Written and Video Preview for Pinocchio Episode 16

Some dramas are better watched than recapping as well as vice-versa. Pinocchio is the rare minority where I like both equally, it’s fun to watch live in the moment and the recapping yields tons of grist to mull over whether romantic entanglements or thematic progression. I was sad to end up skipping a few episode recaps due to time and travel constraints but I’m back to my regular routine now so I can’t wait to write about what’s coming this week. I’m not sure if SBS ended up deciding to¬†air three episodes to even out the count or not.

I personally enjoyed the Ha Myung and In Ha’s time apart even if theoretically they were always seeing each other and no one believed they stopped loving one another. Ha Myung needed to get over his guilt and in a way that reconciled his love for In Ha with his sorrow towards those he loves who suffered more than him. He finally got there at the end of episode 15 and it was a kiss and reconciliation that was more than just lip service, even if there was plenty of that as well. The lovers didn’t just choose to keep loving each other, they did it with full acceptance of all the other baggage around them. Let’s see if their¬†determination and resolve will withstand whatever else Cha Ok has up their sleeve.

Written preview for episode 16:

The Emperor’s New Clothes….

To treat In Ha’s injured feet, Ha Myung takes her to his place and the mood between them becomes unusually charged. Through the black box, Ha Myung and In Ha find the evidence to change the direction of social commentary on the fire, but Cha Ok remains nonplussed at their efforts and instead mocks then, which ends up making Ha Myung and In Ha even more worried……

Preview for episode 16:


Written and Video Preview for Pinocchio Episode 16 — 6 Comments

  1. Im definitely a bit nervous about this one because the tension has just been dropping ever since hyungs case was solved. But no matter what i still love pinocchio to bits. I hope we get some sweet moments in exchange! Come on! Come on! I wonder of their gonna be part where they’re gonna show 2 episodes?

    Pinocchio fighting!!!!!

  2. I personally didn’t see any point in Ha Myung’s and In Na’s separation. Just as you have said, they were always together anyway.I feel like it has been inserted into the plot just for the sake of creating some conflict and it kind of failed at it.
    I like every single character in Pinocchio and yet the romantic element is just not doing it for me. I think In Ha is awesome, Dal Po is awesome, I love to see them working together and all…But they are more like best buddies/siblings to me. The development of their romance was completely overshadowed by Hyung’s murder spree. IMHO, they should have left the dating part until after Ha Myung’s identity was revealed.

  3. I think Ha Myung and In Ha’s separation was for the sake of little show for Hyung. Now that Hyung sees that his brother is really into finding out the truth (plus In Ha is helping him so much!), In Ha is not “a problem” anymore.

  4. Its far the best kdrama with a heart this winter season. Not epic best but best because it tugs and I’m always concern with the characters.

  5. I miss your recap koala, glad to have you back in the pinocchio journey this week, can’t wait too see next episode, i love too see more romance between dal po and in ha,they are my favorite otp ,love them so much, oh and i love the kiss scenes in episode 15, so sweet and romantic

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