Long Preview for Kill Me Heal Me Impresses with Energy and Intensity

Tomorrow is the first test for Kill Me Heal Me as it premieres to start off the 2015 K-drama year after a ratings dismal 2014 year for prime time dramas. The toughest competition in Pinocchio heads into the final few episodes which may leave an opening for audiences to migrate over to KMHM for something to pick up after Pinocchio ends. If KMHM bombs on arrival that’ll make it interesting to see if the multiple personality story line just doesn’t hook the domestic audience, which may be worrisome for the next arrival in Hyde, Jekyll, Me.

I’m pumped for KMHM after a slew of great promotional materials from drama stills to previews to posters. The most substantive goodie has arrived in the form of a rollicking 5-minute long preview that confirms for me that male lead Ji Sung is killing it (all pun intended) in his role. When he plays the main personality of Cha Do Hyun and the leader of the other personalities bad boy Shin Se Ki, it’s like he’s playing two male leads in different dramas. I’m also getting the vibe that Hwang Jung Eum will fall for both personalities while trying to treat his dissociative identity disorder¬†(DID).

Long preview for Kill Me Heal Me:


Long Preview for Kill Me Heal Me Impresses with Energy and Intensity — 10 Comments

  1. Is it bad that im shipping her with Shin Se Ki? he is just way too sexy!!!! looks like im going to be conflicted throughout the whole drama.

  2. I know that it has been said before…but the man looks gooood in that black eyeliner. I am usually turned off with stuff like that – I like my masculine alpha male image….but all I kept thinking during this preview is how sexy he is. I thought he was attractive before, but this drama will be a sheer delight just to see the persona with the eyeliner. Cold Shower:)

  3. I don’t know Korean so I understand nothing from the preview but Ji Sung holding the bombs made me chuckle. What is most interesting to me is that Cha Do Hyun is aware of the existence of his other identities, (and that is awesome!)-does Se Ki too? And the tattoo on Se Ki? Does that appear every time he takes over? Cause I’ve read somewhere that a person that has multiple personalities might have physical changes if it is so severe-maybe instant eyeliners too hihi
    This reminded me of an anime (i can’t remember the title) of a girl who fell for both identities of the boy and she could not choose. I found that very sweet and if this is true in this drama, I would watch it!

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