Ji Sung Continues to Impress in Second Intense Preview for Kill Me Heal Me

It feels like the production of Kill Me Heal Me hit rock bottom when Lee Seung Gi and Lim Ji Yeon pulled out at the last minute, and since then everything has been on the up and up. It’s still a long shot to work, what with the story involving a male lead with 7 different personalities and his romance with his secretly treating psychiatrist. Sounding improbable on paper is no indicator of sure failure and so far I love what I’m seeing from the promo material. The concept teaser was especially entertaining showing Ji Sung narrating in his main personality walking into a room filled with six different incarnations of himself in his various alter egos. The second preview¬†just dropped and is a substantive first peek at scenes from the drama and once again piques my interest. Ji Sung is selling the multiple personality from the get go and his chemistry with leading lady Hwang Jung Eum remains sizzling from their Secret days. Right now all I can wish for the new drama year is for KMHM to turn out decent and therefore start the year off right.

Second preview for Kill Me Heal Me:


Ji Sung Continues to Impress in Second Intense Preview for Kill Me Heal Me — 10 Comments

  1. Jisung choose to act in a very hard role. This drama is either a hit or a miss. But I want to trust Jisung’s acting, so I’m rooting for this one as well as SPY~

  2. This is such a solid cast that I am quite positive that it’ll be at least good from a performance standpoint. Writing, not so sure yet.

  3. When is KMHM gonna start?

    Oh, must be tough having to act out 7 roles. But well Jisung is a veteran and has more experiences in acting so i guess he will be able to do it.

    So excited! Two multiple personality disorder dramas going head to head…tough! What to choose?

    This is gonna be in the wed-thurs day line up right? Together with Hyde, Jekyll and I….what about other drama? The one thats going to replace kings face?

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