Fantastic First Promos for My Sunshine with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan

Early promotions have started for the upcoming C-romance drama My Sunshine based on the novel Silent Separation (He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo) by writer Gu Man. The novel is on the short side bu Gu Man does a great job of delving into the central romance between nearly perfect male lead He Yi Chen and sunny girl Zhao Mo Sheng, making readers fall in love with their college era meet cute falling in love and follow up reunion 7 years later with a much more adult angst-filled reconnection. The first posters are out featuring leads Wallace Chung as Yi Chen and Tang Yan as Mo Sheng in bed in three different poses which capture the different stages of their relationship.

The first has them staring with a smile lovingly into each other’s eyes, the second has them facing away while nestled against each other, and the last as Yi Chen protectively spooning Mo Sheng. Wallace and Tang Tang look fantastic together with a palpable but restrained chemistry, which is exactly what the two characters share in the drama. The production also released a few teaser videos, two of them featuring the two leads discussing their respective characters and what makes Yi Chen and Mo Sheng unique and a treat to play. I’m so looking forward to this it’s not even funny as long as the adaptation stays true to the novel and doesn’t not add in extra angst.

Official character preview – Wallace Chung as He Yi Chen:

Official character preview – Tang Yan as Zhao Mo Sheng:

Supermarket reunion scene official sneak peek:


Fantastic First Promos for My Sunshine with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan — 6 Comments

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever waited like crazy for a C-drama before. I’m so excited it’s not even funny since I love the book. It certainly doesn’t help that Wallace & TangYan are the two leads.

    Since the drama is airing in about 3wks, why isn’t the long preview out yet? Normally the long preview are out years to even months in advance.

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