New C-drama Reunites Joe Cheng and Jiro Wang from It Started with a Kiss

Nearly a decade after the TW-version of It Started with a Kiss launched the careers of leads Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin, a reunion from that drama is in the works but sadly doesn’t involve the OTP. Joe will be starring in a new big-budget C-drama Single and Together (只因單身在一起) with C-actress Xu Lu and his ISWAK costar Jiro Wang. Zhi Shu with Ah Jin? Awwwww, so many warm cuddly feels already. The story revolves around eight adults moving into a singles-only apartment building and must avoid falling in love so as it not get evicted.

Joe and Jiro, who are both North of 30 years old, will need avoid the ick age-difference factor when romancing up-and-coming leading lady Xu Lu who is all of 19 years old. Her last drama was the one with Nichkhun and Jiang Jing Fu where everyone was in college so this will be her first straight up adult role. Joe brought the fanservice galore at the pre-filming press conference by planting a sweet forehead kiss on Xu Lu. He then followed up by talking smack with Jiro, claiming that every time he’s in a love triangle with Jiro the girl always picks him. LOL, and ouch.


New C-drama Reunites Joe Cheng and Jiro Wang from It Started with a Kiss — 12 Comments

      • For a more substantial comment, I loved ISWAK, and I luffed Ah Jin! I just watched it for the first time this year, and it’s definitely in my top dramas! Also, it’s credit to the actors and whole team that I didn’t notice until after I finished that I would have found Zhi Shu and Xian Qing sooooo obnoxious in any other form, but fell for them and their families so hard!

  1. This is the most like his old self I have seen Jiro in a long time. I’m glad he got a second nose job to fix the first botch one.

    • Wow, how nice of you to point that out. Why don’t you continue reading at Jaynes, and let us Playground readers enjoy what Koala happily shares with us.

  2. is that Jiro Wang? if not for the name mention, i couldn’t recognize him. he looks way different from his ISWAK days. something change with his face but i couldn’t pinpoint where.

    joe cheng is still joe cheng. only he looks mature here and smile a lot comparing him to ISWAK where he looked so stiff. 😀

  3. Both Joe and Jiro had plastic surgery but they look good and natural still. I hope they just stop at this point, otherwise, they will ruin their facial structure.

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