Han Ye Seul’s Rehabilitated Acting Career Hits Speed Bump with New Financial Scandal

Talk about a case of spectacularly bad timing for Han Ye Seul, but if she did screw up and break some Korean finance laws then I reckon the timing is just her cross to bear. After wrapping her weekend drama Birth of a Beauty this past weekend, getting positive reviews and K-netizens forgiveness finally after the Spy Myung Wol fiasco four years ago, the week took a nosedive for Leslie as her US activities caught up to her and went public in a big way. This is probably less juicy of a scandal than dating stuff but appears to signal a recent uptick in Korean agency enforcement whether it’s tax laws or financial reporting.

The Korean regulatory agency Financial Supervisory Service reportedly uncovered over 44 individuals, including a celebrity like Han Ye Seul as well as the bigger name that is SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man, who have engaged in unlawful foreign exchanges in recent years. Foreign exchange in this case isn’t exchanging currency under the table, LOL, it refers to financial transactions¬†(purchase, sales, transfers, foreign direct investments, etc.) done by Korean citizens overseas which are required to be reported for tax and asset overview purposes.

Both Han Ye Seul and Lee Soo Man’s overseas activities that violated certain financial Korean laws involve real property transfers in the US. Immediately after the news broke, SM and Han Ye Seul’s agency have, respectfully, denied all allegations for the involved public figures and explained that all the transactions were aboveboard and any unwitting violations of Korean financial laws were inadvertent and have since been rectified. This does sound a lot like the explanation given last year when Song Hye Kyo was found to have under-reported her taxes by a significant amount and was explained away as her being unaware that her accounting firm was being too aggressive with the deductions.

Regardless of whether the reports are true or not, for Han Ye Seul’s sake it really couldn’t have come at a worse time for her acting career that was just back on track finally. K-netz hate financial cheaters since most people never make as much money as celebrities are believed to rake in, and hearing stars may have been hiding assets or not paying their fair share of taxes and the like usually garners understandable backlash. Of the 44 individuals investigated and found to have broken financial laws, Han Ye Seul and Lee Soo Man are likely the only celebs with the rest being chaebols and other rich bigwigs hence the media attention has been focused on them. Hilariously, K-netizens are wondering what new SM dating scandal may pop up next week to deflect attention away from this news.


Han Ye Seul’s Rehabilitated Acting Career Hits Speed Bump with New Financial Scandal — 9 Comments

  1. I get it, celebrities have so much money that it can be difficult to manage without professional and honest accountants. But as an average human who loses a considerable portion of my income each year bacause of tax, stories of tax invasion by filthy rich people (whether intentional or not) are very hard to stomach.

    • this is reality. no one likes taxes.

      nevermind filthy rich people. creative tax invasion by people in general is real and unavoidable.

      what national coffers do with taxes they collect is highly subjective.

      even some charities are suspect. much goes to admin costs … that you wonder what really trickles to their charity cause.
      i’d much rather do my own donations to GENUINE causes i can see myself, thank you. or just be hands on in contributing.

  2. SM 2014 wasn’t good and now with 2015 starting off not so good …

    BTW maybe this is just me but the modeling photo above in the gray dress and white shirt looks just weird to me. MAYBE it’s just my eyes but feel like bad photoshop or whatever since her boob are way lower down from the chest … the length just looks weird … probably just me

  3. While I am no Han Ye Seul fan (just find her overall face/mouth distracting, even in the recent Birth of a Beauty) … my thoughts are this is hardly devastating as a road-bump.

    So she was exposed. As far as finances are concerned, she will not be the first, nor the last.

    This isn’t such a devastating scandal, and methinks unlikely enough to smear her reputation.

    Unless Koreans are such sterling examples of law-abiding exemplary individual who do everything strictly by the book.

    No one enjoys high taxes, for all their hard work. Especially more so if you live in a welfare state, and see it wasfully going to useless purposes and druggies … when essential services get under funded and cutbacks.

  4. It’s odd watching how dramas portray actors, idols and other celebrities as being super rich or upper middle class (at least), when most are so far from it.

  5. Honestly, who cares?????
    IDK, if I was a fan of someone…tax evasion isn’t something that will affect whether I like them or not -___-
    Tax evasion is just so normal…I know sooo many people that do it… Not that I’m applauding it or saying it’s okay, but this type of news is hardly a scandal in my opinion.

  6. Han Ye Seul is plastic and cosmetic monster with mess personality. In the first place I don’t understand Birth of Beauty got many awards last time with low ratings, average actings and messy storyline . They should give recognization to It’s Ok It’s Love instead. She’s using her boyfriend’s popularity among YG’s fans to get sympathy.

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