Kill Me Heal Me Releases Warm Inviting Drama Posters and Additional Interesting Stills

Maybe I’m in a particularly easygoing mood lately, how else to explain why I’m crazy affectionate towards all the promos for Kill Me Heal Me. It’s got that combination of pretty and interesting without trying too hard. All signs pointed to this drama needing to reach high for it’s wild premise of a leading man with 7 different personalities, yet the promos are anything but extreme. The official dramas posters are out and both versions immediately invoke a warm, sweet weekend drama vibe. The poster on top especially resembles an older Hwang Jung Eum drama Can You Hear My Heart.

I like the drama going this route to upend the intense emotional and psychological nature of the story. Ji Sung plays his male lead with such tortured charisma already in the previews, its an early sigh of relief to see him looking quietly content in the poster. Park Seo Joon plays Hwang Jung Eum’s twin-not-really-a-twin and the poster hints that he’ll be the one left alone as Hwang Jung Eum leans back into Ji Sung while Park Seo Joon looks wistfully in the other direction. The drama also released more stills including the first look at antagonist Oh Min Seok, popular Kim Seul Gi doing a cameo, and Ji Sung getting physically tormented by unknown assailants.


Kill Me Heal Me Releases Warm Inviting Drama Posters and Additional Interesting Stills — 13 Comments

    • There are plenty of people who discover they’re adopted in adulthood. Anyway, will her character give up her sibling like her character gave up her child in Secret? This is seriously resembling that drama so I’ll not be watching. The integration elements will not be handled tightly as it appear that the background noise (makjang) will take precedent along with using the other characters as cutouts to showcase the MLs qualities….PASS.

  1. It has a a light and sweet tinge to its drama posters. Much similar to the promo poster of JHM. Its gonna be interesting these two.

  2. If I had to choose between KMHL and HJAI, this is the one I would choose. Not just because of the lead actors but the storyline actually does sound interesting especially with the 7 other personalities. The KDrama with Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min just looks MEH for me. I don’t know but it just seems so typical.
    Whatever, I can’t wait for the drama to come !

    • Same here, I really wanted to watch Hyun Bin but the story, the trailer and the stills are not getting attracting me 😛 This I liked the original idea but thought it’ll go crazy when they casted such a young cast but now I think it’ll go well. Now I think the 2 previous leads were actually asked to step down to be replaced with the current ones.

  3. Still not sure whether I want to see this drama or not. I like most of the cast members but find it impossible to warm up to Hwang Jung Eum. A lot of people have been praising her acting skills(which probably means that she is indeed talented) but all I can see is her plastic surgery: nose,jaw,boobs – she does not look even remotely natural. I had to stop watching Secret because of complete dissonance between her silicone-filled body and a poor cinderella-type character she was supposed to be playing.

  4. Woahhhhhh Chief Kang’s in this one as well?!!

    This show has an enviable main cast! The premise has far too much going on b-but it does star JS, PSJ, HJE, and OMS! Will give the first few episodes a try.

  5. Happy new year to everyone!

    Oh I am so waiting for this drama too!

    Dear Koala, did you know that Lee Seung-gi and Moon Chae-won will be on the next episode of Running Man?

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