Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min Shine in First Teasers for Rom-com Hyde, Jeykll, Me

The two multiple personality K-dramas going head-to-head to start off 2015 won’t be premiering at the same time. Kill Me Heal Me will arrive on MBC on January 7th while SBS airs Hyde, Jekyll, Me (official drama title) two weeks later on January 21st. Leaving the gate earlier doesn’t guarantee KMHM ratings success, but if it does hook the audience then HJM will have a steeper climb to catch up is all. I was a bit unimpressed with the first still from the production showing Han Ji Min pulling Hyun Bin behind her at the amusement park he runs. I know he’s supposed to be the cold Jekyll chaebol president but couldn’t his hair have been less odious?

Hyun Bin still looks like a sight for sore eyes even with the flat top head, four years away from the small screen since Secret Garden is much too long. His passing on KMHM for this drama made the news a few months back but now that I’ve seen both drama previews, it feels like like a decision made on quality and more based on completely different vibes. HJM looks like a typical K-drama rom-com with the cold rich president and the in-your-face plucky heroine bickering over a conflict that brings them together. Sure there is the alternate personality nice guy Hyde that muddles up the romance but the mood really remind brings back a familiar vibe.

Sneak peek at Hyde, Jekyll, Me:


Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min Shine in First Teasers for Rom-com Hyde, Jeykll, Me — 18 Comments

    • I like cold, prickly chaebol stories. The last few news articles about real life chaebols show a terrible reality. I like the drama reality for its escapism.

  1. This looks and feels the same as Secret Garden and every other kdrama. I’m actually more excited for Kill Me Heal Me after its teasers and stills.

  2. KMHM is closer to original Jekyll and Hyde than HJM( minus 5 other personalities) … The guyliner in KMHM definitely looks like Hyde…..

  3. Mmm… I wish it could go a bit darker closer to the original jekyll and hyde. I actually am more attracted to the teasers of KMHM. im excited for guyliner shin! He is so hot and spells so much like trouble. Like a loose canon that cant be controlled. Well we will see.

  4. KMHM actually looks more interesting from the teasers so far…. The teaser for this one….doesn’t seem like they’re showing the right stuff to hook people in -_-
    But yeah, wtf seriously …what is with Hyun Bin’s look!?!? Those glasses? and that hair??? omg whyyyyyy

    • actually i’m pesimis if the writer could really write 7 personality in KMHM, but when i see the teaser of both drama, the teaser of KMHM more interesting, jackyll n me teaser seem like another jerk chaebol story

  5. This honestly does not look appealing at all. It’s like SeGa 2.0. SeGa was my first k-drama and I loved it, but if Hyun Bin is hoping for that same type of mass popularity with another cold rich guy/plucky poor girl drama, I’m not sure he’s going to get it this time. K-dramas have changed a lot in the past 5 years. Shows like Misaeng, It’s Okay That’s Love, and I Hear Your Voice have broken new ground and there’s no going back.

  6. I guess I’ll be the dissenter here. It’s Hyun Bin, in a suit, on my screen. Sorry, but that’s enough for me!!! It’s Hyun Bin… It’s Hyun Bin…. Sings deliriously…

  7. I am looking forward to both dramas. I can’t pass up a ji sung drama but I don’t think I can pass up a HB drama either. So I will have to see how it goes. The hair is weird on hb but I have to see how the storyline goes. I don’t mind cold chaebol rom com stories but depends on how it’s all executed.

    • i agree with you too Lovedramas… we need to see first for both dramas when they start airing… for now KMHM got a better teaser and jisung really kill it… i’m glad LSG turn down the role because we got Ji Sung who are far better experience actor…whatever it is… let see both then judge it..

  8. I’m here to support the actress HJM as well as her drama HJM:) Can’t wait for 21Jan! And happy new year to everyone here!

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