2014 KBS Year End Drama Awards

Despite being the perennial prime time ratings loser in 2014, the KBS Drama Awards was heads and tails better than what MBC put on the night before in both fashion, star power, and actually awarding quality acting. Of course not every deserving performance got recognized but the network tried and didn’t pander as much to promoting the young and pretty. Veteran Yoo Dong Geun left with the Daesang for being the awesomest Papa Cha around in ratings juggernaut weekend drama What’s With This Family, while contender Jo Jae Hyun won Top Excellence Actor for Jeong Do Jeon. My gorgeous Joseon Gunman couple Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi attend the ceremony arm-in-arm and won Excellence and couples awards together. Even lowly rated Discovery of Love got tons of love for the fantastic acting and chemistry of leads Eric and Jung Yumi. I pretty much nodded my way through the evening and even loved the blue and purple color scheme this year LOL. Enjoy the fashion spread and full list of winners below.

2014 KBS Drama Awards winners:

Daesang: Yoo Dong Geun (What’s With This Family)
Top Excellence Actor: Jo Jae Hyun (Jeong Do Jeon)
Top Excellence Actress: Kim Hyun Joo  (What’s With This Family)
Excellence Actor in a medium-length drama: Lee Jun Ki (Joseon Gunman)
Excellence Actress in a medium-length drama: Nam Sang Mi (Joseon Gunman)
Park Min Young (Healer)
Excellence Actor in a mini-series: Eric (Discovery of Love)
Excellence Actress in a mini-series: Jung Yumi (Discovery of Love)
Excellence Actor in a full-length drama: Park Yeong Kyu (Jeong Do Jeon)
Kim Sang Kyung (What’s With This Family)
Excellence Actress in a full-length drama: Kim Ji Ho (Wonderful Days)
Excellence Actor in a daily drama: Choi Jae Sung (Abiding Love Dandelion)
Excellence Actress in a daily drama: Choi Yoon Young (My Dear Cat)
Shin So Yul (Love and Secret)

Best Child Actor: Kwak Dong Yeon (Inspiring Generation)
Best Child Actress: Ahn Seo Hyun (Abiding Love Dandelion)
Hong Hwa Ri (Wonderful Days)
Special Short Drama Award: Kim So Hyun (Different Cries)
Jo Dal Hwan (Repulsive Love)
Best Supporting Actress: Lee Chae Yeong (Two Mothers)
Han Eun Jung (Golden Cross)
Best Supporting Actor: Shin Sung Rok (The King’s Face)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Kim Ja Ok
PD Award: Jo Jae Hyun
Best Screenwriter: Kang Eun Kyung (What’s With This Family)
ung Hyun Min (Jeong Do Jeon)

Best Couple Award:
Kim Sang Kyung & Kim Hyun Joo (What’s With This Family)
Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi (Joseon Gunman)
Eric & Jung Yumi (Discovery of Love)
Park Hyung Sik & Nam Ji Hyun (What’s With This Family)
Ji Chang Wook & Park Min Young (Healer)

Netizen Award: Jung Yumi (Discovery of Love)
Eric (Discovery of Love)
Popular Actor: Joo Won (Cantabile Tomorrow)
Ji Chang Wook (Healer)
Popular Actress: Lee Da Hee (Big Man)
Jung Eunji (Trot Lovers)

Best New Actor: Park Hyung Sik (What’s With This Family)
Seo In Guk (The King’s Face)
Best New Actress: Kim Seul Gi (Discovery of Love)
Nam Ji Hyun (What’s With This Family)


2014 KBS Year End Drama Awards — 74 Comments

  1. It’s a pity about the low ratings of KBS. For me it just goes to show that the quality and enjoyment of dramas have little to do with their domestic ratings. Personally, my favourite dramas this year (with the exception of YFAS) were all from KBS. I adored Discovery of Romance for its frank discussion of adult dating and relationships and its flawed characters were so much fun. So I am glad to see Discovery of Romance getting plenty of appreciation at the award’s ceremony.

    Cantabile Tomorrow was another of my favourite’s this year. Joo won was excellent in it, and I just enjoyed the plot and the message of the drama.

    Right on the heels of that, Healer has been getting low ratings so far, but I am hooked on that drama and I think it looks really promising given the current material!

    Hope KBS will get better ratings next year, because they had really good stuff in 20141

  2. Best drama that KBS has put outthis year is the currently airing Healer,
    I can’t praise it enough, it has the right balance of great acting, great chemistry with OTP, great cast, great action scenes, great characters that are not so easy to define, great romance, it’s simply great. How I wish it could be on everyday. Glad to see both Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young at the awards.
    If you have time Miss Koala, please check out healer, it really is a must watch drama, it’s better than City Hunter imo (but I did really like CH too).
    Happy New Year to you Miss Koala and to everyone who comments here, all the best wishes for 2015, thanks Miss Koala for your super blog,

    • AMEN I so agree with everything you said @Minihaha

      I was soooooo Happy that both Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young got awards and top of it also a couple award. Their chemistry is to die for, they are so compatible. Thank you for bringing them on screen <3

    • Just fyi, there’s a lower section to the right of this page dedicated to Mrs Koala’s currently recapping and watching dramas. You’ll be happy to read that Healer is on the latter list. 😉

      • Really?!!! Wow awesome! But I want to know her thoughts on the OTP and their chemistry 😛

  3. This is the most sensible drama awards results i’ve seen so far.i’m happy for LJK and NSM.they always look fabulous together.and the tuxedo look so good in him.well,seeing their pictures together makes my heart feel happy and bitter at the same time.my ship is sinking..TT anyway,I still hope they could reunite again someday in drama or movie.

  4. Way to go KBS! Beat MBC to it’s core! Give us more good dramas based on good actings not ratings! At least this station don’t have many over rated and mediocre idol actors!

    • @Anon
      I second that, i hate to admit this but this is the first time I have watched Ji Chang Wook in a drama (only discovered him in Healer), but boy is he an excellent skilled actor, his eyes, his facial features and expression, his voice and tones, and each persona he plays is believable. I’m gonna follow his acting from now on, he is truly amazing.

  5. My inner Changjo fangirl went beserk after getting confirmation of Eric’s Award. *woooot*
    Now, I wish to make a few comments on the guests pictured above. Is that Han Ye Seul on the 2d pic? The color contrast of her face skin and the rest of her body is bothersome. So unnatural.
    Also has my memory failed me into thinking that until recently Korean actresses would be unlikely to walk the red carpet with a revealing cleavage, except to seek media attention? The trend has shifted, apparently and has become a common occurrence.

  6. KBS awards were far more interesting and prettier than MBC and SBS. My face couples of the year all came from KBS and I’m happy they all won and looked great together! Hyungsik and Jihyun are adorbs together and omg, Eric and Yumi looked gorgeous! And of course Joongi and Sangmi <3!

    And yay for Daddy Cha! Of all the Daesangs, his was unanimously deserving. (I like Lee Yoori but that voting system was weird. And as great as Jeon Ji Hyun was, I thought that Jo In Sung was better, but that's just me.)

  7. some of them look sooo pale… wtf? too much bb cream! and i didnt like any of the outfits… only the fitted golden dress.. the rest were mehhh!

  8. KBS always gives out best awards, i was expecting Eunji and Joo Won to win acting awards but i guess KBS doesn`t care about younger demographic like other networks and just gives awards based on performance.

    • i thinks it’s not because his performance but because the of the role not really interesting compare to another joo won drama like gaksital n good doctor plus the rating doesn’t really good,joo won win acting award in this two drama. I think kbs award this year is much better

  9. So glad to see What’s With This Family getting awards, and a Daesang for Yoo Dong Geun is well deserved. Also happy to see two couples from that drama + Eric and Yumi getting best couple. Lots of best couple awards though, they didn’t nominate anyone besides the couples who won?

    And seeing the name of the kid actor from Inspiring Generation reminds me, no one from.that drama won anything else. Well I suppose kbs cannot dare to nominate Kim Hyun Joong for an acting award.

    • KBS nominated almost all their OTPs from their dramas. I think there were more than 20 couples.

      Kim Hyun Joong was nominated for Excellent Actor in the medium length drama category, but didn’t win. IG also got nominations in the Excellent Actress, Best New & Best Child Actors & Actresses categories, but only Kwak Dong Yeon won.

  10. I come here only for Hyungshik…ouh My God he won best couple and best new star, the same as Siwan won. Congratulation baby but you need to sleep and come back to your group soon because ZE:A’s miss you together with 8 other members.

    Siwan and Hyungshik are indeed a good actor but rarely people know him as an IDOL or SINGER. He is from ZE:A. and ZE:A’s songs are pretty legit. I can mention ZE:A’s song which will catch your ears after you listen to those songs: Someday, ONE, Only One 4 U, Aftermath Moon Leader version, Heart for 2, All Day Long, Man 2 Man, Ghost of the Wind, Phoenix. Just give it a try to listen to them. I am sure all of you will like those songs. Just search on youtube: ZE:A official youtube, you will find those songs there.

    If you want to see crazy siwan and Hyungshik in woman clothes, search Osaka concert 2013. You will be loling so much.

    2014 was the year for Hyungshik and Siwan but the worst year for ZE:A. However, Because of Siwan’s and Hyungshik’s success, there will be the second concert of ZE:A in Korea and the DAEBAK comeback for them in 2015.

  11. Aww, SIG’s holding PMY’s clutch in the pic with them two and the guy from WHTMF.

    As lovely as JCW is… his makeup made me wince!! :/ Wae Hilleo, wae?!

  12. Congrats to all of them. They all deserve it. You should watch how Yoo Mi gave her speech. She was so nervous and it turned so cute because she even didn’t know what to say. The way she called “Eric opppaaa” on the stage made me LOL-ing and giggles. This girl should learn how to give speech properly because I’m sure she’ll get more awards in the future…XD

    • Happy to see Eric Yoo Mi got awards. Their actings were superb. Yoo Mi actually very pretty but sometimes her style could cover it. I adore Eric since he’s the example of how idol could succeed in every field at the same time whether it’s being a leader of his group, actor, recognized rapper and head of business in his company.

      Lee Jun Ki seems really has feeling for Nam Sang Mi. The way he’s staring at her is full of love XD.

      One of the senior actor sang Trivia while doing his speech and it was so gooooooddd… KBS drama awards really my favorite among the big three. Because it showed the balance of ratings-skill appreciation and seniors-rookie actors.

      • No, No at Lee Jun Ki, lol. They just have simple sibling-like relationship. He dares to stare at her as seen bcuz he’s confident of his pure friendship, knowing Nam Sang Mi will get married soon.

    • They have different category though. Lee Seo Jin and Kim Hee Sun were in long-length drama while Discovery of Love in miniseries. Compare to What’s Up with This Family drama which has 40% ratings, of course Lee Seo Jin’s drama can’t be win against it. Not only in terms of ratings, but also the acting skill since this daily drama has great senior actor (he got the daesang). Despite the low TV ratings, DoL got the most high IPTV among all the dramas in KBS and got good reviews and almost every articles about good dramas for 2014, DoL and Jeong Do Jeon always be included. I think that’s the reason why DoL got so many awards. And I kinda agree too since DoL casts did awesome job. Not only Eric and Yoo Mi but all the casts.

  13. I always thought that KBS was the worst among the Big Three in terms of awards! They seemed to take in mind the ratings as the ONLY criteria in those year-end ceremonies. But this one was a HUGE surprise! They managed to handle both ACTING and RATINGS…Bravo!! KBS probably had the most “cable-channel-like” dramas(like DoR, or I Need Romance 4,imo…lol!), the most “cable-channel-like” performances in every category and the most “cable-channel-like” scripts and directing(like Blade Man)this year! The board of directors probably changed the old policy to a far more open-minded one…good job, guys.Please, stick to this one in 2015, as well! Happy New Year to each and everyone and especially to our good friend Miss Koala! I really wish you an other accomplished year!!

    • That’s because their high rated dramas happened to star good actors, or if you prefer it, that the good acting actually made the dramas popular. KBS is no different from the other two, they just “lucked out”.

  14. Congratulations to LEE JOON GI for his TWO awards for the KBS DRAMA AWARDS 2014.

    But LEE JOON GI did not get THE TOP EXCELLENCE AWARD and had to accept the not so prestigious EXCELLENCE AWARD. And IMAGINE, he and Nam Sang Mi had to share THE COUPLES AWARD with four other couples!

    The meagre awards are such a HUGE BLOW to all of LEE JOON GI’s fans!


    We hope 2015 will bring GREATER SUCCESS and HAPPIER NEWS for LEE JOON GI!

    VIVE LE ROI! Long Live The Korean King of Entertainment!

    • As a superfan of LJG myself, I can understand your frustration! He is, indeed, a multi-talented performer(even though, I believe acting is now, by far his best craft!) and has the looks, as well! But let’s remember what happened last year at the SBS’year-end’s awards…he was completely ignored when his drama was so amazing and his acting was superb, as usual!So KBS has treated him way more courteously than the other major broadcasting channel, even though “Two Weeks” had no co-star on his level!The OTP of JG was one of the most epic of the year! Βonne annee’, cherie!

    • For KBS, the Excellence Acting Awards are considered very prestigious, and imo, on the same level as the Top Excellence Awards in MBC & SBS. If you noticed, KBS only gives Excellence Acting Awards and NO Top Excellence Awards for each drama category, whereas MBC and SBS gives BOTH Top Excellence Awards and Excellence Awards for each category.

      The winners of the 2014 KBS Daesang and overall Top Excellence Awards cannot be disputed. “What’s With This Family” was a huge rating success for KBS, with highest rating of >40%, and Yoo Dong Geun was awesome as Papa Cha. It was a close fight between YDG and Jo Jae Hyun for the Daesang, and since YDG won the Daesang, it’s no surprise that Jo Jae Hyun would win the Top Excellence Award. Afterall, JJH won the 2014 Baeksang’s Top Excellence Actor Award for his role in Jeong Do Jeon.

      I disagree that the KBS Excellence Actor Award was a huge blow to all of LJK’s fans, because sensible fans who watched kdramas other than those that he acted in and kept in touch with what’s happening in the kdrama world knew that he would not win this year’s KBS Daesang or Top Excellence Award. The ratings of Joseon Gunman cannot compare with What’s With This Family, and it was highly unlikely that he would win over the 2014 Baeksang’s Top Excellence Actor, Jo Jae Hyun. BTW, Jo Jae Hyun won the 2014 Baeksang’s Top Excellence Actor Award over Kim Soo Hyun (SBS Top Excellence Actor for YFAS) and Joo Woon (KBS 2013 Top Excellence Actor for Good Doctor).

      And FYI, KBS has always given out 5 best couple awards every year.

  15. Honestly healer will probably do much better if they had not casted pmy as she’s so unpopular in korea and has such negative image. JCW’s comeback has been ruined by her. I heard many didn’t even bother to check healer out because of her

  16. I read somewhere on the Internet that LEE JOON GI ‘saved’ KBS with very HIGH RATINGS for JOSEON GUNMAN. I also read that the drama had over 400 milion views in CHINA! If it is true, is that how KBS treat LEE JOON GI? He received 2 miserable awards for his outstanding efforts! Come on, be more fair!

    • As I know, the very high ratings is indeed What’s Up with This Family (reach 40% even more in some episodes). For miniseries, Big Man and Inspire Generations actually had same ratings as Joseon Gunman. For KBS dramas that given good reviews from critics in Korean articles/ reporters or critics are Jeong Do Jeon and Discovery of Romance. For IPTV, Discovery of Romance was the only one from KBS drama. So, I don’t understand what do you mean by 2 miserable awards that Lee Jun Ki got. If you want him to get daesang, it’s totally impossible since his rivals are two great senior actors which the dramas got highly prises by korean historical degree and high ratings drama at the same time, Mr. Yoo Dong Geun.

  17. Sandra with due respect to you and your opinions, there are some crucial questions I want to pose to you concerning the KBS Awards 2014:
    1. Are the ratings that you mention for popular dramas like “What’s Up With This Family’ etc obtained from the local KOREANS viewers or from the viewers from the rest of the WORLD?
    2. Are the good reviews of the winning dramas from local KOREAN critics, journalists etc or is the critical acclaim from the rest of the world, especially ASIA and particularly, CHINA?
    3. Are the praises & high ratings of the performance of the senior actors from KOREAN viewers only or by FOREIGN VIEWERS, especially ASIA or particularly CHINA?
    4. Did KBS state at the beginning that KOREAN opinion & not FOREIGN opinion on the dramas & actors is crucial to the giving of the awards?
    5. Are you an INSIDER, REPRESENTATIVE or OFFICIAL of KBS? What is the CRITERIA for the giving of the awards, especially the TOP awards? TRANSPARENCY is important. Give the viewers the STATISTISTICS. KBS is answerable to the FOREIGN viewers.
    As far as I know, according to the INTERNET, GUNMAN in JOSEON, has 400 million views in CHINA alone. What about the rest of the world? Did the other Korean dramas have such a HUGE following? If not, why should LEE JOON GI & GUNMAN IN JOSEON NOT DESERVE BETTER TREATMENT? I read somewhere on the INTERNET that GUNMAN IN JOSEON ‘saved’ KBS. Is it true? I’m sorry but some of us FOREIGN fans are not given a VOICE in these awards because of the language barrier.

    • @Disapppointed. I understand fully about your frustation since you may think KBS didn’t give your favorite actor the best award in your opinion. I’m not KBS staff, so of course I don’t know how to make you satisfied with my anwswers. ALl the answers based on what I know since I’m living in Seoul (I’m working here for almost 10 years now).
      1. The ratings about What’s Up With The Family is totally based on korean viewers. Also same as the highest IPTV that Discovery of Romance got. No interfere from international viewers.
      2. Since the drama is airing in Korea mainly, of course the critics are from Korea. For offial airings, usually it takes few months before airing in other countries such as Japan, China, South East Asia, etc, since some of countries need to make subbed, dubbed, etc, and other business requirements between the TV channels also involved.
      3. Again, all the praises are from korean critics.
      4. Not sure, but I don’t think they include the opinion of international viewers because some of the dramas are not subbed in english or other languages, so international fans only could watch the subbed one. The most popular historical drama in Korea was Jeong Do Jeon, but I heard it was not subbed so international fans could not watch, that’s why they even don’t have any idea how powerful this drama was. Jeong Do Jeon, totally beat Joseon Gunman and even Empress Ki for historical drama.
      5. Some of the awards such as netizen awards and couple awards were decided by votings, but it’s only 40% proporsion. The other 60% was decided by reporters/ media (30%) and 30% drama’s expertise. And beside that, all decided by KBS team which of course involved PDs, writers or other judges.

      If we talk about international viewers, many of KBS dramas which watched in Viki or Dramafever actually Healer, Youth Generation or Discovery of Romance, since international viewers may not really attract to historical dramas. Not sure about China though. Joseon Gunman saved KBS? I don’t think so. Since Joseon Gunman had same average ratings as Youth Generation and Big Man. But Discovery of Romance had powerful impact on KBS IPTV score where Jeong Do Jeon had powerful impact on the critics preview. For the ratings, What’s Up With The Family is the one safe KBS.

      If you have further questions, you may ask KBS staff directly, since I’m not their representative XD. I hope it can help to release your curiousity^^.

  18. Thank you for your explanation, Sandra. It clarifies the situation in the Korean Drama industry. But awards, especially the Top Awards, should be based on dramas and actors / actresses favoured both by the KOREANS and the FOREIGN viewers especially in the region.
    It is sad that MBC treated LEE JOON KI badly by not acknowledging his excellent acting skills and talent in “ARANG and THE MAGISTRATE” in 2012 and in “TWO WEEKS” in 2013. He was deprived of awards during those two years from the broadcasting station. I’m sure many viewers were shocked and angry over this.
    Lee Joon Gi rides the Hallyu Wave and is a vital driving force of the Korean Entertainment Industry. He has captured the attention and the imagination of many viewers in Korea and abroad, particularly in Asia. We hope that the industry will roll out the red carpet for Lee Joon Gi in 2015 and in the future, not only for his superior acting, singing and dancing skills but also for being a charismatic entertainer.

    • You are right about LJK…but not even the Oscar Awards include foreigners in the voting system unless it is the Foreigner Film Award…and even then, it’s for the reporters ONLY! And it IS Hollywood and English is the language, so Oscars are a lot more universal.Korean TV awards are probably in a much lower scale and the language is an obstacle, as well! Billions DO watch Hollywood…but billions DO NOT watch Korean dramas, like we do!!Happy New Year to everyone!

    • Chingu, the awards is held by korean TV channel. Honestly, during airing time, actually foreigners outside Korea who get to watch by streaming or later on subbed voluntary for example by Dramafever or Viki for free is totally unfair to the TV stations. Don’t you think so? The TV channels get help by ratings in the relation to get more advertisements and sponsors. But from outside Korea viewers, what they got? Nothing, right? So, why they should consider foreigners viewers opinion who not give benefit to their TV stations directly? It’s different story when we talk about Japan, China or other countries’s TV stations which buy officially the right to airing the drama.

      Talk about Lee Jun Ki, if you still disappointed why he didn’t get daesang, his rivals is no joke. First, seniority and experiences in actings field can’t compare with Lee Jun Ki. Secondly, TV ratings 40% compare to Joseon Gunman around 12%. Third, critics review. So, still demanding daesang for him is useless. Beside the three great senior actors, daesang also given the nomination to Eric, Kang Ji Hwan. Kang Ji Hwan also another experienced actor same as Jun Ki. And Eric is one of Korea’s golden boy then and now. Korean love him a lot due to his loyalty, his developed acting and good image.

      If Lee Jun Ki get daesang this time, I’m sure he’ll get hate because his rival, Mr. Yoo and Mr. Jo is NO JOKE.

      • In addition, if you want international foreigners could do voting, I’m sure Eric will get the daesang LOL. I mean, from 6 nominee for the daesang, Eric has more power for international viewers since he has strong fandom in China (we know how crazy they’re in voting), South East Asia and Japan. I love Eric but I can’t still accept him to get daesang XD. Eric got netizen awards, I’m sure mostly it’s the power of his fandom. If popularity awards is decided by voting, he’ll get that one too for sure since he hold votings and critics/ reviews.

        I think KBS is the better awards system among all TV channels in Korea. It’s like balance between acting and ratings. So, I’m happy with them this time.

        Lastly, this all my opinion based on what I know during my stay in Korea and what I read.

  19. Just weird, Healer has just started. Doesn’t seem fair to other stars…Their award system is strange, I’m sure it has no meaning when compare to other country. Maybe just the excuse for the star to dress up.
    Anyway, Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi looks lovely as couple.

  20. I agree with you “ran on”. If “HEALER” has just started, is it reasonable for it to get 3 awards, when the viewers have not digested the drama and given their verdict? This raises the question of whether the results are credible? This is highly controversial and debatable. Can you please give a convincing explanation?
    Similar to you, we watch Kdramas like GUNMAN IN JOSEON from properly paid TV channels.
    Don’t compare Eric with LEE JOON GI. I watched both dramas. Eric is NOT in the same league as LEE JOON GI.
    First, LEE JOON GI is far superior to ERIC in terms of innate talent, the range of skills, passion and depth of emotions displayed not only in GUNMAN IN JOSEON but also in all his dramas. LEE JOON GI’s acting talent & repertoire of SKILLS since his twenties is AMAZING, starting from “THE KING and THE CLOWN” which broke KOREAN MOVIE RECORDS. It sold 12,000,000 tickets? He has so many achievements including being part of the ‘LEARN KOREAN’ programme and he even represented KOREA in tourism and was a movie representative to speak to the then President. His dramas are no less IMPRESSIVE! His MY GIR, ILJIMAE, ARANG and the MAGISTRATE, TWO WEEKS (to name a few) are fantastic! LEE JOON GI is a FINE, SOLID ACTOR – an ACTOR of SUBSTANCE! He is charismatic, GENUINE, pleasant, warm and humble. He is so much FUN to watch and listen to as an entertainer.
    Second, Eric has no such huge following that is comparable to that of LEE JOON GI’s. Eric’s fanbase is limited. LEE JOON GI is 4th (FOURTH) on WEIBO. Where is ERIC?
    Third, as for number of viewers, there are 400 MILLION VIEWS in CHINA ALONE for LEE JOON GI’s GUNMAN IN JOSEON. Count the number of views elsewhere. Where does Eric’s drama, Discovery of Romance, stand in CHINA compared to LEE JOON GI’s GUNMAN IN JOSEON?
    Fourth, Ockoala stated in the introduction that Eric’s Discovery of Romance was lowly rated, whereas GUNMAN IN JOSEON IS HIGHLY RATED not just in KOREA but also in CHINA and probably elsewhere based on INTERNET opinions. And LEE JOON GI’s APPEAL and INFLUENCE is far- reaching and tremendous.
    Fifth, Eric is not as widely recognized as LEE JOON GI. LEE JOON GI can DANCE and SING and is widely lauded by the young and the old alike, not just by teenagers! He is so charming and endearing! Even the little ones dance and sing to his “We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS” song!
    What is questionable is: Eric has 3 (three) awards but poor LEE JOON GI only walked away with just 2 miserable awards! What does it say about the Korean Entertainment INDUSTRY? Many results can be manipulated! Networks may want to promote certain individuals. Sometimes injustice is done to others. According to Joseph Stalin, “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.”
    Although the dramas are KOREAN, Asians have a vested interest in them. That’s why the HALLYU or HOREAN WAVE is so strong. There is no AMERICAN WAVE or EUROPEAN WAVE. No Asian is interested in voting for let’s say, “Godzilla” but they are definitely interested in their KOREAN stars or idols. Don’t compare Hollywood with the Korean entertainment industry!
    Perhaps as a foreigner, I shouldn’t be giving my two cents’ worth in such a controversial topic! Oops!

    • You angry about Lee Jun Ki didn’t get as many as drama awards like you want but why you blame on Eric? So childish. As you said Lee Jun Ki get so many fans, so you need to ask his fans why not vote for him to get netizen awards and why you put all the blame on Eric? It’s already explained by someone that DoR had good reviews from the critics and IPTV. So, blame on those reporters who continuously gave reviewed about DoR. Eric is a good actor too, same as Lee Jun Ki and other stars. No one is superior than others. Your fancy to someone make you blind with other’s talents and the worst thing blaming someone else.

    • This maybe so childish but you start it first. Beside being an actor, everyone knows Eric is the leader of the longest korean boy band until now, Shinhwa, his group fandom still as strong as ever including in China (the region that you always mentioned as Lee Jun Ki’s power), Hongkong, Taiwan, South East Asia, and Japan, he is well known rapper who already did collaborations with other singers, he’s music producer and director, he was CF king, he write and composing songs, and of course he could dance much better than Lee Jun Ki, he also CEO of two companies. So which one is more talented than? I won’t argue with you anymore. I think Lee Jun Ki must be disappointed to have a fan like you who’s not supportive.

  21. Sorry, Bianca, but you are mistaken. I’ve actually no interest in your ERIC. But I was forced to look at the WIKIPEDIA and I made a DISCOVERY. I actually didn’t know his name until the Drama Awards. And you are mistaken again: I am VERY, VERY supportive of LEE JOON GI!
    I believe you do not understand the flow of the argument! If you want to argue, you must have proper facts, and not rant and rave by calling names!
    LEE JOON GI stands at NUMBER 4 on WEIBO! The number of FOLLOWERS amounts to 15,000,000 (15 MILLION followers) and we’re still counting. The number of followers indicates his popularity! Now I ask, what is ERIC’s standing on WEIBO? LEE JOON GI has many fans in other countries including the WEST, NOT just in China, if you were to analyze the INTERNET content.
    Did you not know that LEE JOON GI has recently concluded a number of concerts NOT just in CHINA (Beijing, Shanghai & Guanzhou) but also in JAPAN (Nagoya, Osaka, Yokohama), so it’s also an indication that he is also popular in Japan!
    Eric is just one member of a boy’s band. That is nothing special. LEE JOON GI is not part of a boy band. He is INDEPENDENT and can STAND ALONE without the backing of pretty band boys.
    LEE JOON GI is so popular that he has been offered endless projects, movies and dramas. His activities are non-stop so he has no time to start a business. Perhaps those who are not so successful as singers or actors or cannot sustain their popularity or status in the industry should become CEOs of their own businesses. Hey, I’m not interested in arguing about your Eric.

    • Wow, someone is being rude. Nothing wrong with being a member of boy band. Nothing wrong with being a CEO. IN fact, it’s a tough job. I love both, Eric-Lee Jun Ki. They’re talented actors.

  22. The picture of LEE JOON GI and NAM SANG MI that adorns your article is TRAFFIC-STOPPING! It is WELL-CHOSEN. I luv, luv it! It’s the Picture of the Year!
    And he is such a marvellous gentleman, so caring, protective of Nam Sang Mi. ooooooo! Even when they were seated together, he showed so much kindness, love and attention that anyone would think that she is his REAL ladylove!. He gives her loving glances throughout the whole evening and she smiles demurely at him now and then during the KBS Awards night. They look marvellous together, unlike some pairings that seem so dysfunctional! LEE JOON GI and NAM SANG MI are the PERFECT PAIR – the PERFECT ON-SCREEN COUPLE! I luv them! They look SO ROMANTIC that they put everyone in the mood for love. Hee! Hee! Hee!

    • I don’t have a “like” button for your comment! Anyway, my “like” is on you and your beautiful last sentence…”in the mood for love”! For each and everyone out there, guys…give love and peace a chance this year!!

  23. Wow, I love the way LEE JUN KI gives flying kisses and glances to his fans who came to support him. Hurray for our IDOL, LEE JUN KI!

  24. LEE JOON GI looks so PERFECT. He is the KOREAN ‘GREEK GOD’ and she is the KOREAN ‘GREEK GODDESS’! Ah, methinks he, LEE JOON GI is EROS , the GREEK GOD of LOVE (more like CUPID, the Roman God of LOVE) and she, NAM SANG MI is THE GODDESS of LOVE – she is Aphrodite! They are THE BEST COUPLE of 2014! Wonderful! Wunderbar!

  25. I am trying to understand the ratings thing.
    JOSEON GUNMAN was placed in a disadvantaged time slot. It was shown during i) the weekdays: Wednesdays & Thursdays, and ii) at 9.55 pm. In spite of those disadvantages, (quote) “ratings-wise, the drama maintained a first-place ranking for almost all of its episodes and ended on a high point with 12.8% (13.0?). It’s strange to think of 12.8% being a series high for a first-place show.”
    Other supposedly ‘very popular’ dramas were slotted into i) the weekends, and / or ii) at PRIMETIME!. Are their enormously high ratings due to these advantages as everyone is free to watch the dramas? APPEARANCE Can Be DECEPTIVE.
    Are there two types of RATINGS? If so, there can be no comparisons then. Wool shouldn’t be pulled over the viewers’ eyes over the ratings and the ‘winning’ dramas. It is an INSULT to the viewers’ INTELLIGENCE.
    Some ratings are extremely high because of two main factors: 1.) PRIME TIME SLOTS v LATE NIGHT SLOTS 2.) WEEKDAYS v WEEKENDS SLOTS.
    Arguments are POINTLESS where everything is a SUPERFICIAL SHOW. Only the INSIDERS know the TRUTH.

    • Try not to yell with all-caps, there is no need to write like you’re shouting every other word. It’s even worse when you don’t know what you are talking about.

      Prime time in Korean dramas IS the 9:55pm time slot, whether Mon-Tues or Wed-Thurs. And between the two, the Wed-Thurs slot is the single most prestigious drama airing day/time for any K-drama. Always has been, always will be.

      Joseon Gunman and any K-drama that aired on KBS, MBC, or SBS during the Wed-Thurs 9:55pm-11 pm prime time slot has been given the royal treatment by the network. Period. There is no disadvantage since airing in that time slot is by default a total advantage.

      Almost all the television ratings have been low for prime time dramas in the last two years by dint of viewer migration to online viewing and general attrition from K-dramas as a cultural consumption offering. You come across as a very myopic and deluded Lee Jun Ki fan, and not one that brings positive attention to either his drama or his talent. He was very happy to get his awards at the KBS show, hardly worth getting upset for him when he’s perfectly fine about it.

      How the hell should he get Top Excellence over sunbaes Jo Jae Hyun headlining Jeong Do Jeon or Yoo Dong Geun in both JDJ and WWTF? I would lose respect to KBS if the network gave Junki the Daesang this year even with JG. He’s one of my favorite actors but please stop grasping at straws and giving his fandom a bad impression with your ranting.

      • Happy New Year Ockola! As a Lee Joon Gi fan, I agree that this just does not bring positive attention to him and am just happy KBS gave him some reconition that his last network failed to do so. I don’t see what putting down someone else’s favorite actor,writing in caps and basically trolling these comments acomplishes. It is rude and uncalled for.

  26. 1. Sorry, I had to use different caps because your system isn’t FUNCTIONING properly and it does not accept the same caps. Your system is at fault.
    2. I would say 7.55 pm is a good slot (not so sleepy for everyone) and the weekend slot is good too (very relaxing indeed for everyone). You have not touched on the actual difference between WEEKDAY and WEEKEND ratings. Please explain PROPERLY but please DON’T GET TOO EXCITED or TOO UPSET!
    3. Perhaps, you should like to reread some of the qualities of LEE JOON GI that I’ve quoted. I regret to say that there are so many wonderful issues concerning LEE JOON GI & THE JOSEON GUNMAN to be discussed that it would take a considerable amount time to discuss them. The issues include how AMAZING LEE JOON GI is in the “GUNMAN in JOSEON” and WHAT a FANTASTIC DRAMA, “GUNMAN IN JOSEON” is. I can write a THESIS on it (the excellent performance of the actors and actresses, the script, the cinematography etc) if you will let me. But it is obvious to me that you won’t!
    4. By the way, is CONFUCIAN SENIORITY very important in the dishing out of awards?
    5. Sorry, I may not understand certain things, BUT, you are VERY IRRITATED because I have bought out some REALLY SENSITIVE BUT POTENT ISSUES. Sometimes, sensitive issues set everyone to put on their THINKING CAPS. Do you want to stop thinking among the viewers? A MATURE writer should not be so EASILY IRRITATED if important questions (which are at variance with yours) are raised. If you put a cap on intellectual discussion and only allow wooly thinking, you are imprisoning minds, especially in such a WONDERFUL ENTERTAINMENT SITE like yours. ADIOS!

  27. I am very happy to inform you that I have learnt a lot about the Drama Reward System in Korea from my online discussions here. It was a ‘GREAT DISCOVERY’ journey!
    The ‘Daesang Award’ is reserved for sunbaes (seniors?).in KBS. South Korea has Confucian features. Nobody filled me in on how fantastic the senior actors or weekend dramas were except that the actors take precedence over the juniors irrespective of whether the juniors are fantastic or not, and everyone should defer to the seniors. With due respect to the senior actors, I must agree that some of the seniors are more experienced and some are excellent actors. I can understand that KBS does not want to pander to the pretty boys without much talent (like what MBS & SBS are doing?). It is understandable that they are scared that the fanatical and obsessive young and gullible fans, and the “Celebrity Worship Syndrome” will pervert the course of justice in the Drama Award System.

    Dramas which are still running can receive awards. Viewers have not made an informed decision or voted yet. The decision to give awards is the prerogative of KBS, and is sometimes arbitrarily made without the approval of viewers. It is autocratic in the use of authority. I hope I am mistaken.

    Loyalty is important and must be rewarded with 3 awards. Deserving actors should not be recognized with more or better awards than KBS’s golden boy. There should be an AWARD for LOYALTY, instead.
    What about ‘THE GOOSE THAT LAYS THE GOLDEN EGG’. It should also be cherished. I vote for one more award to be added.

    During the weekends, obviously you get more viewers and the ratings are better. Although ratings are unequal between Weekday dramas and Weekend dramas, Weekend dramas are perceived to be more popular and better than Weekday dramas because of more Weekend viewers.
    It is better to demand that your drama to be slotted for the weekend and also in the prime slot when everyone is relaxed and not burdened with work and can enjoy your drama. Then your ranking is higher and you will be perceived as a better actor.

    Don’t raise too many controversial issues or you may be called names. You might even be told you’re myopic and that you will ruin fandom, so, viewers & fans, zip up your mouths. Nobody is to make any noise. It seems like we’re in George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ (‘1984’).

    Thank you very much for helping me to understand the Korean Entertainment industry, especially Korean Dramaland a bit better!

  28. Sorry, I forgot about my Great Discovery No: 6
    The dramas are “OF the Koreans, BY the Koreans, FOR the Koreans”. “For” in this case, means FOR the Koreans to vote, not for all and sundry. The DRAMA AWARDS are based on the KOREAN VOTE. NO FOREIGN interference, please! LEE JOON GI’s 400 million CHINESE (and other ASIAN) viewers have zip their lips.

    I think I have figured it and nailed it! Now, I am done with it. THANK YOU.

  29. “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”
    – Martin Luther King Jr. –
    Ai) To ‘Yvonne’ & ‘those who pretend to be Lee Joon Gi’s fans’: I don’t believe that you are Lee Joon Gi’s fans. It is clear to any intelligent person that you come here to specifically condemn someone who writes in support of Lee Joon Gi and are determined to clam the person up. How do you zip a person’s lips? Use mean & nasty words to tarnish the person’s character and shout down the person! Probably, you’re Eric’s fan.
    Aii). “Writing in caps”
    1. It’s very simple. Sometimes, Yvonne, IMPORTANT THINGS have to be EMPHASIZED. If you want to stress a certain point and be heard, you use caps. That’s the function of caps, right? What are they for, anyway?
    2. Have they not taught you in school that you use caps for organization, sub-titles & style?

    B) Compared to the other broadcasting channels in the past which gave Lee Joon Gi the cold shoulder, KBS is considered to have been very KIND to Lee Joon Gi. BUT it has not been that fair to him, compared to Eric. In spite of it, we thank KBS for Lee Joon Gi’s awards.
    THINKING ALOUD HAS TO BE ALLOWED. There were No Put-Downs on Eric but the Truth has to be stated.
    Lee Joon Gi is a FANTASTIC ACTOR and no one can dispute his acting abilities and his achievements in the acting Industry, be it in the Movies or Dramas. As for GUNMAN in JOSEON, think of the effort, PASSION, commitment, hard work that he and his costars had put into it. Remember his athletic prowess, his gun & sword fighting skills, the dynamic change in his images, the range and depth of his emotions. There are so many heart-stopping moments when he fights with that villain, who is also a very good actor. Oh, when he cries, you’ll be moved to tears. When he kisses Nam Sang Mi, one is stunned that he is such a Good Kisser. Lee Joon Gi’s “Gunman In Joseon” has 400 MILLION views in CHINA alone. What about in Korea and the rest of the world?
    Now I ask, how did Eric’s “Discovery of Love” do in Korea, China and the rest of the world?” (What is ERIC’s standing on WEIBO?)
    The rating in Korea for “Discovery of Love” is only 7% compared to Lee Joon Gi’s 13% (Gunman In Joseon). That is about half (½) of Gunman in Joseon’s rating!
    Quote: “…. ratings-wise, the drama (Gunman In Joseon) maintained a first-place ranking for almost all of its episodes and ended on a high point with 12.8% (13.0).”
    1. Based on the poor ratings of Eric’s drama, how come he can walk off with THREE (3) awards while Lee Joon Gi (with his highly ranked “GUMAN IN JOSEON”, his acting caliber & popularity) has to make do with only TWO (2) awards? Why did Lee Joon Gi’s other co-stars, other than Nam Sang Mi, not get any awards? I believe the actor who played the villain (Yu oh seong) did very well indeed! There were others too.
    2. Does it make any sense then, that a drama with poor ratings can help an actor to get more awards? Come on, people, be FAIR!
    3. Are these a put-down on Eric? These are facts. Nobody is disparaging or belittling him.
    MY POINT: I want to drive home my point – Some fans are not given a voice and some lack the courage of their own convictions. I hope that in the future Lee Joon Gi would be treated better and with more respect.
    After all the discussions, even if you don’t agree, it is okay. But, if you try to forcefully stop free expression, then you have to reflect on your MOTIVES & your actions.
    Here, I rest my case.

  30. I only see a huge makeup accident in this photos. What is this? Most of the actors and actresses wear a whie mask in their faces. Their body and face are in different colors. So weird.

  31. try to catch up with Healer. it’s already halfway its run and it is really worth-watching. give it a chance. the two lead actors JCW and YJT are delivering well so far. PMY the lead actress who even got an award!!! is a ho-hummmm, no offense, considering that she has a good role.
    anyway, with the latest developments as the drama unfolds, i feel that Healer will get the ratings that it truly deserves.

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