Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Pinocchio

Grahhhhhh, the wait for a new episode of Pinocchio is driving me insane, along with the minutiae of wrapping things up at home and packing for a few weeks of vacation to Asia. I’ll use this opportunity to refresh the usual drill here: when Koala is away then posts and recaps will come when it comes be it early, on time, or so late I might as well not bother. I love Pinocchio so much there’s no way I’m not keeping up recaps because I’m certain there will be tons I want to discuss about future plot developments.

One of which is the direction clearly laid out in the just released written preview for episode 11, namely how Jae Myung will react once he learns his little brother is alive, and what that means for the brotherly reunion that feels even more precious and bittersweet. I trust the writer will continue doling out intensity with feel good twists and turns, and the cast will continue to have a blast filming because that just means everyone is giving it their all and the quality shows in the performances so far.

Preview for episode 11:

Written preview for episode 11:

A Midsummer Night’s dream….

Dal Po tells hyung Jae Myung that he’s really Ki Ha Myung, his little brother. Jae Myung is stunned to learn that his little brother is alive and tells Dal Po that he’s now a murderer. He wants Dal Po to give up the name Ki Ha Myung and just live happily as Choi Dal Po. Bum Jo senses that Ki Jae Myung is dangerous and wants to go dig up the truth about him but In Ha warns him not to do it….


Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Pinocchio — 12 Comments

  1. I am sorry but it’s so sad that JM confessed. To be so happy to have a family member yet realize his revenge will have deprived him of spending time in the future with him.

  2. This is totally unrelated to this post but i couldn’t wait any longer.
    Please koala, are the translations for Lost You Forever over? It’s bn months since the last post.
    Just wondering if there’ll be any new chapters.
    Really really need to know. I’ve never loved a book as much as i love LYF.
    Please unni?

  3. A well deserved holiday Ms Koala! Hope you get lots of sunshine, rest and perving time on cute guys … in dramaland LOL Thank you for the recaps on Pinocchio, I had no interest in watching it but after reading a few of your recaps I decided to give the actual show a go and it’s looovvveeellly. Thank you thank you thank you xoxoxox

  4. Interesting to see another girl in the preview stills…..I like Yoo Rae but she got very little to do up to now. Looks like we get a funny scene.

  5. Oh i love choi in ha and choi dal po… waiting for wednesday is really torturing… apart of all the chaos, i hope there will be much development in darling couple relationship

  6. I am so happy my bad hyung confesses (to DP at least) and just wants his little brother to forget him and live a life of happiness not having a murder brother. i love him despite everything (i’m sorry them people he killed deserved it and i root for him like i rooted for won bin in ahjussi). i still don’t think he murdered the poisoned two (only the trapped dude who is most likely dead by now. i really hope he does his jail time and if we get a time skip or something we see both brothers having some kind of brotherly bond and continuing to try to survive their sins and those committed on to them. i cannot wait for wednesday.

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