Ji Chang Wook as Healer Drops Yet Another Tantalizing Trailer

It’s such a relief that promos for upcoming KBS drama Healer continue to look fantastic. The drama was announced and cast relatively early, with respect to how frequently K-dramas come down to the wire, and having that head start ought to be reflected in the quality. So far it definitely looks it, the first video teaser and now the just released second teaser both deliver visual dexterity with a fluid execution.

KBS is probably curled up in a ball rocking back and forth with its fingers-crossed that Healer breaks the Mon-Tues ratings suck streak for the network. At least the two male leads have the potential to deliver. It’s been nearly six years since Yoo Ji Tae was on the small screen and back then it was in the lovely and draggy A Star’s Lover. Ji Chang Wook has been hit-or-miss in ratings but has remained consistent with the good acting feedback whether it was in Empress Ki or Warrior Baek Dong Soo.

Second teaser for Healer:

Park Min Young isn’t the strongest leading lady around but she looks so gosh darn cute here I’m hoping she recaptures some of her effervescent charm from the high point of her career with Sungkyunkwan Scandal all the way to Man of Honor. So far her chemistry with Ji Chang Wook looks so promising if the teaser is any indicator.


Ji Chang Wook as Healer Drops Yet Another Tantalizing Trailer — 10 Comments

  1. I’m not fan of Park Min Young and dislike her in SKKS. But really, she looks so cute here! I like her new haircut, can’t wait to see the drama

  2. Well, based on the teaser alone, there’s definitely some kind of chemistry between PMY and JCW.
    Fingers-crossed this drama will be a good one!

  3. Yoo Ji Tae is a rather brilliant actor with a number of great flicks on his resume (Oldboy, Woman is the Future of Man, Hello, Schoolgirl). So, things could be looking up for KBS.

    Incidentally, Star’s Lover is something of a overlooked gem. People who haven’t watched it could be in for a pleasant surprise.

  4. Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young look so great together ~~ It’s just a teaser but you can already smell their CHEMISTRY together :)) Can’t wait to watch these two together !! Knowing JCW and PMY .. I know it’s going to be a GREAT drama ~~ Should we call them #ChangMinCouple <333

    • I guess it’s YJT cause his senior but the OTP might be the younger ones. Just proud of JiChangWook, he’s really good actor but still very humble, never have problems accepting roles even if he’s not the lead guy. That’s why I like this guy than other idol actors in S.Korea who’s just too overhyped.

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