Written and Video Preview for Pinocchio Episode 18

It’s time to say goodbye to Pinocchio, a drama that is on the longer prime time offering side at 20 episodes yet felt much too short at times. If this was a weekend drama about the lives of young reporters then I would have stayed on even if the overarching conspiracy of Cha Ok and Bum Jo’s mom was doled out over 50 episodes while the majority of time was spent on the everyday happenings of the rookies in covering various social interest news stories. Then the drama would have more time to include more scenes with the Choi elders like doting Grandpa and hilarious conflicted Dad.

I also miss Jae Myung a lot, being in prison cut him down to one scene an episode stuck behind plexiglass which muted his smoldering energy. Turning hyung into a murderer was great for dramatic intensity but so disappointing for viewers hoping for more of his bromance with Ha Myung. Looking ahead towards the next two days, with three episodes of Pinocchio forthcoming, I don’t have the urge to guess how the conflict(s) will be resolved and how the story will choose to close out. If I Hear Your Voice is taken as an example of this writer’s work then the ending here will be both thoughtfully reached and audience pleasing. The final episode script has been released and will be titled “Peter Pan.” Hhhhmmm, let’s all┬ámull over that now.

Episode 18 written preview:

The Red Shoes…..

PD Hwang doesn’t feel at ease with Ha Myung’s decision to hand over the cell phone and text message logs to Cha Ok, but Ha Myung tells him that there is another potential whistleblower. In Ha returns to MSC and keeps trying to advocate reporting on the connection between Cha Ok and Bum Jo’s mom but is repeated ignored. Cha Ok hears this news and finds Reporter Kim to assign a surreptitious investigation into Bum Jo’s mom’s connections. Bum Jo’s mom starts to get irritated by Ha Myung, In Ha, and Yoo Rae exerting pressure on her…….

Preview for episode 18:


Written and Video Preview for Pinocchio Episode 18 — 8 Comments

  1. Hmm… now I wonder why each episode is a name of some fairy-tale.
    It’s really sad to say goodbye to Pinocchio. A very thoughtful and sweet drama.
    Well, at least Healer is still going on.

    • Its because most of the writer based the episode of the day with the chosen take. It can have the same smilar story or similar moral lesson.

      • What you say is obvious, everybody can understand that. My question was about ‘why fairy-tale’, with stress on ‘fairy-tale’, not on ‘why’. Even the name of the drama itself (Pinocchio) is a fairy-tale name.

        I also think this is how Ha Myung sees In Ha at different stages of their relationship. ‘Peter Pan’ can also refer to In Ha.

    • Because most of us are familiar with fairy tales. We deal with them in our childhood and even most adults still view fairytales as positive. Its like a common language for everybody and it crosses cultural boundaries.Fairy tales as whole teaches us how to handle our problems, builds emotional resiliency, and an exercise in our imagination. Its actually a good medium to use and show that even though fairy tales are sometimes full of unbelievable stuff there quite a lot of things that can be applied in real life.

  2. count me as another one who misses hyung a lot! I like the drama, but it just had something extra special when he was at the centre. Thankfully the romance is sweet enough that I don’t mind, but Jae Myung really makes an impression.

  3. Haven’t watched it yet. Read recaps. It seems too good to miss. BTW, is it true the LJS confirmed that he is in a relationship with Park Shin Bye? I came across a pic circulating in twitter that the pic where psh is shaving ljs, his hands are actually on her upper thighs and PSH fans agreed that they are in a romantic relationship off-screen. No wonder their chemistry is obvious in this drama.

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