Netizens Loving Yoona and Krystal’s Recent Healthier Honeyed Figures

Writing about celebs physical appearance is part and parcel of the entertainment package. It’s the superficial part for sure, but it’s hard to not to notice when a celeb looks different, whether from natural weight loss/gain or surgical enhancement. The more famous a celeb, the more even a minor tweak will be commented upon whether good or bad. This year saw the two current Hallyu IT boys Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho teased for putting on some weight, which was noticeable but still made them very skinny guys regardless.

The netizens and media discussed those two getting a teensy bit cheeky all in good fun, and this week comes the ladies getting press for rounding out a bit. Once again the media and netizens have been positive about both the super skinny Yoona of SNSD and the very sexy svelte Krystal of f(x) looking healthier at recent events, with less teasing and more relief. Krystal has in fact been getting raves for her new honey thighs and cute double chin, while fans are just relived to see Yoona reversing the trend on her super gaunt figure. Love the positive feedback!


Netizens Loving Yoona and Krystal’s Recent Healthier Honeyed Figures — 17 Comments

  1. Oh dear. THAT’S Yoona’s body post-weight gain???? If that’s her natural body type and she’s healthy then it’s all well and good. Otherwise, she doesn’t need to work so hard to maintain that stick figure. Baby girl needs to eat some more. >__<

  2. I am no one to comment on anybody’s weight gain/loss , I don’t believe in commenting about body types..but I will say it today korean boys /gals are way too thin according to me..

  3. I think SNSD’s Sooyoung is actually anorexic. I know fans will argue me that she eats a lot and that’s her natural body type, but a) she was fuller in their pre-Gee days; b) just because she eats a croissant in front of the camera, doesn’t mean she eats anything off-camera; c) no one can naturally have that thin legs.
    Compared to Sooyoung, I always felt Yoona looked just fine.

  4. I’VE always wondered how sooyoung’s body could be so thin but her face looks so healthy with round cheeks to match, it just doesn’t match. I’ve seen skinny girls in real life, if that’s really their body type, but no one’s face look like soo young , their faces are also thin. don’t know what they inject on her face. as for yoona, she was scary thin in ‘prime minister” it was painful to watch that she was basically just skin and bones, do they honestly think they look good like that? that’s insane or simply the mind of an anorexic.

  5. krystal looks healthy,as she should, she was never that thin anyway. but the girl should learn how to smile, see if she ever did smile in any of these pics.she seems problematic, I couldn’t get pass the first ep of She’s lovely coz there was nothing lovely about it, the mood was dour. Rain is not just acting for the money, hey, he’s getting married next year, gotta save up. well, Rain,just do a concert, I think that is more like your element.

  6. soojung is so gorgeous, and she looks so good with a bit more fat to her.

    comments like the ones in these comments about yoona and sooyoung really get my back up. how could anorexic women spend this much time performing in concerts year round and doing dramas and operating on an idol schedule without ending up in hospital? they both look healthy and happy to me.

  7. I love the fact that netizens love Yoona. But every time I’m reading her articles, the comments were all ‘She’s so pretty’ instead of focusing on what the article is all about/things she did that made her into the news. It’s like I made a cupcake for my family and instead of saying how good I am on making cupcakes, I get compliment on my beauty which is unrelated. It appears to me when they said it too much, it somehow feels like an insult. I really hope netizens will start commenting on the things she done.
    I’m not going to say anything about their weight. It’s their body, they know the best. Forever rooting the girls! Krystal and Yoona jjang!!

  8. they look alike.. when krystal debuted, i thought, she was Yuna’s lil sist.. but then, she’s Jess’.
    But i like Krystal’s figure more.. she gained some weight.. good for her!

  9. Both look gorgeous!!!! But Krystal looks really tired and that worries me so much. Girl has fainted twice on camera!! Who knows if even more. She’s always working so hard. She needs a loooooong break. This is why I become more recentful towards Sulli :/

  10. Hi koalas, do you have some news between yoon and lee seung gi? I cant find anything about them. Are they still dating?
    Or anyone know?

    Hope you reply.
    Thank you

  11. Beautiful is really subjective. IMO Seohyun (SNSD maknae) is the most pretty among SNSD member and she always looks good in whatever she wears.

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