Kill Me Heal Me Hits a Total Win on Four Different Pretty Drama Posters

The first new prime time K-drama out of the gate in 2015 is really starting off on the right foot by tantalizing with so many pretty drama posters. I get the impression that effort has been taken to portray a warm loving mood with Kill Me Heal Me and the results make me want to watch the drama more. That, as well as the far-fetched premise of a male lead suffering from 7 multiple personality splits and his romance with a psychiatry resident dealing with her own bipolar condition. It’s like the blind leading the blind, LOL.

The top poster show leads Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum in an intimate sun-bathed moment, and the tagline on the poster says “I will protect you.” Even if Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum didn’t already display sizzling chemistry in Secret, the poster is enough to tease plenty of romantic connections to come. The other newly released drama poster highlights Ji Sung’s psychological condition as he’s seen alone with clever overlays of different versions of himself and a tagline that reads “One day, they appeared inside my body.”


Kill Me Heal Me Hits a Total Win on Four Different Pretty Drama Posters — 17 Comments

  1. The eyeliner guy shin definitely has a big part. I wonder if there would be use for the other 5 personalities or they’ll just become side characters. Since most of the previews is showing shin and the original person.

  2. I’m kind of confused about the tone of the drama. The posters are lovely, but then we see torture scenes and other confusing things. It does really stand out more than Hyun Bin’s drama though. Last time these two went against a heavy weight drama they beat it, let’s see if it happens again.

    • Yup! I’ve never been so excited about a drama like Healer for a while, but kinda wonder why the rating is hitting 10%. It’s much better than many other popular K dramas. I wonder if more ppl watch online instead of TV channels nowadays. I’m still watching Pinocchio, mainly for actors’s sake because it the cast are really good. But the plot of Pinocchio is kinda predictable now.

    • Yeah, you’re right i have looked onto the ratings of most dramas like pinocchio and healer and also pride and prejudice, etc.most of them havent hit the 20%. I even compared the ratings of healer and pinocchio with the heirs and even the heirs had better ratings which i dont understand since i think both of these dramas are better plot wise.

  3. I’m so excited for this drama. I’ve always loved Ji Sung, especially when he portrays a man in love! I think it would be very hard not to fall for him while he’s looking at you with those eyes. I don’t know why, but this new haircut of his just makes him even more gorgeous. I love all the other leads as well, Park Seo Joon is fabulous! Hwang Jung Eum is a great foil for Ji Sung’s intensity. I can’t wait!!

  4. Just amazing… Super posters all of themm..and today a teaser from the 1s ep came out, super intense..jisung is probably one of the best kactors out there.. and hwang jung eum is always so convincing in all her roles…

    • Agreed. Since Swallow the Sun i really do consider Ji Sung as one of the best in Korea, gotta love his intense gaze,his voice and the way he looks at his love interest (especially in Secret, god that eye contact they had with Jung Eum!!)Really excited for this!! And yeah the preview looks really intense

      • IKR???I was soooo addicted to secret i cant even…! cant believe they have been casted together again so soon!

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