KP???

      His hair was too flat and plastered on his forehead. Maybe I can lick it a bit to make it stick up. Huihuihui

      (No! I’m normal. Please don’t move away, KP-chingus!)

  5. Dear Lord, as much as I love Yoo Yeon-seok, his fashion choices are less that impressive

    And seriously, awards based on style? This has no artistic merit! This just reflects on the popularity of the celebrities alone!

  6. Is jun ji hyun not popular in korea? Im reading all the artist name that been awarded but i dont see jjh name i think she should be on the top 10 list. Never forget all the outfits, that are sold out because of her anything she wears sells like a hot cake.and without a doubt she she have a very fashionable style remember she is chun song yi.so im very dissapointed that she is not included to this

      • But why she dont have any award even in acting she is good in her recent drama but never recognized kinda weird.

      • You guys should have done more researches about what factors that formed this award instead of giving such dumb comments.

        Why didn’t she beg her millionaire hubby for some money to buy this ward for her? He would be happy to do that to please her green- with- envy fans like you. Keeping bargaining every single award with her co-star just make you look cheap as her fans.

  7. Where’s Jun Ji Hyun? Why those nugus got the awards? And Jo In Sung…big NO. The guy of course a great actor, but for the style??? no..no..no…

  8. Whoaaa whooaa.are u mad tamarine? im just curious why she is not included on the style icon as what other is saying here.because she have a big impact this yr when it comes to fashion.dont be too personal about it dear.

  9. Can I just say….OMG, stop with the white tennis shoes and suits. Please. No really, please.

    White shoes all over the recent dramas. Barf.

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