Picture and Video Preview for Episode 3 of Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu (Today I Take the Day Off Work) is so so darling. I only wish it had an easier to digest title, it needn’t have English words in it but something shorter might be snappy. Like “Day Off!” or “Double Trouble”, LOL. One wishes we could be Hanae, currently the most enviable leading lady in dramaland as she’s sandwiched between 21 year old young hottie Yuto and 35 year old seasoned hottie Yu. The casting for the live-action adaptation is hands down one of the best I’ve watched when it comes to bringing manga characters to life. All three leads Ayase Haruka, Fukushi Sota, and Tamaki Hiroshi are more dynamic and better rendered than even the original drawn version.

That’s a rarity since most live-action castings lead to the inevitable screeching that he/she is not like the manga envisioned. Poor Matsumoto Jun got evicerated for Hana Yori Dango before it aired, and Yamamoto Yusuke still is a visual hard sell in Ouran High School Host Club even when his acting is on point. Not just the casting is better than the manga, the story line for the dorama is way more interesting and nuanced than the manga as well. This is turning out to be adaptation over source material in the best way. The picture previews are out for episode 3 and looks like Hanae and Yuto are going to dip a toe into the dating waters, all while Yu observes like a particularly smirky shark from the sidelines. I can’t wait!

Preview for episode 3:


Picture and Video Preview for Episode 3 of Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu — 18 Comments

    • Thank you so much, Ms. Koala, for recommending this drama! In the way it is shot, and in the storyline, it does remind me of those 90 – and early 2000’s jdoramas that I fell in love with. There is a sincerity about it that I have missed.

  1. Thank you for this!

    Rawrrrr, what is it with Tamaki Hiroshi and white shirts?! OMG he’s sizzling hot! I love how sexy he’s been in this drama, the confidence, the charm, the smiles! Fwah, if he got any hotter, the screen might explode! I am liking Yu’s interactions with Hanae, even though she’s sadly been standoffish with him – I really don’t see why, he’s never shown that he’d hurt her. I really hope she starts relaxing around Yu, drama needs some more spice.

    I actually can’t tell why Yuto likes Hanae – maybe it’s just me? Their interactions prior to her birthday have been piecemeal, and if he even sensed that she’s inexperienced, why would he take her to a hotel? He just hasn’t done enough to convince me he’s serious about her. Also, Fukushi Sota has just two expressions – bland and bug-eyed. It says a lot about Ayase’s acting that I am actually willing to buy that Hanae is keen on the boy, because he’s pretty meh otherwise.

    • Yes, he is a rather blank, if lovely, canvas. But I think that works in the drama’s favor, because it makes Hanae’s reluctance and fear really understandable; just like her, we really have no idea what this guy is thinking or feeling. He could be an axe murderer, under that nice smile.

  2. i’ve sampled the currently airing kdramas and except for Bad Guys, nothing reeled me in. thanks to you, i’m hooked! too bad subs for both series take a while. excited for next episode though!^_^

    • I feel your pain re the delay on subs, but I’m so very grateful that this dorama is being subbed at all that I don’t mind waiting too much. I’m also grateful to Ms. Koala for once again altering me to what’s become a firm favourite!

      I hope one brief OT diversion can be forgiven: Since it seems you prefer cable Dramas in K-Land, have you checked out Yoona’s Street? If not, I’d suggest it’s very worth your while.

  3. I am curious about the ending. Will it go the “first love, one love” route or the most logically balanced route, basically for Hanae to experience her first love with Yu and all the awkward, magic and growing pains after the break-up, to develop an emotionnally mature lasting relationship with Yu? My question is rhetorical for I shall wait until the last episode’s broadcast to get an answer. After all, the dorama might not end up the same way the manga does.

    On a sidenote, eems like Yu is a lefthander? I was discussing this “rarity” this very morning with a lefthanded coworker sharing his struggle in a world made for righthanders.

  4. I am firmly for Yuto/Hanae pairing, Yu is handsome but I really don’t like the way he is trying to win Hanae’s affections when he knows that she is dating Yuto. Hanae is not that innocent. She slept with Yuto on their first date!

    • She wouldn’t even be dating Yuto if not for Yu’s help. She was all “it’s over before it even started” and Yu was like, how can something end before it’s even started? Yu was also the one who pointed out Hanae was not facing the issue because she was afraid of getting hurt, and plainly told her that she’s fallen in love.

      You say she’s a big girl since she slept with Yuto. I say she’s still got a ways to go.

  5. This is the first time I’m following a j-dorama when it’s on air and I cannot thank u enough dear koala for your posts dedicated to the story …. it’s a bit sad that Tamaki is 2nd male lead here but at least I’m glad he has much more exposition in the drama compared to the manga …. Yu, come to mama~~~<3

    I've been a k-drama junkie(to the core) for almost a decade so I'm still a bit surprised how Tamaki and Hidetoshi Nishijima are doing this to me …. I'm just devoring all of their works everyday XD and even tho I can't find that certain charm I love from my fav k-dramas I think I'm enjoying this new adventure with j-doramas T_T aish I'm so weak when it comes to Tamaki and Hisetoshi …. they're lifeeeeee!

    Looking forward to the upcoming recaps of the drama 🙂

  6. The picture of Hanae and Yu…love it! Every interaction between Yu and Hanae sets Hanae reflecting on what he has said. While she is standoffish with him, she still does confess to him (in her way) and voices out her fears and hesitation. She will slowly come to trust him when she learns that he wishes her well. I have yet to feel engaged emotionally for Hanae/Yuta pairing but it is good that Hanae is feeling excited, happy and more womanly with Yuta. l like her better with her glasses on.

  7. I prefer Yu for Hanae. Yu is good for Hanae, every time they talk, Hanae wakes up from being a dormant to having a life.

    Yuto & Hanae interaction with each other is bland for me.

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