Jaejoong Looking Male Model Handsome in First Drama Stills as the Titular Spy

Oh boy, major hotness alert! The first stills are out for Jaejoong‘s next drama transformation into a spy of sorts. I say of sorts because he really looks like a male model, let’s not kid ourselves here. It’s both Jaejoong’s blessing and curse to be that ridiculously good looking. I thought he was intentionally styled as unattractively as possible in his last drama Triangle to make it believable that he could be a loser gambler. Whenever I see Jaejoong I just think it’s impossible for him to play a loser, he’s got a future putting that chiseled face on mugs that he’s set for life.

The upcoming KBS Friday night drama Spy headlines Jaejoong as a South Korean National Security Agency operative who doesn’t know that his mommy dearest played by veteran Baek Jong Ok is actually a long planted sleeper agent for North Korea. Talk about the most uncomfortable mommy-son candid talk forthcoming. She’s activated into duty with her first task to capture and bring her son in. Eeeps! The drama is based on an Israeli show adapted for North-South Korean politics and will drastically change of the tone of the Friday time slot for KBS as it follows Hi! School – Love On.

Jaejoong now has two acting thumbs up from me (Protect the Boss and Triangle) and one major huge stupendous thumbs down (Dr. Jin). If I’m optimistic then he’s improving, if I’m pragmatic then he’s still wildly uneven. Since his last drama was Triangle then he’s currently in my good graces. That’s not the case with his Spy leading lady, the proven inept Go Sung Hee who stunk up an already stinky joint in Records of a Night Watchman. She was basically like a random person pulled off the street, put in a costume, and told to act right then and there – that bad. If she has minimal screen time here then maybe it won’t that unbearable. More son-mommy dysfunction, less romantic shenanigans please!


Jaejoong Looking Male Model Handsome in First Drama Stills as the Titular Spy — 29 Comments

  1. You say it is based on an Israeli show? Anyone knows the original title and/or year of production?

    Must say he looks good in the pictures but I am looking forward to Bae Jong Ok’s acting.

  2. I can not wait! Hopefully his acting as good as in Triangle, or better. I agree with Koala, I pray that the leading lady has a minimal screen time. She’s not good in acting nor good in visual. I bet if she’s standing beside JJ, he will look more beautiful than her. (I’m sorry for my harsh sentence about the leading lady)

  3. Triangle was a thumbs up for JJ, even more so than PtB for me. But his choice of projects are always iffy, some of it is probably not even his fault. I think he has a good chance with good co-stars and writing but this… it’s Friday slot, 1 per week format (which can always screw up the tone and pace) and a leading lady who can’t act. The story is interesting, hopefully the writing will be good.

    • oh, it’s been announced that this drama will air 2 episode per week, but back to back. so we will see jaejoong only for 2 months if the news was true “spy” is a 16 eps drama.

  4. Following High School Love On? It’s gonna take forever for this spy drama to finish airing then! Kbs keeps pre-empting that time slot! At least it’s 16 episodes instead of 20!

  5. i dont understand how people find him attractive!! he looks all plasticy to me and like his eyes have been ripped of to make them look bigger!

    • well, this is a subjective opinion.. when people said Lee Seunggi, Joowon, Lee Jongsuk are attractive, handsome,..but I don’t. haha..sorry to fans and capt.koala that like them. ^_^

      • I don’t find Lee Seunggi, Joo Won, Lee Jongsuk, JaeJong and Yun Ho even Jo In Sung attractive…LOL. But yeah, it’s all subjective.

    • Personal preference, my dear. I personally don’t find his beautiful face attractive either, but I sure know how to appreciate a beauty when I see one. We briefly saw him at Incheon airport this past summer and both me and my husband got “stunned” for about 2-3 seconds, his face is so pale and just, plain beautiful (that really is my description for him). I think he appeals more for the fans of Japanese culture (manga/anime character), cos he sure looks like one.

      • i understand it when people find attractive people that i dont, for instance like u guys said about joowon. i can tell that he is handsome but not to my liking! but jaejoong has done so many things to his face that its too much!and dont tell that he is all natural…

    • eyes and nose like most of idols. but if you go back to his baby pics, predebut pics and videos you will still see that face. lately he kind of touched his puffy cheeks. he was prettier with those cheeks though. I think he wanted to look manly and those puffy cheeks make his face look like a girl.

      • A lot of the ps look is seen as attractive to Korean people and can be attributed to make up and styling rather than actual PS. In the case of Jaejoong, right before debut at around 17years old he deepened his existing double eyelids. Through the years he has added fillers to his nose to make it more sharp but apart from that he does actually have those looks.

  6. Well I do find him incredibly good looking and very attractive, especially when he doesnt wear make-up. Saw him in person before, he is drop-dead handsome. Even my friends who did not know him and know nthg about K-entertainment/celebs, were stunned seeing him and kept praising how good looking he was. I personally think he was the best actor in ‘Triangle’, and was the main reason i managed to finish watching the drama despite its boring script/storyline… Can’t wait for “Spy”!!!! And Thank you Koala for posting about these new stills^^ I just found out jaejoong and Yamapi are close friends and always hang out together when jaejoong goes to Jap. Just wondering if Miss Koala knows this,since u like Yamapi too! Hehe.

    • Like it or not he has the looks that catches your eye.

      Yes I found out recently about Jaejoong and Yamapi, it’s good to see they have such a great friendship, taking rides on helicopters and going to amusement parks together!

  7. I think to be a great actor, acting talents is a must. Another thing is aura/ charisma. How can I say, there is something that those good looking guys couldn’t get because no plastic surgery for that (LOL) which is charisma as an actor. It just naturally happen and such kind of God’s gift such as senior actor like Choi Min Sik. Not even Bae Young Jun has it. Eventhough Choi Min Sik isn’t that good looking compare to others, but I could feel his charisma even just through my screen.

    • I totally agree, I see it as two types of acting talent, one where you have charisma from the get go and can captivate viewers. I would consider Yoochun to be of this sort, since he wasn’t amazing at the start but managed to draw in viewers. Jaejoong on the other hand is seriously handicapped by his alienating looks. He has to work harder and has the sort of talent that must be worked on. And so far it does seem like he is getting better.

      • just like koala’s said, his looks is a blessing but also a curse to him. the same with his singing. he’s a great singer, yet the stereotype of pretty boys cannot sing was what hindered people from acknowledging his talent.

        he’s not that bad kind of actor (and definitely improved w triangle) yet again, his looks makes people put his skill aside and keep praising his face.

        as a fan, who acknowledge both his talent and looks, i feel bad for him sometimes

      • I am sorry lol I disagree with you opinion.
        I think Jaejoong has really good screen presence, just that he has majority sucky projects so far. Screen ‘presence’ is not solely judged by the dramas or movies one acts in but ALL projects where one see’s an individual through a ‘screen’. You cannot lie and say that even since his early days in MVs or whatever other promotion he was the member that drew the most attention to him just through his screen appearance or presence.
        Whereas, Yoochun started drawing more attention towards himself after working on actual drama’s.
        I would say Yoochun has been very lucky with projects so far compared to Jaejoong.
        For Yoochun’s most hit projects SKKS and RTP I honestly thought all his co-stars acting was better than his. Not to say his acting was bad but his co-stars acting has always surpassed his by great extent even with minor roles (with the exception of Park Min young). He has been lucky in every project that he has such amazing people to work with as well as a good script. In SKKS my favorite actors in that drama were actually Yoo Ah In and Song Joong-ki – without those two the drama would have been boring. In RTP I loved the three duckling characters more than the prince character. That is why when they had few screen time close to the end of the drama I started finding it very boring.
        Anyways, I guess it all has to do with ‘taste’ in the end.

  8. people keep saying that he looks plastic but honestly he only got his eyes and nose done. There are so many other celebs that got so much more done and keep getting it. PS is common and in the K-ent industry, 100% of them have had a little of work done. be it the eyes, nose, a little bit of botox, a little bit of skin pulling. It’s also known that if you sign-on with SME, it’s in the contract to get things done. So all of the artists in SME have gotten their face done. (some little and some huge–Taeyeon got her whole face restructured with jawline shaving and cheekbone implants, eyelids and nose; Yoona although is touted to be pretty, was never market as natural since she too got most of her face done, including fat grafts) So honestly in K-dramas almost everyone you see have done PS.

    • Yes i degree. Park Min Young is another example of whole face reconstruction, a successful one. Was abit shocked to find out even ha ji won got some work done on her face. Alot actors got nose job done too..

      • I think the natural beauty korean actors are really rare. Not sure about Ha Ji Won but I’m totally sure about Han Ye Seul, Yoon Jin Yi and Park Min Young.

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