Lee Jong Seok Rumored to Join the C-version of We Got Married Co-produced by MBC

Take this potential casting news with a grain of salt, but for sure the show is happening. MBC is partnering up with a Chinese media to co-produce the Chinese version of celebrity fake dating/co-habiting show We Got Married. This trend follows the official licensing last year of popular K-variety shows such as Daddy, Where Are We Going? and Running Man to Chinese production companies to legitimately produce a C-version, all of which have been immensely popular.

Rather than just acting as a creative consultant, the upcoming Chinese WGM will actually be helmed by the original MBC production team which will be shipped over to China for the duration of the filming. This news was announced last year but my ears perked up when the C-sphere started buzzing about the potential hotly anticipated casting, which will reportedly include one Korean actor who is currently very popular in China. Production sources have leaked that the K-actor is reportedly Lee Jong Seok. Say whut?

The possible C-female cast according to the rumors include: Yang Zhi, Li Xing, Li Fei Er, and Yang Rong. The C-male cast include Eddie Peng and Zhang Rui. The show is scheduled to air Sunday nights during the spring season.


Lee Jong Seok Rumored to Join the C-version of We Got Married Co-produced by MBC — 42 Comments

  1. Dude needs to rest then make more dramas and films. I get that popularity in China is important but do it through acting not WGM, please.

  2. Weird. He’s above WGM in Korea at least. He’s getting popular in China and could probably use the exposure there that this would give him, but the whole WGM name just makes me think of cheesiness and C-listers. Just do trendy dramas, that seems the way to Chinese popularity more than anything.

  3. I would think he’d be passed going on WGM — that show is usually for 1)idols 2)unknown actors.
    Either way everyone knows that they use the WGM platform to gain popularity — such is true with anyone that joins the show.

    I can see why they’d choose c-market but why would they choose an actor “who is currently very popular in china”? If you’re already that popular then would this decision be worth it? They must be weighing their options. Who knows if this will be a one step forward, 2 steps back sort of move for his career.
    I’m assuming this will just be another we got married global edition.

    He’s skinshippy and has tons of aegyo so i can see him resembling some of Jae Rim’s style although probably much more dialed down so i’m sure he’ll be cute no matter who he’s paired up with. Still feel lukewarm about this news.

  4. He did say on a reality show that he wanted to get married young. Or, he couldn’t wait to get married , something along those lines. I think Rain was there.

  5. No! I still feel very much possesive of LJS right now.Not that he is mine or anything but for me he is still dal po and he is for in ha. I havent gotten over his character yet.i feel like im on defensive mode in place of in ha. does that make me sound weird?

  6. Please NO, he is one of the most populars actor righ now there, no need to act in that cheap show, just stick to good drama jongsuk-ah…

  7. So many rumours about him lately in china. First he will join c-drama, and now this…sigh,,
    We know that he is very hot in china right now, but please his class is not for wgm thingy. Please jongsuk, especially wellmade, choose the next projects wisely.

    • Isn’t this obvious China wants to own him. Remember last year the news about Kim Soo Hyun doing a drama there its all about delusions.

    • No he’s mine!!! : P jokes aside I don’t think he will join, he’s already very popular in china and I don’t see how he has the time to join a regular variety programme.

  8. I’m losing credibility on this blog! Why this Lee Jong Seok duckface, man version of Donald duck always featured in here. Just cant waste my time here. Good luck on your idol!

      • Girls, dont bother w/ them, let S.Korea produce mongoloid artists for consumption of mongoloid people &countries!

    • And his delulu fans proudly call his duckling mouth “Angelina jolie lips”! I feel sorry for any female costars who had to act kissing scenes w/t that girly plastic face. Can’t get why they hired such ugly eyes and plastic nose to endorse eye glasses >//<

      • lmao you’re trying so hard
        your oppa must be not popular as jongsuk, so you talking shit about him

      • No choice because what I could see about him were overrated shits brought by his delulu fans.

      • Hey taylor, ariana and katy a.k.a rockyroad stop talking dirty words way to turn down your baes.

      • Hey taylor, adriana, taylor, wat da ya think of the nice proposal of ljs delulu fans such as dal aka winda aka mystisith? No way, rite? Sawrry.

  9. No. Its a really bad idea. They are trying to milk his new found hallyu popularity in china(ihyv and dr.stranger had the views but pinocchio is the drama that got his name into the ranking). Plus not too mention the guy is awkward when it comes to talking in public itself. He is bad with variety shows. He has said so himself.And this wgm or c-drama thing doesn’t sound like a good idea. I hope he wouldn’t accept it.

    And eddie peng too? He is already popular. He really doesn’t need to do this show. I hope not.

    • Choi Dai Po is foi Choi In Ha and no one can deny that. Pi?nocchio is still in me. I really adore them. LJS pls no to wgm. I want to see you in a drama or movie.

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