Taiwan Stars Bring the Glamour for the 2014 SETTV Drama Awards

It’s a bit of a downer to feel so nonchalant about the Taiwan idol dramas of 2014. SETTV dumped a lot of drama hours but overall the buzz seems to have died down. Despite producing one of my all-time faves In a Good Way and really lovely sweet romances in Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You) and Love Cheque Charge, there really wasn’t a whole lot of momentum that used to be there whether in the form of so-bad-its-good dramas or cheeky local flavor fare. I count myself lucky there were three dramas I loved but wished there was less really insipid crap in between.

SETTV held its annual year end drama awards this past weekend and all the major drama stars were in attendance except for George Hu, which is a shame because I totally grew to love him again after LCC. The IAGW leads Lego Lee and Kristen Jen were there, with Lego’s current drama Aim High leading lady Yao Yao also present and looking like an uncomfortable third wheel. Former SETTV drama big wigs like James Wen and Amber Kuo showed up to present and the biggest winner of the night was triple champion Aaron Yan, confirming once again that his star power in Taiwan is impressive indeed.

My favorite look of the night was hands down Puff Guo, and it doesn’t hurt to have an adorable Liu Yi Hao to squire her around. The winter white goddess gown flows exquisitely on her. Chris Wang was the best dressed man of the night and Kirsten looked lovely but a dash too stodgy a color and style for her fresh-faced appeal.

Fan Vote Most Favorite Drama: Fall In Love With Me

Best Actor: Aaron Yan

Best Actress: Guo Shu Yao

Best Taiwan Wave Star: Puff Guo

Weibo Most Popular Star: Aaron Yan

Best Onscreen Couple: Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen

Best Kiss: Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao


Taiwan Stars Bring the Glamour for the 2014 SETTV Drama Awards — 13 Comments

  1. Kristen is so cute, but Puff looks gorgeous – old school Hollywood glam. And they look so sweet together, too, her and Liu Yi Hao look.

    Looking at these faces makes me remember all the good T dramas I enjoyed last year.

    Still Best drama is Fall in Love with Me? Must be because of how well written it was…and how the story made perfect sense all the way through…and how unpredictable it was…and how layered and inspired the bad guys were…Yes, all of those reasons – nothing to do with how unbelievably hot Aaron is.

  2. I miss my IAGW couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the chemistry is still there, much more evident with all the other onscreen couples in attendance. Hence, can we please have a IAGW closure? 🙂

    Now that its out of the way, I really like Puff and Rong Rong’s look. Puff for the glam and RR with the over-all elegance and sweetness. For the guys, I prefer the classics, hence Chris it it. Though Lego’s was okay if pictured together with RR, just coz you’d have the couple color working for him reason.

    And good thing the Most Favorite Drama has the added FAN VOTE written on it. 🙂

  3. This year, I have only watched a couple of taiwanese dramas: “Pleasantly Surprised” and “Love Cheque Charge”, and I really enjoyed them. Specially the last one, since it made me fell deeper in love with George Hu. I loved his character, even though I was so annoyed with Bu Fan in the last episodes. I really hate when the male lead gets the superhero complex! At the beginning, I thought the main couple had 0 chemistry but I ended loving their sweet romance, so lovely~

  4. I totally loved George Hu and Yuan Ai Fei in Love Cheque Charge. Bu Fan’s look was perfect in every scene! He kept his look thru out except for the weddings. Sweet couple! Just wish they had kept the light hearted style of the first 49 episodes rather than let the evil ex-girlfriends in. George Hu must be jet setting somewhere for his EP.

  5. Am I the only one who super loved the pic where liu yi hao was laughing pointing and puff is like don’t look at them but only me.

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